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See Meta:Grants:Project/MFFUK/Wikidata_&_ETL for project page on Meta

Wikidata & ETL is a project funded by a Project Grant. Simply put, it tries to apply LinkedPipes ETL - a tool used to publish and consume Linked Data on the Web - to loading data from sources on the Web to Wikidata. The outputs are intended for volunteers who understand RDF, SPARQL, the Wikibase RDF dump format and want to mass import items and statements to a Wikibase instance such as Wikidata. This page contains outputs of that project.

Analysis and design[edit]

As the output of our Work Package 1 we created an analysis and requirements document.


LinkedPipes ETL was dockerized and a loader component, l-wikibase, was developed, allowing pipeline designers to load data to Wikibase instances such as Wikidata.


The developed component was documented and a tutorial demonstrating how the data loading pipelines using this component can be created was written.


Proof of concept data loading pipelines were created and run.