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Wikiproject Open aims to map organisations, communities, people and projects in open source software, open knowledge, open access publishing (also see WikiProject Open Access), open data, open hardware, open science, open rights and government policies and laws promoting openness. By collating data about the open movement we can use visualisations and other tools to understand it better.

Adding data to Wikidata can be done by adding large existing datasets and lists of information or by adding information on specific subjects.

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Adding individual and small sets of pages to Wikidata[edit]

To add information about a subject to Wikidata

  • Step 1, Create an account: If you don’t have a Wikimedia account click 'Create account' in the top right hand corner of this page.
  • Step 2, Search for the subject on Wikidata: Find out if the subject already exists by searching for it in the search bar in the top right hand corner of this page. If the item already exists go to Step 4.
  • Step 3, Create a page: If subject doesn’t already have a page on Wikidata (pages on a subject are called items on Wikidata) click ‘Create a new item' in the menu to the right, fill in a label and a description and click Create. You will need to add facts to this new blank page otherwise it will be deleted.
  • Step 4, Add facts to the page: this is mainly done through adding statements to learn about statements click here.
  • Step 5, Add a reference to your fact: Every fact added to Wikidata should include a reference, to add a reference click '+ add reference' under a fact, in the 'property box' type 'reference URL' and in the other box add the URL of the reference.

Types of items[edit]

Below are different kinds of item pages that exist that may fit with what you want to add, they include commonly used properties and example item pages that you can copy from. Two other options to find information on properties are:

  1. Look of similar pages to the ones you want to add information to and see how these are structured.
  2. Look for a specific property in the Wikidata:List of properties