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Property depicts (P180)
Sitelinks 4 → 23
Report length 488

Items missing depicts (P180) linking to most sites. Last update: 2017-08-28 04:44 (UTC)

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QID Name depicts (P180) Number of sites Sites
Q890678 Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? house cat, cult image, woman, bird 23 en,commons,fr,ar,br,ca,de,el,es,fa,fi,he,hr,hy,is,it,ja,lt,pl,ru,sv,..
Q1150997 Saturn Devouring His Son Cronus, cannibalism, Greek mythology, filicide, human body, blood, death 22 en,commons,fr,ar,ca,el,es,fa,fi,gl,he,io,it,ja,oc,pl,pt,ru,tr,vi,wuu..
Q1652023 The Alchemist Discovering Phosphorus Hennig Brand, alchemist, chemist, phosphorus 20 en,fr,be_x_old,be,br,ca,cs,eo,es,fi,hy,id,it,ja,pt,ru,simple,sk,sv,z..
Q751283 Virgil's Tomb cloud, tomb, tree, stairs 18 en,commons,fr,ba,be_x_old,be,ca,cs,da,eo,es,fi,id,it,ja,la,ru,zh
Q969367 Woman Holding a Balance woman, weighing scale, table, painting, window 18 en,commons,fr,cs,de,es,fa,hr,hy,it,ja,nl,pl,pt,ru,sh,simple,sv
Q829270 The Four Apostles John the Apostle, Peter, Mark the Evangelist, Paul, book, sword, key, scroll, Bible, sandal, robe 17 en,commons,fr,be,cs,de,es,hr,hy,it,mk,pl,ru,sh,sl,sr,zh
Q1151384 The Son of Man man, overcoat, bowler hat, apple, wall, sea, sky, cloud, necktie 17 en,fr,ar,az,es,fa,he,hy,it,ka,lt,nl,pl,pt,ru,sl,uk
Q2629559 The Swing bergère hat, Cupido, woman, shrub, swing, man, rope, dress, cherub, shoe 17 en,commons,fr,be,ca,es,fi,gl,hr,hu,hy,it,nl,pt,ru,sh,simple
Q2983399 Dos de Mayo Mamelukes of the Imperial Guard, melee, Mameluke sword, scimitar, knife, horse, blood, saddle, rebellion 17 en,fr,ar,az,br,ca,el,eo,es,eu,gl,hi,it,lt,ru,tr,uk
Q1167907 Luncheon of the Boating Party Affenpinscher, Aline Charigot, Charles Ephrussi, top hat, cap, Ellen Andrée, cup, boater, railing, sailboat, Jeanne Samary, Gustave Caillebotte, chair, tablecloth, cork, grape, bottle, glove, awning, Q60812390, cup with stem, barrel 16 en,commons,fr,ca,de,es,et,fa,hy,it,ja,nl,pl,pt,ru,zh
Q1167932 Belshazzar's Feast Belshazzar, Hebrew, turban, pearl, knife 16 en,commons,fr,ca,de,el,es,fi,he,it,la,nl,pl,ru,tr,zh
Q1782640 The Blacksmith's Shop blacksmith, smithy, hammer, Moon, iron, cloud, anvil, horseshoe 16 en,fr,be_x_old,be,ca,cs,eo,es,fi,hy,id,it,ja,ru,sk,sv
Q2336984 The Music Lesson tapestry, mirror, window, teacher, pupil, pitcher 16 en,commons,fr,br,ca,cs,de,es,hy,it,ja,mk,nl,pl,ru,sv
Q2697937 Campbell's Soup Cans Campbell Soup Company, tin can 16 en,commons,fr,ca,es,eu,fa,gl,he,ja,jv,pl,pt,ru,tr,zh
Q3716086 Women Gladiators gladiator, shield, halberd, sword, Alfonso d'Avalos, spear 16 en,fr,ast,be,ca,cv,es,eu,gl,it,mt,nl,no,oc,ru,uk
Q1167796 An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump scientist, vacuum pump, White-crested Cockatoo 15 en,commons,fr,cs,de,eo,es,fi,id,it,nl,pt,ru,sk,zh
Q1782583 Indian Widow widow, headband, sheath, feather, buffalo robe, cloud, hatchet, quiver 15 en,fr,ba,be_x_old,be,br,ca,eo,es,fi,id,it,ja,pt,ru
Q2213811 The Haywain Triptych Religion, hay wagon 15 en,commons,fr,bg,br,cs,de,es,it,ka,lv,nl,pl,pt,ru
Q2293953 Venus and Mars Venus, Mars, satyr, lance, helmet, pillow 15 en,commons,fr,br,ca,cs,de,es,fi,it,pl,ro,ru,sk,zh
Q2404992 Aristotle Contemplating a Bust of Homer Aristotle, Homer, portrait at bust length, statue, belt, robe, man 15 en,commons,fr,az,ca,cv,el,es,he,hy,it,nl,pl,ru,uk
Q697332 Children's Games children's game, brick, weighing scale, barrel, hoop rolling, wrestling, stilts, broom, basket, mask, bathing, hobby horse, piggy back, child, bullying, veil, fence 14 en,commons,fr,br,de,el,he,hy,it,ja,nl,pl,ru,tr
Q1170480 Syndics of the Drapers' Guild 14 en,commons,fr,ca,cv,de,es,hu,it,nl,no,pl,ru,sv
Q1217187 Calumny of Apelles 14 en,commons,fr,bg,br,ca,de,el,es,it,pl,pt,ro,ru
Q794077 Sacred and Profane Love 13 en,commons,fr,ca,es,fa,hy,it,ka,lt,pl,pt,ru
Q1171740 White House at Night Sun, woman, window, tree, sky, road, house, wall 13 en,commons,fr,be,de,fa,he,hy,ja,ka,pl,ru,tr
Q1192436 The Farm tree, garden, sky, watering can, chicken coop 13 en,fr,ca,de,eo,es,gl,hi,it,ja,pa,pt,ru
Q1769529 No. 5, 1948 13 en,fr,az,de,el,fa,he,hi,ka,mt,nl,ru,zh
Q1781689 Still Life with Old Shoe fork, apple, bottle, bread, dress boot 13 en,fr,ca,cs,de,eo,es,fi,hi,it,ja,pt,ru
Q2304870 The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things seven deadly sins, Four last things 13 en,commons,fr,eml,es,fa,gl,it,lv,nl,pl,ru,uk
Q1114571 The Umbrellas 12 en,fr,es,et,fa,hy,it,nl,pl,pt,ru,uk
