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This project aims to improve the connection between SBL "The Dictionary of Swedish National Biography" and Wikidata/Wikipedia

The primary focus is

  1. Connect all articles describing a person in SBL to a Wikidata object
  2. On most Swedish Wikipedia articles that is also described in SBL have the Template SBL
  3. Connect all articles describing a "släkt"/family in SBL connected to Wikidata


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The participants listed below can be notified using the following template in discussions:

{{Ping project|SBL}}

Meeting in Autumn[edit]

SBL has in july 2017 contacted Salgo60 (talkcontribslogs) and asked what data Wikipedia/Wikidata want. Next step is to meet in August


"Echo system"[edit]

As SBL is a very trusted source for Swedish bibliographic information I think the integration between should be tight more than loosely coupled

  1. facts in Wikidata should be compared regularly with SBL
  2. facts in Wikidata that is also in SBL should have a reference in Wikidata to SBL
    1. if a mismatch is found e.g. its wrong in SBL we should have a procedure for that (is changing the rank enough?!?!)
  3. that SBL creates an well defined architecture how WIkidata should access the data or is one tome change enough in Wikidata?
    1. I prefer that data in Wikidata is checked regularly. If that is done and we use templates as sv:Mall:Faktamall_biografi_WD den the SBL data will also be visible in sv:Wikipedia ==> we get a good check that what is written in the article is the same as found in SBL
  4. that SBL define they they are part of this. WHen I listen to Livrustkammaren and Karin Nilsson it is clear that they have a well defined policy....

How should we describe SBL in WIkidata[edit]

Create Wikidata objects for all records in SBL[edit]


Repeat all the data on every reference[edit]

Example d:Q4691673#P106

SBL P3217.png

Open Issues[edit]

  1. d:Property:P106 should every "yrken" in SBL be a Wikidata object
  2. d:Property:P50 should every "författare" in SBL be a Wikidata object
    1. How do we check that we map them correct? Both in Template:SBL and in Wikidata
  3. SBL today have articles about person and about families (släkt) how to map that in the best way?
    1. We have added the option sameas=Nej on sv:Wikipedia:Mall:SBL
  4. Section "Meriter" can we map that to Wikidata?