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This list shows the number of human (Q5) female (Q6581072) items per profession (Q28640) in descending order. Note that these numbers do not add up to the total number of women on Wikidata. This is because lots of women have more than one occupation (P106) assigned to them, and lots of women have zero occupation (P106) assigned to them. Please help add occupations to women items! On the right is a sample woman item with this occupation - feel free to correct obvious errors (especially near the bottom of this list)

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occupation description total item sample
actor person who acts in a dramatic or comic production and works in film, television, theatre, or radio 87157 Q33999 Jenna Jameson
politician person involved in politics, person who holds or seeks positions in government 56018 Q82955 Michelle Bachelet
writer person who uses written words to communicate ideas and to produce works of literature 55631 Q36180 Linda Lovelace
researcher professional who engages in research 41020 Q1650915 Jing Li
singer person singing for a listening audience 37838 Q177220 Patti Smith
journalist person who collects, writes and distributes news and other information 22215 Q1930187 Rachel Maddow
painter artist who practices painting 22061 Q1028181 Marie-Anne Pierrette Paulze
film actor actor who appears in films or movies 19707 Q10800557 Jenna Jameson
model person employed to display, advertise and promote products, or to serve as a visual aid 15155 Q4610556 Jenna Jameson
poet person who writes and publishes poetry 12483 Q49757 Patti Smith
athletics competitor sportsperson that competes in athletics (track and field, running, walking) 10708 Q11513337 Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
association football player person who plays association football (soccer) 10597 Q937857 Rachel Brown
stage actor actor who performs live before an in-person audience 10563 Q2259451 Brigitte Fontaine
television actor actor who performs on television 8996 Q10798782 Meryl Streep
university teacher person teaching at a university 8558 Q1622272 Grace Hopper
novelist author or writer of novels 8512 Q6625963 Brigitte Fontaine
artist person who creates, practises and/or demonstrates any art 8057 Q483501 Fee Plumley
author creator of an original work 7582 Q482980 Simone de Beauvoir
composer person who creates music, either by musical notation or oral tradition 7095 Q36834 Patti Smith
translator person who translates text from one language to another 6739 Q333634 Marie de France
musician person who performs or composes music 6714 Q639669 Kate Bush
screenwriter writer who writes for TV, films, comics and games 6707 Q28389 Françoise Sagan
film director occupation of a person who directs a film 6679 Q2526255 Jenna Jameson
television presenter person who introduces or hosts television programs 5865 Q947873 Gabby Logan
basketball player sportsperson taking part in basketball competitions 5859 Q3665646 Marlies Askamp
athlete person who participates regularly in a sport 5591 Q2066131 Caterine Ibargüen
teacher person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competences or values 5550 Q37226 Katherine Johnson
historian person who studies and writes about the past 5526 Q201788 Pamela Kyle Crossley
volleyball player sportsperson who plays volleyball 5514 Q15117302 Laura Ludwig
opera singer singer who sings in operas 5362 Q2865819 Claudia Barainsky
lawyer legal professional who helps clients and represents them in a court of law 5297 Q40348 Elena Kagan
swimmer sportsperson taking part in swimming competitions 5274 Q10843402 Annette Salmeen
badminton player sportsperson specialized in badminton 5242 Q13141064 Dorothea Douglass
photographer person who takes photographs 4631 Q33231 Gisèle Freund
dancer person who dances 4609 Q5716684 Inna
performer artists who participate in performing arts in front of an audience: actors, comedians, dancers, magicians, circus artists, musicians, singers 4523 Q16010345 Anna Samuil
sport cyclist someone who competes in the sport of cycling 4284 Q2309784 Marianne Vos
pornographic actor person who performs sex acts in pornographic films 4253 Q488111 Jenna Jameson
pianist musician who plays the piano 4157 Q486748 Tara Strong
singer-songwriter musician who writes, composes and sings 4142 Q488205 Patti Smith
sculptor artist specializing in sculpture 4061 Q1281618 Anne Moreau-Vagnon
seiyū Japanese voice actor or actress 4022 Q622807 Kotono Mitsuishi
rower sportsperson taking part in rowing competitions 3886 Q13382576 Ekaterina Karsten
beauty pageant contestant A contestant in a beauty pageant contest 3836 Q18581305 Tara Conner
tennis player sportsperson who plays tennis 3746 Q10833314 Maria Kirilenko
children's writer writer of literature targeted primarily at children 3681 Q4853732 Anne Moreau-Vagnon
songwriter person who writes the words or music (or both) to songs 3675 Q753110 Édith Piaf
businessperson person involving in activities for the purpose of generating revenue 3625 Q43845 Jenna Jameson
physician professional who practices medicine 3586 Q39631 Ruth Arnon
handball player sportsperson who plays one of the different types of handball 3584 Q13365117 Linn-Kristin Riegelhuth Koren
scientist person that studies a science 3569 Q901 Irène Joliot-Curie
voice actor person who provides voice-overs for a character in films, animation, video games or in other media 3565 Q2405480 Meryl Streep
figure skater sportsperson who takes part in figure skating tournaments 3442 Q13219587 Klara Dan von Neumann
chess player individual who takes part in chess tournaments 3114 Q10873124 Susan Polgar
tarento Japanese entertainer 3104 Q2705098 Natsuna Watanabe
economist professional in the social science discipline of economics 3074 Q188094 Rosa Luxemburg
AV Idol Japanese idol who works in the pornographic business 2984 Q1079215 Ran Masaki
announcer presenter who makes announcements in an audio medium or a physical location 2928 Q1371925 Yumiko Yamamoto
film producer person who supervises the overall process, creative and financial, of making a film 2893 Q3282637 Jenna Jameson
botanist person who practices botany 2852 Q2374149 Asima Chatterjee
illustrator narrative artist who makes images for printed and electronic products 2745 Q644687 Anne Moreau-Vagnon
academic person who works as a teacher or researcher at a university or other higher education institution 2569 Q3400985 Geeta Sane
judge official who presides over court proceedings 2462 Q16533 Elena Kagan
choreographer person who creates choreographies 2423 Q2490358 Liza Minnelli
psychologist professional who evaluates, diagnoses, treats, and studies behavior and mental processes 2399 Q212980 Uta Frith
judoka sportsperson taking part in judo competitions 2281 Q6665249 Kerstin Thiele
nurse type of health care provider 2265 Q186360 Marie of Romania
architect person trained to plan and design buildings, and oversee their construction 2238 Q42973 Gae Aulenti
activist person working with promoting or impeding, or causing social, political, economic, or environmental change 2134 Q15253558 Brownie Mary
aristocrat person who either possess hereditary titles granted by a monarch or are related to such people 2118 Q2478141 Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
music pedagogue profession and academic title 2105 Q16145150 Anne-Sophie Mutter
art historian humanist who is engaged in history of art 2089 Q1792450 Gertrud Bing
diplomat person appointed by a state to conduct diplomacy with another state or international organization 2062 Q193391 Maria Sharapova
linguist expert in human languages 2050 Q14467526 Meredith L. Patterson
fashion model modelling profession 1999 Q3357567 Rika Imai
artistic gymnast sportsperson who takes part in artistic gymnastics competitions 1998 Q13381572 Karin Büttner-Janz
sprinter sportsperson taking part in running competitions up to a distance of 400 meters 1986 Q4009406 Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
professor academic rank at universities and other post-secondary education and research institutions in most countries 1936 Q121594 Irène Joliot-Curie
mangaka people who create manga 1904 Q191633 Moyoco Anno
nun member of a religious community of women 1888 Q191808 Mary Kenneth Keller
entomologist scientist specialising in entomology 1777 Q3055126 Amalie Dietrich
radio personality person who has an on-air position in radio broadcasting 1750 Q2722764 Gabby Logan
cricketer individual who takes part in cricket matches 1747 Q12299841 Ashleigh Barty
ballet dancer person who practices the art of ballet 1736 Q805221 Aaliyah
costume designer person who designs costumes 1660 Q1323191 Gerdago
playwright person who writes plays 1653 Q214917 Brigitte Fontaine
sociologist scientist working in sociology 1642 Q2306091 Rosa Luxemburg
rhythmic gymnast sportsperson who takes part in rhythmic gymnastics competitions 1571 Q24037210 Georgina Cassar
mathematician person with an extensive knowledge of mathematics 1550 Q170790 Grace Hopper
theatre director person overseeing the mounting of a theatre production 1534 Q3387717 Josephine Hull
librarian person who works professionally in a library, and is usually trained in librarianship 1506 Q182436 Henriette Avram
weightlifter sportsperson who competes in weightlifting tournaments 1503 Q13381376 Ryang Chun-Hwa
field hockey player sportsperson taking part in field hockey tournaments 1483 Q10843263 Dorothea Douglass
taekwondo athlete sportsperson taking part in taekwondo competitions 1479 Q13382533 Sarita Phongsri
biologist scientist studying living organisms 1463 Q864503 Ruth Arnon
zoologist someone who studies or practices zoology 1463 Q350979 Mary Stuart MacDougall
alpine skier sportsperson taking part in alpine skiing competitions 1452 Q4144610 Anja Pärson
pedagogue person working in the academic field of pedagogy 1438 Q1231865 Ruth Arnon
chemist scientist trained in the study of chemistry 1427 Q593644 Nina Andreyeva
philosopher person with an extensive knowledge of philosophy 1424 Q4964182 Hypatia
archaeologist person studying human activity in the past 1389 Q3621491 Pirkko-Liisa Lehtosalo-Hilander
anthropologist person with an extensive knowledge of anthropology 1367 Q4773904 Rebecca Grinter