Q1169874 The Girl with the Wine Glass wine glass, stained glass, woman, Red Dress 12 en,commons,fr,de,es,eu,fa,it,nl,pl,sv,tr
Q1198007 The Wine of Saint Martin's Day wine 12 en,commons,fr,be,br,de,es,hy,it,nl,pl,ru
Q1199809 The Fourth Estate 12 en,commons,fr,ca,de,es,eu,fa,hy,it,pt,tr
Q1248830 Victory Boogie-Woogie 12 en,commons,fr,ca,cs,de,es,fi,nl,pt,ru,sk
Q1560719 Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose flower 12 en,commons,da,de,fa,hy,it,ja,ko,la,ru,uk
Q2090737 A Philosopher by Lamplight lamp, skeleton, book, Moon, cave, skull, man, brook, walking stick, cloak, satchel, neckerchief, cloud 12 en,fr,ba,be_x_old,be,ca,eo,fi,id,it,ru,sv
Q2275610 Le Cirque circus, equilibristics, woman, musician, Cirque Medrano 12 en,commons,fr,ca,el,es,et,eu,hr,it,nl,pt
Q2471800 Old Woman Cooking Eggs 12 en,commons,fr,ar,br,ca,es,gl,it,sk,uk,vi
Q2624258 Lady Standing at a Virginal 12 en,commons,fr,da,hy,it,ja,nl,no,pl,ru,sv
Q3555076 Nymphs and Satyr nymph, satyr, pond 12 en,commons,az,ca,el,es,fa,it,nl,pt,ru,zh
Q5930190 Road with Cypress and Star road, star 12 en,commons,fr,ar,el,hy,ja,ka,ml,nl,pl,zh
Q6402081 The Nobleman with his Hand on his Chest man, sword 12 en,commons,fr,be,ca,eo,es,eu,gl,pl,ru,uk
Q630121 Two Sisters Jeanne Darlot, girl 11 en,commons,fr,es,et,fa,hy,it,nl,pt,ru
Q782079 The Harlequin's Carnival Harlequin 11 en,fr,ca,de,eo,es,eu,gl,hi,it,pt
Q960447 Tiger in a Tropical Storm flower 11 en,fr,es,fa,fi,it,ja,nl,pl,ru,zu
Q1118456 La Balançoire swing, woman, girl, man, dress 11 en,commons,ca,es,et,hy,it,nl,pl,pt,ru
Q1219698 Girl Interrupted at her Music 11 en,commons,fr,ar,de,es,it,nl,pl,ru,sv
Q1766454 Les raboteurs de parquet bottle, window, carpentry, tool, manual worker, parquetry 11 en,commons,fr,ar,ca,es,hy,it,nl,pl,ru
Q1810165 Le Rêve 11 en,fr,de,es,fa,it,pt,ru,sv,vi,zh
Q2203011 Death and the Miser Death, miser, chest, bed 11 en,commons,fr,br,es,it,nl,pl,pt,ru,sv
Q2273517 Conversion on the Way to Damascus conversion of Paul the Apostle 11 en,commons,fr,cs,hr,it,no,pl,pt,sh,sk
Q2278818 Agostina Segatori Sitting in the Café du Tambourin Agostina Segatori, Café du Tambourin, chair, tambourine, cigarette, beer glassware, table, stool, coffeehouse, saucer, hat, parasol, Japonaiserie, jacket, dress 11 en,commons,el,hy,it,ja,ka,pl,pt,ru,uk
Q2285602 General Johnson Saving a Wounded French Officer from the Tomahawk of a North American Indian 11 en,fr,be,ca,da,eo,fi,id,it,ja,ru
Q2426058 Pallas and the Centaur 11 en,commons,fr,br,cs,el,es,it,pl,ru,sk
Q2561558 The Wheat Sifters wheat, sieve, woman, boy, bag, dress, basket, door handle, door 11 en,fr,az,da,es,eu,fa,hy,it,ru,sv
Q2627810 The Waterseller of Seville 11 en,commons,fr,ca,es,eu,hr,it,scn,sh,uk
Q2915406 Broadway Boogie-Woogie 11 en,fr,ca,es,fi,he,it,nl,pt,ru,zh
Q4126322 Memory of the Garden at Etten garden, gardening, woman, flower 11 en,commons,fa,hy,ka,ml,nl,pl,ru,uk,zh
Q7769644 The Tortoise Trainer man, Testudinidae, ney 11 en,fr,ar,az,de,fa,hu,hy,ru,tr,uk
Q921429 The Dessert: Harmony in Red 10 en,fr,ca,es,fa,he,it,ja,nl,zh
Q1150782 Léal Souvenir 10 en,commons,fr,ca,es,it,ja,la,pt,ru
Q1213437 The Hay Harvest 10 en,commons,fr,ca,de,es,he,it,pl,th
Q1387483 The Last Judgment 10 en,commons,fr,de,es,it,nl,pt,ru,sv
Q2155289 The Conjurer 10 en,commons,fr,br,de,es,hy,it,nl,ru
Q2269835 Les Arènes 10 en,commons,fr,ca,hy,it,ka,pl,ru,uk
Q2350840 Miravan Breaking Open the Tomb of his Ancestors 10 en,fr,be_x_old,be,ca,eo,fi,id,it,ru
Q2397685 The Earthstopper 10 en,fr,be_x_old,be,ca,eo,fi,id,it,ru
Q2413468 The Colossus Goliath 10 en,fr,de,es,eu,fa,gl,it,pl,pt
Q2528145 Allegory of Prudence 10 en,commons,fr,az,ca,es,it,pl,th,tr
Q2528177 Diana and Actaeon 10 en,commons,br,de,hr,it,ja,pl,ru,zh
Q2535473 The Lunch 10 en,commons,fr,ar,br,ca,es,it,la,th
Q4358442 The Guitar Player 10 en,commons,fr,he,hy,it,nl,pnb,ru,sv
Q6728432 Madonnina 10 en,fr,an,eo,it,lmo,pl,rm,scn,vec
Q11791202 They Did Not Expect Him 10 commons,be,br,et,hy,nl,pl,ro,ru,uk
Q15008032 The Feast of the Gods 10 en,commons,ca,es,it,la,lt,pl,ru,uk
Q18600103 The Town town, ocean, storm 10 en,ast,bg,ca,da,es,nl,pl,sv,uk
Q24688838 The interview of Luis XIV and Felipe IV in the island of the Pheasants Anne of Austria, pond, Maria Theresa of Spain, nobility, peasant, meadow, living room, village 10 en,fr,ast,ca,cy,es,eu,gl,no,oc
Q663481 Golconda man, building, sky, bowler hat, overcoat, window, curtain 9 en,fr,de,es,fa,hy,it,sl,tr
Q713211 Freedom of Speech 9 en,fr,ar,bn,id,nl,pt,simple,zh
Q1114718 Dance in the Country ball, hat, folk dance, hand fan, woman, broad-leaved tree, glove, man 9 en,de,es,hy,it,ja,nl,pt,ru
