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Wikidata's distributed birthday | October 2020 | #WikidataBirthday


24-hours online meetup

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Every year, the decentralized Wikidata birthday aims to bring the community from all around the world together. That's why we would like to experiment with a new format: a 24-hours online call, where people can jump in at any time, discuss with community members they may or may not know, and chat about everything that makes them enthusiastic about Wikidata! So many things can happen during this call: discussions, games, watching one of the online birthday events together, live-editing... participants will shape the event and make it unique!

  • Documentation
  • Where? Online, using BigBlueButton
  • When? During 24 hours, from October 28th at 17:00 UTC, until October 29th at 17:00 UTC
  • What? Discussing about what makes you feel enthusiastic about/with Wikidata
  • Who can join? Everyone! The call will be moderated by various people (see schedule below)
  • Ground rules: all participants must complied to the code of conduct. No recording allowed. No screenshot allowed without express consent from all participants. Showing video is not mandatory, sound-only is perfectly OK.
  • Contacts: in case of technical problems, if you have trouble joining the call, etc. feel free to contact Lea Lacroix (WMDE). During the meetup, you can write a private message to the person taking care of moderation (having "(moderation)" in their nickname, also mentioned in the table below). If you want to want to report a problem with a participant's behaviour, you can contact (see details)

Schedule & facilitation[edit]

In order to run this experiment, we need people to help us facilitating the 24-hours meetup. We're looking for two people per 1-hour slot, who can take care of the following things:

  • welcome people who join the call,
  • make sure that everyone feels included and has space to speak if they want to
  • facilitate the discussion, launch new topics or questions if needed, or redirect the discussion to the main topic
  • make sure that the atmosphere stays nice, newcomer-friendly and complies with the code of conduct

Facilitators can also set a specific topic for the slot where they are actively moderating (for example: WikiCite, libraries, Wikibase, a specific WikiProject...) or a specific activity (live editing, querying... remember to stay newcomer-friendly).

Interested in being a facilitator? Here's how you can do it!

  • Choose a timeslot in the schedule below, add your wiki username & Telegram nickname. Please double-check the time in your own timezone, your availability, and mark it down in your favorite calendar app! We suggest you to sign up to 3 slots maximum, and leave breaks in between.
  • Feel free to get other people onboard and find yourself a co-facilitator, especially if you want to set up a topic for the slot. Topics & activities are not mandatory, but welcome as long as they are accessible to newcomers.
  • If you're using Telegram, you're welcome to join the Wikidata events Telegram group. This will allow us to reach out to you easily if needed, and to get information about the events.
Slot Timeslot Facilitator #1 Facilitator #2 Topic or activity (optional) Moderation
#1 October 28th, 17:00 UTC Léa Lacroix (Telegram: Auregann) Lydia Pintscher What makes you feel enthusiastic about/with Wikidata? Wiebke
#2 October 28th, 18:00 UTC Andrew Lih (Telegram: Fuzheado) Wikidata Knowledge Graphs (KG) - Learn how they work, try out some tools, request some queries. Visualizing Wikidata provides insights on editing and cleanup, as well as evangelism for GLAM (Tool demo based on work at Hack4OpenGLAM)
#3 October 28th, 19:00 UTC Mohammed Sadat (Telegram: Masssly) Jens Ohlig An informal conversation about the emerging Wikibase community
#4 October 28th, 20:00 UTC Simon Cobb (Telegram: Sic19)
#5 October 28th, 21:00 UTC NicolasVigneron (French) Choses géniales que l'on peut faire en SPARQL Maria
#6 October 28th, 22:00 UTC Denny (Telegram: vrandecic) Abstract Wikipedia discussion round
#7 October 28th, 23:00 UTC Lucas Werkmeister (Telegram: lucaswerkmeister) Tools? Maybe editing tools, since we already have browsing tools in #22
#8 October 29th, 00:00 UTC
#9 October 29th, 01:00 UTC Thomas Shafee Wikidata for science Lukas
#10 October 29th, 02:00 UTC
#11 October 29th, 03:00 UTC
#12 October 29th, 04:00 UTC Mahir256 Bodhisattwa (বাংলা / English) উইকিউপাত্ত বাংলা (এবং আপনিও পারেন!)/Wikidata Is Bengali (And So Can You!)
#13 October 29th, 05:00 UTC salgo60 - T248939 speak about and how we got rid of en:Link rot and the challenge of implementing a template on more wiki languages see T251055

- T241677 - Europeana were they say same as Wikidata --> makes it easy to match but they have problems matching objects from the museums same as "is more strings than things" --> quality to bad for en:Wikipedia

#14 October 29th, 06:00 UTC
#15 October 29th, 07:00 UTC
#16 October 29th, 08:00 UTC Martin (Telegram: martinwi22) Orlando Tree representation of Wikidata items. How to make cool trees in different languages. Wikidata queries & how to collaborate on Wikidata. Site:
#17 October 29th, 09:00 UTC Bernhard Krabina Using Wikidata in Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) - and pushing data from SMW to Wikidata. Slides on slideshare Léa
#18 October 29th, 10:00 UTC David Causse Guillaume Lederrey Search and Wikidata Query Service - Technical side of things
#19 October 29th, 11:00 UTC NicolasVigneron (English) Awesome things you can do in SPARQL
#20 October 29th, 12:00 UTC Mohammed Sadat (Telegram: Masssly) Georgina Burnett (WMDE) Wikidata & GLAMs: Share your story!
#21 October 29th, 13:00 UTC Yaroslav Blanter Houcemeddine Turki
Lydia Pintscher
Counter-vandalism Wiebke
#22 October 29th, 14:00 UTC Yaron Koren (Telegram: yaronkoren) Jama Poulsen Wikidata browsing tools
#23 October 29th, 15:00 UTC Sailesh Patnaik (Telegram:Saileshpat) Nichole Saad Wikidata for Education, using Wikidata for learning
#24 October 29th, 16:00 UTC Léa Lacroix (Telegram: Auregann) Lydia Pintscher Looking at birthday presents! & closing