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Constraint violations report for chemical formula (Discussion, uses, items, changes, related properties): description of chemical compound based on element symbols
Data time stamp: (UTC) — Items processed: 151,919
The report is generated based on the settings on Property talk:P274.
Updates overwrite this page. Some may already be fixed since the last update: check RecentChangesLinked.
When incremental dumps and the bot work as planned, items fixed before 07:00 UTC disappear in the next update. The report is not updated if only the item count changes.
The report can include false positives. No need to "fix" them.

"Single value" violations[edit]

Violations count: 62

  • Q174936: C₂₄H₄₂O₂₁, (C6H10O5)n
  • Q367994: CaCN₂, CCaN₂
  • Q407258: CaSO₄, CaO₄S
  • Q410179: C₁₁H₁₈N₂O₂S, C₁₁H₁₇N₂NaO₂S
  • Q417443: Fe(Pb,Sn)₆Sn₂Sb₂S₁₄, Pb₂₁.₇Sn₉.₃Fe₄.₀Sb₈.₁S₅₆.₉
  • Q421854: C₄H₆CuO₄, Cu2(CH3CO2)4(H2O)2
  • Q808221: BaI₂O₆, Ba(IO₃)₂
  • Q906013: PaCl₅, Cl₅Pa
  • Q1083757: C₁₄H₁₅N₅O₅S₂, C₂₀H₂₅N₅O₇S₂
  • Q1444906: H₂, H[₂H]
  • Q1786341: CH₃N₂Se, CH₄N₂Se
  • Q1890171: MnC₁₅H₂₁O₆, [Mn(C₅H₇O₂)₃]
  • Q2622391: Ni₃Fe, Ni₂Fe
  • Q2718921: NdNbO₄, YNbO₄
  • Q3045746: (Cs,Tl,☐)(Hg,Cu,Zn)₆(As,Sb)₄S₁₂, (Hg₅Cu)CsAs₄S₁₂
  • Q3651361: AgCu₇Te₁₀, Cu₅₋ₓ (Cu,Ag)₃₊ₓTe₁₀(with x=0.43)
  • Q3748270: Al(HCOO)₃, C₃H₃AlO₆
  • Q3757667: C₇H₅BiO₆, C₇H₆BiO₆
  • Q3809537: FeS·Fe₂S₃, Fe₃S₄
  • Q3827531: (Ca,Na)₂(Nb,Fe³⁺,Ti)₂O₆, Ca₂NbFe³⁺O₆
  • Q3896894: ☐Mn²⁺Na(Mg₄Fe³⁺)Si₈O₂₂(OH)₂, ☐(NaMn²⁺)(Mg₄Fe³⁺)Si₈O₂₂(OH)₂
  • Q3906788: Pb₂Sb₅S₅, Pb₄.₅Sb₄.₅S₁₁
  • Q3998748: LiCF₃SO₃, CF₃LiO₃S
  • Q4014773: Na₈(AlSiO₄)₆O₂₄(SO₄)·2H₂O, Na₈(Al₆Si₆)O₂₄(SO₄)·2H₂O
  • Q4413546: Au₂(SeO₄)₃, Au₂O₁₂Se₃
  • Q4456604: (NH₄)₂B₄O₇, B₄H₈N₂O₇
  • Q4498205: DCl, ²HCl
  • Q7039308: C₁₀H₂₅NbO₅, Nb(OC₂H₅)₅
  • Q7234706: F₇K₂Ta, K₂[TaF₇]
  • Q9207442: Fe₄O₂₁P₆, Fe₄(P₂O₇)₃
  • Q10373018: K₂ZrF₆, F₆K₂Zr
  • Q10843705: C₃H₆Cl₂O, C3H6Cl2O
  • Q11129395: AuCl₄Cs, Cs[AuCl₄]
  • Q15427074: N₅P₃, P₃N₅
  • Q15627922: K₂C₂O₄(O₂), C₂K₂O₆
  • Q15627936: KVO₃, KO₃V
  • Q15632806: MoCl₆, Cl₆Mo
  • Q15643847: KZnI₃, I₃KZn
  • Q15725555: K₄Zr(SO₄)₄, K₄O₁₆S₄Zr
  • Q15725556: K₂Zn(SO₄)₂, K₂O₈S₂Zn
  • Q15730263: Cu₂HgI₄, Cu₂[HgI₄]
  • Q15951093: LiHCO₃, CHLiO₃
  • Q16635988: K₂Pt(SCN)₆, C₆K₂N₆PtS₆
  • Q18211701: Mg(BrO₃)₂, Br₂MgO₆
  • Q18211720: Mg(NO₂)₂, MgN₂O₄
  • Q18211726: MgSeO₄, MgO₄Se
  • Q18211771: MnB₄O₇, B₄MnO₇
  • Q18620079: C₁₆H₁₀N₂Na₂O₈S₂, C16H12N2O8S2.2Na
  • Q19767695: PbZn₂(Mn,Y)(Ti,Fe³⁺)₁₈O₃₇(OH,O), PbZn₂(Mn,Y)(Ti,Fe³⁺)₁₈O₃₆(OH,O)₂
  • Q19810683: Ca₄Be₃AlSi₉O₂₅(OH)₃, Ca₄Be₃₊ₓAl₁₋ₓSi₉O₂₅₋ₓ(OH)₃₊ₓ (x=0 to 1)
  • Q19833316: CuCl(N₃C₂H₂)(NH₃)·0.25H₂O, Cu₂Cl(N₃C₂H₂)₂(NH₃,Cl,H₂O,☐)₄
  • Q19862075: Na₂Zr(Si₆O₁₅)·2.5H₂O, Na₂Zr(Si₆O₁₅)(H₂O)₃
  • Q19862111: Ba(UO₂)₂(PO₄)₂·6H₂O, Ba(UO₂)₂(PO₄)₂·7H₂O
  • Q20979774: (NH₄)₃[RhCl₆], Cl₆H₁₂N₃Rh
  • Q20979795: (NH₄)₂[PdCl₄], Cl₄H₈N₂Pd
  • Q20982330: Hg(IO₃)₂, HgI₂O₆
  • Q20986149: Pr(CH₃COO)₃, C₆H₉O₆Pr
  • Q26690594: Na₂SeO₄·10H₂O, H₂₀Na₂O₁₄Se
  • Q27096921: C₁₇H₂₈O₄, C17H28O4
  • Q27116056: C₁₂H₁₀O, C12H10O
  • Q27225153: H₁₂MnO₁₀S, Mn²⁺SO₄·6H₂O
  • Q27225154: H₁₀MnO₉S, Mn²⁺SO₄·5H₂O

"Format" violations[edit]

Violations count: 7879

Too many results. 2878 records skipped.

"Type chemical compound (Q11173), ion (Q36496), chemical element (Q11344), simple substance (Q2512777)" violations[edit]

Violations count: 2726

Types statistics[edit]

"Conflicts with general formula (P1673)" violations[edit]

Violations count: 0