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A template is a Wikidata page created to be included in other pages. Templates usually contain repetitive material that might need to show up on a larger number of articles or pages.

The most common method of inclusion is called transclusion, where the wikitext of the target page contains a reference to the template, using the {{Template name}} syntax.

This page provide a comprehensive guide to explore and discover templates in Wikidata.

Link templates[edit]

Some templates provides an easy way to link to some kind of things in Wikidata.

Concept Template Example
Items {{Q}} {{Q|5}}human (Q5)
Properties {{P}} {{P|31}}instance of (P31)
Lexemes {{L}} {{L|1}}ama/𒂼 (L1)
Statements {{Statement}} {{Statement|Q42|P31|Q5}}Douglas Adams (Q42)instance of (P31)human (Q5)
WikiProject {{Project}} {{Project|Templates}}WikiProject Templates
Data types {{Datatype}} {{Datatype|geo-shape}}Geographic shape

Sidenote: MediaWiki templates on this wiki can be linked with {{Template}}.

Notification templates[edit]

Some templates are useful to create notifications. For instance, {{Ping}} provides notifications for users and {{Ping project}} notify participants to a WikiProject.

Voting templates[edit]

Voting templates are useful to vote in a discussion. One can use {{Support}} or {{Oppose}}.

Documentation templates[edit]

Documentation templates are used for documentation. {{Property documentation}} provides documentation for properties and {{Item documentation}} provides documentation for items.

There are also class specific templates such as {{TP given name}}, {{TP family name}}, {{TP administrative area}},{{TP award}},{{TP organization}}.

SPARQL templates[edit]

SPARQL templates provides a way to insert SPARQL queries in Wikidata.

{{SPARQL}}, {{SPARQL2}}, {{SPARQL Inline}} and {{SPARQL Box}} provide different layout solutions.

{{Query page}} provides a template to write a query in a dedicated subpage.

For simple queries that only consist of some (subject, predicate, object) triple, you can use {{Quickquery}}.

Layout templates[edit]

{{Colorbar}} provide a graphical element which can be displayed in a page.

Graphic templates[edit]

Internationalisation templates[edit]

{{LangSwitch}} provides a solution to multilingual text in a page.

Templates for user pages[edit]

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