Q1214313 The life stages ship, stone, sky 9 en,fr,ca,de,el,it,nl,ru,tr
Q1430990 Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time 9 en,commons,az,de,es,fa,it,pl,ru
Q2059447 The Misanthrope 9 en,commons,fr,el,hy,it,pl,ru,sv
Q2126369 Mona Lisa 9 en,fr,ca,eo,es,gl,it,nl,oc
Q2267440 Lady Seated at a Virginal 9 en,commons,fr,es,it,ja,nl,pl,sv
Q2401235 The Allegory of Good and Bad Government 9 en,commons,fr,br,es,he,hr,it,sh
Q2432055 The Captive 9 en,fr,be_x_old,be,ca,eo,id,it,ru
Q2464824 Metamorphosis of Narcissus 9 en,fr,af,he,it,lv,pt,ru,uk
Q2663568 The Face of War 9 en,fr,ar,az,eo,he,pt,ru,uk
Q3702434 The Wedding Dance 9 en,commons,fr,bn,hy,it,pl,ru,si
Q3877556 Nu couché woman, nudity, lying, black hair, eyebrow, smile, armpit, underarm hair, breast, areola, nipple, umbilicus, pubic hair, cushion, mascara 9 en,fr,ca,es,fa,hr,it,pl,ru
Q4156438 Girl with peaches Vera Mamontova 9 en,commons,fr,cv,hy,nl,pl,pt,ru
Q4717953 Portrait of Juan de Pareja Juan de Pareja, man 9 en,commons,fr,ca,de,es,fa,he,simple
Q5781032 The Concert of the Angels 9 en,ast,ca,cs,el,es,eu,hy,pl
Q5906548 Hercules fighting with the Nemean lion 9 en,fr,ast,ca,es,eu,gl,hr,sh
Q6025697 Muchachos jugando a soldados firearm 9 fr,ast,ca,cy,es,eu,gl,no,oc
Q17338051 Allegory of the Dutch victory over the Spanish fleet at Gibraltar, 25 April 1607 9 en,ast,az,ca,es,eu,gl,no,oc
Q674682 Portrait of Vincent Nubiola 8 en,fr,ca,cs,de,es,ja,ru
Q713199 Freedom from Want meals 8 en,commons,fr,ar,id,nl,simple,zh
Q761681 Midvinterblot temple, paganism, sacrifice, sled, shield, spear, tree, priest, soldier, bugle 8 en,commons,fr,de,ja,no,pl,sv
Q931407 The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke fairy, flower 8 en,commons,fr,de,hu,la,ru,sv
Q970968 Symphony in White, No. 1: The White Girl artistic dress 8 en,commons,es,fa,it,nl,pl,pt
Q1328065 Portrait of Eleanor of Toledo and her son Giovanni de' Medici Eleanor of Toledo, Giovanni de' Medici 8 en,commons,br,de,it,pl,ru,th
Q1437492 Woman with a Hat Amélie Parayre, woman, hat, hand fan 8 en,fr,de,el,it,pa,pt,zh
Q1627187 Aha Oe Feii? 8 en,be,ca,es,eu,it,ru,uk
Q1659383 The Garden of Death 8 en,de,es,et,eu,fa,fi,pl
Q1747282 Fight with Cudgels club, combat, cloud 8 en,commons,fr,es,it,pl,ru,wuu
Q1885116 May 1968 8 en,fr,ca,cs,de,es,ja,ru
Q2146810 The Skating Minister Robert Walker, ice skating 8 en,fr,be,de,ja,lv,ru,zh
Q2292041 The Human Condition window, easel, curtain, tree 8 en,fr,fa,hy,it,nl,ru,uk
Q2461937 The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory 8 en,fr,he,hy,it,nl,ru,uk
Q2537138 The Parasol hand fan 8 en,fr,ca,es,gl,it,pl,pt
Q2610936 Boy with a Basket of Fruit boy, basket, grape, apple, fig, peach 8 en,fr,es,he,it,pl,pt,th
Q2721080 Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn 8 en,commons,be_x_old,be,it,pl,ru,uk
Q3348220 Spoliarium 8 en,fr,ca,es,la,nl,tl,war
Q3500414 The Farmers' Lunch 8 en,fr,ar,bg,ca,es,it,pl
Q3897210 Landscape with Charon Crossing the Styx maritime transport 8 en,commons,fr,es,fa,gl,it,pt
Q3937410 Portrait of a Man man 8 en,ca,eo,es,it,pt,sq,uk
Q4936154 Bocca Baciata flower, apple, earring, rose, necklace 8 en,commons,br,ca,da,et,hy,ru
Q6065609 Walk on the Beach Mediterranean Sea 8 en,ast,ca,de,es,eu,hy,zh
Q6592831 The Problem We All Live With Ruby Bridges, pupil, marshal, walking 8 en,fr,de,pt,ru,sh,sr,tg
Q7232319 Portrait of a Carthusian man, monk, Carthusians, beard 8 en,commons,fr,ca,es,pt,ru,uk
Q7232350 Portrait of the Artist's Mother 8 en,commons,fa,ka,nl,pa,pl,tr
Q822535 Isabella 7 en,commons,br,hu,nl,ru,th
Q920041 The Burial of the Sardine 7 en,fr,de,es,it,pl,ru
Q934482 The Street Enters the House 7 en,fr,de,he,it,itquote,pl
Q959628 Asmodea Book of Tobit 7 en,fr,es,he,ka,pl,ru
Q1136780 San Luca Altarpiece Luke the Evangelist 7 en,commons,fr,ca,it,pl,uk
Q1633898 La Schiavona 7 en,commons,br,es,it,no,uk
Q1652056 Sunrise with Sea Monsters 7 en,fr,de,pt,ru,sv,uk
Q2091114 An Allegory of Intemperance Intemperance, barrel, French hunting horn, branch, table 7 en,commons,fr,it,nl,ru,tr
Q2136474 The Hallucinogenic Toreador 7 en,fr,it,nl,ru,sv,uk
Q2264914 Infanta Margarita Teresa in a Blue Dress Margaret Theresa of Spain, flower 7 en,commons,fr,ca,es,it,th
Q2272625 The Cornfield 7 en,fr,bn,es,it,mk,nl
Q2273901 Joseph's Tunic 7 en,commons,fr,ca,es,it,pl
Q2453980 St. John the Baptist in the Wilderness John the Baptist 7 en,commons,fr,es,it,nl,ru
Q2471159 Landscape Near Figueras 7 en,ca,es,it,pt,ru,uk
Q2736013 Thomas and Ann Borrow 7 en,fr,be,eo,id,it,ru
Q2841473 Bridal Procession on the Hardangerfjord 7 ca,da,es,nl,nn,no,sv
