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28 – 29 October 2017 | Berlin, Germany











Submit a talk!

The WikidataCon is an event organized for the community, by the community: a special moment where we can meet, discuss, work together, have fun, celebrate! The program of the convention will be what you want it to be :)

Until July 31st, you can submit a proposal. The submissions will be reviewed by the program committee, you will also be able to support your favorites. We will try to build a diverse and interesting program, with several different formats, and also free times where the attendees can chat, work, hack, organize some informal meetups.

Share your knowledge within the community[edit]

...could be the motto of this WikidataCon.

In order to do this, a lot of different formats are possible:

  • Talk (the usual conference format. 45min, large audience)
  • Workshop (30min or 1 hour, small group, on a specific topic, with time for attendees to practice)
  • Lightning talk (10min, on non-technical topics)
  • Demo (10min, similar to a lightning talk but focused on one of the tools people use to edit Wikidata or reuse the data)
  • Round table (45min, 2 to 5 persons sharing time to discuss about a topic)
  • Discussion (30min, all participants take actively part in the discussion)
  • Request for comments (the speaker comes with a question or a topic on which he would like some feedbacks, or to take a community decision)
  • Meetup (informal meeting of a specific sub-group of editors (WikiProjects, librarians, SPARQL addicts, etc.)
  • Sprints (session to work together on a specific stuff, e.g. "translate all the descriptions of items related to genetics into Portuguese")

This is not a limited list of formats! We want to let you as free as possible to propose your topics. If your submission is selected, we will do our best (considering the schedule, and our financial and logistic resources) to support your project. Be creative :)

Regarding the contents, we encourage diversity as well. From technical to content-related, from coding tools to debating ontology, GLAM, sciences, citations, sports, community processes... are only a few of the possible topics you can think of. External organizations that contribute to Wikidata, or reuse the data, are also welcome to present their work.

If you have an idea, if you're looking for people to work on with you, feel free to add a message on the talk page.


  • June 12th-July 31st: call for submissions
  • August 1st-21st: review by the program committee
  • August 21st-28th: notification to the proposers
  • August 21st-31st: organizing the selected events into the program
  • September 1st: announce of the program