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This page is to collect the best materials and ideas for training those unfamiliar with Wikidata. For planning a Wikidata Workshop, Wikidata:Planning a Wikidata workshop.


Five minute outline[edit]

Possible outline of what would go into a 5 minute training video/session

  • Problem
    • Knowledge is currently scattered across different Wikipedia editions - inconsistent in accuracy and completeness
    • Content in Wikipedia is "unstructured" - factual information is entangled in written prose. Names, dates, locations, dollar amounts, population figures, et al. aren't easily searched or extractable.
    • Wikipedia/Wikimedia projects could benefit with connecting to external databases, but cannot do so easily
  • Solution
    • A database to "structure" the data in Wikipedia/Wikimedia projects
  • Benefits
    • This new knowledge base can be queried quickly and efficiently
    • Consistency of information across all Wikimedia projects
    • New powerful tools can be built using databases
  • Demonstration
    • Show what a Wikidata entry looks like
      • Show a complete Wikipedia article, and corresponding Wikidata entry
    • Claim = property, value, qualifier
    • Editing an item directly in Wikidata
    • What can be done with Wikidata
      • Inter-language links already implemented
      • SPARQL query
      • Wikidata Timeline
      • Histropedia
      • Reasonator
      • Infoboxes generated for Wikipedia
    • Alternative ways of editing Wikidata
      • Wikidata Game


  • How to describe Wikidata properties and relation to Wikipedia categories?

Possible exercises[edit]


  • Histropedia
  • Wikidata Timeline

Running a 2-3 hour workshop[edit]

For a full lesson plan for a 2-3 hour workshop, see Wikidata:Planning a Wikidata workshop