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This page is about Wikidata's collaboration with OpenStreetMap (Q936) (OSM). We particularly welcome OSM contributors who are new to Wikidata! We recommend you read our general introduction, first. Below, some examples of what you can do.

Coordinates in Wikidata[edit]

We add coordinates to items in Wikidata using coordinate location (P625). See, for example Q2191338#P625.

Note that due to copyright incompatibility issues it is not possible to import coordinates from OpenStreetMap to Wikidata. It also applies to importing coordinates from Wikipedia that were added there based on OpenStreetMap data. See this link for more details.

Linking from Wikidata to OSM[edit]

Because OSM IDs are not stable, and based on suggestions from the OSM community, we do not recommend adding a property for OSM IDs to Wikidata (this has been attempted in the past). Instead, add Wikidata key to OpenStreetMap and link to that. (see. Overpass API: Permanent ID)

If wikidata key is set then in other than main and property namespaces you can use {{Overpasslink}} for linking to OpenStreetMap:

Linking from OSM to Wikidata[edit]

Wikidata key in OpenStreetMap

See the Wikidata key on the OSM wiki. For example, the OSM object is tagged wikidata=Q2191338 - meaning Birmingham Town Hall (Q2191338).

It is also possible to use the well-established wikipedia key to link to Wikidata via an associated Wikipedia article.


  1. login (you can use a Wikimedia account for login by selecting Wikimedia under the Alternatively, use a third party to login title in the login screen).
  2. Find the object that you want to edit (most likely by using search in left side of screen).
    • If you have selected the target object before you clicked edit AND the object is small and zoom level is high then editor will show it directly.
  3. Add the Wikidata tag in the edit window.
    • If the tag is there already then it is under "all tags" -list.
  4. Save the changes

Example video:


Main page: Wikidata:OpenStreetMap/Tools

User scripts[edit]

Tool matching wikidata and OSM objects detects possible matches and allows quickly adding them to OSM
Combined database with both Wikidata and OSM data
Sophox query service combines both databases, and allows querying them using the same tool as Wikidata Query Service itself.
Wikidata Extractor - A tool to extract Wikidata IDs from OpenStreetMap, given an Overpass Turbo query

Linking from Wikipedia to OSM[edit]


After adding Wikidata tags to OSM objects, how to find them once again? The answer is Overpass Turbo (Q62057787). It's a tool to query OSM data. Overpass shows the results nicely on a zoomable map. Writing queries for it, is a bit tricky though. That's where this module comes in:

OSM Lua Module (Please click through to see the documentation)

With a minimum of parameters, it allows to generate queries related to the article it's invoked from.


Here is an example of two queries to list the department of France (Q6465), their ISO 3166-2 code (P300), Wikidata ID and OSM ID :

from the Wikidata side (with Wikidata Query Service (Q20950365)) from the OSM side (with Overpass Turbo (Q62057787)) link
#French départements with Name, Wikidata ID, OSM relation ID, and ISO 3166-2 code
SELECT ?name (?item as ?wikidata) ?osm ?code WHERE {
	?item wdt:P31 wd:Q6465; # French départements
          wdt:P300 ?code.   # with ISO 3166-2 code
	OPTIONAL { ?item wdt:P402 ?osm. } # OSM relation if available
	SERVICE wikibase:label {
      bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "fr".
      ?item rdfs:label ?name.
Try it!
/* French départements with Name, Wikidata ID, OSM relation ID, and ISO 3166-2 code */

The Sophox (Q55840137) query tool also exists and allows for querying OSM, the OSM wiki and Wikidata.

Mix'n'match catalogs[edit]

Importing data from OSM[edit]

Copying data from OSM to Wikidata is not allowed because Wikidata uses the public-domain style Creative Commons CC0 license which does not contain any attribution or share-alike provisions required by the ODBL-licensed OSM data.

Note Wikimedia legal team advice confirms this "For EU databases, bots or other automated ways of extracting data should also be avoided because of the Directive’s prohibition on “repeated and systematic extraction” of even insubstantial amounts of data." (from Meta).

Importing data from Wikidata into OSM[edit]

Copying data from Wikidata into OSM is also generally not allowed - see OpenStreetMap:Wikidata#Importing_data for details. It is caused by OpenStreetMap acknowledging sui generis database rights and because large part of Wikidata was harvested from sources incompatible with OSM legal requirements.

OSM-related properties on Wikidata[edit]

Further information[edit]

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons has media about Wikidata and OpenStreetMap.
OpenStreetMap has a page on Wikidata.

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