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This page contains of interest to galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAM) partners and their works in Wikidata. For more general information about working with Wikimedia content, please see m:GLAM on Meta Wiki.

Pages of interest to GLAM (Q1030034) and Wikimedians who work with them:

Culture-related WikiProjects on Wikidata[edit]

WikiProjects are groups of editors who collaborate around a specific theme. WikiProjects are usually the main place on Wikidata where data models of a specific domain are discussed and where you can get in touch with Wikidata editors active in that domain.

For a general overview of culture-related WikiProjects, browse Category:Cultural WikiProjects

The following list of projects is organized by topic and quite comprehensive. Click on [Expand] to view the entire list.

Institution-specific GLAM pages on Wikidata[edit]

Various cultural institutions have information and maintenance pages related to their work on Wikidata. Feel free to create your own (sub)pages as well.

Wikidata properties related to GLAMs and cultural heritage[edit]

Browse Wikidata's List of properties, which has various categories related to art, culture and heritage.

Wikidata properties (mainly identifier properties) related to built heritage[edit]

Get in touch with the GLAM and Wikidata community[edit]

Via the following channels you can meet, and ask questions to, the active GLAM and Wikidata community: