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Property material used (P186)
Sitelinks 4 → 25
Report length 488

Items missing material used (P186) linking to most sites. Last update: 2017-04-18 22:58 (UTC)

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QID Name material used (P186) Number of sites Sites
Q354396 Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I 25 en,commons,fr,az,ca,da,de,eo,es,fa,he,hr,hy,it,ja,mt,nl,nn,pl,pt,ru,..
Q94802 The Burial of the Count of Orgaz 24 en,fr,az,ca,de,eo,es,eu,fa,gl,hr,hy,it,ja,ko,lt,oc,pl,pt,ru,sh,sv,tr..
Q1044742 A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte 24 en,fr,af,az,ca,de,es,et,eu,fa,gl,hr,it,ja,ko,nl,pl,pt,ru,sh,ta,th,tr..
Q1142058 Benois Madonna 24 en,fr,ar,be,ca,cs,da,de,el,es,he,it,ja,ka,lt,nl,no,pl,pt,ro,ru,sk,th..
Q1217213 Annunciation oil paint 23 en,fr,ar,be,bg,ca,cs,de,el,es,gl,he,hy,it,ja,nl,pl,pt,ro,ru,sk,th,zh
Q568847 The Descent from the Cross 20 en,fr,be,ca,cs,de,eo,es,eu,gl,hr,it,ja,nl,no,pl,pt,ru,sh,uk
Q1059211 The Baptism of Christ 20 en,fr,ar,ca,cs,de,el,es,fa,it,ja,ko,pl,pt,ro,ru,sk,th,uk,zh
Q1652023 The Alchemist Discovering Phosphorus 20 en,fr,be_x_old,be,br,ca,cs,eo,es,fi,hy,id,it,ja,pt,ru,simple,sk,sv,z..
Q472799 Mary Untier of Knots 19 en,commons,fr,bar,ca,cs,de,es,hr,hu,it,ja,ml,nl,pl,pt,ru,sk,zh
Q591762 Isenheim Altarpiece 19 en,commons,fr,af,cs,de,es,hr,hu,it,pl,pt,ru,sh,sk,sl,sv,th,uk
Q829270 The Four Apostles 17 en,commons,fr,be,cs,de,es,hr,hy,it,mk,pl,ru,sh,sl,sr,zh
Q2339059 Rain, Steam and Speed – The Great Western Railway 17 en,fr,ca,de,es,eu,gl,he,hr,hy,it,nl,pl,pt,ru,sh,uk
Q2465911 Christina's World 17 en,fr,ar,da,el,es,fa,hy,ja,no,pl,pt,ru,sv,tr,uk,zh
Q972196 St. Jerome in the Wilderness 16 en,commons,fr,ar,be,ca,es,it,nl,pl,pt,ro,ru,sr,th,zh
Q1151384 The Son of Man 16 en,fr,ar,az,es,fa,he,hy,it,lt,nl,pl,pt,ru,sl,uk
Q1217003 Portrait of an Unknown Woman 16 en,fr,ba,be,br,de,el,eo,hy,ja,nl,ru,tr,uk,vi,zh
Q1782640 The Blacksmith's Shop 16 en,fr,be_x_old,be,ca,cs,eo,es,fi,hy,id,it,ja,ru,sk,sv
Q2338404 Portrait of a Musician 16 en,fr,ar,be,ca,cs,de,es,it,pl,pt,ro,ru,sk,sr,zh
Q2714617 The Disrobing of Christ 16 en,commons,fr,ca,eo,es,fa,gl,it,ja,pl,pt,ru,simple,uk,zh
Q877191 The Three Philosophers 15 en,commons,be,bg,br,de,es,hr,it,lt,pl,ru,sh,th,tr
Q2697937 Campbell's Soup Cans 15 en,fr,ca,es,eu,fa,gl,he,ja,jv,pl,pt,ru,tr,zh
Q782639 The Wine Glass 14 en,fr,br,de,es,hu,hy,it,ja,nl,pl,ru,sv,zh
Q1217187 Calumny of Apelles 14 en,commons,fr,bg,br,ca,de,el,es,it,pl,pt,ro,ru
Q1753248 Racławice Panorama 14 en,commons,fr,ca,de,eo,es,fi,hu,it,nl,pl,ru,uk
Q1892745 Salvator Mundi oil painting, Juglans 14 en,commons,fr,ar,az,cy,de,es,hr,it,pl,ro,ru,zh
Q2293953 Venus and Mars 14 en,fr,br,ca,cs,de,es,fi,it,pl,ro,ru,sk,zh
Q667202 Maestà 13 en,commons,fr,ca,de,es,he,it,ka,la,lt,pl,ru
Q846213 Flaming June 13 en,bh,ca,es,fa,hu,hy,ja,nl,ru,tr,uk,zh
Q2304870 The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things 13 en,commons,fr,eml,es,fa,gl,it,lv,nl,pl,ru,uk
Q2410932 My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love 13 en,fr,ca,de,es,gl,he,nl,pt,ru,sh,tl,vep
Q2610729 Portrait of Leo X 13 en,fr,az,bg,cs,eo,es,id,it,lt,pl,ru,sk
Q75564 Dora Maar au Chat 12 en,fr,ar,de,fa,he,hy,ka,pt,ru,vi,zh
Q538859 The Captive King 12 en,fr,be_x_old,be,ca,cs,eo,fi,id,it,la,ru
Q698254 The Return of the Herd 12 en,fr,ca,de,es,he,hy,it,pl,ru,th,tr
Q700834 Jupiter and Io 12 en,commons,az,de,es,fa,it,lt,pl,pt,sv,uk
Q1169199 The Last Judgment 12 en,fr,ar,ca,de,es,it,ja,nl,no,pl,pt