Q2902188 Green Stripe Amélie Parayre 7 en,fr,ca,es,he,it,ru
Q3136106 The Werl Triptych lamb, mirror, window, prayer, reading, fireplace, Virgin Mary 7 en,fr,ca,es,ja,pl,pt
Q3228340 The Third-Class Carriage woman 7 en,commons,fr,bn,ca,hr,sh
Q3314110 A Pilgrimage to San Isidro guitar 7 en,fr,el,es,pl,pt,tr
Q3543882 Atropos eyeglasses 7 en,fr,ca,el,es,pl,ru
Q3633443 At the Moulin Rouge, The Dance 7 en,commons,fr,el,es,it,nl
Q3739200 Girl with a Flute 7 en,commons,fr,it,nl,pl,sv
Q3739396 Mistress and Maid woman, domestic worker 7 en,commons,fr,it,nl,ru,sv
Q3807740 Q3807740 Jeanne Samary 7 commons,fr,es,hy,it,ru,uk
Q3821820 La Classe de danse ballet, mirror, form, dancer, teacher 7 en,commons,fr,ca,it,nl,zh
Q3825327 Blind Man's Bluff spoon, hat 7 en,fr,ca,es,hy,ru,uk
Q3829156 The Three Ages of the Woman (Klimt) 7 en,fr,el,es,hy,it,ru
Q3947115 St. Francis in the Desert 7 en,commons,fr,ca,es,hr,it
Q4157667 Demon 7 en,az,et,hr,hy,ru,sh
Q4233325 Tree Roots 7 en,commons,hy,ka,nl,ru,tr
Q4892867 Harvest at La Crau, with Montmajour in the Background harvest, La Crau 7 commons,ca,es,hy,nl,pl,ru
Q4942269 Frenzy of Exultations 7 en,commons,fr,fa,pl,plquote,ro
Q5965931 Watching the Hunt in Aranjuez carriage 7 en,ast,ca,es,eu,gl,oc
Q5967091 The Virgin woman, flower 7 en,fr,es,it,nl,pl,pt
Q6119366 Saint Martin and the Beggar Martin of Tours, horse 7 en,commons,fr,ca,es,pl,zh
Q6121364 The Entombment of Christ 7 en,ast,ca,el,es,lv,pl
Q11930405 The conversion of Saint Paul 7 en,ast,ca,es,eu,gl,oc
Q18089111 The Kitchen Maid maid 7 en,commons,bg,nl,pl,sv,uk
Q20017050 The Pietá 7 en,ast,ca,cs,es,eu,sk
Q21152819 Landscape with a red cloud 7 en,fr,de,et,lv,no,ru
Q24951450 Charles II in armour armor 7 fr,ast,ca,es,eu,gl,no
Q27987194 Germania (St. Paul's Church, Frankfurt am Main) Germania, black-red-gold flag of Germany, chain 7 en,de,hu,it,no,pl,simple
Q767421 The Great Day of Girona Siege of Gerona 6 en,commons,fr,ca,es,gl
Q871812 The Lament for Icarus Icarus, siren 6 en,ca,fa,hy,ko,ru
Q924655 St Mark's Body Brought to Venice Mark the Evangelist, Venice, cadaver, column, archway 6 en,commons,de,es,it,pl
Q948894 La Mousmé dress 6 en,commons,it,ja,ka,pl
Q949567 The Shadow of Death 6 en,commons,et,pl,ro,ru
Q952796 El Pelele 6 commons,fr,ast,de,es,it
Q1115413 The Story of Virginia 6 en,fr,es,it,ru,uk
Q1197647 The Tower of Blue Horses horse 6 en,fr,de,es,nl,sv
Q1232131 The Bean Eater 6 en,es,it,la,nl,th
Q1237250 Allegory of the Battle of Lepanto Battle of Lepanto, Virgin Mary, Republic of Venice, Mark the Evangelist, Justina of Padua, Peter, Saint Roch, lion 6 en,fr,it,la,ru,uk
Q1423223 Moonrise over the Sea 6 en,commons,fr,de,hy,ru
Q1523473 April Love scarf, dress, climbing plant, man, woman, April, Tryphena Foord 6 en,be_x_old,be,hy,nl,ru
Q1571678 Le pigeon aux petits pois 6 en,fr,ca,de,es,zh
Q1698794 The Altar of St. John John the Baptist 6 en,commons,ca,de,pl,pt
Q1772871 The Battle of Trafalgar HMS Victory, international maritime signal flag, HMS Achille, Redoutable 6 en,fr,el,es,it,pl
Q1982719 Brig "Mercury" Attacked by Two Turkish Ships Russian brig Mercury, naval battle 6 en,es,hy,ro,ru,tr
Q1995698 The Last Judgment 6 en,commons,fr,eml,it,nl
Q2270291 Basket of Fruit basket, grape, fig, pear, leaf, apple 6 en,fr,es,hr,it,pl
Q2270805 The Boy in the Red Vest 6 en,commons,fr,it,pl,zh
Q2273890 Miracle of the Slave 6 en,commons,fr,es,it,pl
Q2389534 The Hermit Saint 6 en,commons,fr,it,nl,ru
Q2508181 Living Still Life 6 en,fr,be_x_old,pt,ru,uk
Q2535482 Portrait of Andrea Navagero and Agostino Beazzano Agostino Beaziano, Andrea Navagero 6 en,fr,az,es,it,th
Q2711706 Diptych of Maarten Nieuwenhove 6 en,commons,fr,ca,es,pl
Q2990634 Composition VII 6 commons,fr,ca,it,pt,ta
Q3038406 Doña Joanna the Mad 6 en,commons,fr,ca,es,zh
Q3078569 Dormition of the Virgin 6 en,ca,eo,es,pl,pt
Q3204999 The Family of Philip V fountain, violin, oboe, crown, hand fan 6 en,commons,fr,ca,es,pl
Q3207251 La Charmeuse de serpents watercourse, woman, western concert flute, Moon, bird, landscape, reed, snake 6 commons,fr,ca,es,pl,ru
Q3228112 The Old Guitarist guitar, guitarist, man 6 en,fr,fa,it,pt,ta
Q3232010 The Two Fridas Frida Kahlo 6 en,cs,el,es,fa,fr
Q3272393 M-Maybe 6 en,fr,fo,hr,ru,sh
Q3291664 Two Old Men Eating Soup 6 en,fr,el,es,pl,pt
Q3543898 Christ Crucified Jesus Christ, cross 6 en,fr,ca,el,es,pl
Q3607521 At the Moulin Rouge 6 en,fr,el,fa,it,pl
Q3700536 Portrait of a Lady in Blue hat 6 br,ca,es,eu,ru,runews
Q3800774 Sala delle Asse 6 en,commons,fr,it,ro,sr
Q3819135 The Inquisition Tribunal auto-da-fé 6 en,fr,ca,es,eu,pl
