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This page is to develop a proposal for how bibliographic metadata for scholarly articles in Wikidata should be structured. It originated from the PLOS hackathon on October 18, 2014 (impression from the meeting) and is now being developed further as part of WikiProject Source MetaData.

Participants at the hackathon[edit]

  • Jonathan Dugan (PLOS) - @jmdugan
  • Jonas Dupuich (PLOS) - @jdup
  • Mitar (UC Berkeley/PeerLibrary) - @mitar_m
  • Dario Taraborelli (Wikimedia Foundation) - @readermeter
  • Daniel Mietchen (WikiProject Open Access) - @evomri
  • Karen Coyle - @karencoyle


Sample articles[edit]

Examples we're working on

  • Journal articles
  • Trying a test cite module:

Data model (and mapping it to existing bibliographic data models)[edit]


Ideas for input[edit]

RDF and MODS, in contrast to BibTeX and common CSL-Data as used in Zotero, can contain author identifiers instead of raw strings only.

Contributorship links[edit]

Wikidata item page[edit]

  • Item label: article title
    • label shows up in instant search results; human-readable
  • Item description: "scholarly article by [lastname,firstname] [et al], [year]"
  • aliases


Yet to clarify which properties should only be used as qualifiers.


See also[edit]

  • FaBiO, the FRBR-aligned Bibliographic Ontology
  • PRO, the Publishing Roles Ontology

Examples of metadata in various input formats[edit]

For discussion about what to import into Wikidata.


{u'DOI': u'10.1371/journal.pone.0107541',
u'ISSN': [u'1932-6203'],
u'URL': u'',
u'author': [{u'family': u'Pinto', u'given': u'Jayant M.'},
 {u'family': u'Wroblewski', u'given': u'Kristen E.'},
 {u'family': u'Kern', u'given': u'David W.'},
 {u'family': u'Schumm', u'given': u'L. Philip'},
 {u'family': u'McClintock', u'given': u'Martha K.'}],
u'container-title': u'PLoS ONE',
u'deposited': {u'date-parts': 2014, 10, 1, u'timestamp': 1412121600000},
u'editor': [{u'family': u'Hummel', u'given': u'Thomas'}],
u'indexed': {u'date-parts': 2014, 10, 5, u'timestamp': 1412470290002},
u'issue': u'10',
u'issued': {u'date-parts': 2014, 10, 1},
u'member': u'',
u'page': u'e107541',
u'prefix': u'',
u'publisher': u'Public Library of Science (PLoS)',
u'reference-count': 0,
u'score': 1.0,
u'source': u'CrossRef',
u'subject': [u'Agricultural and Biological Sciences(all)',
 u'Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology(all)'],
u'subtitle': [],
u'title': u'Olfactory Dysfunction Predicts 5-Year Mortality in Older Adults',
u'type': u'journal-article',
u'update-policy': u'',
u'volume': u'9'}

See this GIST for more information

TODO: Get the same input in BibTex,, BibJSON.

TODO: How to represent corrections (this paper has two corrections)?