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Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
currency symbol description P489 Item item with description of currency symbol United States dollar <currency symbol description> $ -
ISO 4217 code P498 String identifier for a currency per ISO 4217 euro <ISO 4217 code> EUR -


See also: Wikidata:WikiProject Taxonomy
Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
taxon author P405 Item the author(s) that (optionally) may be cited with the scientific name Boletus illudens <taxon author> Charles Horton Peck -
taxon name P225 String taxon name: correct scientific name of a taxon (according to the reference given) cat <taxon name> Felis silvestris catus -
parent taxon P171 Item closest parent taxon of the taxon in question cat <parent taxon> wildcat -
taxon rank P105 Item taxonomic rank: level in a taxonomic hierarchy wildcat <taxon rank> species -
IUCN conservation status P141 Item conservation status assigned by the International Union for Conservation of Nature bald eagle <IUCN conservation status> least concern -
regulates (molecular biology) P128 Item process regulated by a protein in molecular biology RELN <regulates (molecular biology)> Neural development -
physically interacts with P129 Item physical entity that the subject interacts with RELN <physically interacts with> very low density lipoprotein receptor -
taxon range map image P181 Commons media file range map of a taxon white rhinoceros <taxon range map image> Mapa distribuicao original white rhino.png -
endemic to P183 Item sole location or habitat type where the taxon lives checkered pupfish <endemic to> Mexico -
taxonomic type P427 Item type: the type genus of this family (or subfamily, etc), or the type species of this genus (or subgenus, etc) Drosophilidae <taxonomic type> Drosophila -
botanist author abbreviation P428 String standard form (official abbreviation) of a personal name for use in an author citation (only for names of algae, fungi and plants) Conrad Gessner <botanist author abbreviation> Gesner -
basionym P566 Item basionym: the legitimate, previously published name on which a new combination or name at new rank is based Opuntia ficus-indica <basionym> Cactus ficus-indica -
incertae sedis P678 Item qualifier for P171 (parent taxon) to mark which intermediate ranks are incertae sedis Cyclocorus <incertae sedis> subfamily -
replaced synonym (for nom. nov.) P694 Item previously published name on which a replacement name (avowed substitute, nomen novum) is based. -
ex taxon author P697 Item person to whom to ascribe a taxon name, denoted by "ex" (via P405) -
BHL Page ID P687 String Biodiversity Heritage Library: identifier in the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) Canna indica <BHL Page ID> 358022 -
ITIS TSN P815 String Integrated Taxonomic Information System: unique Taxonomic Serial Number defined by Integrated Taxonomic Information System oceanic whitetip shark <ITIS TSN> 160330 -
IUCN-ID P627 String International Union for Conservation of Nature: source for IUCN conservation status (P141) bald eagle <IUCN-ID> 106003365 -
NCBI Taxonomy ID P685 String National Center for Biotechnology Information: identifer for a taxon in the Taxonomy Database by the National Center for Biotechnology Information human <NCBI Taxonomy ID> 9606 -
Fossilworks ID P842 String Fossilworks: identifier for fossil animals, plants, and microorganisms Pantolambda <Fossilworks ID> 40565 -
Global Biodiversity Information Facility ID P846 String Global Biodiversity Information Facility: identifier in GBIF tailed tailless bat <Global Biodiversity Information Facility ID> 5963040 -
World Register of Marine Species identifier P850 String World Register of Marine Species: identifier in the World Register of Marine Species Fucus vesiculosus <World Register of Marine Species identifier> 145548 -
Code of nomenclature P944 Item the Code that governs the scientific name of this taxon animal <Code of nomenclature> International Code of Zoological Nomenclature -
neurological function P970 Item The function of a neurological structure retina bipolar cell <neurological function> phototransduction -
mode of inheritance P1199 Item mode of inheritance: the manner in which a particular genetic trait or disorder is passed from one generation to the next Bloom syndrome <mode of inheritance> autosomal recessive -
WWF ecoregion code P1294 String identifier for ecoregions Antipodes Subantarctic Islands tundra <WWF ecoregion code> aa1101 -
AlgaeBase URL P1348 URL AlgaeBase: URL for the website AlgaeBase Valonia ventricosa <AlgaeBase URL> -
original spelling P1353 String original spelling of a scientific name -
Flora of North America taxon ID P1727 String Flora of North America: identifier of a taxon in Flora of North America Orchidaceae <Flora of North America taxon ID> 10638 -
Bradley and Fletcher checklist number P1743 String Lepidoptera: reference for a species in the Bradley and Fletcher checklist of British lepidoptera Saturnia pyri <Bradley and Fletcher checklist number> 1643a -
Agassiz et al checklist number P1744 String Lepidoptera: Reference for a species in the 2013 checklist of over 2,700 species British lepidoptera Saturnia pyri <Agassiz et al checklist number> 68.0011 -
VASCAN ID P1745 String Vascular Plants of Canada: identifier in the Database of Vascular Plants of Canada Picea mariana <VASCAN ID> 7174 -
ZooBank nomenclatural act P1746 String ZooBank: identifier for nomenclatural act at ZooBank Amargastegos <ZooBank nomenclatural act> FB0A73A0-E464-4919-8307-80DCCB14FB16 -
Flora of China ID P1747 String Flora of China: identifier of a taxon in Flora of the People's Republic of China Orchidaceae <Flora of China ID> 10638 -

