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This page contains Wikidata's deletion policy. You can request a deletion at Wikidata:Properties for deletion (for properties) or at Wikidata:Requests for deletions (for other pages).

Deletion of items

Items may be deleted when:

  • The item does not meet notability requirements.
  • The item is clearly vandalism.
  • The item contains no data, or is blank.
  • Any other common-sense reason for deletion not listed above.
  • When discussion on Wikidata:Requests for deletions has led to consensus to delete the item.

Items should not be deleted when:

  • The item redirects to another item.

Deletion of other pages

Other pages may be deleted when:

Deletion of translations

Translations of pages may be deleted for any of the reasons in the above section, by a user who is both a translation administrator and an administrator. Any administrator who is not a translation administrator may self-grant the rights to their account without a vote, as described on the translation administrator policy page.

Revision deletion

Admins can delete revisions or log entries when:

  • They reveal private or personal information, including a logged out user's IP address.
  • They contain a violation of copyright.
  • They contain defamatory content.
  • They contain harassment or other personal attacks of a serious nature.

In any case where oversight is warranted, admins are strongly encouraged to revision-delete the edits in question until the oversight can be performed; however, if privacy is a concern, they should avoid using summaries that draw greater attention to the edits, and should never use summaries that reference the specific content of the page. Remember also that revision deletion actions show up in watchlists, whereas Oversight actions do not; admins are thus urged to use their discretion on a case-by-case basis, prioritizing a balance between redaction of sensitive information and not highlighting such information.