visual artist artist involved with the visual arts 1359 Q3391743 Patti Smith
fencer sportsperson taking part in fencing competitions 1318 Q13381863 Yaowapa Boorapolchai
drawer person who makes drawings (artist/cartoonist/drafter/illustrator) 1309 Q15296811 Wilhelmina of Prussia, Princess of Orange
feminist persona who defends feminism 1289 Q34074720 Linda Lovelace
presenter person who hosts an event, for television presenter see: Q947873 1278 Q13590141 Lily Allen
amateur wrestler sportsperson specialized in amateur wrestling (excluding the so-called "professional wrestling", see Q13474373) 1267 Q19595175 Sue Green
creator person who does creative work 1267 Q2500638 Wende
child actor child acting on stage or in motion pictures or television 1229 Q970153 Christine Kaufmann
suffragette member of the Woman's Social and Political Union who advocated for women's right to vote 1223 Q322170 Nora Stanton Blatch Barney
biathlete sportsperson taking part in winter biathlon competitions 1217 Q16029547 Andrea Henkel
fashion designer one who designs clothing and related items 1191 Q3501317 Victoria Beckham
editor person who edits texts or publications 1165 Q1607826 Gertrud Bing
jazz musician musician who plays jazz 1145 Q15981151 Ella Fitzgerald
literary critic cultural journalist who reviews new literary books 1141 Q4263842 Simone de Beauvoir
physicist scientist who does research in physics 1099 Q169470 Angela Merkel
comedian person who seeks to entertain an audience, primarily by making them laugh 1075 Q245068 Grey DeLisle
film editor person who works with the raw footage, selecting shots and combining them into sequences to create a finished motion picture 1056 Q7042855 Leni Riefenstahl
trade unionist person involved in trade unions; member or supporter of a trade union 1052 Q15627169 Arlette Laguiller
engineer professional practitioner of engineering and its sub classes 1045 Q81096 Mary Jane Irwin
missionary member of a religious group sent into an area to do evangelism 1038 Q219477 Marianne Cope
essayist person who writes essays 1020 Q11774202 Simone de Beauvoir
entrepreneur individual who organizes and operates a business, taking on financial risk to do so 1016 Q131524 Jenna Jameson
ice hockey player sportsperson taking part in ice hockey competitions 995 Q11774891 Sara DeCosta-Hayes
non-fiction writer author who writes non-fiction texts 994 Q15980158 Miles Franklin
director director of a creative work 981 Q3455803 Valerie Solanas
cross-country skier sportsperson taking part in cross-country skiing competitions 980 Q13382608 Heidi Weng
jurist legal scholar or academic, a professional who studies, teaches, and develops law 973 Q185351 Axelle Lemaire
violinist person who plays the violin 950 Q1259917 Anne-Sophie Mutter
ice dancer sportsperson who takes place in ice dancing competition 948 Q17361147 Kati Winkler
table tennis player sportsperson taking part in table tennis competitions 947 Q13382519 Wu Jiaduo
canoeist sportsperson taking part in canoe competitions 926 Q13382566 Nicole Reinhardt
designer person who designs 918 Q5322166 Lilly Reich
speed skater sportsperson taking part in speed skating competitions 917 Q10866633 Wil Burgmeijer
golfer someone who plays golf 893 Q11303721 Paula Creamer
educator occupation which teaches others knowledge, skills, and habits 892 Q974144 Minnie Bruce Pratt
human rights activist person who, individually or with others, acts to promote or protect some variation of human rights 890 Q1476215 Patti Smith
curator content specialist charged with an institution's collections and involved with the interpretation of heritage material 864 Q674426 Gisela Richter
computer scientist scientist specializing in computer science 858 Q82594 Molly Holzschlag
conductor person who directs a musical group during a performance 857 Q158852 Ella Fitzgerald
professional wrestler sportsperson taking part in professional wrestling 842 Q13474373 Aksana
television producer occupation within video production for TV 838 Q578109 Maya Angelou
scenographer profession 837 Q2707485 Gae Aulenti
lyricist writer who specializes in writing song lyrics 827 Q822146 Brigitte Fontaine
science fiction writer person who writes works of science fiction 827 Q18844224 Meredith L. Patterson
water polo player professional player of the sport water polo 827 Q17524364 Dóra Csabai
biographer person who creates biographies 806 Q864380 Françoise Sagan
boxer sportsperson taking part in boxing competitions 791 Q11338576 Regina Halmich
musicologist occupation 790 Q14915627 Linda Maria Koldau
political scientist occupation 788 Q1238570 Ruth Kinna
curler sportsperson that plays curling 782 Q17516936 Andrea Schöpp
social worker person who performs social work 781 Q7019111 Shirish Atre-Pai
guitarist person who plays the guitar 774 Q855091 Patti Smith
race queen promotional model in motor racing 772 Q112040 Leah Dizon
textile artist person who creates art objects using plant, animal, or synthetic fibers 685 Q10694573 Gunta Stölzl
Esperantist person speaking or using the international language Esperanto 682 Q860918 Małgorzata Handzlik
comics artist people who creates comics 676 Q715301 Anike Hage
statesperson politician in high government offices 674 Q372436 Angela Merkel
sport shooter person who does sport shooting 670 Q17486376 Christine Wenzel
news presenter person who presents news during a news program 664 Q270389 Fátima Bernardes
socialite person of prominence with a high social position in upper class society 662 Q512314 Hebe Camargo
autobiographer person who wrote their autobiography 661 Q18814623 Jenna Jameson
blogger person who writes a blog 646 Q8246794 Sue Black
aircraft pilot person controlling an aircraft in flight 644 Q2095549 Amy Johnson
philologist person who practices philology 640 Q13418253 Anneli Ute Gabanyi
triathlete person who takes part in triathlons 635 Q15306067 Zita Szabó
dramaturge professional position within a theatre or opera company 632 Q487596 Agatha Christie
record producer individual who oversees and manages the recording of an artist's music 624 Q183945 Kate Bush
ceramist occupation (ceramic) 620 Q7541856 Seund Ja Rhee
dub actor actor specialized in voice dubbing 619 Q11481802 Michaela Schaffrath
baseball player person who plays the game of baseball 619 Q10871364 Annabelle Lee
rugby union player sportsperson who plays rugby union 619 Q14089670 Huriana Manuel
publisher person heading a publishing house, normally the owner or founder 616 Q2516866 Aenne Burda
business executive person responsible for running an organization, or an aspect of it 608 Q2961975 Margaret Thatcher
civil servant person employed for a government department or agency 591 Q212238 Ana Botella
glamour model person who models for erotic photographs, mostly topless or nude but ranging up to fully clothed 587 Q3286043 Jenna Jameson
archivist professional who assesses, collects, organizes, preserves, maintains control over, and provides access to information determined to have long-term value 567 Q635734 Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche
suffragist activist advocating for the women's right to vote 565 Q27532437 Nora Stanton Blatch Barney
astronomer scientist who studies celestial bodies 554 Q11063 Hypatia
Japanese idol 551 Q226008 Minami Hoshino
philanthropist person known for philanthropic work 545 Q12362622 Diana, Princess of Wales
military personnel member of the armed forces 544 Q47064 Joan of Arc
psychiatrist physician who specializes in psychiatry 530 Q211346 Frieda Fromm-Reichmann
archer sportsperson taking part in archery competitions 523 Q13382355 Cornelia Pfohl
printmaker person who etches or engraves to produce prints 517 Q11569986 Rosemarie Trockel
theologian person who studies theology 515 Q1234713 Anne Hutchinson
long-distance runner Person who runs for distances longer than 3000 metres 514 Q4439155 Meseret Defar
literary scholar specialist in study of literature 507 Q17167049 Anna Akhmatova
graphic designer person who who assembles images, typography or motion graphics to create a piece of design 504 Q627325 Elisabeth von Janota-Bzowski
diver sportsperson taking part in diving competitions 488 Q16004431 Ingrid Gulbin
Playboy Playmate female model featured in a centerfold of Playboy' magazine 485 Q728711 Marilyn Monroe
middle-distance runner sportsperson taking part in running competitions over distances of at least 800 metres up to 3000 metres 468 Q13381753 Mariya Savinova
marathon runner sportsperson taking part in a marathon 468 Q13382460 Tiki Gelana
paleontologist scientist specialising in paleontology 464 Q1662561 Margarethe Lenore Selenka
coach person involved in directing, instructing and training sportspeople 463 Q41583 Angelika Bahmann
musher dog musher 456 Q500097 Susan Butcher
biochemist scientist specialized in biochemistry 454 Q2919046 Ruth Arnon
basketball coach one who directs and strategizes the behavior of a basketball team or player 450 Q5137571 Becky Hammon
beach volleyball player sportsperson who plays beach volleyball 449 Q17361156 Laura Ludwig
graphic artist artist who makes lines on paper through various drawing and print techniques 441 Q1925963 Renée Sintenis
columnist someone who writes for publication in a series, creating an article that usually offers commentary and opinions 438 Q1086863 Mariska Hulscher
sailor person who participates in the sport of sailing 437 Q476246 Christiane Pilz
botanical illustrator person who paints, sketches or otherwise illustrates botanical subjects 435 Q3148760 Anne Elizabeth Ball
salonnière person who organizes or hosts a salon 432 Q3068305 Anna de Noailles
resistance fighter 418 Q1397808 Miep Gies
lady-in-waiting female personal assistant at a court, royal or feudal, attending on a queen, a princess, or a high-ranking noblewoman 414 Q715222 Anne Hamilton
ichthyologist fish scientist 413 Q4205432 Eugenie Clark
chef person that directs preparation of meals 411 Q3499072 Herta Heuwer
bridge player person who plays contract bridge (a well-known card game) 410 Q18437198 Irina Levitina
geologist scientist who studies geology 398 Q520549 Katsuko Saruhashi
official someone who holds an office 397 Q599151 Sylvie Goulard
animator person who makes animated films 395 Q266569 Alla Churikova