Molecular biology[edit]

See also: Wikidata:WikiProject Molecular biology
Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
Entrez Gene ID P351 String identifier for a gene per the NCBI Entrez database RELN <Entrez Gene ID> 5649 -
UniProt ID P352 String identifier for a protein per the UniProt database. RELN <UniProt ID> P78509 -
gene symbol P353 String identifier for a gene RELN <gene symbol> RELN -
HGNC ID P354 String identifier for a gene from the HGNC database RELN <HGNC ID> 9957 -
EC number P591 String Enzyme Commission number (≠ European Commission number P232) alcohol dehydrogenase <EC number> -
ChEMBL ID P592 String chemical database of bioactive molecules with drug-like properties caffeine <ChEMBL ID> CHEMBL113 -
HomoloGene ID P593 String identifier in the HomoloGene database rhodopsin <HomoloGene ID> 68068 -
Ensembl Gene ID P594 String identifier for a gene as per the Ensembl (European Bioinformatics Institute and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute) database myoglobin <Ensembl Gene ID> ENSG00000198125 -
IUPHAR ID P595 String identifier of the International Union of Pharmacology databank Morphine <IUPHAR ID> 1627 -
GenLoc assembly P659 Item specify the genome assembly of the gene in UCSC Genome Informatics website RELN <GenLoc assembly> -
EC classification P660 Item the Enzyme Commission (EC)-based accepted name of any enzyme classifications of the protein or RNA molecule reelin <EC classification> serine endopeptidase -
KEGG ID P665 String identifier from databases dealing with genomes, enzymatic pathways, and biological chemicals ascorbic acid <KEGG ID> D00018 -
molecular function P680 Item represents gene ontology function annotations RELN <molecular function> metal ion binding -
cell component P681 Item component of the cell in which this item is present RELN <cell component> cytoplasm -
biological process P682 Item is involved in the biological process RELN <biological process> long-term memory -
ortholog P684 Item orthologous gene in another species (use with 'species' qualifier) RELN <ortholog> Reln -
NCBI Taxonomy ID P685 String National Center for Biotechnology Information: identifer for a taxon in the Taxonomy Database by the National Center for Biotechnology Information human <NCBI Taxonomy ID> 9606 -
Gene Ontology ID P686 String identifier in the Gene Ontology metal ion binding <Gene Ontology ID> 0046872 -
encodes P688 Item the product of a gene (protein or RNA) RELN <encodes> reelin encoded by
Gene Atlas Image P692 Commons media file image showing the GeneAtlas expression pattern -
encoded by P702 Item the gene that encodes some gene product reelin <encoded by> RELN encodes
Ensembl Transcript ID P704 String transcript ID issued by Ensembl database RELN <Ensembl Transcript ID> ENST00000428762 -
Ensembl Protein ID P705 String identifier for a protein issued by Ensembl database RELN <Ensembl Protein ID> ENSP00000392423 -
chromosome P1057 Item chromosome on which an entity is localized RELN <chromosome> chromosome 7 -
ploidy P1349 Item ploidy of a genome human genome <ploidy> diploid -

