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For programmers


Perl module to import entities from Wikidata for processing with the Catmandu ETL framework

by JakobVoss


Simple Python CLI to load subsets of Wikidata into ElasticSearch from a dump or SPARQL query. Automatically paginates SPARQL queries for bulk loading.

by Kdutia

Entitree Helper

A JavaScript helper package (using TypeScript) based on wikidata-sdk to easily query and process data.

by Germartin1


Official Wikimedia development of a GraphQL API inspired by Tpt's original implementation below. There are a bit more features.


GraphQL API allowing to interact with the Wikidata content. The API endpoint URI is It follows Relay specifications.

by Tpt


A PHP library that provides ways to read from, and iterate through, the Wikibase entities in a Wikibase Repository JSON dump such as the Wikidata JSON dumps.

by Jeroen De Dauw


A ranking signal for Wikidata. Periodically (re)computed from Wikimedia pageviews, available for bulk download. For an introduction, see the README file.

by Sascha


qwikidata is a Python package with tools that allow you to interact with Wikidata. The package defines a set of classes that allow you to represent Wikidata entities (items, properties, and lexemes). It also provides tools for getting data from the linked data service, the sparql query service, and the full JSON dumps.

by Gabrielaltay


A Python tool for fast inserts into a Wikibase instance. RaiseWikibase 1) uploads up to a million entities and wikitexts per hour, 2) fills data directly into the MariaDB database, and 3) can create a bot account for the wrappers of the Wikibase API.

by RShigapov


Replicator is a CLI application for replicating a Wikibase entity base such as Wikidata. It can import entities from the Wikidata API and from Wikibase dumps in various formats. It features abort/resume, graceful error handling, progress reporting, dynamic fetching of dependencies, API batching and standalone installation (no own MediaWiki or Wikibase required). Furthermore it uses the same deserialization code as Wikibase itself, so is always 100% compatible.

by Jeroen De Dauw


ShExStatements allows users to generate shape expressions (ShEx/entity schemas) from simple CSV statements and files. It can be used from both web interface as well as the command line.

by Jsamwrites

Tool Translate

Offers a centralized, user-friendly way for The Community (TM) to provide translations for tools.

by Magnus Manske

Wikibase Integrator

WikibaseIntegrator is a Python library forked from Wikidata Integrator in July 2020 by User:Myst. It allows reading and writing to Wikidata/Wikibase via the APIs. In v0.12 it supports more datatypes and has a new improved APIs which make it easier to use. It also supports running SPARQL queries and returning WDQS results. Full contributors list

by Myst


A comprehensive .NET Standard MediaWiki client library that allows you to fetch and edit Wikibase/Wikidata items conveniently. It also supports working with JSON dumps. See the "Getting started" section in the repository wiki for usage example.

by CXuesong

Wikidata CLI

Read and edit Wikidata from the command line. Edits are signed #wikidatajs/cli by default.

by Maxlath

Wikidata client library for Python

A Wikidata client library for Python. Supports Python 3.4 or higher.

As it's a Python package, you can install it using pip: pip3 install Wikidata See also the docs for details.

by Hongminhee

Wikidata Edit

A lib to edit Wikidata from NodeJS. Edits are signed #wikidatajs/edit by default.

by Maxlath

Wikidata Filter

A command-line tool to filter a Wikidata dump by claim.

by Maxlath

Wikidata Integrator (Q31743627)

WikidataIntegrator is a Python library for reading and writing to Wikidata/Wikibase. It also supports running SPARQL queries and returning WDQS results as pandas dataframes.

by [[User:Andra Waagmeester, Gregory Stupp, Sebastian Burgstaller and the Wikidata community|Andra Waagmeester, Gregory Stupp, Sebastian Burgstaller and the Wikidata community]]

Wikidata Lang

A JSON/JS index of 183 languages accessible either by their 2-letters language code or Wikidata Qid.

by Maxlath


R package and wrapper for the Wikidata Query Service (WDQS) which provides a way for tools to query Wikidata via SPARQL.

by Bearloga


R package to read from and write to wikidata via Wikidata and Quickstatements APIs.

by Thomas Shafee and Ironholds, Serena Signorelli and Christian Graul


Command line tool to extract taxonomies from Wikidata

by JakobVoss

Wikidata Toolkit (Q23927677)

Free Java library for working with Wikidata. Helps developers to download, process, and query data from Wikidata and other Wikibase sites. It is also used to create exports, such as the Wikidata RDF exports. Sources can be found at

by Markus Krötzsch, Julian Mendez, Fredo Erxleben, Michael Günther

Wikidata SDK

A JavaScript tool suite to query and work with Wikidata data

by Maxlath


A library to edit Wikidata or any Wikibase instance from NodeJS

by Maxlath


Read and edit Wikidata or any Wikibase instance from the command line

by Maxlath

Wikidata Subset Search Engine

Tools to setup an ElasticSearch instance fed with subsets of Wikidata

by Maxlath

Wikipedia Tools (for Humans)

wptools is a python library intended to make it as easy as possible to get data from MediaWiki instances, expose more Wikidata, and extend Wikimedia APIs just for kicks. We say (for Humans) because that is a goal.

by Siznax


Python based Wikidata framework for easy dataframe extraction.

by AndrewTavis


Javascript library that make queries easier.

by MCheca5