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As a next step of the termbox project, following the first feedback loop about the termbox, the Wikidata team developed a first prototype of the termbox on mobile. We would love to have your feedback on it. Please have a look at the information below :)

The termbox
What we call termbox is the zone, at the top of an item page, including the labels, descriptions and aliases, provided in different languages.

The plan
Currently, on desktop version, you can read and edit the labels, descriptions and aliases in all the languages where at least one of them is already entered. On mobile, you can read and edit the content in the language of your user interface. We want to improve the user experience on mobile. For this, we plan several phases of improvements, each will come with a prototype and a feedback loop.
  • Milestone 1: read the labels, descriptions and aliases in all the entered languages
  • Milestone 2: edit the labels, descriptions and aliases in all the languages

The prototype
The page that you can test today provides an interface based on displaying the content of the termbox in different languages. You can not edit the content yet, this will be the second phase that will come in a few weeks. The interface is not enabled on or connected to your account. Only the termbox part is active, the statements part is only a mockup. Note that some bugs may occur, and internationalization and right-to-left are not enabled. Some languages like German (formal address) ‘de-formal’ will not work.


Screenshots of the prototype of Wikidata termbox from June 2018

To access the prototype
  • Open this link from your mobile device: or the shortlink
  • Click on "in other languages" to see the new features
  • Feel free to play around with the interface of the termbox: display it, look for a language, select your favorite languages…
  • Note that the item ID (Q1) can be replaced in the URL to test with different items
  • If you’re not familiar with the current mobile interface, you can also look at
  • To give feedback, feel free to open the talk page and write your answers to the questions.

Our questions

In order to understand what you experienced while testing the prototype, we suggested four questions that you can answer on the talk page:

  • When testing the prototype, how did it go? Did anything good, wrong or unexpected happen?
  • What did you experience when using the language selection?
  • What did you experience when using the filters?
  • In your daily reading and editing of Wikidata, what do you use the termbox for?

Give feedback

Note: we would also be interested to conduct some live interview, where we can observe your reaction to the prototype, and to discuss directly with you. If anyone is willing to have an interview, feel free to ping Lea Lacroix (WMDE). We will contact you to set up a remote meeting.

This feedback loop will run until July 3rd. After that, we will provide a summary of the information we collected on this page.