Animal breeds[edit]

See also: Wikidata:WikiProject Dog breeds
See also: Wikidata:WikiProject Cat breeds
Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
EE breed number P303 String breed identification number per the EE list of the breeds of fancy pigeons (ELFP) Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl <EE breed number> 0705 -


See also: Wikidata:WikiProject Chemistry
Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
chemical structure P117 Commons media file image of a representation of the structure for a chemical compound ethanol <chemical structure> Ethanol-2D-skeletal.svg -
CAS registry number P231 String CAS registry number: identifier for a chemical compound per CAS registry ethanol <CAS registry number> 64-17-5 -
EINECS number P232 String EINECS number: identifier for a chemical compound per EINECS ethanol <EINECS number> 200-578-6 -
SMILES P233 String Simplified molecular input line entry specification: Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Specification ethanol <SMILES> CCO -
InChI P234 String International Chemical Identifier ethanol <InChI> 1S/C2H6O/c1-2-3/h3H,2H2,1H3 -
InChIKey P235 String A hashed version of the full standard InChI - designed to create an identifier that encodes structural information and a can also be practically used in web searching. ethanol <InChIKey> LFQSCWFLJHTTHZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N -
element symbol P246 String identifier for a chemical element copernicium <element symbol> Cn -
ATC code P267 String Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System: therapeutic chemical identification code per ATC ethanol <ATC code> D01AE06 -
chemical formula P274 String description of chemical compound based on element symbols ethanol <chemical formula> C2H6O -
phase of matter P515 Item state of matter: state or phase of the matter at which the measure was made (gas, liquid, solid... See talk page) -
determination method P459 Item qualifier stating how a value has been determined -
crystal system P556 Item type of crystal for minerals and/or for crystal coumpounds sodium chloride <crystal system> cubic crystal system -
E number P628 String E number: number for food additives that are legal in the European Union curcumin <E number> E100 -
UNII P652 String identifier issued by the FDA / Unique Ingredient Identifier epinephrine <UNII> YKH834O4BH -
RTECS number P657 String Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances: chemical identifier from the Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances lithium citrate <RTECS number> TZ8616000 -
ChemSpider ID P661 String identifier in a free chemical database, owned by the Royal Society of Chemistry methadone <ChemSpider ID> 3953 -
PubChem ID (CID) P662 String PubChem: identifier from database of chemical molecules and their activities in biological assays (only CID number) Thalidomide <PubChem ID (CID)> 5426 -
ZVG number P679 String identifier of GESTIS database benzene <ZVG number> 10060 -
ChEBI ID P683 String identifier from database and ontology of molecular entities focused on 'small' chemical compounds Dimethyltryptamine <ChEBI ID> 28969 -
UN number P695 String UN number: four-digit numbers that identify hazardous substances, and articles (such as explosives, flammable liquids, toxic substances, etc.) in the framework of international transport ethanol <UN number> 1170 -
UN class P874 String UN hazard classification code ethanol <UN class> 3 -
UN code classification P875 String UN code classification ethanol <UN code classification> 3 -
UN packaging group P876 String packaging code according to UN transportation rules ethanol <UN packaging group> II -
Kemler ID P700 String code describing the hazards of a chemical in transport sodium azide <Kemler ID> 60 -
Drugbank ID P715 String identifier in the bioinformatics and cheminformatics database from the University of Alberta vitamin C <Drugbank ID> 00126 -
GHS hazard statement P728 String globally harmonized system of assessment and labeling of chemicals sodium azide <GHS hazard statement> H300 -
GHS precautionary statements P940 String code referring to a phrase giving advice about the correct handling of chemical substances and mixtures sodium azide <GHS precautionary statements> P210 -
phase point P873 Item phase point to describe critical point and triple point (see talk page for an example) sodium azide <phase point> critical point -
emissivity P1295 Number ability of a substance to radiate thermal energy from its surface cement <emissivity > 0.54 -
electronegativity P1108 Number Electronegativity: no description hydrogen <electronegativity> 2.2 -
oxidation state P1121 Number no description lithium <oxidation state> 1 -


Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
measured physical quantity P111 Item physical property measured by a unit kilogram <measured physical quantity> mass measured by


