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le base de cognoscentia libere con 97 846 561 elementos de datos que omnes pote modificar.

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Wikidata es un base de cognoscentia libere e aperte que pote esser legite e modificate tanto per humanos como per machinas.

Wikidata servi de immagazinage central pro le datos structurate del projectos de Wikimedia: Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wiktionary, Wikisource, e alteres.

Wikidata contribue etiam a numerose altere sitos e servicios ultra le projectos de Wikimedia! Le contento de Wikidata es disponibile sub un licentia libere, exportate in formatos standard e pote esser interligate a altere collectiones de datos aperte sur le web.
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Innovative applications and contributions from the Wikidata community

Featured WikiProject:
WikiProject COVID-19.

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As the world combats the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Wikidata has been extremely useful in collecting and modelling useful information related to COVID-19, from relevant research articles and clinical trials, to epidemiological statistics of various regions, to lexemes for words and phrases commonly associated with the pandemic, and much more. A lot of work from WikiProject COVID-19 goes into creating and maintaining these items, bolstering Wikidata's role as a helpful open resource in the pandemic.


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