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RomanianActresses person ID[edit]

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   Under discussion
Descriptionidentifier for a female person on the Romanianactors site
RepresentsRomanianActors (Q76112544)
Data typeExternal identifier
Domainhuman (Q5), actor (Q33999)
Example 1Tania Popa (Q76125092)tania-popa
Example 2Emilia Popescu (Q12727620)emilia-popescu
Example 3Monica Davidescu (Q16593307)monica-davidescu
External linksUse in sister projects: [ar][de][en][es][fr][he][it][ja][ko][nl][pl][pt][ru][sv][vi][zh][commons][species][wd].
Number of IDs in source67
Expected completenessalways incomplete (Q21873886)
Formatter URL$1-en
See alsoRomanianMaleActors person ID (P7645)


Property for actresses included in Romanianactors, a database in Romanian and English. - Coagulans (talk) 05:17, 1 December 2019 (UTC)


  • Symbol support vote.svg Support David (talk) 11:43, 2 December 2019 (UTC)
  • Pictogram voting comment.svg Comment One property for 67 items? --Gerwoman (talk) 09:40, 8 December 2019 (UTC)
  • Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose Why not actors and actresses with 138 entries in the catalog ref? This is already more reasonable, because properties are not created below 100 entries, knowing that the number may increase. Especially that :
  1. Actresses can be changed by Actors, even in Romanian and lead to the pages of actresses and actors.
  2. Then the English pages can be empty and / or with a wrong URL. The English pages do not end all with -en.
(domain = human (Q5) (only - type constraint (Q21503250)))
(formatter URL =$1 (both))
(See also = change existing property RomanianMaleActors person ID (P7645) with men and women)
CHANGES IN RomanianMaleActors person ID (P7645):
external links = (in Property_talk:P7645)
RomanianMaleActors person ID (P7645) property constraint (P2302) item requires statement constraint (Q21503247) / property (P2306) occupation (P106) / item of property constraint (P2305) actor (Q33999)
allowed values ​​= [\w\-]{1,100}(?<!\-en) (RomanianMaleActors person ID (P7645) property constraint (P2302) format constraint (Q21502404) / constraint status (P2316) mandatory constraint (Q21502408))
source = dans source website for the property (P1896)
…and the Label —Eihel (talk) 19:09, 14 December 2019 (UTC)
! Actresses = Actors because the site is still unsorted. - Coagulans (talk) 18:34, 10 December 2019 (UTC)
! without men (Romanian). As I already wrote and do not mark the proposal ready for creation if there is no unanimity or if it does not respect the rules (<100). —Eihel (talk) 18:56, 10 December 2019 (UTC)
I don't know how to set a formatter URL with different parameters - "actrite"/"actori" for the same property. - Coagulans (talk) 05:45, 14 December 2019 (UTC)
The information is already all included in my first intervention and your replies to the two questions can be found here:
  1. The URL format is$1 for both sexes, in Romanian.
  2. In Romanian, the personalities are sorted, not in English.
  3. The creation cannot succeed because there is too little entries, but the indications concern RomanianMaleActors person ID (P7645).
Cordially. —Eihel (talk) 19:09, 14 December 2019 (UTC)