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One of many possible educational activities involving Wikidata: an Everything is connected puzzle, "From poppies to New York City". Try to fill in the missing pieces. If Wikidata knows of a connection between adjacent pieces, it will show a black connector. If not, it will display a question mark instead.

Everything is connected (Q63379592) is a puzzle game based on Wikidata.

If you want to contribute a level, see here, and then add the level below.

Levels by difficulty[edit]

  1. Movie quiz by Tobijat
  2. Movie quiz II by Tobijat
  3. Sister cities by ThurnerRupert
  4. Star Wrek by Incabell
  5. Traveling salesman (Europe edition) by Tobijat
  6. Traveling salesman (US edition) by Denny
  7. Traveling salesman (counties of England edition) by Martin Poulter
  8. Around Central Asia by Denny
  9. Water is life by YULdigitalpreservation
  10. From The Beatles to Linkin Park by Denny
  11. Philosophers' influence by Maxlath
  12. add yours ...

Other levels[edit]

Levels under construction[edit]

  1. football, extend and correct please by ThurnerRupert
  2. american football, extend and correct please by ThurnerRupert
  3. add yours here...

Currently broken levels[edit]

  1. Thomas Bodley and Oxford by Martin Poulter
  2. President Barack Obama, poetry and libraries by YULdigitalpreservation
  3. Chemical elements by Martin Poulter
  4. Some famous women in science by Martin Poulter
  5. Software and emulation by YULdigitalpreservation
  6. Atomic structure and Fermions by Martin Poulter
  7. Higgs boson and other bosons by Martin Poulter
  8. Types of numbers by Martin Poulter
  9. World of Hermione by Bináris
  10. Children level: Alphabet snake by Denny
  11. The Shelley and Godwin families by Martin Poulter