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Hi, I'm Einebillion and I'm learning more about wikidata by doing. I'm interested in studio photographers and photographic studios. I'm noticing a lot of GLAMs (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) are digitising their photographic collections and I think it would be useful for them if there was more information about these photographers and studios that was available in a structured way. I also know that family history researchers use the activity dates known about studio photographers to date events in the lives they are documenting. I've noticed there isn't a lot of information about studio photographers and photographic studios in wikidata but there's more than a few databases in mix'n'match that need a helping hand so that is where I'm starting.

Work currently being undertaken[edit]

Working through the Te Papa artist's dataset and the Photographers' Identities Catalog dataset in Mix'n'Match to work out the minimum data set I need to make a quality record that will assist with future linking and data matching.

Notes to self[edit]