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Sample echo notifications window.

By default, the Mention event at the user's echo notification preferences is activated and configured in order to notify the user when someone else creates a link to their userpage. This method of notification is named echo notifications.

This template takes advantage of this feature so you can let another user know that their username was mentioned somewhere outside of their talkpage.


All you have to do is to type {{Reply|username}}, where username shall be replaced by the actual username of the user/editor to whom you want to address an echo notification.

E.g.: let's suppose that you want to leave a message to the user Test but you don't want to put such message at their talk page, because you're discussing something somewhere else and, for whatever reason, you just wish to let that user know that they were mentioned by you, in that discussion. In such case, all you have to do is to place the code {{Reply|Test}}, then type your text, save your edit, and that's it.

Here's a simulation of a discussion between users Test123 and Test456. The discussion is taking effect at some random talk page:

  • Hey, {{Reply|Test123}}, just passing by to ask you if you really intend to create that new template... Test456 (talk) 02:59, 11 November 2014 (UTC)
  • {{Reply|Test456}}: yes, definitely, I do intend. However, I'm waiting for {{Reply|Test}}'s reply to my request. I need them to help us with the code. Test123 (talk) 03:03, 11 November 2014 (UTC)
  • {{Reply|Test123}}: okay, then. Let's wait. Test456 (talk) 03:15, 11 November 2014 (UTC)


  • Do not substitute this template!
  • Do not insert this template in a section header: instead, use it inline (see the simulation/example above).