Q3825362 Adoration of the Name of God 6 en,fr,ca,es,pl,ru
Q3929306 Girl at the Piano (The Overture to Tannhauser) 6 fr,ca,es,it,pl,ru
Q3929380 A Boy Blowing on an Ember to Light a Candle 6 commons,fr,ca,es,it,pl
Q3937561 Giulio Clovia Giulio Clovio 6 fr,ca,es,it,pl,uk
Q3937719 Portrait of a Young Man with a Lamp 6 en,commons,fr,es,it,uk
Q3937806 Finding of the body of St Mark 6 en,commons,fr,hr,it,pl
Q3956440 The Basket of Apples 6 en,es,hr,nl,sh,zh
Q3976754 The Suicide of Saul 6 en,commons,fr,it,pl,ru
Q3998115 The Three Ages of Man 6 en,commons,es,it,pt,uk
Q4063783 Alyonushka 6 commons,hy,nl,pl,ru,uk
Q4067988 Les orangers 6 en,fr,de,hy,nl,ru
Q4068125 The Apotheosis of War skull 6 commons,az,hy,pl,ru,uk
Q4110588 The Vision to the Youth Bartholomew 6 en,commons,fr,ba,pl,ru
Q4188993 The Beguiling of Merlin 6 en,et,hy,nl,pl,ru
Q4211284 The Stone Bridge 6 en,commons,cv,hy,pl,ru
Q4404599 Sadko 6 fr,br,pl,pt,ro,ru
Q4423965 The Elephants 6 en,fr,es,hy,ru,uk
Q4574726 Dedham Vale 6 en,commons,de,es,nl,no
Q4657050 A Girl with a Watering Can 6 en,commons,es,et,fa,pt
Q4693305 Agnus Dei 6 en,fr,ca,es,hr,sh
Q4892369 The Spanish Wedding 6 en,commons,ca,es,eu,fr
Q5356863 Vintage 6 en,fr,ca,eo,es,it
Q5916308 The Immaculate Conception fountain, mirror 6 en,commons,es,gl,it,pt
Q5965524 The Madonna of Charity 6 commons,ca,es,pl,ru,uk
Q5966323 La coronación de la Virgen (El Greco, Illescas) Virgin Mary, Joseph 6 commons,fr,ca,es,pl,uk
Q6118477 Sant Benet Benedict of Nursia, crosier 6 commons,fr,ca,es,eu,pl
Q6470337 Lady Lilith Lilith 6 en,commons,es,ja,nl,ru
Q7727872 The Courtyard of a House in Delft woman, child, courtyard, Sint-Hieronymusdal 6 en,commons,es,hy,nl,ru
Q9019086 L'apoteosi del dòlar 6 fr,ca,es,hy,ru,uk
Q9072596 The Holy Family with Saint Joachim and Saint Anne Before the Eternal Glory 6 en,fr,ca,eo,es,wuu
Q16020875 The Ambassadors of Agamemnon in the tent of Achilles Ajax the Great, zither, Q3177945, soldier, nudity, Patroclus, phoenix, Odysseus, state visit 6 en,fr,cv,it,lt,pt
Q16275077 The Beloved 6 en,ca,el,hy,pl,ru
Q16549755 Dynamism of a Cyclist 6 en,fr,de,es,it,pl
Q17338285 Peace Urges the Churches to Tolerance Martin Luther, John Calvin, pope, charity 6 ast,ca,es,eu,gl,no
Q19682454 Along the Banks of the Marne 6 fr,ca,es,hy,it,ru
Q650526 Landscape with a Carriage and a Train landscape, carriage, train, road, tree, paddy field, house, cloud, man, Flowers, plough, fence 5 en,commons,hy,pl,ru
Q921351 Admonitions Scroll 5 en,commons,es,hu,zh
Q945250 Portrait of Francesco delle Opere 5 en,commons,fr,it,pl
Q974414 Blind Man's Bluff 5 en,commons,fr,es,simple
Q987711 Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion 5 en,fr,ca,es,zh
Q1052784 The Elephant Celebes 5 en,fr,de,it,tr
Q1133103 Portrait of the Vendramin Family Vendramin 5 en,commons,br,he,it
Q1162671 Houses at l'Estaque 5 en,ca,de,es,fr
Q1215809 San Marco Altarpiece 5 en,commons,fr,it,la
Q1237863 Pollice Verso 5 en,fr,hy,la,ru
Q1293985 Piger ved Seinens bred 5 da,es,hu,it,sv
Q1445581 Tuna Fishing 5 en,fr,he,ru,uk
Q1446552 Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach 5 en,fr,it,ru,uk
Q1448203 The Conversion of Saint Paul conversion of Paul the Apostle 5 en,commons,fr,es,it
Q1451490 Woman at a Window 5 commons,fr,de,nl,sv
Q1555137 Portrait of Wally Wally Neuzil 5 en,fr,de,fa,zh
Q1632817 Q1632817 5 commons,fr,es,it,nl
Q1994442 Portrait of a Woman woman 5 commons,es,it,pl,sk
Q1999166 Music 5 en,he,it,nl,ru
Q2017819 Portrait of a Woman 5 commons,hy,it,ru,uk
Q2067674 The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft Which Can Be Used As a Table 5 en,fr,he,ru,uk
Q2272215 I and the Village 5 en,he,it,pt,sr
Q2275353 Saint Francis in Prayer 5 en,fr,es,it,th
Q2275371 Saint Francis in Meditation 5 en,fr,es,it,th
Q2303407 Panorama of the Battle of Waterloo 5 en,commons,fr,nl,sv
Q2509326 Slave Market with the Disappearing Bust of Voltaire 5 en,fr,he,ru,uk
Q2600797 Hands flying off toward the constellations 5 en,ca,es,ja,ru
Q2814164 La batalla de Tetuan 5 commons,fr,ca,es,pt
Q2873092 Autumn Rhythm (Number 30) 5 en,fr,de,fa,it
Q2898121 The Death of Actaeon 5 en,fr,be,he,ru
Q2906387 Eight Elvises 5 en,es,he,lt,zh
Q3025377 Altar frontal from Avià 5 en,commons,ca,es,fr
Q3025380 Altar frontal from La Seu d'Urgell or of The Apostles 5 en,commons,ca,es,fr
Q3038404 Doña Antonia de Ipeñarrieta y Galdós and Her Son Don Luis gemstone 5 en,commons,ca,es,fr
Q3041737 The Actor 5 en,fr,it,pt,zh_yue
Q3071934 The Consecration of Saint Augustine Augustine of Hippo 5 en,commons,ca,es,fr