squash player person who plays squash 391 Q16278103 Cassie Jackman
disc jockey person who plays recorded music for an audience 384 Q130857 Sasha Grey
scientific illustrator person who paints, sketches or otherwise illustrates scientifical subjects 378 Q19507792 Anne Elizabeth Ball
contributing editor profession in the media business 374 Q876864 Kathrin Schmidt
snowboarder sportsperson 373 Q15709642 Lindsey Jacobellis
cinematographer chief over the camera and lighting crews working on a film 372 Q222344 Maryse Alberti
cartoonist visual artist who makes cartoons 370 Q1114448 Isabel Kreitz
geographer scholar whose area of study is geography 369 Q901402 Camila Vallejo
manager person whose job is to manage something, such as a business, a restaurant, or a sports team 357 Q2462658 Sue Gardner
karateka sportsperson 354 Q9017214 Lexi Alexander
opinion journalist journalist, writer or scientist who participates with his own contributions to the formation of public opinion on current issues 351 Q16287483 Miriam Meckel
rapper artist who speaks rhymes in a rhythm over music 349 Q2252262 Pyranja
agriculturalist person that undertakes agriculture 348 Q131512 Harriet Williams Russell Strong
statistician person who works with theoretical or applied statistics 347 Q2732142 Florence Nightingale
softball player sportsperson taking part in softball competitions 344 Q13388586 Justine Smethurst
freestyle skier sportsperson taking part in freestyle skiing competitions 332 Q18617021 Anna Wörner
art collector person who collects art 329 Q10732476 Christina of Sweden
television director person who directs television programs 328 Q2059704 Vera Grabocka
military officer member of an armed force or uniformed service who holds a position of authority 324 Q189290 Tulsi Gabbard
association football manager team manager in association football (soccer) 316 Q628099 Hope Powell
short track speed skater athlete 316 Q18200514 Zhang Hui
herpetologist person studying reptiles or amphibians 314 Q16271064 Doris Mable Cochran
filmmaker creator of a cinematic work 312 Q1414443 Margot Benacerraf
French Resistance fighter 307 Q23833535 Elsa Triolet
stripper striptease performer 305 Q1141526 Jenna Jameson
engraver person with the profession of engraving 304 Q329439 Frida Kahlo
netballer sportsperson that plays netball 302 Q17619498 Paula Sage
short story writer author or writer of short stories 297 Q15949613 Brigitte Fontaine
Australian rules footballer sportsperson taking part in Australian-rules football competitions 297 Q13414980 Kimberley Mickle
synchronized swimmer sportsperson specialized in synchronized swimming 295 Q18715859 Anastasia Davydova
owarai tarento Japanese comedian 295 Q12330954 Naomi Watanabe
midwife medical professional who practices obstetrics as a health science 294 Q185196 Anne Hutchinson
banker person who works in banking 294 Q806798 Marthe Hanau
microbiologist person who investigates the characteristics of microscopic organisms 294 Q3779582 Emmy Klieneberger-Nobel
installation artist artist specialized in installation art 293 Q18074503 Iris Häussler
watercolourist artist who works in watercolours 289 Q17505902 Louise of Orléans
gymnast sportsperson specialized in gymnastics 289 Q16947675 Shawn Johnson
vocalist artist using his/her voice as an instrument 288 Q2643890 Henriette Sontag
figure skating coach 282 Q57199189 Natalia Pavlova
geneticist biologist who studies genetics 279 Q3126128 Anat Cohen-Dayag
YouTuber person that produces YouTube videos 278 Q17125263 Ana Free
luger sportsperson taking part in luging competitions 278 Q13382981 Susi Erdmann
producer individual or organization that creates goods and services 275 Q13235160 Cher
ski jumper sportsperson taking part in ski jumping competitions 274 Q13382603 Julia Kykkänen
cellist cello player 271 Q13219637 Maria Kliegel
revolutionary person who either actively participates in, or advocates revolution 270 Q3242115 Rosa Luxemburg
Catholic religious male member of a Catholic religious institute 269 Q2566598 Marie Poussepin
critic professional who makes a living communicating their opinions and assessments of various forms of creative work 268 Q6430706 Victoria Ocampo
pharmacist healthcare professional who practices in pharmacy 267 Q105186 Lucy Everest Boole
carcinologist scientist who studies crustaceans 267 Q16868721 Mary J. Rathbun
classical scholar person who studies classics, the culture of (mainly) Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome 266 Q2468727 Edith Hamilton
gynaecologist physician who specialized in gynecology 265 Q2640827 Agnes Bluhm
trampolinist sportsperson who takes part in trampolining competitions 265 Q23892384 Anna Dogonadze
priest person authorized to lead the sacred rituals of a religion (for a minister use Q1423891) 262 Q42603 Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger
chief executive officer highest-ranking corporate officer or administrator 262 Q484876 Tzipi Livni
mixed martial artist fighter who performs MMA 262 Q11607585 Gina Carano
art critic person who specializes in evaluating art 259 Q4164507 Helmina von Chézy
organist musician who plays any type of organ 256 Q765778 Helga Schauerte-Maubouet
film critic journalist, who is dealing with films 253 Q4220892 Lotte H. Eisner
ethnologist profession 253 Q1371378 Eva Lips
diarist person who writes a personal journal 250 Q18939491 Angelina Jolie
mountaineer person who climbs mountains 250 Q9149093 Hannelore Schmatz
kayaker 249 Q16004471 Franziska Weber
lichenologist person who studies lichen 249 Q15924544 Aino Henssen
peace activist activist focused on avoiding war 247 Q16323111 Mutsuko Miki
documentary filmmaker director of documentary films 246 Q1235146 Helene Maimann
javelin thrower sportsperson taking part in javelin throw competitions 242 Q18510502 Barbora Špotáková
psychoanalyst psychiatrist or psychotherapist who specializes in psychoanalysis 241 Q3410028 Edith Jacobson
school teacher teacher that is part of public education 241 Q2251335 Elsa Gindler
explorer person who by means of travel searches out new information 239 Q11900058 Laura Dekker
pediatrician physician with medical specialty pediatrics 237 Q1919436 Alina Margolis-Edelman
surgeon physician with surgical specialty 236 Q774306 Michelle Bachelet
classical philologist person studying ancient Greek or Latin texts 236 Q16267607 Ulrike Egelhaaf-Gaiser
academic lecturer tenure-track or tenured position at a university or similar institution 235 Q1569495 Darya Dontsova
museum director executive in charge of a museum 233 Q22132694 Charlotte von Mahlsdorf
sports commentator sports broadcaster who comments a live event 231 Q2986228 Gabby Logan
spy person engaged obtaining information that is considered secret or confidential 231 Q9352089 Libertas Schulze-Boysen
ecologist person who works in the scientific field of ecology 231 Q15839134 Elisabeth Mann-Borgese
neuroscientist individual who studies neuroscience 230 Q6337803 Misha Mahowald
inventor person that devises a new device, method, composition, or process 225 Q205375 Hypatia
social activist activist focused on social issues 222 Q8359428 Eleanor Marx
psychotherapist person who practices psychotherapy 222 Q1900167 Elisabeth Lukas
bowls player sporter playing bowls 220 Q29579227 Anne Lomas
puppeteer person who manipulates a puppet in real time to create the illusion of life 216 Q2629392 Shari Lewis
folklorist person who studies folklore 213 Q3075052 Lidia Danilovna Tchouviourova
literary historian humanist who is engaged in history of literature 212 Q13570226 Emma Donoghue
equestrian sportsperson riding horses 209 Q2730732 Jenni Dahlman
performance artist person who practices performance art 208 Q10774753 Marina Abramović
art curator person in charge of organising an exhibition 208 Q780596 Catherine Millet
video artist person who creates video art 206 Q18216771 Marina Abramović
lighting designer person responsible for lighting on a stage 206 Q1823479 Loie Fuller
ornithologist scientist specialising in ornithology 204 Q1225716 Emilie Snethlage
police officer warranted employee of a police force 201 Q384593 Annelise Coberger
astrophysicist person who is occupied in astrophysics 198 Q752129 Margherita Hack
memoirist type of autobiographer 197 Q11774156 Amelia Earhart
political activist activist wanting political change 197 Q11499147 Simone de Beauvoir
medievalist historian, scientist or expert in medieval studies 196 Q3332711 Claudia Märtl
environmentalist someone who supports the goals of the environmental movement 195 Q3578589 Diana, Princess of Wales
consort spouse of a ruler 190 Q5784340 Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Wanfried
association football referee supervisor of a game of association football (soccer) 189 Q859528 Bibiana Steinhaus
housewife woman whose main occupation is running or managing the family's home 188 Q1934684 Edith Frank-Holländer
interior designer person who designs the interior decoration of a room or building; who plans, researches, coordinates, and manages such projects 188 Q2133309 Urszula Sipińska
dentist healthcare occupation 187 Q27349 Henriette Hirschfeld-Tiburtius
newspaper editor profession 186 Q17351648 Inge Deutschkron
hurdler sportsperson taking part in hurdling events 185 Q13724897 Dawn Harper-Nelson
prostitute person who has sex for money 185 Q14915751 Anita Berber
tanka poet poet of tanka poems 185 Q11122954 Ichiyō Higuchi
noble member of the nobility 184 Q16744001 Elisabeth of Bavaria
photojournalist journalism occupation 183 Q957729 Gerti Deutsch
head teacher most senior teacher at a school 183 Q1056391 Mary Lyon
director person who leads a particular area of a company or organisation 182 Q1162163 Susan Collins
saxophonist musician who plays the saxophone 182 Q12800682 Tineke Postma
detective writer 182 Q10297252 Darya Dontsova
make-up artist artist whose medium is the human body 179 Q935666 Jordan Carver
racing automobile driver occupation driving an automobile in competition 178 Q15958185 Bertha Benz
racing driver occupation driving a vehicle in competition 176 Q378622 Ellen Lohr
partisan member of an irregular military force formed to oppose control of an area by a foreign power or by an army of occupation by some kind of insurgent activity 176 Q212948 Nancy Wake
