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HackZurich is one of the largest hackathons in Europe and it will take place in Zurich, in September 2017, during the Digital Festival 2017. We invite Wikidata volunteers to join us and hack at HackZurich for and with Wikidata. :)

The main theme proposed is "Let's hack for Q72". We would like to hack software to improve the data and services about the city of Zurich. However, anyone joining HackZurich is free to decide if she wants to extend the topic and hack something more general for Wikidata. We are open to discussion!

If you do not have experience with Wikidata, we will run a Wikidata workshop the day before HackZurich starts, at the University of Zurich. We will explain what Wikidata is, and we will have hands-on sessions to learn how to code for and with Wikidata.

Important note: You may participate in our Workshop (14.09 at UZH) independently from attending HackZurich or not. Maybe you just want to learn about Wikidata because it is relevant for your research, your project or your thesis. That's perfectly fine! :) All the talks and hands-on sessions will focus on editing and coding for Wikidata in general, and only at the very end will we brainstorm for HackZurich. Even then, you could also let us know what you would like others to code if you have interesting ideas. Or maybe you would like to code something yourself in a different context and you would like to discuss your idea with other participants. The main goal is to extend the community of Wikidata enthusiasts, so, you should not hesitate and attend our workshop.


Wikidata information & training event:

  • What? Wikidata workshop.
  • Where? University of Zurich. Oerlikon Campus. Meeting point at Auditorium BIN.1.B.01
  • When? The workshop is on September the 14th.
  • Languages: All presentations will be in English. For networking, there will be English and German speakers.
  • Audience expected: people interested in Wikidata, coding and open data in general. Max number of participants is 80.

Teaming up in HackZurich:

  • What? Wikidata hackers participating at HackZurich. HackZurich reviews applications and selects hackers to participate during the hacking weekend.
  • Where? HackZurich will take place at TechnoPark (Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zürich).
  • When? HackZurich runs from September the 15th until September the 17th.
  • Languages: English / German.
  • Audience expected: people interested in Wikidata, coding and open data in general.

NEWS: We will give a TechTalk on Saturday 16.09 at HackZurich to spread the word about Wikidata!

Wikidata workshop[edit]


  • [8:15 - 8:30] Opening (Cristina Sarasua and Leon Kastler) slides
  • [8:30 - 9:30] Keynote (speaker Léa Lacroix -- Lea_Lacroix_(WMDE)) slides
  • [9:30 - 9:45] Short break
  • Mini hands-on sessions (Part I)
  • [11:30 - 12:00] Invited talk on the importance of Wikidata for GLAM (speaker Beat Estermann -- Beat_Estermann) slides
  • [12:00 - 13:00] Lunch break
  • [13:00 - 13:30] Time for networking
  • Mini hands-on sessions (Part II)
    • [13:30 - 14:15] Querying Wikidata via SPARQL (speaker Harmonia Amanda -- Harmonia Amanda)
    • [14:15 - 14:45] Wikidata, Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons (speaker Rama -- Rama) slides
    • [14:45 - 15:30] Data integration with Wikidata (speaker Cristina Sarasua -- Criscod) slides
  • Mini hands-on sessions (Part II)
    • [15:45 - 16:15] Developing bots (speaker Leon Kastler -- lkastler) slides
    • [16:15 - 17:15] Developing tools for Wikidata (speaker Radityo Prasojo on ReCoin UserScript, online speaker Finn A. Nielsen on Scholia Tool) slides_Radityo slides_Finn
  • [17:15 - 17:45] Brainstorming hacking ideas & Wrap slides
  • The UZH building is closed at 18:00

If you are a Wikidata volunteer and developer, and you would like to help us running a hands-on session or presenting something, please let us know here: Talk page

POSTERS: If you plan to come to the workshop and you have any contribution to Wikidata that you would like to adverstise in a poster (e.g. a tool, a research finding), you are very welcome to bring your poster. We will hang the posters in the workshop room and announce the poster titles in the beginning, to make people aware of the posters and the presence of their authors in the room.

Workshop Materials[edit]

Slides: see slides links in the schedule.

Code: GitHub repository


There will be a TechTalk about Wikidata on Sat 16.09 during HackZurich, to spread the word about Wikidata. We would like to team up with Wikidata volunteers to code software using Wikidata, and supporting Wikidata.

If you are a Wikidata volunteer and developer, and you would like to join, please let us know here: Talk page

If you did not manage to get into HackZurich, and you feel like hacking on Friday 15.09 and Saturday 16.09, we strongly recommend that you attend the 3rd Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon at the University Lausanne. Visit the Web site of the Hackathon for more information and to proceed with the registration.

How to participate?[edit]

Register here for the Wikidata workshop (Thu 14.09): Registration Form Until 09.09 (we decided to extend it from the initial September 4 to September 9 11:39, 25 August 2017 (UTC))

Registrations for HackZurich (15.09-17.09) are now closed and the selection process has taken place (cf. HackZurich Web site). Still, you can come to our workshop!

Further information[edit]

We would love Wikidata volunteers to join us for running mini hands-on sessions. Are you good in SPARQL? Did you develop a tool for Wikidata? Let us know if you would like to join! We will help you organize the mini session.

If you will be travelling from Germany and you need your travel costs to be funded, please contact WMDE (w:de:Wikipedia:Förderung) for more information on grants. Léa will provide further information on that.

For any other information about the Wikidata workshop or the participation in HackZurich, feel free to contact Cristina Sarasua and Leon Kastler. You can also send us an email:


University of Zurich, Switzerland

Open Data Zürich

Wikimedia Switzerland