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Thumbnail sharpness[edit]

Originally proposed at Wikidata:Property proposal/Sister projects

   Not done
DescriptionProperty for specifying whether conditional sharpening is used for thumbnails.
Data typeItem
Allowed valuesyes (Q6452715) and no (Q1814990) to mimic an boolean property. Would typically not be used for jpegs (see below).
Example 1File:071017 NRCS Sterling 003 - Ohio (717110)(NRCS Photo Gallery).tif Sharpness: yes (Q6452715)
Example 2File:Renoir Frau auf einer Wiese.tif Sharpness: yes (Q6452715)
Example 3File:Herbert Lord 05543u.tif Sharpness: yes (Q6452715)
Planned useWould be used on the beta cluster to begin with for testing purposes, then once the code is complete, then it would be used across all WMF projects.
Robot and gadget jobsno
Wikidata projectWikidata:WikiProject Commons


In the thumbnailing system jpegs get sharpness applied to them since commons typically has photographs as jpegs and those get better quality with sharpness applied to them. However, some files exist where they should be sharpened but are not. Drawings would not benefit from sharpening, so the idea is to use an property to specify the files that would gain from using sharpness. This allows the community to select where sharpness should be used for thumbnails. See also phab:T253280 and phab:T256959 for the whole context.

Chose an item type of a property since it makes it multilingual and to limit the options of values that can be entered.--Snævar (talk) 13:10, 6 December 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Used for specifying to the thumbnailing backend whether sharpness should be used or not, as per phab:T47212, which is being worked on. The dev working on it expects the community to create test data, hence this proposal. Would only be used on commons in structured data. There is only a small dev team (2-3 people) working on the thumnailing system.--Snævar (talk) 23:28, 15 December 2022 (UTC)[reply]