videographer person who works in the field of videography 175 Q3766177 Jelena Jensen
television meteorologist person who presents the weather forecast on television 175 Q1154500 Julia Vignali
art model person who poses for any visual artist as part of the creative process 172 Q1630100 Nusch Éluard
skeleton racer sportsperson taking part in skeleton races 171 Q13388442 Kerstin Szymkowiak
docent person who teaches at universities and educational institutions 170 Q462390 Krisztina Morvai
woman of letters cultivated and influential female writer 169 Q381353 Ruth Pfau
comics writer person who writes comics 168 Q20870256 Alice Marble
cook occupation involving cooking food 168 Q156839 Ilka Bessin
long jumper sportsperson who takes part in long jump competitions 167 Q13381428 Brittney Reese
cabaret artist person who practises political cabaret 161 Q15214752 Rosa Valetti
reporter journalist who collects and reports information on an event 160 Q42909 Oprah Winfrey
historian of the modern age person who studies modern history 160 Q17489339 Erika Weinzierl
etcher artist who practices the "art of etching" 159 Q10862983 Anna Maria de Koker
dressage rider sports person who competes in dressage riding 158 Q13381458 Heike Kemmer
parson profession. presbyter in front of a Christian parish in general 158 Q955464 Maria Theresa Chiramel
art dealer person that buys and sells works of art 157 Q173950 Gerdy Troost
production designer person responsible for the overall look of a filmed event 157 Q2962070 Magdalena Montezuma
mycologist biologist who studies fungi 157 Q2487799 Beatrix Potter
agronomist scientist who specialises in agronomy 156 Q1781198 Johanna Döbereiner
LGBT rights activist person campaigning in favour of, or otherwise an active supporter of LGBT rights issues 154 Q19509201 Minnie Bruce Pratt
bobsledder sportsperson taking part in bobsleigh competitions 153 Q13383011 Susi Erdmann
ski mountaineer person who races in ski mountaineering 153 Q19801627 Lydia Prugger
ultramarathon runner 152 Q19827218 Edit Bérces
American football player sportsperson who is active in American football 151 Q19204627 Christy Hemme
arachnologist scientist who studies spiders and other arachnids 150 Q17344952 Maria Dahl
circus performer profession 150 Q17307272 Katie Sandwina
mountain biker person who practices mountain biking 149 Q19799599 Sabine Spitz
landscape architect person involved in the planning, design and sometimes direction of a landscape, garden, or distinct space 148 Q2815948 Kim Wilde
prosaist person who writes in prose 148 Q12144794 Grazia Deledda
egyptologist person who studies Ancient Egypt and its antiquities 147 Q1350189 Käte Bosse-Griffiths
choir director person who directs a choir 146 Q1076502 Sofia Rotaru
veterinarian professional who treats disease, disorder, and injury in animals 145 Q202883 Maria von Maltzan
secretary occupation 144 Q80687 Traudl Junge
classical archaeologist Archaeologist in the field of the graeco-roman antiquity 142 Q15983985 Erika Simon
high jumper sportsperson taking part in high jump competitions 141 Q13382122 Anna Chicherova
pentathlete athlete competing in track and field pentathlons 141 Q21141408 Heide Rosendahl
kickboxer sportsperson taking part in kickboxing competitions 141 Q11296761 Regina Halmich
harpist musician playing the harp 139 Q3127709 Arianna Savall
lithographer person who primarily uses lithography for making prints 139 Q16947657 Toko Shinoda
ballerina female principal dancer in ballet company 138 Q4070300 Eva Evdokimova
meteorologist scientist specialising in meteorology 138 Q2310145 Judit Bartholy
restaurateur person who opens and runs restaurants professionally 137 Q3427922 Céline Dion
patron person who engages in patronage 134 Q15472169 Amalia of Solms-Braunfels
epidemiologist researcher on how diseases are spread 133 Q13416803 Michelle Bachelet
flight attendant member of an aircrew 133 Q101539 Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir
librettist author of the libretto (words) of an opera 131 Q8178443 Tina Fey
student learner, or someone who attends an educational institution 131 Q48282 Anneliese Michel
legal scholar researcher whose focus is on legal issues 131 Q16012028 Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler
volapükologist person whose scientific interest is Volapük or who learns the language as a hobby 131 Q3476281 A. C. J. Conijn-Bremmer
Germanist scholar specialising in German studies 127 Q2599593 Claudine Moulin
high school teacher teacher in a secondary education institution 127 Q10511368 Charlotte Fränkel
floorball player person playing floorball 126 Q23868946 Katriina Saarinen
music critic profession 126 Q1350157 Ève Curie
jockey someone who rides horses in horse racing or steeplechase racing 126 Q846750 Victoria Pendleton
hymnwriter Person who writes words, or both words and music, for religious songs 126 Q13424456 Christina Rossetti
bodybuilder person practicing bodybuilding 125 Q15982795 Nicole Bass
public figure legal concept 124 Q662729 Soong May-ling
marine biologist scientist specialising in marine biology 124 Q3640160 Jeanne Villepreux-Power
naturalist person who studies and knows a lot about plants, animals and natural history (esp in the field); person who writes, paints, etc. in the style of naturalism (in art and literature); 123 Q18805 Amalie Dietrich
bookseller person selling books 123 Q998550 Bettina Jürgensen
rabbi teacher of Torah 123 Q133485 Regina Jonas
queen regnant female monarch who rules a country in her own right 122 Q19643 Isabella I, Queen of Armenia
sovereign leader of a monarchy 121 Q2304859 Catherine I of Russia
harpsichordist person who plays the harpsichord 121 Q5371902 Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre
boat racer one who races boats 121 Q11598549 Sophia Gorham
advocate profession 120 Q380075 Felicia Langer
surfer sportsperson, practitioner of surfing 120 Q13561328 Amelie Lux
haiku poet poet who writes haikus 120 Q11386386 Marina Hagen
physiologist scientist who studies the function of living systems 119 Q2055046 Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard
monarch person at the head of a monarchy 118 Q116 Victoria
modern pentathlete athlete competing in modern pentathlons 118 Q15972912 Annika Schleu
stunt performer person who performs stunts 118 Q465501 Q'orianka Kilcher
sambo fighter person who plays sambo 118 Q23927336 Irina Rodina
soprano type of classical female singing voice, highest vocal range of all voice types 118 Q30903 Angiolina Bosio
pathologist physician with medical specialty pathology 117 Q3368718 Maud Menten
monk religious occupation 117 Q733786 Cunigunde of Luxembourg
track cyclist subclass of a cyclist 116 Q15117395 Marianne Vos
jewellery designer one who creates jewellery or designs for its manufacture 116 Q2519376 Jessie Andrews
rink hockey player 116 Q20900796 Fernanda Urrea
social scientist academic working in the field of social sciences 115 Q15319501 Marie-Louise von Franz
pole vaulter athlete in pole vaulting competitions 114 Q13464497 Jennifer Suhr
astrologer person who practices astrology 114 Q155647 Françoise Hardy
discus thrower sportsperson taking part in discus throw competitions 114 Q13381689 Irina Beglyakova
figure skating choreographer person who creates choreographies for figure skating 114 Q55284884 Shizuka Arakawa
podcaster person who creates podcasts 113 Q15077007 Anna Faris
ballet master profession 113 Q805253 Tatjana Gsovsky
literary editor editor in a newspaper, magazine or similar publication who deals with aspects concerning literature and books, especially reviews 111 Q2516852 Eva Strittmatter
neurologist physician who specializes in neurology 111 Q783906 Tilly Edinger
acrobatic gymnast 111 Q26831398 Anna Melnikova
drummer percussionist who creates and accompanies music using drums 110 Q386854 Adele
editor-in-chief publication's editorial leader 110 Q589298 Marion Dönhoff
religious leader leader for a religious organization 109 Q15995642 Ching Hai
science writer profession in writing 108 Q3745071 Helen Porter
ethnographer Person who is dealing with ethnography 108 Q12347522 Cezaria Baudouin de Courtenay Ehrenkreutz Jędrzejewiczowa
flautist musician playing the flute 107 Q12902372 Karin Leitner
soldier one who fights as part of an organized armed force 106 Q4991371 Eleonore Prochaska
virologist scientist who deals with viruses 106 Q15634281 Françoise Barré-Sinoussi
regent governing official 105 Q477406 Blanche of Castile
Go player person who plays Go, professional or amateur 105 Q12039558 Fan Weijing
serial killer individual who has killed three or more people over a period of more than a month 105 Q484188 Gesche Gottfried
consultant professional who provides advice in his specific field of expertise 104 Q15978655 Suw Charman-Anderson
weaver person who weaves fabrics 104 Q437512 Agnes Finger
slavicist person who studies Slavic languages, cultures 103 Q15976341 Tsvetanka Organdzhieva
impresario person who organizes and often finances concerts, plays, or operas, performing a role similar to that of an artist manager or a film or television producer 103 Q943995 Loie Fuller
assistant director film crew member tracking daily progress against the filming production schedule, arranging logistics, preparing daily call sheets, checking cast and crew, and maintaining order on the set, as well as taking care of the health and safety of the crew 103 Q1757008 Eva Ebner
barrister lawyer specialized in court representation in Wales, England and some other jurisdictions 102 Q808967 Margaret Thatcher
ruler person who reigns over a certain region or country 102 Q1097498 Princess Sophia Dorothea of Prussia
potter someone who makes pottery 102 Q3400050 Lucie Rie
molecular biologist profession 101 Q15839206 Leslie Barnett
referee person of authority, in a variety of sports, who is responsible for presiding over the game from a neutral point of view 101 Q202648 Michaela Tabb
shot putter sportsperson competing in shot put 100 Q18534714 Assunta Legnante
malacologist scientist who studies molluscs 100 Q16271261 Martha Burton Woodhead Williamson
immunologist scientist or clinician who specialise in the field of Immunology 99 Q15634285 Ruth Arnon
