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Persons /
Personen /


Organizations /
Organisationen /


Events /
Veranstaltungen /


Works /
Werke /


Terms /
Sachbegriffe /


Places /
Geografika /


Properties for terms

The entity “terms” comprises everything else, for example scientific terms, languages, letters, historical events (such as wars) etc.

For further details on the properties, see

Main type of item: term (Q1969448)

  • All terms, including biology (also individual animals), chemistry, brands, software products, and historic events (like Hurricane Andrew).

Main type[edit]

Term (term as an entity, incl. product names etc.): item missing


Biology / Biologie[edit]

Moustached Darter
class Insecta
clade Dicondylia
subclass Pterygota
infraclass Palaeoptera
superorder Odonatoptera
order Odonata
suborder Anisoptera
family Libellulidae
genus Sympetrum
species S. vulgatum
Scientific name of species[2]
Sympetrum vulgatum
Linnaeus, 1758
IUCN conservation status[4]
least concern
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Chemistry / Chemie / Chimie[edit]

Please join the Wikidata:WikiProject Chemistry/Properties to discuss about properties related to chemistry or Wikidata:WikiProject Chemistry for general discussion.

Languages / Sprachen / Langues[edit]

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