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Adding links to data items[edit]

For linking data items to:

Adding links in wikitext[edit]

See mw:Help:Links and Help:Templates#Link templates.

Linking a Wikimedia page for a data item[edit]

If a data item has sitelinks you can link sites linked via the sitelinks with Special:GoToLinkedPage.

For example Special:GoToLinkedPage/en/Q5 will link the English Wikipedia article for human (Q5).

Linking an external identifier for a data item[edit]

This can be done via the Hub.

For example the full work available at URL (P953) value for HTML5 (Q2053) can be linked via or toolforge:hub/Q2053?property=P953 within this wiki.

Linking a data item by other criteria[edit]

This can be done via the Hub.

For example to link the Wikidata item for a specific file extension (P1195) value (e.g. css) can be done with or toolforge:hub/P1195:css?site=wd within this wiki.