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Wikidata's distributed birthday | October 2020 | #WikidataBirthday


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Wikidata a été mise en ligne le 29 octobre 2012. Fin octobre et début novembre 2020, nous organisons un gigantesque anniversaire Wikidata dans le monde entier. Toutes les communautés locales sont encouragées à organiser leurs propres événements en ligne : rencontres, ateliers, formations pour les nouveaux arrivants, hackathons, éditions en direct… D'ici la fin octobre 2020, faites venir votre communauté locale, impliquez les nouveaux arrivants et célébrez le huitième anniversaire ! Des photos, des cadeaux et des informations seront partagées sur les médias sociaux avec le hashtag #WikidataBirthday.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous l'agenda de tous les événements ayant lieu en ligne et hors-ligne pour l'anniversaire de Wikidata.

Intéressé dans l'organisation d'un événement ? Vous trouverez des informations utiles ici.

🗓 Date et heure ☀️ Nom de l'événement 👥 Organisateurs 💬 Courte description 🌐 Langue 🕑 Durée 📽️ Diffusion vidéo en direct/enregistrement? 📍 Localisation
Format TBD with TZC Nom de l'événement + lien vers plus de détails Nom de la personne ou du groupe 2-3 phrases max. Toutes les langues sont les bienvenues :) par ex: 2 heures Si oui, merci d'ajouter le lien lorsqu'il est prêt If onsite event
October 11, 2020 12:30 UTC Sum of all paintings WikiProject India 2 hours webinar to be conducted by Jane023 who will introduce Sum of all paintings to Indian Wikidata community and describe the workflow with a hand-on session. The webinar will followed by 16 days long online data-thon on Indian paintings, the output of which will be gifted to Wikidata on 29th October as birthday gift. Anglais 2 heures Virtuel
October 12, 2020 00:01 IST to October 28, 2020 23:59 IST Sum of all Indian paintings data-thon WikiProject India 16 days long online datathon on Indian paintings, the output of which will be gifted to Wikidata on 29th October as birthday gift. Toutes langues 16 jours NA Virtuel
October 17 2020 13:30 UTC Abstract Wikipedia WikiProject India 2 hours webinar to be conducted by DVrandecic (WMF) who will introduce Abstract Wikipedia to the Indian Wikidata community. English 2 hours Virtuel
October 18 2020 13:30 UTC Wikidata Lexeme WikiProject India 2 hours webinar to be conducted by Mahir256 who will demonstrate Wikidata Lexeme to the Indian Wikidata community. English 2 hours Virtuel
October 22 2020 17:00-21:00 UTC Wikidata Lab XXV Wiki Movimento Brasil User Group 4 hour event, through YouTube and Facebook Livestream, about APIs and ways to perform data extraction for Wikidata. Portuguese 4 hours Live on YouTube + other social media. Recording uploaded to Commons afterwards Virtuel
Saturday, October 24 2020, 13:00 - 18:30 UTC+8 維基數據跨領域論壇 Wikidata Cross-Domain Forum Wikidata Taiwan (Q65555605)

Wikidata is officially 8-years-old now!

Since Wikidata Taiwan was founded in 2019, the promotion of Wikidata in Taiwan has been closely related to cross-domain cooperation.

From the initial use for recording metadata, to the cooperation with OSM, and the collecting structured data of rivers and natural features; Wikidata brings people from varied disciplines together and grows prosperously here in Taiwan.

Wikidata Cross-Domain Forum serves as a communication platform to connect peoples of different professions. By sharing viewpoints from all walks of life, contemplating the multi-faceted nature of “linked data” and “structured data”, we hope to create more interdisciplinary conversations and inspire more imagination in the use of data.

We welcome not only Wikimedians but anyone who wishes to join us. We hope that people from different disciplines can come, bringing their own knowledge and ideas, and sharing your point of view with us. Discuss with us, clashing your idea with many more, and maybe, a brand-new possibility will be created thanks to you.

National language of the Republic of China (Q262828)Taiwanese Hokkien (Q36778) 5 heures Live on YouTube Wikidata Taiwan Channel 中央研究院 資訊科技創新研究中心

Research Center for Information Technology Innovation, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

Saturday, October 24 2020, 14:00 - 17:00 GMT+1 Wikidata Eighth Birthday Celebration in Ulm, Germany groupe local We want to edit items and properties related to our hometown Ulm. Allemand 3 heures virtuel
Saturday, October 24 16:30-20:30 UTC Wikidata Party in São Paulo, Brazil Wiki Movimento Brasil User Group The event includes interactive presentations and Wikidata editing activities! It will also be integrated to the Abre-te Código hackathon. To wrap up the day, we'll give Wikidata birthday presents! Portuguese 4 hours WMB's YouTube channel sur site et virtuel
Sunday, October 25th 2020, 19:00 - 21:00 GMT+5:30 Wikidata+OSM: Its use cases WikiProject Kerala Talk and demonstration of the use cases of Wikidata + OpenStreetMap across Wikimedia projects and non Wikimedia projects by naveenpf Malayalam 2 hours Virtuel
Sunday 25 October Wikidata+Wikipedia+OpenStreetMap workshop in Rennes local group Workshop "Wikidata, Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap", improvements of interconnection between these three projects French ~4 hours no Rennes (Q647), France (Q142)
Monday 26-Wednesday 28 October WikiCite 2020 Virtual conference Liam Wyatt The 2020 edition of the WikiCite conference – held virtually. All about open citations and linked bibliographic data. Streaming presentations over three days in blocks of time. Each will be curated by different pairs of coordinators, with different focus topics, timezones, and languages. Primarily English (Also sessions in German, French, Portuguese...) Several periods of ~3 hours Live on Youtube + other social media. Recordings uploaded to Commons afterwards Virtuel
Monday 26-Friday 30 October Wikidata Education Week Education team, Wikimedia Foundation