See also: Wikidata:WikiProject Languages
Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
has dialect P134 Item dialects of this language (a single language may be linked to many dialects) Japanese <has dialect> Kansai dialect -
ISO 639-1 code P218 String two-letter identifier for a language or family of languages defined in ISO 639-1 standard Japanese <ISO 639-1 code> ja -
ISO 639-2 code P219 String ISO 639-2: identifier for a language or macrolanguage or language family language, defined in ISO 639-2 standard, 3-letter technical or bibliographical  code Japanese <ISO 639-2 code> jpn -
ISO 639-3 code P220 String ISO 639-3: identifier for a language defined in ISO 639-3 Japanese <ISO 639-3 code> jpn -
ISO 639-5 code P1798 String ISO 639-5 code: identifier for a language family per ISO 639-5 Algic languages <ISO 639-5 code> aql -
ISO 639-6 code P221 String ISO 639-6 code: identifier for a language per ISO 639-6 Middle English <ISO 639-6 code> meng -
ISO 15924 alpha-4 or numeric code P506 String ISO 15924: identifier for a writing system Devanagari <ISO 15924 alpha-4 or numeric code> Deva, 315 -
GOST 7.75-97 code P278 String identifier for a language according to GOST 7.75-97 -
IETF language tag P305 String IETF language tag: identifier for a language per the Internet Engineering Task Force Western Armenian <IETF language tag> hy-arevmda -
writing system P282 Item alphabet, character set or other system of writing used by subject language Russian <writing system> Russian alphabet -
Wikimedia language code P424 String identifier for a language as used by Wikimedia projects Japanese <Wikimedia language code> ja -
language regulatory body P1018 Item regulatory body of a language French <language regulatory body> Académie française -
number of speakers P1098 Number number of people who speak a language Welsh <number of speakers> 724000 -
Linguist list code P1232 String identifier for a language per Linguist list -
ABS ASCL code P1251 String Australian Standard Classification of Languages ID for languages -
AUSTLANG code P1252 String identifier for a language in the Australian Indigenous Languages Database -
Glottolog code P1394 String Glottolog: identifier for a language in the Glottolog database -
Linguasphere code P1396 String identifier for a language from Linguasphere Observatory -
WALS lect code P1466 String World Atlas of Language Structures: identifier for a language -
WALS genus code P1467 String World Atlas of Language Structures: identifier for a language genus -
WALS family code P1468 String World Atlas of Language Structures: identifier for a language family - code P1627 String identifier for a language in Japanese < code> jpn -
UNESCO language status P1999 Item Red Book of Endangered Languages: UNESCO language status Japanese <UNESCO language status> 1 safe -

Products and services (incl. software products)[edit]

See also: Wikidata:List of properties/Works
Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
manufacturer P176 Item manufacturer: main manufacturer of this product (excluding sub-contracted manufacturers) Wii U <manufacturer> Nintendo product
developer P178 Item organisation or person that developed this item Mozilla Firefox <developer> Mozilla Foundation -
logo image P154 Commons media file logo: graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and products PlayStation 4 <logo image> PlayStation 4 logo.svg -
programming language P277 Item programming language: the programming language(s) in which the software is developed -
designer P287 Item designer of this item Schleicher ASK 21 <designer> Rudolf Kaiser -
operating system P306 Item operating system: operating system (OS) on which a software works; OS installed on hardware Mozilla Firefox <operating system> Microsoft Windows -
version P348 String version(s) of the software, current and past Mozilla Firefox <version> 19.0.2 -
platform P400 Item platform for which a work has been developed or released / specific platform version of a software developed Sinistar: Unleashed <platform> Microsoft Windows -
game mode P404 Item available playing mode(s) in a video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time <game mode> single-player video game -
field of this profession P425 Item activity corresponding to this occupation sculptor <field of this profession> art of sculpture -
software engine P408 Item software engine: software engine employed by the subject item System Shock 2 <software engine> Dark Engine -
Wine AppDB-ID P600 String identifier for an application in the AppDB of WineHQ IrfanView <Wine AppDB-ID> 163 -


Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
IMO ship number P458 String identifier for a ship per IMO Christian Radich <IMO ship number> 5071729 -
coat of arms image P94 Commons media file coat of arms: image of the item's coat of arms HMS Carlskrona <coat of arms image> HMS Carlskrona vapen.svg -
coat of arms P237 Item escutcheon: subject's coat of arms Grodno <coat of arms> no label -
vessel class P289 Item vessel class: vessel classification (e.g. Nelson-class battleship) USS Abraham Lincoln <vessel class> Nimitz-class aircraft carrier -
home port P504 Item home port of the vessel (if different from "ship registry"): For civilian ships, the primary port from which the ship operates. Port of registry (the one painted on the stern) should be listed in "Ship registry". For warships, this will be the ship's assigned naval base HMS Astute <home port> HMNB Clyde -
port of registry P532 Item ship's port of registry. This is generally painted on the ship's stern (for the "home port", see Property:P504) MS Oasis of the Seas <port of registry> Nassau -
yard number P617 String identifier of a ship assigned by its builder (shipyard) RMS Ivernia <yard number> 693 -
MMSI P587 String Maritime Mobile Service Identity of a ship station Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller <MMSI> 219018271 -
number of masts P1099 Number number of masts a ship has USS Constitution <number of masts> 3 -


Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
space launch vehicle P375 Item launch vehicle: rocket or other vehicle for launching subject payload into space Soyuz TMA-08M <space launch vehicle> Soyuz-FG -
COSPAR ID P247 String international satellite designation , administered by the UN Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) and the US National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) Soyuz TMA-08M <COSPAR ID> 2013-013A -
SCN P377 String Satellite Catalog Number, 5-digit-number including leading zeros (e.g. '00266') Kosmos 1 <SCN> 00266 -
location of spacecraft launch P448 Item launch pad: site or launch pad from where the spacecraft was launched Cassini−Huygens <location of spacecraft launch> Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Space Launch Complex 40 -
type of orbit P522 Item orbit: orbit a satellite has around its central body International Space Station <type of orbit> low Earth orbit -
satellite bus P707 Item general model on which multiple-production satellite spacecraft is based KazSat <satellite bus> no label -
JPL Small-Body Database identifier P716 String identifier in the JPL Small-Body Database 7777 Consadole <JPL Small-Body Database identifier> 2007777 -
Minor Planet Center observatory code P717 String observational data for minor planets (asteroids) and comets Simeiz Observatory <Minor Planet Center observatory code> 094 -
asteroid spectral type P720 Item asteroid spectral type: spectral classifications of asteroids based on spectral shape, color, and albedo 4 Vesta <asteroid spectral type> V-type asteroid -


For a complete list of aviation-related properties, see Wikidata:WikiProject Aviation/Properties.
Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
aircraft registration P426 String aircraft registration: identifier assigned to an individual aircraft Spirit of St. Louis <aircraft registration> N-X-211 -
powerplant P516 Item equipment or engine used to power the subject Boeing 737 <powerplant> Pratt & Whitney JT8D -
armament P520 Item equippable weapon item for the subject Super Hornet <armament> AIM-120 AMRAAM -
first flight P606 Time date or point in time on which aircraft first flew SPAD S.VII <first flight> 1916 -
compressor type P1221 Item no description Westinghouse J30 <compressor type> axial compressor -
undercarriage P1637 Item landing gear: type of aircraft landing gear the item is equipped with Cessna 172 Skyhawk <undercarriage> tricycle gear -
takeoff and landing capability P1956 Item takeoff and landing: type of takeoff and landing the aircraft is designed to operate Airbus A380 <takeoff and landing capability> conventional takeoff and landing -


See also: Wikidata:List of properties/Geographical feature#Railway
Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
connecting service P1192 Item service stopping at a station Nishi-Ogikubo Station <connecting service> Chūō Line (Rapid) -


Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
IMA Number, broad sense P484 String identifier for a mineral per the International Mineralogical Association - Commission on New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification (IMA-CNMNC) abelsonite <IMA Number, broad sense> 1975-013 -
streak color P534 Item color of a mineral or material when abraded fluorite <streak color> white -
twinning P537 Item type of twins a crystal forms staurolite <twinning> penetration twin -
fracturing P538 Item type of fracture a crystal or mineral forms quartz <fracturing> Conchoidal fracture -
crystal habit P565 Item the proportions of a crystal or mineral phlogopite <crystal habit> tabular -
IMA status and/or rank P579 Item status given to each mineral by the IMA (International Mineralogical Association) abelsonite <IMA status and/or rank> approved mineral and/or valid name (A) -
point group P589 Item crystal subdivision albite <point group> triclinic-pinacoidal -
space group P690 Item space group: symmetry classification for 2 and 3 dimensional patterns or crystals albite <space group> space group 2 -
Strunz 8th edition (series ID) P711 String mineral classification 8th edition, series identifier, silicate classification modified by Athena albite <Strunz 8th edition (series ID)> VIII/J.07 -
Nickel-Strunz 9th edition (updated 2009) P712 String mineral classification Nickel-Strunz version 9 (updated 2009), a PDF format file albite <Nickel-Strunz 9th edition (updated 2009)> 9.FA.35 -
Nickel-Strunz 10th (pending) edition P713 String mineral classification Nickel-Strunz version 10 (MinDat) albite <Nickel-Strunz 10th (pending) edition> -
Dana 8th edition P714 String mineral classification Dana 8th edition albite <Dana 8th edition> -
EPSG ID P1338 String identifier for geodetic datum per European Petroleum Survey Group Geodesy SWEREF99 <EPSG ID> 4619 -


Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
MeSH ID P486 String identifier for diseases, in the MeSH descriptor database systemic lupus erythematosus <MeSH ID> D008180 -
OMIM ID P492 String Online "Mendelian Inheritance in Man" catalogue codes for diseases Huntington's disease <OMIM ID> 143100 -
ICD-9 P493 String identifier in the ICD catalogue codes for diseases – Version 9 influenza <ICD-9> 487 -
ICD-10 P494 String identifier in the ICD catalogue codes for diseases - Version 10 influenza <ICD-10> J10 -
cause of death P509 Item underlying or immediate cause of death. Underlying cause (e.g. car accident, stomach cancer) preferred. Use 'manner of death' (P1196) for broadest category, e.g. natural causes, accident, homicide, suicide Johann Sebastian Bach <cause of death> stroke -
DiseasesDB P557 String identifier sourced on the Diseases Database heart attack <DiseasesDB> 8664 -
ICD-O P563 String International Classification of Diseases for Oncology Warthin's tumor <ICD-O> 8561/0 -
MedlinePlus ID P604 String health information from U.S. government agencies, and health-related organizations heart attack <MedlinePlus ID> 000195 -
route of administration P636 Item path by which a drug, fluid, poison, or other substance is taken into the body Aspirin <route of administration> oral administration -
PubMed Health P653 String identifier published by the PubMed Health website heart attack <PubMed Health> PMH0001246 -
DSM IV P663 String classification found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders dyscalculia <DSM IV> 315.1 -
ICPC 2 ID P667 String classification method for primary care encounters allergy <ICPC 2 ID> A92 -
GeneReviews ID P668 String collection of peer-reviewed articles that describe specific gene-releated diseases multiple sclerosis <GeneReviews ID> NBK1316 -
MeSH Code P672 String Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) codes are an index and thesaurus for the life sciences (≠ MeSH ID) aorta <MeSH Code> A07.231.114.056 -
eMedicine P673 String online clinical medical knowledge base epilepsy <eMedicine> 1184846 -
afflicts P689 Item a type of organism which a condition or disease afflicts infectious coryza <afflicts> Galliformes -
Neurolex ID P696 String identifier in the Neurolex database cone cell <Neurolex ID> Sao1103104164 -
PubMed ID P698 String PubMed ID: identifier for journal articles/abstracts in PubMed -
Disease Ontology ID P699 String identifier in the Disease Ontology database neuroblastoma <Disease Ontology ID> 769 -
significant drug interaction P769 Item a clinically significant interaction between two pharmacologically active substances (i.e., drugs and/or active metabolites) where concomitant intake can lead to altered effectiveness or adverse drug events. Warfarin <significant drug interaction> Lovastatin -
symptoms P780 Item possible symptoms of a medical condition meningitis <symptoms> headache -
has cause P828 Item underlying cause, thing that ultimately resulted in this effect. See 'Help:Modeling causes' for usage notes. bone fracture <has cause> Stress fracture cause of
medical examinations P923 Item examinations that might be used to diagnose the medical condition bone fracture <medical examinations> Medical radiography -
medical treatment P924 Item treatment that might be used to heal the medical condition bone fracture <medical treatment> Intramedullary rod -
medical condition P1050 Item disease or other health problem affecting an individual human or other animal Johann Sebastian Bach <medical condition> blindness -
pathogen transmission process P1060 Item process by which a pathogen is transmitted tuberculosis <pathogen transmission process> airborne transmission -
prevalence P1193 Number portion of a population with a given disease Huntington's disease <prevalence> 0.000123 -
NCI Thesaurus ID P1748 String identifier in the United States National Cancer Institute Thesaurus, vocabulary for clinical care, translational and basic research, etc <NCI Thesaurus ID> C75016 -


Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
interleaves with P514 Item stratigraphic relation in which two units overlap each other marginally colored dolomite <interleaves with> Steinalm Formation -
temporal range start P523 Item the start of a process or appearance of a life form relative to the geologic time scale Tyrannosaurus <temporal range start> Maastrichtian -
temporal range end P524 Item the end of a process or extinction of a life form relative to the geologic time scale Tyrannosaurus <temporal range end> Maastrichtian -
hangingwall P567 Item item that is in the hanging wall of this item Marcellus Formation <hangingwall> Mahantango Formation -
footwall P568 Item item that is in the footwall of this item Marcellus Formation <footwall> Onondaga Formation -


Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
interaction P517 Item with which of the 4 fundamental forces does the particle interact? strong interaction Q11415, electromagnetic: Q849919, weak interaction: Q11418, gravitation: Q11412 photon <interaction> electromagnetic force -
spin quantum number P1122 Number spin quantum number: a quantum number that parameterizes the intrinsic angular momentum of a particle up quark <spin quantum number> 0.5 -
isospin quantum number P1126 Number characteristic property of any elementary particle proton <isospin quantum number> 0.5 -
atomic number P1086 Number atomic number: number of protons found in the nucleus of the atom carbon <atomic number> 6 -
neutron number P1148 Number number of neutrons of an isotope carbon-14 <neutron number> 8 -
decays to P816 Item what isotope does this radioactive isotope decay to uranium-235 <decays to> thorium-231 -
Monte Carlo Particle Number P1360 String number given to each elementary particle electron neutrino <Monte Carlo Particle Number> 12 -


Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
coolant P588 Item substance used by the subject to dissipate excess thermal energy Hispano-Suiza 8 <coolant> water -
source of energy P618 Item describes the source of energy an animated object (machine or animal) uses Curiosity <source of energy> radioisotope thermoelectric generator -
number of cylinders P1100 Number number of cylinders in a piston engine or compressor Gnome-Rhône Mistral Major <number of cylinders> 14 -
supercharger P1210 Item supercharger or turbocharger used by an engine Gnome-Rhône Mistral Major <supercharger> centrifugal-type supercharger -
fuel system P1211 Item engine fuel system: fuel system that an engine uses Gnome-Rhône Mistral Major <fuel system> carburetor -
compression ratio P1247 Number compression ratio of an engine Gnome-Rhône Mistral Major <compression ratio> 5.5 -


Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
OEIS ID P829 String identifer on the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences Fermat number <OEIS ID> A000215 -
approximation algorithm P1171 Item approximation algorithm: method used to approximate a number pi <approximation algorithm> Gauss–Legendre algorithm -
numeric value P1181 Number numerical value of a number (e.g. 1) or a constant (e.g. pi) e <numeric value> 2.718281828 -

Occupations and professions[edit]

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Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse
ISCO occupation code P952 String International Standard Classification of Occupations code truck driver <ISCO occupation code> 8324 -
NOC Occupation Code P918 String NOC/CNP Code for a given occupation in Canada and Québec truck driver <NOC Occupation Code> 7511 -
ROME Occupation Code (v3) P867 String ROME Code for a given occupation in France (V3, 1 letter, 4 digits) truck driver <ROME Occupation Code (v3)> N4101 -
patron saint P417 Item patron saint: patron saint adopted by the subject truck driver <patron saint> Saint Christopher -


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Title ID Data type Description Example Inverse