obstetrician medical profession 99 Q13638192 Regina von Siebold
percussionist musician 98 Q4351403 Linda Ronstadt
justice of the peace judicial officer, of a lower or puisne court, elected or appointed by means of a commission (letters patent) to keep the peace 97 Q329455 Carrie Lam
film score composer profession 97 Q1415090 Cornelia Tautu
rock climber person who practices rock climbing 97 Q3951423 Juliane Wurm
vedette female entertainers with multiple talents for singing, dancing, or acting 97 Q3178518 Helga Liné
stand-up comedian comedian of stand-up comedy 97 Q18545066 Dee Wallace
oncologist physician with a medical specialism in oncology (prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer) 97 Q16062369 Michèle Delaunay
executive producer profession 96 Q1053574 Dina Merrill
prehistorian archaeologist who is engaged in prehistory 96 Q17488316 Christa Reinig
contemporary artist 96 Q21477194 Élisabeth Wierzbicka Wela
radio producer person who supervises the production of a radio show 96 Q3406651 Amy Goodman
abbot religious title 95 Q103163 Mathilde of Baden
motivational speaker profession 95 Q15982858 Annie Lobert
museologist specialist on museology 95 Q10333969 Vesna Girardi-Jurkić
parasitologist scientist who studies parasites and their biology and pathology 95 Q20751419 Ann Bishop
astronaut person who commands, pilots, or serves as a crew member of a spacecraft 94 Q11631 Catherine Coleman
Thai boxer profession 94 Q388513 Yanin Vismitananda
pastor ordained leader of a Christian congregation 94 Q152002 Margot Käßmann
horticulturist person who works and conducts research in the science and art of growing flowers, fruits, vegetables or ornamental plants 94 Q3140857 Sonja Bernadotte
criminologist person engaged in the study of criminal behaviour 94 Q8142883 Barbara Wootton, Baroness Wootton of Abinger
martial artist person who practise a martial art 94 Q11124885 Katheryn Winnick
casting director profession 94 Q1049296 Cecily Adams
bowler sportsperson playing ten-pin bowling 93 Q4951095 Piritta Maja
shogi player 93 Q11538947 Naoko Hayashiba
glass artist one who practises glass arts 92 Q2865798 Fiore Argento
orientalist person who studies Oriental cultures 92 Q1731155 Judit Kemenczky
nutritionist person who advises on matters of food and nutrition impacts on health 91 Q2576499 Elsie Widdowson
fiddler musician who plays folkloristic music on a fiddle or violin 91 Q3560496 Emma Härdelin
full professor highest academic rank at universities (i.e. full professor) 91 Q25339110 Júlia Pászthy
textile designer person who designs printed, woven, or knitted textiles for production 90 Q18611810 Astrid Sampe
jurist-consultant person and a profession who is advising on legal matters 89 Q2664701 Christina Stresemann
art educator educator focused on the arts 89 Q15977927 Ariella Azoulay
orienteer sportsman practicing orienteering 88 Q13581129 Simone Niggli-Luder
Go professional professional player of the game of Go 88 Q3186699 Rui Naiwei
magistrate officer of the state, usually judge 87 Q4594605 Louise Lake-Tack
entertainer person using acting, singing, etc. to entertain an audience 86 Q138858 Marlene Dietrich
civil engineer engineer specialising in design, construction and maintenance of the built environment 86 Q13582652 Nora Stanton Blatch Barney
lexicographer writer, editor, or compiler of dictionaries 86 Q14972848 Rosario María Gutiérrez Eskildsen
motorcycle racer person who for their profession or a hobby participates in competitions with a motorcycle 86 Q3014296 Inge Stoll
theatrical producer person who oversees the staging of theatre productions 86 Q1759246 Jodie Foster
art director responsible for leading teams in the artistic design and production of various kinds of visual art works 86 Q706364 Carmen Dillon
theatre critic critics who criticize for theater works 86 Q17337766 Anna Halász
pastelist artist whose work consists primarily of pastels 85 Q20857490 Wilhelmina of Prussia, Princess of Orange
dressmaker person who makes custom clothing for men and women 85 Q2034021 Jeanne Villepreux-Power
domestic worker person who works within the employer's household 85 Q54128 Sophie Dawes, Baronne de Feuchères
musical theatre actor actor/singer performing in musical theatre 85 Q1954956 Helene Fischer
acarologist zoologist specializing in acarology 85 Q19798999 Anne S. Baker
pharmacologist study the manner in which drugs and medications interact with organisms, living systems, and their parts (i.e. cells, tissues, or organs) 84 Q2114605 Gertrude B. Elion
urban planner professional who works on city planning 84 Q131062 Jitō
poker player someone who plays poker professionally 83 Q15295720 Katja Thater
audio engineer engineer who operates recording, mixing, sound reproduction equipment 83 Q128124 Marie Killick
lecturer person who gives talks on certain subjects (not necessarily academic topics) 82 Q9379869 Emma Goldman
hairdresser person whose occupation is to cut or style hair 82 Q55187 Carmen Kreuzer
drawing teacher 81 Q10429561 Kerstin Cardon
professeur des universités type of position in french university, that gives the "professor" title 80 Q28004591 Henriette Walter
printer profession 80 Q175151 Charlotte Guillard
literary theorist scientist with main field of work in literary theory 80 Q15962340 Leah Goldberg
reality television participant person who participates in reality television 80 Q27658988 Holly Madison
sports journalist person who reports on sports events in the media 79 Q13219447 Tracy Austin
music arranger musician who creates arrangements 79 Q1643514 Björk
kolkhoznik worker of kolkhoz 79 Q25272184 Q4071237
television personality a person who is known to the public primarily through their appearances on television shows 78 Q44508716 Anna Lundh
video blogger blogger with video films 78 Q4110598 Britt Dekker
criminal person who has committed a crime 77 Q2159907 Brigitte Mohnhaupt
coxswain steering crew member in a rowing boat 77 Q1690874 Elena Georgescu
skier person who performs skiing 77 Q4270517 Loulou Boulaz
interpreter person who works with translating and communicating in different languages 76 Q11085831 Ulrike Lunacek
abbess female superior of a community of nuns, often an abbey 76 Q1646408 Archduchess Magdalena of Austria
sports administrator role concerned with the business side of sports 76 Q26481809 Infanta Pilar, Duchess of Badajoz
sound designer someone who works in the field of sound design 76 Q3024424 Şahika Tekand
hammer thrower athlete participating in the hammer throw 75 Q13856320 Tatyana Lysenko
sex educator 75 Q21507004 Beate Uhse-Rotermund
merchant businessperson who trades in commodities that were produced by others 74 Q215536 Khadijah bint Khuwaylid
minister politician who holds significant public office in a national or regional government 74 Q83307 Germaine Poinso-Chapuis
powerlifter sportsperson 74 Q23845879 Gael Martin
figure skating judge 73 Q56882269 Dagmar Lurz
biophysicist 72 Q14906342 Helen M. Berman
tailor person who makes, repairs, or alters clothing professionally, typically men's clothing 72 Q242468 Luci Pollreis
rugby sevens player 72 Q26237722 Heather Moyse
solicitor type of legal practitioner 71 Q14284 Harriet Harman
academic administrator profession 71 Q21281706 Anne-Marie Slaughter
mammalogist scientist studying mammals 71 Q16831394 Erna Mohr
taxonomist scientist working in taxonomy 70 Q1907198 Anne Elizabeth Ball
bacteriologist profession 70 Q15816836 Mary Engle Pennington
accountant practitioner of accountancy or accounting 70 Q326653 Svetlana Medvedeva
calligrapher artist who write phrases or texts according to the art of calligraphy 70 Q3303330 Kris Holmes
ophthalmologist professional who practices ophthalmology 69 Q12013238 Nan Hayworth
social reformer person who works towards social reform 69 Q16611574 Margaret Dreier Robins
keyboardist musician who plays keyboard instruments 69 Q1075651 Linda McCartney
music journalist occupation 69 Q20669622 Paula Abdul
magician entertainer who performs magic by creating the illusion of impossible or supernatural feats 69 Q15855449 Ursula Martinez
event rider 68 Q26384038 Ingrid Klimke
historian of classical antiquity 68 Q20873384 Liselotte Welskopf-Henrich
broadcaster person working in broadcasting 68 Q15958754 Germaine Greer
minister religious occupation in Christianity 68 Q1423891 Mary Dyer
violist person who plays the viola (braccio), or viol (gamba) 68 Q899758 Tabea Zimmermann
programmer person who writes computer software 67 Q5482740 Grace Hopper
chemical engineer professional in the field of chemical engineering 67 Q7888586 Margaret Hutchinson Rousseau
correspondent journalist contributing reports from a remote location 67 Q1155838 Ana Kasparian
concertmaster profession 67 Q691031 Alice Harnoncourt
oceanographer 67 Q3546255 K. Megan McArthur
classical guitarist occupation 66 Q24067349 Zsófia Boros
rowing coach coach in the sports of rowing 66 Q21121588 Kathrin Boron
caricaturist artist who draws comical portraits 66 Q3658608 Barbara Henniger
ostracodologist scientist working within the field of ostracodology 66 Q21484199 Jean Milton Berdan
legal historian humanist who is engaged in history of law 64 Q2135538 Marianne Weber
prince title of nobility 64 Q2747456 Princess Katherine of Greece and Denmark
nanny person employed to take care of children in their home 63 Q936969 Arina Rodionovna Yakovleva
shipowner businessperson who owns ships 63 Q500251 Athina Onassis Roussel
political candidate 63 Q19772737 Kate Orman
racewalker sportsperson taking part in racewalking events 60 Q17405793 Olga Kaniskina
physiotherapist primary care specialty in western medicine that remediates impairments and promotes mobility, function, and quality of life through examination 60 Q694748 Gisela Oeri
theatre manager person who manages a theatre 60 Q1776724 Vera Oelschlegel
prosecutor supreme representative of the prosecution (of the state) 59 Q600751 Claire McCaskill
lobbyist person involved in lobbying 59 Q11986654 Queen Rania of Jordan
rector academic official 59 Q212071 Krystyna Gabryjelska
cultural manager person who promotes, manages, and executes cultural projects 58 Q3104508 Krisztina Rády
princess title of nobility 57 Q863048 Princess Hildegard of Bavaria
dietitian profession 57 Q842811 Constanze Manziarly
