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This is the Wikidata summary of the week before 2014-07-12.


Other Noteworthy Stuff[edit]

  • Two new GuidedTours (aka interactive tutorials) have been released—we now have one on editing items and one on editing statements! Both tours are available from the Wikidata:Tours portal and feedback can be left on the talk page at Wikidata_talk:Tours. The work was a combined effort of User:Bene* and Outreach Program for Women intern User:Thepwnco.
  • We passed another milestone \o/ 10 million items now have an "instance of" or "subclass of" statement making it easy to tell what the item is about.
  • Last week to add some selfies. We need more!
  • Items with no image around you? Here you go! (change the number in the URL and click toggle markers) Thanks Magnus!

Did you know?[edit]


  • Bene* worked with the dev team this week. He pushed forward support for storing badges (eg featured article) on Wikidata and implemented the first two guided tours.
  • CTRL+ click and middle click on a search result in the entity selector now opens the result in a new tab.
  • Further progress on redirects
  • Fixed a number of annoyances with the entity selector
  • Continued work on mockups for new user interface
  • Investigated what issues come up if we make its own client. Things look good so we will probably enable it soonish. This will mean you can link Wikidata pages in items and access the data in them on other pages on Wikidata.

See current sprint items for what we’re working on next.

You can see all open bugs related to Wikidata here

Monthly Tasks[edit]