Q3075292 Saint Paul 5 en,commons,ca,es,fr
Q3132791 Landscape with Polyphemus landscape, Polyphemus 5 en,fr,es,pl,uk
Q3155095 Isabel la Catòlica dictant el seu testament Isabella I of Castile, will, Medina del Campo, Ferdinand II of Aragon, Joanna of Castile, Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros 5 fr,ca,eo,es,gl
Q3208041 The Last Supper 5 fr,es,it,ja,pl
Q3292190 Men Reading 5 en,fr,es,pl,pt
Q3395790 San Pietro Polyptych Peter 5 en,commons,fr,es,it
Q3428032 Jabach Altarpiece 5 en,commons,fr,it,pl
Q3428050 Christ with singing and music-making Angels 5 commons,fr,ca,nl,pl
Q3451328 The Graham Children 5 en,commons,es,it,simple
Q3464088 Saint Serapion 5 en,fr,br,es,nl
Q3525080 The Family of Philip V Ferdinand VI of Spain, Philip V of Spain, Louis I of Spain, Elisabeth Farnese, Charles III of Spain, Mariana Victoria of Spain, flower, royal family, monk, Order of the Holy Spirit, dog, Philip, Duke of Parma, painting 5 en,fr,ca,es,pl
Q3604760 Момиче върху топка 5 bg,hy,it,ru,uk
Q3607539 In the Salon at the Rue des Moulins 5 fr,es,it,nl,pl
Q3607561 Q3607561 5 commons,fr,es,it,nl
Q3608011 Tree and House 5 es,et,eu,it,ka
Q3614563 Amor and Psyche (van Dyck) 5 en,hy,it,pl,ru
Q3646554 Snow Storm: Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps 5 en,fr,es,it,pt
Q3649296 The Hunt in the Forest 5 en,commons,fr,it,th
Q3656034 Portrait of a Youth 5 bg,it,pl,ru,uk
Q3696827 The Creation of the Sun, Moon and Planets 5 en,commons,es,it,uk
Q3773123 Woman Reading Caroline Joblaud 5 en,ar,br,ca,es
Q3788057 La pradera de sant Isidre guitar, Golden Fleece, carriage 5 fr,ca,es,ru,uk
Q3794660 A Cotton Office in New Orleans factory, man, newspaper, New Orleans, reading, sales 5 en,fr,de,hy,it
Q3820975 La Mariée 5 en,be,bg,ca,it
Q3824633 La Toilette fauteuil, woman, nudity, sitting, clothing 5 fr,es,eu,it,nl
Q3825595 Anníbal vencedor contempla per primera vegada Itàlia des dels Alps 5 commons,fr,ca,es,pl
Q3826029 La família de l'infant Lluís de Borbó 5 fr,ca,es,it,pl
Q3850306 Martyrdom of Four Saints 5 en,commons,es,it,pl
Q3907528 Saint Barbara Altarpiece Saint Barbara 5 en,commons,cs,fi,it
Q3929351 The Girls on the Bridge 5 de,hy,it,nl,ru
Q3937623 Portrait of Maria Portinari woman 5 en,commons,it,pt,zh
Q3937673 Portrait of Vincenzo Mosti 5 en,commons,fr,it,ru
Q3947520 Q3947520 Louis of Toulouse 5 commons,es,it,nl,pl
Q4003071 Ulysses deriding Polyphemus 5 en,fr,es,it,uk
Q4008601 Vanity 5 en,commons,ca,es,it
Q4091893 Nevermore 5 ca,es,hy,it,ru
Q4131769 The Skater 5 en,fr,et,pl,ru
Q4197021 Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May 5 en,br,es,ru,vi
Q4198276 Isabella and the Pot of Basil flower 5 en,be_x_old,it,nl,ru
Q4273903 Los zancos stilts 5 fr,es,hy,ru,uk
Q4410569 Nero's Torches 5 en,commons,pl,ru,uk
Q4459682 Theotokos of Tolga 5 en,commons,fr,pl,ru
Q4722116 Alfonso d'Avalos Addressing his Troops armor, combat helmet, sword, spear 5 en,commons,fr,es,it
Q5227835 The Gallant Conversation, known as Paternal Admonition 5 en,commons,es,pl,th
Q5560923 Portrait of a Doctor man, gemstone 5 en,commons,es,eu,pl
Q5564463 Girl at Sewing Machine sewing machine, mirror, woman, cloth, window, sky, chair, picture frame, sideboard 5 en,fr,eml,pt,uk
Q5824027 The Baptism of Christ Baptism of Jesus 5 commons,fr,ca,es,pl
Q5949742 The Martyrdom of St. Maurice Saint Maurice 5 commons,fr,es,ja,pl
Q5966793 An Allegory with a Boy Lighting a Candle in the Company of an Ape and a Fool (Fábula) 5 commons,fr,ca,es,pl
Q6046671 Interior man, woman, lamp, bed, room, carpet, table, painting, fireplace 5 en,fr,fa,it,pt
Q6106772 An Elderly Gentleman man 5 commons,ca,es,eu,pl
Q6368790 Pilgrimage to the Fountain of San Isidro 5 en,fr,es,pl,ru
Q6980131 Nativity at Night Virgin Mary, Child Jesus, Joseph, angel, donkey 5 en,commons,az,nl,pl
Q7661687 Symphony in White, No. 2: The Little White Girl 5 en,it,nl,pl,pt
Q7715071 The Awakening Conscience fallen woman, couple, house cat, bird, interior 5 en,commons,it,pl,ru
Q7766701 The Storm at Sea 5 en,fr,es,nl,pl
Q8037781 Wrestlers 5 en,commons,fr,ru,simple
Q8202299 Apparition of the Apostle Peter to Saint Peter Nolasco Peter 5 fr,es,gl,nl,pl
Q8770466 Two Old Men 5 en,fr,el,es,pl
Q8773579 Q8773579 guitar 5 commons,fr,es,it,pl
Q9074362 Retaule de Sant Domènec de Silos Dominic of Silos 5 commons,ca,cs,es,gl
Q9366873 The Fall of Phaeton 5 en,ca,ja,pl,sv
Q10977752 Les floreres 5 fr,ast,ca,es,it
Q10985764 The Battle of Lepanto 5 en,es,fa,no,tl
Q11800605 The Last Supper 5 be,hy,pl,ru,uk
Q13381307 Ceremonial Sitting of the State Council on 7 May 1901 Marking the Centenary of its Foundation 5 commons,fr,az,ru,sk