sinologist person specialized in the study of Chinese language or culture 57 Q15255771 Ingrid Fischer-Schreiber
administrator person engaged in administrative work 57 Q16532929 Ivy Dumont
colorist responsible for adding color to black-and-white line art 57 Q1111648 Françoise Mouly
nuclear scientist 56 Q16742096 Irène Joliot-Curie
ethnomusicologist person studying ethnomusicology 56 Q17484288 Yuki Kajiura
preacher person who delivers sermons or gives homilies 56 Q432386 Lucretia Mott
electrical engineer Person having Diploma or Degree or Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering 55 Q1326886 Lynn Conway
civil rights advocate 55 Q1021386 Alice Walker
darts player 55 Q18574233 Anastasia Dobromyslova
travel writer person who writes travel literature 54 Q3579035 Amelia Earhart
fashion photographer person who photographs fashion items 54 Q19698265 Ellen von Unwerth
restorer person who repairs damaged works of art 54 Q2145981 Mechthild Flury-Lemberg
pesäpallo player sportsperson taking part in pesäpallo competitions 54 Q18667447 Kirsi Hänninen
VJ 54 Q6399436 Urwa Tul Wusqa
cheerleader profession 54 Q28971125 Astrid Carolina Herrera
talent agent person who finds jobs for actors, authors, film directors, musicians, models, producers, professional athletes, writers, broadcast journalists, and other people in various entertainment and broadcast businesses 53 Q1344174 Nina Mercedez
historian of science humanist who is engaged in history of science 53 Q16063546 Anneliese Maier
humorist profession 53 Q12406482 Valeska Gert
windsurfer sportsperson taking part in windsurfing competitions 53 Q13382487 Moana Delle
speech and language therapist profession 53 Q11762416 May Ayim
music director director of music, for an orchestra, film, radio station, etc. 53 Q1198887 Julie Andrews
cardiologist physician who specializes in cardiology 53 Q3264451 Helen B. Taussig
mineralogist person studying minerals 53 Q13416354 Christel Tennyson
associate professor academic rank 53 Q9344260 Rhoda Anna Maria Erdmann
postage stamp designer person who designs postage stamps 52 Q2000124 Elisabeth von Janota-Bzowski
governess woman employed to teach and train children in a private household 52 Q1540278 Princess Maria Christina of Saxony
literary person who works on literature 52 Q6673651 Madeleine de Scudéry
spokesperson someone engaged or elected to speak on behalf of others 51 Q17221 Catherine Zeta-Jones
muralist artist whose work consists primarily of painting murals 51 Q3374326 Cecilia Cuțescu-Storck
multimedia artist 51 Q6934789 Anna Kohlweis
romanist scholar specialising in Romance studies 50 Q2504617 Elise Richter
celebrity prominent person who commands some degree of public fascination and appears in the media 50 Q211236 Julie Adams
nun 50 Q28146366 Elizabeth of Reute
geisha traditional Japanese female entertainers and hostesses 50 Q82723 Fiona Caroline Graham
gallerist owner of a gallery 50 Q20771242 Betty Parsons
goldsmith metalworker who specializes in working with gold and other precious metals 50 Q211423 Nedda El-Asmar
local historian someone who researches their local area's history 50 Q1595570 Elisabeth Grabowski
science communicator person who explains science to non-experts and the public 50 Q15143191 Marion Montaigne
character actor actor who predominantly plays unusual or eccentric characters 49 Q948329 Cher
algologist algae scientist 49 Q12358881 Anne Elizabeth Ball
hellenist philologist in the field of Greek language 49 Q18916625 Jacqueline de Romilly
puppet designer 49 Q2217284 Elli Riehl
cyclo-cross cyclist 48 Q15117415 Marianne Vos
collector person whose occupation or hobby is collecting things 48 Q3243461 Sophia Charlotte of Hanover
wheelchair tennis player sportsperson who plays wheelchair tennis 48 Q18814798 Henriett Koósz
gravure idol profession 48 Q1328668 Hikari Mitsushima
documentarian author of documentaries 48 Q11814411 Yvonne Sciò
mechanical engineer profession 48 Q1906857 Magdolna Orphanides
bertsolari profession; a singer of bertso, a musical verse in Basque tradition 48 Q630993 Maialen Lujanbio
aerospace engineer engineering profession 47 Q15895020 Anne Burns
vocal coach occupation 47 Q2350126 Amanda Somerville
bassist musician who plays a bass instrument 47 Q584301 D'arcy Wretzky
jeweller Person who designs, makes and/or sells jewellery 47 Q336221 Loulou de la Falaise
music teacher profession 47 Q2675537 Vi Redd
drama teacher educator who teaches acting 46 Q2449921 Stella Adler
correspondent author of literature letters 46 Q3589290 Germaine de Staël
political adviser professional who promotes the election of certain candidates or the interests of certain groups 46 Q8125919 Naomi Wolf
accordionist someone who plays the accordion 46 Q1863064 Pauline Oliveros
street artist artist performing in public places, for gratuities 45 Q7622988 Édith Piaf
personal stylist person who selects or recommends clothing and accessories for a client 45 Q3610436 Elena Lenina
triple jumper sportsperson who takes part in triple jump competitions 45 Q13848274 Esmeralda de Jesus Garcia
artistic director artistic leader of a cultural institution 45 Q1797162 Sophia Jansson
pundit someone who offers to mass media his or her opinion, may be used derogatory 45 Q1642960 Corina Morariu
wardrobe stylist someone who selects the clothing for publications or public appearances 45 Q3237618 Rachel Zoe
bhikkhuni ordained female Buddhist monastic 45 Q854979 Hōjō Masako
executive profession 45 Q978044 Nancy Landon Kassebaum
handicrafter Person who works in the field of handicraft 45 Q19101121 Carin Wästberg
poet lawyer poet with legal training 44 Q1209498 M. J. Hyland
feudatory 44 Q1409420 Princess Adelgunde of Bavaria
grass skiing competitor 44 Q26869174 Ingrid Hirschhofer
music historian occupation 44 Q20198542 Susanne Rode-Breymann
clarinetist person who plays the clarinet 44 Q118865 Anat Cohen
architectural historian humanist who is engaged in history of architecture 44 Q17486326 Zeynep Ahunbay
cattle rancher person who raises livestock on a ranch 44 Q1524582 Anna Mebus Martin
war correspondent journalist specializing in coverage of armed conflicts 44 Q164236 Lara Logan
oboist musician who plays oboe 44 Q16003954 Bobbi Starr
women's rights activist person who advocates for the civil rights of women 44 Q28692502 Anna Lindhagen
jazz guitarist 43 Q6168364 Amy Winehouse
rally driver person driving rally competitions 43 Q10842936 Jutta Kleinschmidt
internist physician with medical specialty internal medicine; is skilled in the management of patients who have undifferentiated or multi-system disease processes; cares for hospitalized and ambulatory patients 43 Q15924224 Marianne Koch
skipper person responsible in a recreational or professional ship 43 Q1897112 Amelie Lux
political commissar military rank 43 Q168559 Latinka Perović
biblical scholar expert on biblical studies 43 Q19829990 Suzanne de Dietrich
numismatist person studying currencies, coins or paper money 43 Q2004963 Brita Malmer
religious servant member of a religious community 43 Q4504549 Cornelia Füllkrug-Weitzel
worker worker in manual-labour occupations and industrial work 43 Q12713481 Gisela Werler
bandleader leader of a band of musicians 42 Q806349 Ella Fitzgerald
sexologist 42 Q2920595 Shere Hite
military leader profession 42 Q1402561 Wu Youning
show jumper 42 Q24797688 Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum
sailor person who navigates water-borne vessels or assists in doing so 42 Q45199 Mary Anne Talbot
bioinformatician profession 41 Q2904006 Helen M. Berman
freediver person who dives underwater without breathing apparatus 41 Q17318006 Natalia Molchanova
faculty member 41 Q41835716 Lorrie Moore
camera operator professional operator of a film or video camera 41 Q1208175 Cree Summer
handball coach person who coaches a handball team 41 Q13365201 Hanne Hegh
cultural activist 41 Q21993562 Carmen Cervera
voice teacher musical instructor 41 Q7939609 Henriette Nissen-Saloman
radiologist profession 41 Q18890587 Anna Bågenholm
heptathlete athlete competing in track and field heptathlons 41 Q21141393 Yelena Lebedenko
spongiologist scientist who studies sponges 41 Q26936818 Maria Cristina Díaz
climatologist scientist who studies climate 40 Q1113838 Lučka Kajfež Bogataj
trumpeter musician who plays the trumpet 40 Q12377274 Tine Thing Helseth
cultural studies scholar 40 Q19829999 Birgit Mandel
film scholar 40 Q4220878 Claudia Dillmann
rugby league player sportsperson who plays rugby league 40 Q14373094 Nicole Beck
tennis coach individual who coaches tennis players 39 Q13219424 Althea Gibson
physician writer physicians who write creatively in fields outside their practice of medicine 39 Q551835 Ruth Pfau
cooking expert person who writes about cooking 39 Q11500768 Philippine Welser
anarchist person practicing anarchism 39 Q12961474 Emma Goldman
psychic person who claims to use extrasensory perception to identify information hidden from the normal senses 39 Q2917466 Baba Vanga
research fellow employees or officials at a university or a research institute, which do research 39 Q1706722 Sheila Scott Macintyre
literary agent agent who represents writers and their written works to publishers, theatrical producers and film producers 39 Q278919 Elisabeth Marbury
rakugoka performer of rakugo 39 Q11620676 Anna Ogino
lacrosse player sportsperson taking part in lacrosse competitions 39 Q17682262 Aimee Willard
Kabaddi player individual who takes part in kabaddi tournaments 39 Q45968384 Hena Akhter
crystallographer person who studies crystallography 38 Q15142825 Helen M. Berman
maid young girl or woman employed to do household work in employers home 38 Q833860 Notburga
sound artist artist who uses sound as a medium 38 Q19850998 Marina Abramović
gardener person who tends gardens 38 Q758780 Marianne Beuchert
conservationist environmentalist 38 Q16060693 Rachel Carson
life peer appointed member of the peerage whose title cannot be inherited 38 Q2914468 Meta Ramsay, Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale
technical specialist 38 Q56884382 Anett Pötzsch
playback singer singer whose performance is pre-recorded and lip-synced, e.g. for films 38 Q1755412 Surinder Kaur
