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Dataset imports
This page is a hub to organise importing data from external sources into Wikidata. Datasets useful for Wikidata can be suggested by anyone, including subject matter experts simply by following these instructions:

To start a data import:

  1. Create an account or log in
    1. Create an account by clicking 'Create an account' in the top right hand corner of the page, please enter an email address to allow Wikidata users to notify you about discussions on the dataset).
    2. Log in by clicking 'Log in' in the top right hand corner of the page.
  2. Click the Start a data import button
  3. Replace NAME OF THE DATASET with the name of the dataset in the Subject field
  4. Fill in the preloaded fields Name of dataset, Source, Link and Description.
  5. Click 'Publish changes'.
  6. Follow the instructions given here to launch the data import.
  7. Delete the import demand from the list below once the data are imported in Wikidata and add it to the imported data sets page.

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Importing datasets through Wikidata:Dataset Imports has a number of benefits over importing the dataset without documenting the process. The process has 5 stages:

Identify datasets: There are many external services that can help identify datasets on a subject including Google Dataset Search, Wolfram Data Repository and Humanitarian Data Exchange.
Document the import process: The page documents the import process for each dataset allowing users to collaborate and provides a record for updating, correcting errors and keeping track of updated datasets. The page provides basic metadata about the dataset including name, source and topic.
A Wikidata item for each dataset: Creating a Wikidata item for each dataset that links to the Wikidata:Dataset Imports creates a database of datasets for each subject. It also links the data with the import process and allows much more detailed metadata to be recorded about the dataset.
Add data to Wikidata: The data is added to Wikidata using different tools, to learn how to import data see Wikidata:Data Import Guide.
Maintenance: The data can be maintained through using categories for datasets that are updated or new versions published over time.

Browse data imports

Explore data imports by progress, topic, type or format to help import them into Wikidata, clicking on an icon will take you to a list of all datasets in that category.

Old format (will be integrated into the new system soon)

Old format imports are available at Wikidata:Dataset Imports/Previous version discussions