Q2090737 A Philosopher by Lamplight 12 en,fr,ba,be_x_old,be,ca,eo,fi,id,it,ru,sv
Q2528477 Witches' Sabbath 12 en,fr,ca,eo,es,eu,gl,hy,it,pl,pt,ru
Q2720294 L.H.O.O.Q. 12 en,fr,ca,de,es,he,it,ja,pt,sv,tr,zh
Q3080509 The Valpinçon Bather oil paint, canvas 12 en,commons,fr,ca,es,it,ja,nl,pl,pt,ro,zh
Q25749 Christ of Saint John of the Cross 11 en,fr,es,it,nl,pl,pt,ru,ta,uk,zh
Q180632 Pope Paul III and his Grandsons 11 en,fr,bg,de,es,fa,he,id,it,pl,zh
Q375216 The People's Census at Bethlehem 11 en,fr,de,es,hy,it,nl,pl,ru,sv,uk
Q537640 Angelus Novus 11 en,fr,ca,de,el,es,he,ml,nl,pl,pt
Q556553 The Land of Cockaigne 11 en,fr,ca,cs,de,es,hy,it,nl,pl,ru
Q686107 The Procession to Calvary 11 en,commons,fr,de,hr,it,pl,pt,ru,sh,tr
Q698219 The Gloomy Day 11 en,fr,ca,de,es,he,hy,it,pl,ru,th
Q794077 Sacred and Profane Love 11 en,fr,ca,es,hy,it,ka,lt,pl,pt,ru
Q1198007 The Wine of Saint Martin's Day 11 en,fr,be,br,de,es,hy,it,nl,pl,ru
Q1527541 Nativity 11 en,fr,de,es,hy,it,lt,pl,ru,sv,th
Q1636216 Portinari Altarpiece 11 en,fr,be,ca,de,es,it,pl,ru,th,uk
Q1813497 Wilton Diptych 11 en,fr,cs,de,es,fi,it,ja,pl,pt,th
Q2203011 Death and the Miser 11 en,commons,fr,br,es,it,nl,pl,pt,ru,sv
Q2619037 Portrait of Madame Récamier oil paint, canvas 11 en,commons,fr,es,hy,it,nl,pl,ro,ru,sv
Q5930190 Road with Cypress and Star 11 en,commons,fr,ar,el,hy,ja,ml,nl,pl,zh
Q7769644 The Tortoise Trainer 11 en,fr,ar,az,de,fa,hu,hy,ru,tr,uk
Q960447 Tiger in a Tropical Storm 10 en,es,fa,fi,it,ja,nl,pl,ru,zu
Q1213160 The Entombment 10 en,fr,ca,de,es,it,nl,th,tr,zh
Q1213437 The Hay Harvest 10 en,commons,fr,ca,de,es,he,it,pl,th
Q1452762 Paris Street; Rainy Day 10 en,fr,de,fa,hy,lt,nl,ru,vi,zh
Q1810165 Le Rêve 10 en,fr,de,es,fa,it,pt,sv,vi,zh
Q2155289 The Conjurer 10 en,commons,fr,br,de,es,hy,it,nl,ru
Q2268524 The Three Graces 10 en,commons,fr,br,ca,eo,es,gl,it,sv
Q2350840 Miravan Breaking Open the Tomb of his Ancestors 10 en,fr,be_x_old,be,ca,eo,fi,id,it,ru
Q2397685 The Earthstopper 10 en,fr,be_x_old,be,ca,eo,fi,id,it,ru
Q2461258 The Crying Boy 10 en,ar,el,es,he,ms,pt,ru,sv,tr
Q2471531 The Virgin and Child with St Anne and St John the Baptist 10 en,fr,ca,es,fi,it,ja,pt,ro,zh
Q2589776 Melun Diptych 10 en,commons,fr,ca,es,it,pl,pt,ru,uk
Q2623789 Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni 10 en,fr,bg,es,it,nl,pl,pt,ru,uk
Q2628761 Adoration of the Magi 10 en,fr,ca,de,el,es,it,pl,ru,uk
Q2632688 The Baptism of Christ 10 en,fr,be,bg,ca,es,hr,it,pl,th
Q2664637 Christ Falling on the Way to Calvary 10 en,fr,az,be,de,eo,es,it,nl,ru
Q15148999 Three Studies of Lucian Freud 10 en,fr,es,ko,lv,pa,pl,pt,ru,sv
Q24688838 The interview of Luis XIV and Felipe IV in the island of the Pheasants 10 en,fr,ast,ca,cy,es,eu,gl,no,oc
Q39537 Circe Offering the Cup to Ulysses 9 en,fr,ca,el,hr,la,nl,sh,tr
Q133839 The Burning Giraffe 9 en,fr,fi,he,hy,lv,pl,ru,uk
Q172354 Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening 9 en,fr,ca,de,es,it,pt,ru,uk
Q959174 Portrait of a Man with a Medal of Cosimo the Elder 9 en,fr,es,hy,it,ro,ru,th,uk
Q959537 Death of the Virgin 9 en,fr,ca,es,eu,gl,it,la,pl
Q1111394 The Prodigal Son in the Tavern 9 en,cv,et,hy,it,nl,pl,ru,uk
Q1684762 Manchester Madonna 9 en,commons,fr,ca,de,es,it,nl,tr
Q2428778 Portrait of the Artist Holding a Thistle oil paint, parchment, canvas 9 en,commons,fr,ca,es,hy,it,ru,uk
Q2432055 The Captive 9 en,fr,be_x_old,be,ca,eo,id,it,ru
Q3228069 The Lock oil paint, canvas 9 en,commons,fr,ca,fa,hy,ja,ru,simple
Q3702434 The Wedding Dance 9 en,commons,fr,bn,hy,it,pl,ru,si
Q283822 The Ecuatorian Sect 8 en,fr,ca,es,gl,it,oc,pt
