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This page is presenting the redesign of the development for the termbox of Wikidata. What we call termbox is the zone, at the top of an item page, including the labels, descriptions and aliases, provided in different languages. If you have any question or would need more precision, feel free to write on the talk page or to contact Lea Lacroix (WMDE).

Goals of the project[edit]

  • Improve the editor experience on mobile
  • Increase the number of editors on mobile
  • Improve the reader experience on mobile

Development plan[edit]

  • Improve the termbox on mobile (labels, descriptions, aliases in many languages)
    • Milestone 1: possibility to read existing languages on mobile
    • Milestone 2: possibility to edit terms in existing languages
  • Later: enter terms in languages that are not present yet through the mobile termbox
  • Later: bring the new design to desktop version

You can have a look at the current tickets on termbox board.

You can also look at the current state of development on beta, here are a few example items:

What we’re currently doing[edit]

  • finishing to develop milestone 1 and 2, focusing on the necessary steps for deployment

What was done in the past[edit]

The team[edit]

The Wikidata termbox improvement project is part of Wikidata. The product management, UX design, development and communication are realized within the software department of Wikimedia Germany.

Here are the main roles in the team:

  • Product manager: Having a global overview about the project, its goals and the strategy to achieve them. Taking decisions with the rest of the team and establishing priorities for the product.
  • UX: Working on user research, user experience and prototyping user interfaces. In order to understand the needs and workflows of users, they can ask for input from editors, organise research and interview.
  • Developers: Flexible team, building the technical components of the project (back-end, front-end).
  • Community communication: Make the link between the development team and the community.

Note that the persons working on these different roles can change over time. Also note that the main contact between the development team and the community is Lea Lacroix (WMDE). If you have any question, problem, request, feel free to contact her.


If you have questions or feedback, feel free to use the talk page of this page.