Q16685337 The History of Mexico 5 en,fr,ca,es,pt
Q16939042 Jealousy 5 en,fr,fa,hy,ru
Q17166015 Kent vs Lancashire at Canterbury 5 en,fr,kw,nrm,simple
Q17429571 La Blanchisseuse 5 en,commons,fr,fa,nl
Q18112999 The Knife Grinder knife grinder 5 en,fr,ca,es,ru
Q19829089 Houses at Auvers 5 en,commons,fr,fa,tr
Q19905154 Portrait of a Man man, hat 5 en,af,ca,es,nl
Q20087515 Youth on the Prow, and Pleasure at the Helm 5 en,commons,es,fa,pt
Q20808455 Ecce Homo 5 commons,es,it,nl,sr
Q22284213 Head of a clown 5 en,bg,es,nl,no
Q29458467 Bolshevik red flag, Bolsheviks, crowd, street, church building, building, October Revolution, Q19183360, city, beard, Telogreika, dome, sky 5 commons,fr,pl,ru,tr
Q884782 Cross in the Mountains tree, hill, Jesus Christ, crucifixion of Jesus, sky, cloud, crepuscular ray 4 fr,de,gl,pl
Q935351 Altarpiece of Saints Ursula, Martin and Anthony Anthony the Great, Martin of Tours, Saint Ursula 4 en,commons,ca,it
Q940886 El paseo de Andalucía 4 fr,es,pl,pt
Q948277 Man Writing a Letter man, letter, chair, painting, window, tablecloth, globe, hat 4 en,es,nl,pl
Q1113749 Portrait of Fra Antonio Martelli Antonio Martelli 4 en,fr,es,it
Q1131019 The Story of Nastagio Degli Onesti, part one ship 4 en,fr,it,la
Q1163504 Masked Ball at the Opera masquerade ball, opera house, top hat, mask 4 fr,de,it,nl
Q1197591 The Dream of St. Ursula Saint Ursula, angel 4 commons,de,it,pl
Q1214931 Mother Lacing Her Bodice beside a Cradle 4 en,commons,de,es
Q1237596 Vertumnus and Pomona 4 en,fr,it,la
Q1238886 A Man with a Quilted Sleeve 4 en,es,it,la
Q1549584 Großstadt (Otto Dix) 4 en,fr,de,sv
Q1621646 Q1621646 4 commons,fr,de,pl
Q1820460 Les Bretonnes au Pardon 4 en,commons,de,fr
Q1982400 The Funeral of the Anarchist Galli 4 en,fr,he,it
Q2248691 Last Judgement 4 commons,ca,es,nl
Q2592400 Q2592400 horse 4 commons,lv,nl,pl
Q2680589 The Agony in the Garden Agony in the Garden, angel, soldier 4 es,it,pl,uk
Q2872369 Altar frontal from Tavèrnoles 4 en,ca,es,fr
Q2883671 Religion saved by Spain armor, combat helmet, shield, sword, spear, cross 4 en,commons,ca,es
Q2918824 The Portrait human eye, knife, fork, drinking glass, plate, pancake, wine bottle 4 en,fa,he,sl
Q2920341 The First Days of Spring 4 en,he,ru,uk
Q2972870 Five women on the street 4 fr,de,es,it
Q3069475 Man and Woman in Front of a Pile of Excrement 4 en,fr,ca,ru
Q3171855 Young Omahaw, War Eagle, Little Missouri, and Pawnees award, necklace, earring, arrowhead, Chief War Eagle 4 en,commons,da,ru
Q3201883 Love and Psyche Cupid and Psyche, chaise longue, bow, mountain, tree, curtain 4 en,commons,fr,it
Q3209975 La Lecture 4 en,fr,es,pt
Q3210239 Twittering Machine 4 en,ca,fa,fr
Q3211900 At the Theatre (La Première Sortie) 4 fr,es,eu,nl
Q3212566 The Potato Harvest potato 4 en,fr,eu,nl
Q3220280 Baptism of the Neophytes 4 commons,fr,es,it
Q3223625 Young Saint John the Baptist with ram John the Baptist 4 fr,br,es,it
Q3227448 Le Suicidé 4 en,de,es,fr
Q3412132 Fishermen at Sea 4 en,fr,it,sv
Q3464453 Saint Agatha Agatha of Sicily 4 fr,es,nl,pl
Q3473161 Sappho and Phaon 4 en,commons,fr,it
Q3558043 Perseus Freeing Andromeda 4 en,commons,el,it
Q3567592 Whaam! combat 4 en,commons,es,fr
Q3685303 Composition X 4 commons,ca,it,pt
Q3705918 Desco da parto 4 en,commons,es,it
Q3712512 Twelve Flemish proverbs 4 commons,fr,it,pl
Q3743879 The Worship of Venus hand mirror, sculpture 4 en,commons,es,it
Q3754341 The Smoker pipe smoking, man 4 fr,ca,es,it
Q3766163 Young Woman Powdering Herself 4 en,commons,it,pt
Q3778533 La Guerre cadaver, horse, raven, sword, woman, broad-leaved tree, cloud, torch, Pute 4 fr,cs,es,it
Q3794919 Flatford Mill 4 en,fr,it,uk
Q3800929 Russian Winter. Hoarfrost 4 en,fr,es,it
Q3815496 Altarpiece of the Saints John John the Baptist, John the Evangelist 4 en,commons,ca,es
Q3816243 Woman in Hat and Fur Collar 4 en,ca,es,fa
Q3822640 The big enclosure 4 commons,fr,de,it
Q3823444 Circus Sideshow circus 4 en,commons,hr,it
Q3825991 Autoretrat al taller Francisco Goya 4 fr,ca,es,pl
Q3832428 Lilac Bush flower 4 commons,fr,it,pl
Q3842705 Alzano Madonna 4 en,commons,it,nl
Q3874439 Beware of Luxury (“In Weelde Siet Toe”) 4 commons,ca,it,la
Q3937422 Man with a Roman coin Bernardo Bembo 4 en,commons,it,pl
Q3937511 Portrait of Eleonora Gonzaga Eleonora Gonzaga 4 commons,ca,es,it
Q3937523 Portrait of Federico da Montefeltro with His Son Guidobaldo 4 en,fr,es,it
Q3937527 Portrait of Federico II Gonzaga 4 en,commons,es,it
Q3937542 Portrait of Galeazzo Sanvitale Gian Galeazzo Sanvitale, body armor, beard, helmet 4 en,commons,fa,it
