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In August 2018, the ORCIDator functionality has been included into the redesigned Source MetaData interface (see instructions).

ORCIDator is a Wikidata tool to harvest machine readable information from public ORCID profiles into Wikidata. Using a Wikidata ID, it can add external identifier statements to researchers and match existing or create new items for missing authors of a publication.


Find or create the Wikidata item for a person[edit]

Search Wikidata for the person by name. Use subjective judgement to determine that you have disambiguated the correct person by that name. Identifiers and linked items may contain information that will be useful for disambiguation, such as affiliation and published works.

Identify the ORCID profile for that same researcher[edit]

Search for a researcher in ORCID's search tool. All ORCID profiles will show an ORCID. Ideally they also will have a name and list of publications. Use subjective judgement to determine that an ORCID profile actually refers to the correct researcher, and not another researcher with the same name. Checking other identifiers that are linked to the ORCID can provide confirmation. If you have reason to doubt that the profile is the right one, consider using Google to search for the ORCID identifier number; you are likely to either find potentially useful information, like employer's website, publications and profiles, such as ResearchGate, Google Scholar and Linkedin, or get no results.

special case - ORCID has a profile but does not know researcher's name

Insert the ORCID for the person into the Wikidata item[edit]

In the Wikidata item for the researcher "add statement" to associate ORCID iD (P496) with the ORCID found on the ORCID profile.

ORCIDator takes Wikidata IDs as input[edit]

put a Wikidata item in the ORCIDator input box

Copy/paste the Wikidata ID as input. Select either:

  • Add metadata from ORCID authors to Wikidata, or
  • Create/amend papers for ORCID authors.

Add metadata will retrieve 'Other IDs' from ORCID and add to Wikidata those that are not already associated with the item. Create/amend papers is a reconciliation process that matches the works listed in an ORCID profile to Wikidata items and links the input ID to each publication as an author. Other authors will also be linked if their ORCID is associated with a Wikidata item. If possible, a new item will be created for each missing author or work. This process can take several minutes to complete.

Add authors to publications works with the Wikidata ID of the publication rather than the researcher. It is a reconciliation process, like the create/amend papers option described above.

ORCIDator can work through a list of Wikidata IDs.

ORCIDator calls other bots to do actions[edit]

ORCIDator calls on user:QuickStatementsBot to use the Wikidata:Quickstatements tool to perform edits.

For most users this will not matter, but if anyone wants to watch the results of their ORCIDator task request then they can view the activity in that bot account.

ORCIDator returns a report[edit]

ORCIDator reports all the Wikidata changes it made

When ORCIDator is finished it will give a numbered list of all the edits to Wikidata that it has made.