dermatologist physician with medical specialty dermatology 38 Q2447386 Stefania Jabłońska
latinist specialist of the Latin language 38 Q17598791 Elaine Fantham
natural track luger 38 Q28681386 Anișoara Hutopilă
production manager film industry profession 38 Q21292974 Faten Hamama
Chief Officer position 38 Q1072363 Isabel Aguilera
First Lady honorary title of the wife of a president or head of state 37 Q203184 Mary Todd Lincoln
real estate broker person who acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of real estate/real property 37 Q519076 Cheryl Bentov
snooker player sportsperson who plays snooker (cue sport) 37 Q17165321 Reanne Evans
theatrologist one who studies theatre in relation to its literary, physical, psycho-biological, sociological, and historical contexts 37 Q10379007 Carmen Blazejewski
organizational founder person who creates an institution intended to perpetuate itself after the founder's association ends 36 Q26950764 Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
erudite someone who has great knowledge 36 Q20826540 Countess Palatine Caroline of Zweibrücken
cultural historian humanist who is engaged in cultural history 36 Q15462162 Linda Maria Koldau
talent manager person or company that guides the career of an artist 36 Q1320883 Tila Tequila
anatomist scientist with a specialty in anatomy 36 Q10872101 Anna Morandi Manzolini
medical historian humanist who is engaged in history of medicine 36 Q15985128 Ludmilla Jordanova
medallist artist who designs medals or medallions 36 Q1708232 Angelica Facius
preservationist occupation 36 Q7241052 Friedel Klussmann
cell biologist scientist specializing in cytology 36 Q15839136 Mina Bissell
humanitarian person dedicated to the help of people 35 Q22336956 Diana, Princess of Wales
chairperson leading or presiding officer of an organized group such as a board, committee, or deliberative assembly 35 Q140686 Princess Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
historian of mathematics humanist who is engaged in history of mathematics 35 Q17486330 Karin Reich
radio DJ someone who broadcasts music on the radio 35 Q10730252 Akie Abe
inline speed skater profession 35 Q26876991 Sheila Herrero Lapuente
rowing official official in the sport of rowing 35 Q21578283 Anita DeFrantz
head coach senior coach or manager of a sports team 35 Q3246315 Amy Suiter
Beach handball player Sports person in the sport Beach handball 35 Q57749966 Fiorella Corimberto
artificial intelligence researcher researcher 34 Q15976092 Ayanna Howard
church historian humanist who is engaged in history of church 34 Q1743122 Barbara Aland
anglicist 34 Q16308156 Sabine Fiedler
music executive person making executive decisions over artists of a record label 34 Q3089940 Émilie Simon
animal rights advocate 34 Q19509237 Ingrid Newkirk
script supervisor oversees the continuity of scenes during filmmaking 34 Q1263187 Baran Kosari
hematologist physician with medical specialty hematology 34 Q3144914 Els Borst
hispanist scholar specialising in Hispanic studies 34 Q2505739 Lucienne Domergue
clean-up artist animation role 34 Q28813302 Margaret Nichols
mystic occupation 33 Q12328016 Therese Neumann
supermodel profession 33 Q865851 Claudia Schiffer
storyteller the profession of telling stories to an audience 33 Q755070 Heike Makatsch
publicist person who manages publicity for a public figure, a business or a work 33 Q4178004 Sabrina Janesch
geophysicist person who combines geoscience and physics 33 Q16335117 Naomi Oreskes
child psychiatrist 33 Q28136886 Margaret Mahler
fashion editor person who supervises the process of creating, developing and presenting content for the fashion department of a magazine, Web site, newspaper or television program 33 Q5436767 Anna Wintour
traveller person who travels or makes voyages 33 Q22813352 Anna Leonowens
game designer someone who designs games 33 Q3630699 Jane Jensen
winegrower who cultivates the vineyard, entrusts the winemaking to a winery cooperative or a merchant 33 Q897317 Philippine de Rothschild
horse trainer person training horses for racing, riding, show or work 33 Q466640 Beryl Clutterbuck Markham
skydiver person specialised in skydiving 33 Q6060450 Jeanne Geneviève Labrosse
business theorist 33 Q48072011 Barbara Kellerman
web developer programmer who specializes in, or is specifically engaged in, the development of World Wide Web applications 32 Q6859454 Anca Mosoiu
music video director person who directs the music artist, the actors and film crew in making music videos 32 Q2340668 Noemi
cartographer person preparing geographical maps 32 Q1734662 Karen Wynn Fonstad
showgirl a performer who highlights their physical attributes through dance and movement 32 Q3482594 Christine Keeler
hetaera historical profession 32 Q466118 Aspasia
collagist visual artist who creates collages 32 Q22343478 Olga Rozanova
investment banker 32 Q2883465 Ellen Tauscher
bookbinder profession 32 Q1413170 Marie-Hortense Fiquet
pastry chef chef skilled in the preparation of pastries 32 Q1191511 Barbara Bayer
Indologist specialist in ancient languages about Sanskrit 32 Q18524037 Else Lüders
conservator professional responsible for the preservation of artistic and cultural artifacts 32 Q446966 Josine de Bruyn Kops
silversmith craftsman who makes objects from silver or gold 32 Q2216340 Q2193744
genealogist person specializing in genealogy 32 Q8963721 Elizabeth Roads
teacher-researcher 31 Q3054728 Helene Ahrweiler
endocrinologist scientist who studies the endocrine system 31 Q4531850 Berta Scharrer
pool player player of variants of pool (nine-ball, eight-ball, etc.) 31 Q20540007 Michaela Tabb
music artist occupation 31 Q1294626 Imogen Heap
evolutionary biologist biologist focussed on evolutionary biology 31 Q16063497 Lynn Margulis
clinical psychologist occupation 31 Q3268166 Pamela Stephenson
cuplé singer 31 Q32945212 La Argentinita
penciller artist who works in the creation of comic books, graphic novels, and similar visual art forms 31 Q17098559 Anna Sommer
clown comic performer 31 Q7358 Anke Gerber
draughts player person who plays draughts professionally 31 Q16402890 Tanja Chub
polonist person who studies Polish language and culture 31 Q20179720 Katarzyna Ewa Zdanowicz-Cyganiak
oracle in classical antiquity, person or agency considered to provide wise and insightful counsel or prophetic predictions or precognition of the future 31 Q217123 Yō Inoue
Dogaressa 31 Q3033730 Elisabetta Grimani
banjoist person who plays the banjo 30 Q9648008 Dolly Parton
sportswriter person who writes about sports especially for a newspaper 30 Q11313148 Suziann Reid
basket weaver a person who makes baskets 30 Q976015 Princess Angeline
bryologist bryology specialist 30 Q16334507 Elizabeth Gertrude Britton
writer in Prevezanika Chronika An author in the biannual magazine Prevezanika Chronika 30 Q42405008 Anna Afentoulidi
lepidopterist person who specialises in the study of Lepidoptera 29 Q497294 Maria Sibylla Merian
hotel manager person managing a hotel 29 Q1631120 Anna Sacher
stained-glass artist artist active in (flat, window) glass 29 Q2205972 Maria Helena Vieira da Silva
assistant technical specialist figure skating official 29 Q59510975 Júlia Sebestyén
courtier person who is often in attendance at the court of a king or other royal personage 29 Q1511216 Lady Ise
theatrical makeup makeup used to assist in creating the appearance of the characters 29 Q541892 Montse Ribé
medical researcher occupation 29 Q15401884 Glenis Willmott
benefactor person who gives some form of help to benefit a person, group or organization (the beneficiary) 29 Q4887411 Annie Montague Alexander
bandy player person practicing bandy 29 Q18702210 Riikka Nieminen
food critic writer who analyzes food or restaurants 29 Q1495660 Michelle Lo
internet celebrity someone who has become famous by means of the Internet 29 Q2045208 Jennifer Ringley
background artist the one in charge with color, style, and mood of a scene in animation film production 29 Q4839644 Lisa Keene
mezzo-soprano type of classical female singing voice whose vocal range lies between the soprano and the contralto voice types 29 Q186506 Vera Davydova
player of Basque pelota sportsperson 29 Q19746576 Ariana Yolanda Cepeda de la Mora
webcam model video performer who is streamed upon the Internet with a live webcam broadcast, often performing erotic acts online in exchange for money, goods, or attention, and sometimes selling videos of their performances 28 Q1027930 Jenna Jameson
pacifist person commited to pacifism 28 Q16003550 Bertha von Suttner
Mistress of the Robes senior lady of the royal households of several European nations 28 Q930374 Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough
mistress female who is in a sexual relationship, where the other or both parties to the relationship are also in another committed relationship (usually marriage) 28 Q625369 Amalie von Wallmoden, Countess of Yarmouth
ski-orienteer 28 Q18664049 Sinikka Kukkonen
badminton coach person involved in directing, instructing and training sportspeople in badminton 28 Q28143257 Zhang Ailing
poster artist person who designs poster 28 Q739437 Käthe Kollwitz
earth scientist scientist that studies earth sciences 28 Q11424604 Judith Curry
arabist academic or researcher who specialise in the study of the Arabic language and Arabic literature 28 Q620573 Angelika Neuwirth
shopkeeper individual who owns or manages a shop 28 Q7501153 Reine Audu
broadcast writer 28 Q11499012 Yō Inoue
personal trainer fitness professional involved in exercise prescription and instruction 28 Q762121 Jillian Michaels
demographer person specialized in demography 28 Q12360779 Michèle Tribalat
quilter person who practises quilting 28 Q46984315 Bettye Kimbrell
advisor person with more and deeper knowledge in a specific area 27 Q2994387 Kelly Ayotte
exotic dancer 27 Q5420718 Mario Serrano Piazuelo
flamenco dancer person who dances baile flamenco 27 Q28843882 Lola Flores
medical writer profession 27 Q18533509 Elizabeth Blackwell
theoretical physicist occupation 27 Q19350898 Karen Barad
video game developer person responsible for developing video games 27 Q58287519 Brenda Romero
bibliographer person who describes and lists books and other publications 27 Q10429346 Olga Dmitrievna Bagalei-Tatarinova
