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Hell, Yes! (Ugo Rondinone, on the facade of the New Museum)

The Wikibase Summit New York was the third workshop on using Wikibase outside – but with close integration with – the Wikimedia ecosystem. The previous editions were in Antwerp (April 2018) and Berlin. In Antwerp and Berlin the focus was respectively on infrastructure and modelling. The workshop in New York continued efforts on both topics, and also focused on UX and interfacing to a federated landscape of Wikibases.

Hosts and venue[edit]

The New Museum in New York

The workshop was hosted by Rhizome (Q7320757) and held at the New Museum (Q1156823) in New York. It was organized with support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (Q1200258).


UX workshop, 20 September 2018

Day 1 - Wednesday, September 19[edit]

10:00 – Presentations (plenary)[edit]

See notepad with links and Q&A

  1. Wikibase State of the Community (Jens Ohlig)
  2. Wikimedia Foundation & GLAM (Ben Vershbow)
  3. LOD & Archives (Karen Hwang)
  4. LOD & Art Orgs & provenance (Lozana Rossenova)
  5. Wikibase and Rhizome (Lyndsey Moulds)
  6. LOD & the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Richard Knipel)
  7. LOD and Smithsonian (Effie Kapsalis)
  8. Electronic Literature Organization (Dene Grigar & Abby Adams)
  9. Linked Jazz (Matt Miller)
  10. Idyll Language (Matthew Conlen)
  11. LOD, diversity, indigenous knowledge (Stacy Allison-Cassin)
  12. (Seila Gonzalez Estrecha)
  13. Wikibase and Open Refine (Jeff Goeke-Smith)
  14. Workbenchdata (Jonathan Stray)
  15. Data models and visualizations (Jose Emilio Labra Gayo)
  16. Knowledge Management SFMOMA (Martina Haidvogl)
  17. GeneWiki (Andra Waagmeester)

16:00 – Expert sessions (parallel short workshops)[edit]

Day 2 - Thursday, September 20[edit]

Parallel workshops were held throughout the day.

Day 3 - Friday, September 21[edit]

Conclusion and follow-up