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Littera ID[edit]

Originally proposed at Wikidata:Property proposal/Authority control

   Done: Littera ID (P6130) (Talk and documentation)
DescriptionLittera identifier related to medieval Galician-Portuguese music (cantigas)
RepresentsLittera (Q25273128)
Data typeExternal identifier
Domainhuman (Q5)
Allowed values^[1-9]\d{0,2}$
Example 1Alfonso X of Castile (Q47595)11
Example 2Afonso Eanes do Coton (Q3398968)3
Example 3Bernal de Bonaval (Q2438904)22
Example 4Mem Rodrigues de Briteiros (Q3854591)100
Example 5Pêro da Ponte (Q1779292)121
Planned usecomplete the errors found by Kasparbot (gradually)
Number of IDs in source200 ~?
Expected completenesseventually complete (Q21873974)
Formatter URL$1&pv=sim
Robot and gadget jobsUser:KasparBot (check)
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To get an idea, click here.

An identifier that leads to an interesting database. It allows to complete WP, but Kasparbot doesn't seem to agree between WP and WD. Check the composition of the URL: en or pt. Ping me. Best regards. Eihel (talk) 18:42, 7 November 2018 (UTC)

ping David (Motivation and Description changed) --Eihel (talk) 14:52, 8 November 2018 (UTC)


  • Symbol support vote.svg Support David (talk) 06:53, 8 November 2018 (UTC)
  • Symbol support vote.svg Support --Deansfa (talk) 00:14, 9 November 2018 (UTC)
  • Symbol support vote.svg Support --Gerwoman (talk) 15:35, 9 November 2018 (UTC)

@ديفيد عادل وهبة خليل 2, Deansfa, Eihel, Gerwoman: ✓ Done: Littera ID (P6130). − Pintoch (talk) 08:48, 15 November 2018 (UTC)