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This page is to collect the best materials and ideas for training those unfamiliar with Wikidata. For planning a Wikidata Workshop, Wikidata:Planning a Wikidata workshop.


Five minute outline[edit]

Possible outline of what would go into a 5 minute training video/session

  • Problem
    • Knowledge is currently scattered across different Wikipedia editions - inconsistent in accuracy and completeness
    • Content in Wikipedia is "unstructured" - factual information is entangled in written prose. Names, dates, locations, dollar amounts, population figures, et al. aren't easily searched or extractable.
    • Wikipedia/Wikimedia projects could benefit with connecting to external databases, but cannot do so easily
  • Solution
    • A database to "structure" the data in Wikipedia/Wikimedia projects
  • Benefits
    • This new knowledge base can be queried quickly and efficiently
    • Consistency of information across all Wikimedia projects
    • New powerful tools can be built using databases
  • Demonstration
    • Show what a Wikidata entry looks like
      • Show a complete Wikipedia article, and corresponding Wikidata entry
    • Claim = property, value, qualifier
    • Editing an item directly in Wikidata
    • What can be done with Wikidata
      • Inter-language links already implemented
      • SPARQL query
      • Wikidata Timeline
      • Histropedia
      • Reasonator
      • Infoboxes generated for Wikipedia
    • Alternative ways of editing Wikidata
      • Wikidata Game


  • How to describe Wikidata properties and relation to Wikipedia categories?

Possible exercises[edit]


  • Histropedia
  • Wikidata Timeline

Running a 2-3 hour workshop[edit]

For a full lesson plan for a 2-3 hour workshop, see Wikidata:Planning a Wikidata workshop


Account creation[edit]

Per IP address only 6 new accounts can be created per day.

  • Solution 1: Ask participants to create an account at home.
  • Solution 2: If you are an admin on a wiki, you can create an account for participants through Special:CreateAccount. (If you are not an admin on Wikidata, but you are admin on another Wikimedia wiki (with logging in with SUL account), you can use that wiki to create accounts, have users log in there, and when logged in on the local wiki they go to Wikidata and log in there.)
  • Solution 3: Request account creation rights.
  • Solution 4: Requesting temporary lift of IP cap

Number of edits a minute[edit]

There are also limitations of number of edits done at one IP address.