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The {{Statement}} template is used to generate a linked and localized (entity-)property-value(-qualifier-qualifiervalue) sequence. Parameter 1 and the parameters 4 and 5 together are optional. IDs (and sequences of numbers) will be linked automatically. The "Q" prefix is optional and for parameters 2 and 4 the "P" prefix is optional. For example,

{{Statement||P31|Q5}} gives instance of (P31)  human (Q5)
{{Statement|Q42|P31|Q5}} gives Douglas Adams (Q42)instance of (P31)  human (Q5)
{{Statement|42|31|5}} gives Douglas Adams (Q42)instance of (P31)  human (Q5), too
{{Statement|42|26|14623681|580|25 November 1991}} gives Douglas Adams (Q42)spouse (P26)  Jane Belson (Q14623681) / start time (P580)25 November 1991
{{statement|P3713|P2302|Q21510864|P2306|P1855}} gives category for value not in Wikidata (P3713)property constraint (P2302)  value requires statement constraint (Q21510864) / property (P2306)Wikidata property example (P1855)

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