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Support for Wiktionary


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Wikidata:Lexicographical data

Wikidata aims to support Wiktionary editors and content, with including lexicographical data into the knowledge base, but also by providing automatic language links for the projects. On this page, you will find an overview and updates.

To learn more about lexicographical data on Wikidata, check Wikidata:Lexicographical data. If you are Wiktionary editor, check also User:Rua/Wikidata for Wiktionarians.


Since 2017, the interwikilinks on Wiktionary are not added manually anymore. Instead, two automatic systems provide links for the content pages of Wiktionaries (linking pages on different language versions of Wiktionary having the exact same titles) and the pages outside of the main namespace (links stored on Wikidata).

You can find the documentation page regarding interwikilinks on Wiktionary here. Feel free to help improving and translating it!


Several Wiktionary communities started discussing about possible usage of Wikidata data on Wiktionary, ideas of tools and needs for new features. Some projects also have a page dedicated to collaboration with Wikidata. Here's a list of the current experiments, feel free to improve it!

 Wikipedia     Wikivoyage    Wikimedia Commons     Wikisource     Wikiquote     Wikinews     Wikispecies     Wiktionary     Wikibooks     Wikiversity     Meta-Wiki     Incubator