Q323032 Miraflores Altarpiece 8 en,fr,ca,de,es,ja,pl,pt
Q445627 The Chocolate Girl 8 en,az,de,es,hy,ru,sv,uk
Q495447 Massacre in Korea 8 en,fr,de,es,it,ja,ko,tr
Q536024 Nana 8 en,fr,az,br,de,it,pl,tr
Q650086 Balaam and the Ass 8 en,fr,de,es,eu,ml,pl,ru
Q666982 The Peasant and the Nest Robber 8 en,commons,fr,de,he,it,nl,pl
Q674682 Portrait of Vincent Nubiola 8 en,fr,ca,cs,de,es,ja,ru
Q1198912 Saint Jerome in His Study 8 en,fr,cs,de,es,it,nl,ru
Q1569622 Santa Trinita Maestà 8 en,commons,fr,de,es,hu,it,pl
Q1659383 The Garden of Death 8 en,de,es,et,eu,fa,fi,pl
Q1747282 Fight with Cudgels 8 en,commons,fr,es,it,pl,ru,wuu
Q1885116 May 1968 8 en,fr,ca,cs,de,es,ja,ru
Q2066739 San Zeno Altarpiece 8 en,commons,fr,de,es,it,lt,pl
Q2247406 Judith Slaying Holofernes 8 en,fr,ca,es,hr,it,nap,sh
Q2378567 Annunciation 8 en,fr,es,eu,gl,it,pl,ru
Q2401235 The Allegory of Good and Bad Government 8 en,fr,br,es,he,hr,it,sh
Q2467518 Visions of the Hereafter 8 fr,es,hy,it,nl,pl,pt,ru
Q2594673 Samson and Delilah 8 en,fr,br,ca,es,it,pl,ru
Q2721080 Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn 8 en,commons,be_x_old,be,it,pl,ru,uk
Q3314658 View of Arles, Flowering Orchards oil paint, canvas 8 en,commons,es,fa,ka,pl,pt,uk
Q4310527 The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb 8 en,commons,fr,cv,de,it,pl,ru
Q4445300 Judgement of Cambyses 8 en,commons,fr,nl,pl,pt,ru,uk
Q19573080 Motra Tone 8 en,be_x_old,be,et,pl,ru,sq,uk
Q95562 The Peasant Dance 7 en,fr,hy,it,nl,ru,tr
Q153788 Diana Bathing with her Nymphs with Actaeon and Callisto 7 en,commons,br,de,it,ksh,pl
Q665337 Conversion of Paul 7 en,fr,de,it,pl,pt,ru
Q959628 Asmodea 7 en,fr,es,he,ka,pl,ru
Q1055117 Adoration of the Magi 7 en,fr,es,he,hy,it,pl
Q1103801 The Ecstasy of St. Cecilia 7 en,commons,fr,az,de,eo,it
Q1132723 Prisoners Exercising 7 commons,hy,it,pl,ru,tr,uk
Q1136780 San Luca Altarpiece 7 en,commons,fr,ca,it,pl,uk
Q1198304 The Poor Poet 7 commons,fr,de,el,nl,pl,sv
Q1430990 Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time 7 en,az,de,es,it,pl,ru
Q1627187 Aha Oe Feii? 7 en,be,ca,es,it,ru,uk
Q1652056 Sunrise with Sea Monsters 7 en,fr,de,pt,ru,sv,uk
Q1683743 Vampire 7 en,ca,de,hy,no,pt,ru
Q2059447 The Misanthrope 7 en,fr,el,hy,it,pl,ru
Q2255224 Laocoön 7 en,ca,es,it,pl,simple,uk
Q2446971 St John Altarpiece 7 en,fr,ca,es,it,pl,pt
Q2448065 Christ among the Doctors 7 en,es,eu,it,pl,ru,uk
Q2459887 The Tribute Money 7 en,br,es,it,pl,ru,uk
Q2467082 Visitation 7 en,fr,az,it,pl,pt,th
Q2471159 Landscape Near Figueras 7 en,ca,es,it,pt,ru,uk
Q2529591 Deposition of Christ 7 en,fr,es,it,pl,pt,th
Q2628587 St. Ursula Shrine 7 en,fr,ca,es,it,nl,pl
Q2736013 Thomas and Ann Borrow 7 en,fr,be,eo,id,it,ru
Q3314110 A Pilgrimage to San Isidro 7 en,fr,el,es,pl,pt,tr
Q3349925 Meidum Geese 7 commons,fr,be,ca,es,it,ru
Q3539569 Donne Triptych 7 en,commons,fr,ca,it,pl,pt
Q3543882 Atropos 7 en,fr,ca,el,es,pl,ru
Q3698207 White Crucifixion 7 en,be,hy,it,pl,ru,uk
Q3713925 Niña con abanico 7 fr,es,et,hy,it,ru,uk
Q3807740 Q3807740 7 commons,fr,es,hy,it,ru,uk
Q4112530 Vityaz at the Crossroads 7 commons,fr,cs,hr,ru,sh,uk
Q4354644 Fatata te Miti 7 en,fr,ca,es,fi,simple,zh
Q4390923 Isleworth Mona Lisa 7 en,fr,es,ja,pl,ru,zh
Q5967091 The Virgin 7 en,fr,es,it,nl,pl,pt
Q6106760 Portrait of Jorge Manuel Theotocópuli 7 fr,eo,es,eu,it,pl,uk
Q6119366 Saint Martin and the Beggar 7 en,commons,fr,ca,es,pl,zh
Q7232319 Portrait of a Carthusian 7 en,fr,ca,es,pt,ru,uk
Q11930405 The conversion of Saint Paul 7 en,ast,ca,es,eu,gl,oc