Q3937546 Portrait of Giovanni di Nicolao Arnolfini 4 en,fr,ca,it
Q3937655 Portrait of Pier Maria Rossi di San Secondo Pier Maria III de' Rossi, sword 4 en,commons,fa,it
Q3944145 Marriage à-la-mode: 2. The Tête à Tête man, woman, dog, painting, room 4 en,commons,es,ro
Q3947293 Q3947293 Jerome, donor 4 commons,fr,it,uk
Q3948677 St. Augustine in His Study Augustine of Hippo 4 en,commons,it,pl
Q3955632 The Separation of the Earth and Waters 4 commons,es,it,uk
Q3964103 Q3964103 4 commons,fr,it,pl
Q3976302 Study after Velázquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X Innocent X 4 en,fr,fa,it
Q3985190 Head of Peasant peasant, head 4 commons,fr,it,pl
Q3992111 Tobias and the Angel Tobias 4 fr,it,pl,uk
Q4009224 Naval Battle in the Gulf of Naples 4 commons,fr,it,uk
Q4014789 Q4014789 4 commons,de,it,pl
Q4034252 Aquis Submersus 4 en,de,pt,ru
Q4087905 Blessed Be the Host of the King of Heaven 4 en,commons,fr,ru
Q4095682 Giant Peacock Moth plant, Saturnia pyri 4 commons,hy,pl,ru
Q4127254 Horsewoman 4 fr,hy,ru,uk
Q4147036 Bubbles 4 en,hy,ru,th
Q4167947 Terror Antiquus 4 fr,fi,ru,uk
Q4199028 Q4199028 4 commons,ru,sr,uk
Q4247398 El bany del cavall vermell 4 fr,ca,pl,ru
Q4304117 Moscow patio 4 fr,eo,pl,ru
Q4307180 Look Mickey 4 en,fa,fo,fr
Q4380958 Illumined Pleasures 4 az,es,ksh,ru
Q4503153 Q4503153 4 en,commons,fr,ru
Q4518724 The Black Sea Black Sea 4 cv,ro,ru,uk
Q4656515 A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society 4 en,hy,ru,uk
Q4659044 A Procession of Flagellants 4 en,fr,es,pl
Q4660742 A Woman Walking in a Garden 4 en,commons,el,ka
Q4850367 Baldachin from Tost 4 en,commons,ca,es
Q5015478 Veronica Veronese Alexa Wilding 4 en,commons,br,ru
Q5015669 Love's Messenger 4 en,ca,pl,ru
Q5036652 Captain George K. H. Coussmaker horse, George Coussmaker 4 en,ca,es,simple
Q5108847 Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple 4 en,ca,es,pl
Q5108848 Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple (1571) Cleansing of the Temple, Jesus Christ 4 en,ca,es,pl
Q5108852 Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple 4 en,ca,es,pl
Q5121363 Circe Invidiosa 4 en,fr,ca,la
Q5128805 Portrait of Clarissa Strozzi 4 en,fa,nl,pl
Q5134111 Clinton Family Portrait 4 en,es,ja,simple
Q5136665 Early Spring 4 en,commons,es,zh
Q5392381 Immaculate Conception Virgin Mary 4 commons,ca,es,pl
Q5411596 The Annunciation 4 commons,ca,es,it
Q5435849 Farmhouse in Provence house, tree 4 en,commons,fa,ka
Q5658259 Adoration of the name of Jesus 4 commons,ca,es,pl
Q5683910 Tràfic de blanques 4 ca,es,eu,zh
Q5693444 Baptism of Christ Baptism of Jesus 4 commons,es,it,pl
Q5722643 Hogarth's Servants 4 en,es,simple,sv
Q5801323 The Defense of Cadiz Against the English Cádiz Expedition, armor, firearm, cannon, combat helmet, shield, sword, spear, flag, seat, ship, galleon, sailboat 4 es,eu,hr,sh
Q5823248 Christ the Saviour orb 4 commons,es,eu,it
Q5841454 Sant Andreu i Sant Francesc Andrew, Francis of Assisi 4 commons,ca,es,pl
Q5906551 Hércules lucha contra la hidra de Lerna 4 es,hr,pl,sh
Q5961888 Adoration of the Magi Child Jesus 4 en,commons,es,gl
Q5965719 La anunciación (El Greco, Illescas) 4 commons,ca,es,pl
Q5965729 The Annunciation lute, recorder 4 commons,ca,es,pl
Q5966352 La Crucifixió de Crist Jesus Christ, cross 4 commons,ca,es,pl
Q5971284 Regentesses of the Old Men's Almshouse 4 en,ca,es,hr
Q6062566 The Ironworkers’ Noontime 4 en,da,fa,tr
Q6071513 La Pentecosta 4 commons,ca,es,pl
Q6075225 Lamentation 4 fr,es,it,pl
Q6116827 La Sagrada Família Holy Family, Saint Anne 4 commons,ca,es,it
Q6116829 Q6116829 4 commons,es,it,pl
Q6119109 Sant Joan Baptista i Sant Francesc d'Asis Francis of Assisi, John the Evangelist 4 commons,ca,es,pl
Q6126670 Woman and a maid with a pail of fish in a courtyard 4 en,fr,es,ka
Q6135245 Sueño de una Tarde Dominical en la Alameda Central 4 en,commons,es,fr
Q6163843 Jason and Medea 4 en,hr,sh,uk
Q6175060 Últimos momentos de Fernando IV el Emplazado hourglass 4 commons,fr,es,pl
Q6375502 Las gigantillas 4 fr,es,ru,uk
Q6461660 La Nativitat Nativity of Jesus 4 commons,ca,es,pl
Q6622215 I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold 5 4 en,az,fa,he
Q6677931 Феодосия. Уйăхлă каç 4 cv,ro,ru,uk
Q6746233 Man Mocked by Two Women 4 en,fr,es,pl
Q6875987 Miss Amelia Van Buren Amelia Van Buren 4 commons,ca,de,en
Q6888851 Modern Rome – Campo Vaccino 4 en,fr,la,ru
Q6901173 Monna Rosa flower 4 en,et,pt,ru
Q7194972 Night Revels of Han Xizai 4 id,vi,zh_classical,zh
Q7232351 Portrait of the Artist's Mother at the Age of 63 4 en,commons,es,uk
Q7439713 Scène d'été 4 en,commons,fr,it