The Education Team hopes to participate in the birthday celebration by raising awareness of the educational value of Wikidata.

  • Hosting a Wikidata in Education meetup
  • Sharing a Communications Tool-kit with messaging the community can share on their social media channels
  • Hosting live interviews with Wikimedians who have used Wikidata in education
  • Launching a consultation with key influencers on how Wikidata can be used for curriculum digitization
English Wikimedian and affiliates staff sharing their experience live on Facebook page. Virtuel
Tuesday, October 27, 16:00 UTC Wikidata & Wikibase office hour Léa Lacroix During the office hour, the Wikidata and Wikibase development team presents what has been worked on during the previous three months, and what's coming next. The second part is dedicated to questions from participants. The office hour takes place on Telegram, and the notes are archived onwiki (see previous sessions). English 1 hour Wikidata Telegram group Virtuel
October 28th, 17:00 UTC 24-hours online meetup Léa Lacroix 24-hours online call, where people can jump in at any time, discuss with community members they may or may not know, and chat about everything that makes them enthusiastic about Wikidata! So many things can happen during this call: discussions, games, watching one of the online birthday events together, live-editing... feel free to jump on and off at any time that is convenient for you. Primarily English 24 hours Please register here (free of charge, a valid email address is needed). The link to the call will then be sent to you. Virtuel
Thursday 29 October BIOCURATION 2020 ONLINE WORKSHOPS: Gene Wiki: how to synchronize and curate primary sources with and in Wikidata Andra Waagmeester During this virtual workshop we will present the workflow as followed in the Gene Wiki project. Driven by a selected public data set we will demonstrate how this data set is added in Wikidata. English 2.5 hours registration and other details Virtuel
Thursday 29 October Eighth Birthday in Rennes local group 🎂 Informal talk and celebration French 2 hour no Rennes (Q647), France (Q142)
Thursday 29 October Eighth Birthday Celebration at Kochi, Kerala, India Wikimedians of Kerala 🎂 Informal talk and celebration English and Malayalam 2 hrs no Event Page, Kochi (Q1800)
Thursday 29 October Wikidata Query Contest Wikimedia Eesti Competition for Estonia-related Wikidata queries Estonian 1 week no Virtuel
October 29, 2020 12:30 UTC Espacio de edición Wikidata en español Wikimedia Argentina Informal editing space Spanish 4 hours Virtuel
October 29, 17:00 UTC Wikidata Eighth Birthday Celebration putnik 🎂 Informal talk and celebration Russian 2 hours Zoom Virtuel
Saturday, October 30 2020, 10:00 - 04:00 GMT+1 Wikidata Eighth Birthday Celebration in Nigeria Kaizenify Wikimedians in Nigeria will celebrate Wikidata birthday on Friday 30th of October with a meetup/training for 6 hours hours and the followed by practical sessions and awarding of prizes for best contributors. English 5 hours Yes, on Facebook Lagos, Nigeria
Friday, October 30, 2020 starting at 9:00 Wikidata @ UniSa: libraries & LOD Remo Rivelli, Alessandra Boccone, Tania Maio

Wikidata introduction for interested students, staff and faculty.

Courses "Produzione e gestione dei documenti digitali" and "Progettazione e gestione delle biblioteche e degli archivi digitali"

Italian 3 hours Online on Microsoft Teams (University of Salerno (Q1633215), Fisciano (Q80944)) Italie (et virtuel)
Saturday, October 31 2020, 10:00 - 13:30 UTC Wikidata 8th Birthday Celebration in Ghana Sadik Shahadu

Join us let's celebrate Wikidata's eighth birthday in Accra, Ghana.

On October 31, 2020 Wikimedians in Ghana will organize a birthday to celebrate the birth of Wikidata - the structured database that powers Wikipedia and sister projects. Wikidata was born on October 29, but we are throwing a belated birthday party on the first Saturday that follows. Join us to discover Wikidata resources and helpful tools, and the cool projects we're working on. This will be a perfect moment to celebrate the achievements of the Wikidata community Ghana and get to meet fellow Wikidatians.

English 4 hours Link to the call TBD Virtuel
31st of October Festojme ditelindjen e 8te te Wikidatas Wikimedians of Albanian Language UG We will host on offline event with max 10 people. Albanian 2.5 hours TBD Tirana

Interested in organizing an event? You will find useful information here.