Q257048 The Preaching of St. John the Baptist 6 commons,fr,bg,de,it,pl
Q283665 The Choice of Hercules 6 en,el,es,it,pl,uk
Q315716 Stuppach Madonna 6 en,fr,de,es,nl,pl
Q318944 The Last Supper 6 en,commons,de,es,ja,pl
Q323141 Heller Altar piece 6 en,commons,de,it,ru,uk
Q377394 Q377394 6 commons,da,de,et,it,ru
Q429753 The 1821 Derby at Epsom oil paint, canvas 6 en,commons,fr,es,eu,uk
Q469722 Severan Tondo 6 en,commons,fr,de,it,no
Q642198 The Annunciation, with Saint Emidius 6 en,el,it,la,pl,ro
Q644887 Judith and Holofernes 6 en,fr,es,it,pl,pt
Q649408 Nativity of the Virgin 6 en,commons,fr,el,es,it
Q699319 Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror 6 en,de,fa,hr,it,ur
Q948745 Rucellai Madonna 6 en,fr,es,hu,it,pl
Q948894 La Mousmé 6 en,commons,it,ja,ka,pl
Q1113861 Portrait of a Lady known as Esmeralda Brandini 6 en,commons,fr,es,it,ru
Q1115413 The Story of Virginia 6 en,fr,es,it,ru,uk
Q1213702 The Virgin of the Navigators 6 en,ca,de,eo,es,it
Q1221070 Butcher's Shop 6 en,fr,es,it,la,uk
Q1227679 Domine quo vadis? 6 en,de,el,es,it,la
Q1237250 Allegory of the Battle of Lepanto 6 en,fr,it,la,ru,uk
Q1571678 Le pigeon aux petits pois 6 en,fr,ca,de,es,zh
Q1633898 La Schiavona 6 en,br,es,it,no,uk
Q1750656 Étant donnés 6 en,fr,es,he,it,sv
Q1757920 The Light of the World 6 en,fr,it,pl,ru,sv
Q1772871 The Battle of Trafalgar 6 en,fr,el,es,it,pl
Q1982719 Brig "Mercury" Attacked by Two Turkish Ships 6 en,es,hy,ro,ru,tr
Q1989202 St. Jerome in His Study 6 en,commons,cs,it,la,pt
Q2067336 Assumption of the Virgin Mary 6 en,fr,it,nl,pl,ru
Q2270805 The Boy in the Red Vest 6 en,commons,fr,it,pl,zh
Q2335560 Le Pont de l'Europe 6 en,fr,es,hy,nl,ru
Q2422889 Portrait of a Young Man 6 en,fr,az,eo,it,pl
Q2446983 Scenes from the Passion of Christ 6 en,fr,ca,it,pl,pt
Q2508181 Living Still Life 6 en,fr,be_x_old,pt,ru,uk
Q2607072 Portrait of Perugino 6 en,fr,az,it,pl,tr
Q2609585 Portrait of Charles V 6 en,es,it,pl,ru,uk
Q2635552 Portrait of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese 6 en,fr,az,es,it,tr
Q3078569 Dormition of the Virgin 6 en,ca,eo,es,pl,pt
Q3202169 The Apotheosis of Homer oil paint, canvas 6 en,commons,fr,ca,el,it
Q3224308 Marriage of the Virgin 6 en,fr,eo,es,id,it
Q3232010 The Two Fridas 6 en,cs,el,es,fa,fr
Q3272393 M-Maybe 6 en,fr,fo,hr,ru,sh
Q3291664 Two Old Men Eating Soup 6 en,fr,el,es,pl,pt
Q3319184 Myself: Portrait – Landscape 6 fr,ca,cs,es,it,ru
Q3320114 Monarch of the Glen oil paint, canvas 6 en,commons,fr,ca,mk,sr
Q3399420 Charles VII, King of France oil paint, oak wood 6 commons,fr,es,gl,it,pl
Q3663892 The Polish Rider 6 en,commons,fr,es,it,pl
Q3877556 Nu couché 6 en,ca,fa,hr,it,pl
Q3937561 Giulio Clovia 6 fr,ca,es,it,pl,uk
Q3940915 Romulus and Remus 6 en,fr,az,ca,es,it
Q4110588 The Vision to the Youth Bartholomew 6 en,commons,fr,ba,pl,ru
Q4423965 The Elephants 6 en,fr,es,hy,ru,uk
Q5177084 Countess of Chinchon 6 en,fr,ca,es,nl,pl
Q5564463 Girl at Sewing Machine 6 en,commons,fr,eml,pt,uk
Q7348709 The Forge 6 en,fr,br,es,nl,pl
Q8353711 Daniel in the Lions' Den 6 en,commons,fr,es,it,pl
Q9019086 L'apoteosi del dòlar 6 fr,ca,es,hy,ru,uk
Q9072596 The Holy Family with Saint Joachim and Saint Anne Before the Eternal Glory 6 en,fr,ca,eo,es,wuu
Q9391004 Green Wheat Field with Cypress 6 en,commons,fr,el,ka,pl
Q16549755 Dynamism of a Cyclist 6 en,fr,de,es,it,pl
Q17343012 Portrait of Jacob de Gheyn III 6 cv,id,pl,ru,simple,th
Q25710801 The siege of San Sebastian (1813) 6 fr,ast,az,eu,mt,no
Q27987194 Germania (St. Paul's Church, Frankfurt am Main) 6 en,de,hu,it,no,simple
Q61588 Fiesole Altarpiece 5 en,fr,it,la,pt
