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distributed games and contraint violations

Jura1 (talkcontribs)

I start noticing some odd edits from the "constraint violations" games. Maybe we should do some more filtering and suggest different actions.

For constraints that aren't mandatory, an action is likely to save it as an exception, but then maybe non mandatory ones shouldn't flow into the game. Personally, I usually don't bother saving exceptions.

Sample 1

Q18275289 [Q18275289]

Auto | pt

Automatic description failed.


This property is generally expected to contain only a single value.

Possible correction

Remove statement (Renée Shann, People Australia ID, 972717)

For this, nothing should really be done. I wonder if any of the "external identifier" properties should have a problem with multiple identifiers being added even if the default is a "single value" constraint.

Suggested actions:

  • remove all cases where the property has "external identifier" datatype
  • add option "save exception"
  • try to deal with mandatory constraints first
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