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instance of (P31) -> painting (Q3305213) & creator (P170) -> Raja Ravi Varma (Q333453)

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image label collection inventory number catalog code inception RKDimages ID Joconde ID Bildindex der Kunst und Architektur ID Art UK artwork ID described at URL
Raja Ravi Varma - Portrait of a Lady - Google Art Project.jpg
Portrait of a Lady National Gallery of Modern Art 1670 1850s
Raja Ravi Varma - Woman Holding a Fruit - Google Art Project.jpg
Woman Holding a Fruit National Gallery of Modern Art 11723 1850s
Ravi Varma-Shakuntala stops to look back.jpg
Shakuntala Sree Chitra Art Gallery 1870
Nair Lady Adorning Her Hair.jpg
Nair lady Adorning Her Hair 1873
Shakuntala Patralekhan.jpg
Shakuntala Patra-lekhan private collection 1876
Raja Ravi Varma - Shakuntala writing a love letter on a lotus leaf.jpg
Shakuntala writing a love letter on a lotus leaf Ashmolean Museum EAX.2502 1880s
The Maharani of Travancore Royal Collection RCIN 404097 1887
Raja Ravi Varma, Galaxy of Musicians.jpg
Galaxy of Musicians 1889
Raja Ravi Varma, There Comes Papa (1893).jpg
There Comes Papa Kowdiar Palace 1893
Raja Ravi Varma - Woman Holding a Fan VA AC 2006AU7185.jpg
Woman Holding a Fan Victoria and Albert Museum IS.59-1978 1895 woman-holding-a-fan-30320
Raja Ravi Varma, Reclining Woman.jpg
Reclining Woman private collection 1902
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