Q137457 Galatea of the Spheres 5 en,fr,es,ru,uk
Q194104 Grabow Altarpiece 5 en,cs,de,it,pl
Q198622 Portrait of my father 5 en,fr,ca,es,it
Q444078 St. Sebastian 5 en,fr,de,it,uk
Q615851 Nativity 5 en,fr,ca,pl,pt
Q655657 The Dormition 5 en,es,eu,it,pl
Q735326 Lamentation over the Dead Christ 5 en,fr,es,it,nl
Q742801 Portrait of a Young Man 5 en,fr,es,it,th
Q767421 The Great Day of Girona 5 en,fr,ca,es,gl
Q780466 Saint George and the Dragon 5 en,fr,ca,es,it
Q866500 Portrait of a Young Woman with a turban on her head; with the left hand she holds a plume 5 en,fr,fa,it,nl
Q882587 Blue Nude II 5 en,fr,br,de,nl
Q924655 St Mark's Body Brought to Venice 5 en,de,es,it,pl
Q939962 Ganymede Abducted by the Eagle 5 en,ca,es,it,pl
Q942276 The Races at Longchamp 5 en,fr,es,it,nl
Q987711 Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion 5 en,fr,ca,es,zh
Q1028282 Apollo and Daphne 5 fr,fi,id,it,pl
Q1104588 Cobbe portrait 5 en,fr,de,es,ka
Q1131263 Korunovace Panny Marie se čtyřmi svatými 5 fr,cs,es,it,sk
Q1162671 Houses at l'Estaque 5 en,ca,de,es,fr
Q1215809 San Marco Altarpiece 5 en,commons,fr,it,la
Q1232131 The Bean Eater 5 en,es,it,la,th
Q1445581 Tuna Fishing 5 en,fr,he,ru,uk
Q1446552 Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach 5 en,fr,it,ru,uk
Q1632817 Q1632817 5 commons,fr,es,it,nl
Q1767343 Sylvette 5 en,de,es,nl,ru
Q1800916 Gustav Vasas intåg i Stockholm 1523 5 en,ja,no,pl,sv
Q1803755 The Flight into Egypt 5 en,fr,de,it,pl
Q1994120 Recanati Annunciation 5 en,fr,es,it,pl
Q1996494 Newton 5 en,commons,da,it,pl
Q2296912 Polyptych of Perugia 5 en,fr,es,it,th
Q2303840 St. Sebastian 5 en,fr,ca,es,it
Q2350980 Santa Lucia de' Magnoli Altarpiece 5 en,fr,es,it,pl
Q2376881 Annunciation of Cortona 5 en,commons,fr,it,pt
Q2405395 Adoration of the Magi 5 en,fr,es,it,pl
Q2416277 Holy Trinity 5 en,fr,ca,es,it
Q2444277 Portrait of Pietro Bembo 5 en,fr,bg,it,pl
Q2452374 The Judgement of Solomon 5 en,bg,es,it,th
Q2516599 Annunciation 5 en,ca,de,es,it
Q2568873 Vienna Diptych 5 en,de,es,pl,uk
Q2600797 Hands flying off toward the constellations 5 en,ca,es,ja,ru
Q2873092 Autumn Rhythm (Number 30) 5 en,fr,de,fa,it
Q2898121 The Death of Actaeon 5 en,fr,be,he,ru
Q2906387 Eight Elvises 5 en,es,he,lt,zh
Q3025377 Altar frontal from Avià 5 en,commons,ca,es,fr
Q3025380 Altar frontal from La Seu d'Urgell or of The Apostles 5 en,commons,ca,es,fr
Q3201479 Adoration of the Magi 5 en,fr,bg,es,it
Q3208041 La última cena (El Greco) 5 fr,es,it,ja,pl
Q3213773 Madonna in Glory with Seraphim 5 en,fr,it,ru,uk
Q3292190 Men Reading 5 en,fr,es,pl,pt
Q3296800 Venus and Amor 5 en,no,pt,sv,zu
Q3399514 Portrait of Pope Pius VII oil paint, wood 5 en,commons,fr,es,tl
Q3464088 Saint Serapion 5 en,fr,br,es,nl
Q3464529 Saint Margaret of Antioch 5 fr,br,es,nl,pl
Q3476580 Berlin Street Scene 5 en,fr,be,de,it
Q3525080 The Family of Philip V 5 en,fr,ca,es,pl
Q3604760 Момиче върху топка 5 bg,hy,it,ru,uk
Q3605563 Adoration of the Shepherds 5 en,es,it,ms,pl
Q3607539 Salón de la Rue des Moulins 5 fr,es,it,nl,pl
Q3630743 Self-Portrait at the Age of 63 5 en,fr,es,eu,it
Q3646554 Snow Storm: Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps 5 en,fr,es,it,pt
Q3649209 Our Lady of the Don 5 en,fr,cv,ka,ru
Q3649296 The Hunt in the Forest 5 en,commons,fr,it,th
Q3656034 Portrait of a Youth 5 bg,it,pl,ru,uk
Q3705718 Deposition from the Cross 5 en,fr,es,it,pl
Q3773123 Woman Reading 5 en,ar,br,ca,es
Q3788057 La pradera de sant Isidre 5 fr,ca,es,ru,uk
Q3800774 Sala delle Asse 5 en,fr,it,ro,sr
Q3820975 La Mariée 5 en,be,bg,ca,it
