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Ordia (Q63379419)
Searches for a lexeme or a form and shows general statistics of lexicographical data
by Fnielsen
Ordia – Text to lexemes
Searches all lexemes of an input text.
by Fnielsen
Wikidata Lexeme Forms (Q108759318)
Wikidata Lexeme Forms
Shows a form to create a new lexeme with a standard set of forms, e. g. the declensions of a German or Latin noun, or to edit the forms of an existing lexeme.
by Lucas Werkmeister
(Fork of the broken and seemingly abandoned tool Wikidata Senses, modified by User:Mahir256)
Shows the list of languages and number of senses that are missing, then after selecting a language, shows a random lexeme that needs a sense, so the user can easily add it.
by Vesihiisi
Wikidata Lexeme graph builder
Wikidata Lexeme graph builder
Displays lexemes that are connected by a property on a graph
by Lucas Werkmeister
Script newentity.js
Generates new items (including lexemes) from the given JSON object
by GZWDer
Script jsonLexeme.js
Script jsonLexeme.js
Generates new and edits existing lexemes from the given JSON object. Modified version of newentity.js.
by Okkn
Module Lexeme-en
Generates English lexeme (noun) object based on a given word. Can be used together with newentity.js or jsonLexeme.js scripts
by GZWDer
Module Lexeme-ja
Generates Japanese lexeme object based on a given word. Can be used together with newentity.js or jsonLexeme.js scripts
by Okkn
Module Lexeme-pl
Generates Polish lexeme (noun or adjective) object based on a given word. Can be used together with newentity.js or jsonLexeme.js scripts
by KaMan
DerDieDas (Q63379596)
Game to practice German articles. Taking a random noun in Wikidata (that has only one gender), asking for the article. See also:
by Auregann
(Fork of the broken and seemingly abandoned tool Hauki, modified by User:Mahir256)
Lists lexemes by language and displays lexemes and make it simple to add new lexemes and senses to existing lexemes.
by Vesihiisi
Bot developed to import words in Occitan from the resources of Permanent Congress of the Occitan Language (Q12948568). It is possible to adapt it to run other similar bots.
by Aitalvivem
Easy to use python library to edit Lexemes. While this project is inactive, it has several forks.
by MichaelSchoenitzer
Elhuyar - WikidataToolkit 9.0 version
WikidataToolkit 9.0 version to upload lexemes with multiple forms and senses.
by Elhuyar
Basque noun API uploader
A simple spreadsheet to decline Basque nouns and upload them via API.
by Theklan
A bot framework to import Wiktionary grammatical data into Wikidata Lexemes.
by Yurik
Bodh (Q107363822)
A tool that adds statements to lexemes, senses and forms..
by Jay (CIS-A2K)
Lexemes Party
Displays lexemes linked to a list of Wikidata items, giving an overview of the coverage of lexicographical data in Wikidata for these items.
by Envlh
Lexemes Challenge (Q109617338)
Suggests a collaborative weekly challenge to improve lexicographical data in Wikidata.
by Envlh
Scribe - Language Keyboards
Scribe - Language Keyboards
An open-source iOS app that uses Wikidata lexicographical data as a basis for keyboards to help language learners. Features include: annotation of nouns to remind users of their genders; annotation of prepositions to indicate which case should follow them; getting the plural of a singular noun; conjugating verbs by changing the keyboard into 3x2 conjugation tables with selectable options; and a translate feature where English words can be translated to the keyboard's language. See the source code on GitHub.
by AndrewTavis
A Python library to create and edit lexemes.
by Mahir256
Copies senses from one lexeme to another and adds backlinks with synonym (P5973) and translation (P5972).
Please write the following line into your common.js:
mw.loader.load( '//' ); // [[User:Jon Harald Søby/copySenses.js]]
by Jon Harald Søby (source)
Searches Wikisource for usage examples you can add to lexeme senses that don't have them yet.
by Ijon
Synia (Q121294613)
Web application that aggregates Wikidata items in a common interface via the Wikidata Query Service. Pages include overviews of lexemes, languages and lexical categories. Pages may be about a specific languages, e.g., Danish or a specific lexical category, e.g., verbs. There are also individual pages for lexemes, e.g., the Danish word "rød" or the German word "Luftballon".
by fnielsen

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