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On Wednesday August 8th, Harvard and Wikimedia will host a Wikidata Training Workshop at the Lamont Forum Room.

  • When? Wednesday 8 August, 2018, from 13:30 till 17:30. Coffee and soft drinks will be provided.
  • Where? Lamont Forum Room, Third Floor at the Lamont Library, 11 Quincy St, Cambrdige, MA Map. Check for accesibility details if you need them.
  • For whom? This workshop is orientated to people working on metadata at Libraries, Open Access projects.
  • How to participate? The workshop is free. Want to join? RSVP to Space is limited. You will need to be confirmed as a participant by the organizers, in advance, in order to participate.
  • How to prepare?

The Wikimedia Friendly space policy applies to this event.


In this workshop, Alex Stinson will introduce how Wikidata, a linked open database describing nearly 50 million concepts, works and can be used to advance cultural heritage and research projects. As part of the workshop, he will introduce the data structure, how to contribute, several tactics for matching data from authorities, and the query service.

  • What is Wikidata?
  • Structure of Wikidata
  • Introduction to editing
  • Editing activities
  • Applying Wikidata
  • How to run a query? Basic query service

Slide Deck: available on Google Slides

Note: if you would like to run an event, consider using the design at Wikidata:Planning_a_Wikidata_workshop

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