Q3824214 Lady in Blue 5 fr,ca,es,it,pt
Q3826029 La família de l'infant Lluís de Borbó 5 fr,ca,es,it,pl
Q3929380 Noi encenent una candela 5 fr,ca,es,it,pl
Q3937421 Els ducs d'Osuna i els seus fills 5 fr,ca,es,it,pl
Q3937719 Portrait of a Young Man with a Lamp 5 en,fr,es,it,uk
Q3947218 San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk 5 en,fr,fa,hu,it
Q3949347 Saints Christopher, Jerome and Louis of Toulouse 5 en,fr,it,nl,pl
Q3973522 Saint Francis Receiving the Stigmata 5 en,fr,ca,it,zh
Q3976754 The Suicide of Saul 5 en,fr,it,pl,ru
Q4003071 Ulysses deriding Polyphemus 5 en,fr,es,it,uk
Q4127698 Erasmus-Mauritius-Tafel 5 de,es,pl,ru,uk
Q4131769 The Skater 5 en,fr,et,pl,ru
Q4197021 Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May 5 en,br,es,ru,vi
Q4198276 Isabella and the Pot of Basil 5 en,be_x_old,it,nl,ru
Q4252531 Portrait of Pietro Bembo 5 fr,ca,es,it,la
Q4384735 A. S. Pushkin at the Black Sea coast 5 be_x_old,hy,ro,ru,uk
Q4462828 The Three Ages of Man and Death 5 en,fr,eu,hy,ru
Q4574726 Dedham Vale 5 en,de,es,nl,no
Q4657050 A Girl with a Watering Can 5 en,commons,et,fa,pt
Q4680634 The Adoration of the Kings 5 en,fr,it,pl,ru
Q4901871 La Leocadia 5 en,fr,es,pl,ru
Q4924524 Les Alyscamps 5 en,commons,it,pl,th
Q4997694 Bunian Tu 5 en,fr,ca,es,zh
Q5965524 La Mare de Déu de la Caritat 5 ca,es,pl,ru,uk
Q5966323 La coronación de la Virgen (El Greco, Illescas) 5 fr,ca,es,pl,uk
Q6368790 Pilgrimage to the Fountain of San Isidro 5 en,fr,es,pl,ru
Q6470337 Lady Lilith 5 en,es,ja,nl,ru
Q8341785 The Madhouse 5 en,fr,es,it,pl
Q8770466 Two Old Men 5 en,fr,el,es,pl
Q9019496 A Game of Chess 5 fr,de,es,pt,ru
Q10985764 The Battle of Lepanto 5 en,es,fa,no,tl
Q11800605 The Last Supper 5 be,hy,pl,ru,uk
Q16685337 The History of Mexico 5 en,fr,ca,es,pt
Q17166015 Kent vs Lancashire at Canterbury 5 en,fr,kw,nrm,simple
Q20808455 Ecce Homo 5 commons,es,it,nl,sr
Q25207 The Last Supper 4 en,br,it,ja
Q132323 Eurytios Krater 4 en,commons,de,la
Q203259 The Fall of the Damned 4 en,de,pl,sv
Q259012 Et in Arcadia ego 4 en,fr,eo,it
Q368788 Pietà 4 en,fr,it,pl
Q369350 Allegory of Virtue and Vice 4 en,fr,es,it
Q490312 Crucifixion 4 de,es,it,pl
Q611583 Minerva protects Pax from Mars 4 en,es,it,pl
Q698993 Portrait of Jacopo Strada 4 en,de,pl,uk
Q766011 l'Enseigne de Gersaint 4 en,de,es,fr
Q769461 Ritratto di Lunia Czechowska con ventaglio 4 fr,es,eu,it
Q829572 Camille 4 fr,de,nl,uk
Q835699 The Great Last Judgement 4 en,az,de,it
Q921351 Admonitions Scroll 4 en,es,hu,zh
Q938115 Rejtan 4 en,bn,pl,ru
Q940886 El paseo de Andalucía 4 fr,es,pl,pt
Q945250 Portrait of Francesco delle Opere 4 en,fr,it,pl
Q948277 Man Writing a Letter 4 en,es,nl,pl
Q974414 Blind Man's Bluff 4 en,fr,es,simple
Q976354 Christ on the Mount of Olives 4 en,fr,es,it
Q1054459 Crucifixion 4 en,es,it,pl
Q1056007 Annunciation 4 en,el,it,pl
Q1056043 Annunciation with two Kneeling Donors 4 en,it,no,th
Q1091213 Corpse of Christ 4 en,es,it,zh
Q1114823 Saint Augustine in His Cell 4 en,fr,es,it
Q1114856 Madonna del Padiglione 4 en,fr,es,it
Q1115423 Lamentation over the Dead Christ with Saints 4 en,fr,es,it
Q1115595 The Flight into Egypt 4 en,es,it,uk
Q1131019 The Story of Nastagio Degli Onesti, part one 4 en,fr,it,la
Q1131110 Agony in the Garden 4 en,es,he,it
Q1133103 Portrait of the Vendramin Family 4 en,br,he,it
Q1133471 Madonna del Bordone 4 en,fr,es,it
Q1134060 Susanna and the Elders 4 en,br,ca,it
Q1211030 Adoration of the Kings in the Snow 4 fr,de,it,pl
Q1237596 Vertumnus and Pomona 4 en,fr,it,la
Q1238886 A Man with a Quilted Sleeve 4 en,es,it,la
Q1239065 Ecce homo (Mantegna) 4 en,fr,it,la
Q1410866 Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian 4 en,es,it,pl
Q1434332 Parable of the Sower 4 fr,de,it,pl
Q1629015 Holy Allegory 4 en,es,it,pl
Q1760564 Portrait of a Young Man 4 en,fr,es,it
Q1761496 Sant'Ambrogio Altarpiece 4 en,fr,es,it
Q1820460 Les Bretonnes au Pardon 4 en,commons,de,fr
Q1994442 Portrait of a Woman 4 es,it,pl,sk
Q2592400 Q2592400 4 commons,lv,nl,pl
Q2598223 Mary and Child 4 de,el,it,pl
Q2680589 The Agony in the Garden 4 es,it,pl,uk
Q2711706 Diptych of Maarten Nieuwenhove 4 fr,ca,es,pl
Q2749266 Portrait of Count Stanislas Potocki 4 en,fr,pl,ro
Q2790648 Dalí nu 4 fr,ca,es,it
Q2814164 La batalla de Tetuan 4 fr,ca,es,pt
Q2843410 The Disembarkation at Marseilles oil paint, canvas 4 ca,es,it,pl
Q2860945 Argenteuil 4 fr,es,it,nl
Q2872369 Altar frontal from Tavèrnoles 4 en,ca,es,fr
Q2894005 The Four Philosophers 4 en,fr,es,it
Q3005527 Crucifixión mística 4 fr,es,it,ru
Q3065237 Madonna of Humility 4 en,ca,es,fr
Q3069475 Man and Woman in Front of a Pile of Excrement 4 en,fr,ca,ru
Q3071934 The Consecration of Saint Augustine 4 en,ca,es,fr
Q3171855 Young Omahaw, War Eagle, Little Missouri, and Pawnees 4 en,commons,da,ru
Q3207678 Lamentation over the Dead Christ 4 en,fr,br,it
Q3208203 Last Communion of St Jerome 4 en,commons,fr,it
Q3209975 La Lecture 4 en,fr,es,pt
Q3210239 Twittering Machine 4 en,ca,fa,fr
Q3211033 El nacimiento de Venus (Boucher) 4 fr,es,et,it
Q3211900 At the Theatre (La Première Sortie) 4 fr,es,eu,nl
Q3212033 Presentation at the Temple 4 en,fr,ca,it
Q3221342 Cristo en la Cruz 4 fr,br,es,nl
Q3223807 The Last Judgment 4 en,fr,es,it
Q3395790 San Pietro Polyptych 4 en,fr,es,it
Q3428032 Jabach Altarpiece 4 en,fr,it,pl
Q3451328 The Graham Children 4 en,es,it,simple
Q3464453 Saint Agatha 4 fr,es,nl,pl
Q3503317 The Duel After the Masquerade 4 en,fr,hy,ru
Q3539574 Central panels of the Moreel Triptych 4 fr,ca,nl,pl
Q3605532 Adoration of the Magi 4 en,de,it,zh
Q3613128 Dresden Altarpiece 4 en,hy,it,ru
Q3625842 Portrait of Cosimo I de' Medici 4 en,bg,es,th
Q3636743 The Baptism of Christ 4 en,es,it,pl
Q3696827 The Creation of the Sun, Moon and Planets 4 en,es,it,uk
Q3697588 Krist na stupu 4 hr,it,sh,uk
Q3705703 The Deposition from the Cross 4 en,fr,es,it
Q3731232 Hercules and Omphale oil paint, canvas 4 en,fr,hr,it
Q3745698 The Open Window 4 en,de,it,ml
Q3769182 Judith and Holofernes 4 en,fr,ca,it
Q3788158 Het Pelsken 4 en,ca,it,pl
Q3794660 A Cotton Office in New Orleans 4 en,fr,hy,it
Q3794919 Flatford Mill 4 en,fr,it,uk
Q3797771 Coronation of the Virgin 4 en,it,pl,pt
Q3797799 Epitaph of Nikolaas Rockox and his Wife Adriana Perez 4 en,fr,it,nl
Q3800929 Russian Winter. Hoarfrost 4 en,fr,es,it
Q3816243 Woman in Hat and Fur Collar 4 en,ca,es,fa
Q3825595 Anníbal vencedor contempla per primera vegada Itàlia des dels Alps 4 fr,ca,es,pl
Q3842743 Madonna and Child Enthroned 4 en,fr,it,pl
Q3850306 Martyrdom of Four Saints 4 en,es,it,pl
Q3853901 Portrait of Isabella d'Este 4 en,ca,it,uk
Q3884945 The Agony in the Garden 4 en,fr,it,pl
Q3889229 Altarpiece of the Halberd 4 en,es,it,uk
Q3889269 Sant'Onofrio Altarpiece 4 en,commons,fr,it
Q3907528 Saint Barbara Altarpiece 4 en,cs,fi,it
Q3922376 Procession in St. Mark's Square 4 en,commons,it,uk
Q3933572 The Resurrection of Christ 4 en,fr,it,nl
Q3937422 Man with a Roman coin 4 en,commons,it,pl
Q3937523 Portrait of Federico da Montefeltro with His Son Guidobaldo 4 en,fr,es,it
Q3937546 Portrait of Giovanni di Nicolao Arnolfini 4 en,fr,ca,it
Q3937597 Portrait de Lionel d'Este 4 fr,it,ru,uk
Q3937623 Portrait of Maria Portinari 4 en,it,pt,zh
Q3937673 Portrait of Vincenzo Mosti 4 en,fr,it,ru
Q3937806 Finding of the body of St Mark 4 en,fr,it,pl
Q3944518 Q3944518 4 fr,bg,es,it
Q3945503 Willows at Sunset 4 commons,it,nl,pl
Q3947309 Saint Jerome in the Wilderness 4 en,fr,de,it
Q3947520 San Luis de Tolosa coronando a Roberto de Anjou, rey de Nápoles 4 es,it,nl,pl
Q3948607 Samson and Dalila 4 en,fr,it,pl
Q3999110 Annunciation Triptych 4 en,ca,it,pl
Q3999132 San Giovenale Triptych 4 en,fr,es,it
Q4009159 Old Woman 4 commons,es,it,uk
Q4009400 Head of Christ 4 en,fr,it,pl
Q4014789 Q4014789 4 commons,de,it,pl
Q4015942 First disciples of Jesus 4 en,es,id,pt
Q4025363 Édouard Manet i la seva dona 4 ca,de,es,it
Q4034252 Aquis Submersus 4 en,de,pt,ru
Q4089565 Theotokos of Bogolyubovo 4 en,commons,fr,ru
Q4095682 Giant Peacock Moth 4 commons,hy,pl,ru
Q4147036 Bubbles 4 en,hy,ru,th
Q4373353 Portrait of a Young Woman, probably Simonetta Vespucci 4 commons,fr,ru,uk
Q4396696 Pink Roses 4 commons,hy,ka,ru
Q4459682 Theotokos of Tolga 4 en,fr,pl,ru
Q4656515 A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society 4 en,hy,ru,uk
Q4658180 A Meadow in the Mountains: Le Mas de Saint-Paul 4 en,commons,ka,pl
Q4659044 A Procession of Flagellants 4 en,fr,es,pl
Q4660742 A Woman Walking in a Garden 4 en,commons,el,ka
Q4855724 Bani Thani 4 en,es,hi,no
Q4884666 Resurrection of Christ 4 en,commons,ca,es
Q5026931 Camouflage Self-Portrait 4 en,el,es,he
Q5108847 Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple 4 en,ca,es,pl
Q5189807 Crucifixion 4 en,it,nl,no
Q5435849 Farmhouse in Provence 4 en,commons,fa,ka
Q5479139 Francesca da Rimini and Paolo Malatesta appraised by Dante and Virgil oil paint, canvas 4 en,commons,nl,pl
Q5651584 Ulysses and the Sirens 4 commons,ca,es,fr
Q5658259 Adoration of the name of Jesus 4 commons,ca,es,pl
Q5722643 Hogarth's Servants 4 en,es,simple,sv
Q5949742 The Martyrdom of St. Maurice 4 fr,es,ja,pl
Q6075225 Lamentation 4 fr,es,it,pl
Q6175060 Últimos momentos de Fernando IV el Emplazado 4 commons,fr,es,pl
Q6622215 I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold 4 en,az,fa,he
Q6746233 Man Mocked by Two Women 4 en,fr,es,pl
Q6875987 Miss Amelia Van Buren 4 commons,ca,de,en
Q6901173 Monna Rosa 4 en,et,pt,ru
Q6980131 Nativity at Night 4 en,az,nl,pl
Q7194972 Night Revels of Han Xizai 4 id,vi,zh_classical,zh
Q7232313 Portrait of Vincenzo Anastagi 4 en,ca,es,pl
Q7581196 Springtime 4 en,et,fa,fr
Q7661692 Symphony in White, No. 3 4 en,fa,pl,pt
Q7741023 The Hungry Lion Throws Itself on the Antelope 4 en,ca,es,ja
Q7750471 The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence 4 en,fr,es,pl
Q7764509 The Siren 4 en,ca,es,la
Q7766701 The Storm at Sea 4 en,fr,nl,pl
Q7835481 Transylvania Panorama 4 en,commons,hu,pl
Q7884355 Unfinished portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt 4 en,fr,pt,zh
Q8049268 Yard with Lunatics 4 en,fr,el,pl
Q9026835 Magdalena penitent 4 ca,es,it,pl
Q11136256 Portrait of a Young Englishman 4 en,commons,pl,uk
Q11825001 El rapto de Europa 4 fr,es,nl,pl
Q12912886 Madame de Pompadour at her Tambour Frame 4 en,fr,eml,it
Q15027564 Madonna of Zbraslav 4 en,commons,cs,ru
Q15284184 Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster) 4 en,cs,eo,es
Q15644879 La Parisienne 4 en,et,fa,pt
Q15727864 The Dance Lesson 4 en,fr,ca,ms
Q16518912 Q16518912 4 az,cs,ru,sk
Q17429571 La Blanchisseuse 4 en,fr,fa,nl
Q17652393 Drunken Silenus 4 en,es,it,nl
Q18573172 Dancing Fairies 4 en,et,pt,sv
Q18639245 Girl Running on a Balcony 4 en,fr,he,it