community leader person perceived to represent a community 27 Q1500610 Olha Basarab
media scholar occupation 27 Q6386271 Daniela Kloock
storyteller one who tells stories (not a narrator) 27 Q16023925 Q2553145
assistant professor introductory level professor 27 Q5669847 Sameera Moussa
spoken word artist 27 Q17378128 Mariya Krivopolenova
milkmaid girl or woman employed to milk dairy cows 27 Q1934482 Q4277802
classical composer 27 Q21680663 Catharina Backman
music producer person producing music via an electronic instrumentation and computers 26 Q3922505 Kylie Minogue
technical writer professional writer producing technical documentation 26 Q1568338 Anne Elizabeth Ball
adventurer person who seeks adventures 26 Q2873500 Anna Lundh
television journalist journalist working in the television medium 26 Q22976182 Elizabeth T. Spira
Islamicist orientalist specialised in the study of Islam 26 Q3155377 Karen Armstrong
deacon ministry in the Christian Church 26 Q161944 Phoebe
water skier 26 Q12340540 Marina, Princess of Naples
industrial designer profession 26 Q15977509 Marianne Brandt
witch person who practices witchcraft 26 Q1616828 Margarete von Alertshausen
impressionist performer whose act consists of imitating the voice and mannerisms of others 26 Q1148872 Nonna Grishayeva
steeplechase runner sportsperson taking part in steeplechasing competitions 26 Q13854733 Sara Hall
empress consort wife of a reigning emperor 25 Q7723211 Wu Zetian
terrorist person who seeks to achieve aim with terrorist tactics 25 Q14886050 Gudrun Ensslin
artisan skilled craft worker who makes or creates things by hand 25 Q1294787 Käthe Kruse
militant 25 Q17010072 Ingrid Schubert
regional historian researcher of regional history 25 Q17488465 Erika Weinzierl
notary person licensed by the state to perform acts in legal affairs, in particular witnessing signatures on documents 25 Q189010 Karin Bencze
co-driver navigator of a rally car in the sport of rallying, who sits in the front passenger seat 25 Q2465611 Ilka Minor
skateboarder person riding on a skateboard 25 Q17502714 Elissa Steamer
professional golfer golfer with professional status; ordinarily cannot not play in amateur tournaments 25 Q490253 Katharina Schallenberg
wheelchair curler sportsperson who plays wheelchair curling 25 Q28836794 Anette Wilhelm
muhaddith specialist who profoundly knows and narrates hadith 25 Q1172458 Asmā' bint Abu Bakr
piano teacher occupation 25 Q17303149 Anna Kravtchenko
mime artist someone who uses mime as a theatrical medium or performance art 24 Q674067 Kate Bush
recording artist person, musician who performs music for recordings 24 Q55960555 Kate Bush
intendant (government official) public officials especially in non-English-speaking countries called "intendants" in English 24 Q6491450 Helene Weigel
war photographer photographer documenting a war 24 Q11496048 Gerda Taro
primatologist profession 24 Q16825962 Jane Goodall
financier person who makes their living from investments 24 Q1979607 Svetlana Medvedeva
president non-political leader of an organization, company, community, club, trade union, university or other group 24 Q1255921 Elizabeth Dole
Wikimedian volunteer in the Wikimedia movement 24 Q41546637 Florence Devouard
perfumer expert on creating perfume compositions 24 Q579021 Norina Matchabelli
dean in academics, a person with significant authority over a specific academic unit 24 Q723682 Niki Tsongas
software engineer practitioner of software engineering 24 Q1709010 Vienna Teng
program maker person who makes radio or television programs 24 Q2548714 Ingeborg Beugel
peasant member of a traditional class of farmers 24 Q838811 Marie-Josephte Corriveau
mayor head of municipal government such as a town or city 24 Q30185 Ivi Eenmaa
cultural worker occupation in cultural and artistic (re)production 24 Q1791845 Radoslava Premrl
helicopter pilot 23 Q20726593 Hanna Reitsch
illuminator artist who "illuminates" books and manuscripts 23 Q998628 Hildegard of Bingen
courtesan prostitute or mistress 23 Q376924 Mario Serrano Piazuelo
embroiderer needlework and textile artist 23 Q18575684 Violeta Parra
grand couturier fashion designer who is a member of the French Chambre syndicale de la haute couture 23 Q4845479 Nina Ricci
master of ceremonies official host of a staged event or similar performance 23 Q497240 Erika Sawajiri
industrialist owner or operator of a factory or manufacturing business 23 Q6606110 Amélie Zurcher
count nobility title in European countries 23 Q3519259 Countess Claudine Rhédey von Kis-Rhéde
employee person who works for an employer 23 Q703534 Anna Troberg
procurer agent for prostitutes who collects part of their earnings 23 Q11679511 Deborah Jeane Palfrey
physical chemist 23 Q16744668 Isabella Karle
set decorator person in charge of the set dressing on a film 23 Q6409989 Ewa Braun
director of radio drama person who directs an audio production like a radio drama or documentary 23 Q2459497 Barbara Plensat
Anglican priest minister of the Anglican church 23 Q3409375 Carter Heyward
college head administrative head of an educational college 23 Q20794925 Eleanor Mildred Sidgwick
medieval historian historian specializing in the European Middle Ages 23 Q22929895 Heidelore Böcker
conferencier master of ceremonies in cabaret 23 Q736415 Liz Murray
general practitioner type of medical doctor specialising as a generalist, usually working in primary care setting 23 Q6500773 Gun-Britt Tödter
educational psychologist 23 Q5341297 Idit Harel Caperton
cognitive scientist scientist specializing in cognitive science 23 Q14565186 Bonnie E. John
military physician physician who works for the military 22 Q4002666 Herta Oberheuser
audio book narrator 22 Q20856740 Stéphane Audran
historian of religion humanist who is engaged in history of religion 22 Q17488357 Christina von Braun
Judaic scholar 22 Q5121550 Annette M. Böckler
philosophy historian occupation 22 Q24265174 Frances Yates
social psychologist 22 Q16611554 Monica Lewinsky
documentalist kind of librarian trained in documentation science and specializing in assisting researchers in their search for scientific and technical documentation 22 Q1235152 Martine Billard
cookery writer person who writes literature about cooking, including recipe books 22 Q27431213 Isabella Beeton
military historian humanist who is engaged in history of military 22 Q1493121 Pat Southern
therapist profession 22 Q2419397 Ann-Mari Max Hansen
typographer typography worker; for the designer of fonts and type, see Q354034 22 Q1229025 Irmgard Sonnen
curling coach 22 Q51751308 Joni Cotten
digital artist artist who works in the digital medium 22 Q22812879 Vera Molnár
new media artist artist who primarily uses (new) media art in his/her work 22 Q7016454 Jakobine Engel
cantatrice lyric female vocal singer who sings classical music songs 22 Q2936570 Lorenza Correa
chronicler writer of a chronicle 22 Q3330547 Adília Lopes
intellectual people who primarily use intelligence in either a professional or an individual capacity 22 Q58968 Christine Pedotti
religious studies scholar 22 Q19829980 Nancy Thomson de Grummond
deputy name for legislator in many countries 22 Q1055894 Q4416857
tour guide person who provides information and heritage interpretation to tourists 22 Q1039099 Q4447059
character animator profession in animation film production 22 Q28122926 Ellen Woodbury
biostatistician profession 22 Q52899051 Paola Sebastiani
nobility privileged social class 22 Q134737 Landgravine Louise Ulrike of Hesse-Homburg
matron profession 21 Q1396008 Marie Poussepin
torturer 21 Q20725072 Ilse Koch
business manager person who drives the work of others in a major business 21 Q832136 Stephanie zu Guttenberg
Bible translator person translating the Bible 21 Q24262584 Pandita Ramabai
navigator crew position responsible for navigation of an aircraft or vessel 21 Q254651 Marina Raskova
abolitionist social activist seeking end of slavery 21 Q18510179 Sojourner Truth
nude model artist's model who poses in the nude 21 Q161850 Bettie Ballhaus
audio drama actor voice actor in an audio drama or radio play 21 Q1314140 Ellis Kaut
waiter staff serving in restaurant or private homes 21 Q157195 Nicki Minaj
anti-vaccine activist person who officially rejects the effeciency or safety of vaccines 21 Q29887242 Alicia Silverstone
tattoo artist individual who applies permanent decorative tattoos 21 Q1861368 Elayne Angel
pro gamer occupation 21 Q4379701 Seo Ji-Soo
economic historian humanist who is engaged in economic history 21 Q17488363 Emma Georgina Rothschild
racquetball player sportsperson that plays racquetball 21 Q17611899 Paola Longoria
scenic designer 21 Q51085009 Annette Kurz
patrician the name given to members of the old-established upper class in ancient Rome as well as in the Middle Ages 21 Q154668 Christiana Regina Hetzer
mind gamer 21 Q61747890 Alina Kirillowna Kudrjaschewa
music interpreter musical performer 21 Q3153559 Laurence Revey
rugby player sportsperson taking part in rugby competitions 21 Q13415036 Aitziber Porras
costume historian person who studies the history of costume and clothing 21 Q51095439 Anna Maja Nylén
alchemist person practicing alchemy 20 Q15954519 Cleopatra the Alchemist
metallurgist person skilled in metallurgy 20 Q18576582 Constance Tipper
cosplayer one who takes part in cosplay 20 Q18810049 Alodia Gosiengfiao
police officer occupation 20 Q361593 Mireille Ballestrazzi
model simplified representation of reality 20 Q1979154 Monica Bellucci
japanologist person specialized in the study of Japanese language or culture 20 Q15991218 Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann
cleric member of the clergy of a religion 20 Q2259532 Teresa of Ávila
mandolinist musician who plays the mandolin 20 Q19723482 Parker Posey
epigrapher person who practices epigraphy 20 Q15632632 Nacéra Benseddik
adjunct professor Academic title 20 Q357813 Jane Harman
founder worker specialized in metal casting 20 Q19435686 Hannah Callowhill Penn
continuity announcer craft 20 Q1187884 Jacqueline Joubert
social historian humanist who is engaged in social history 20 Q17504992 Lynne Viola
business consultant professional who provides advice on running and managing a business or business process 20 Q16849727 Anke Domscheit-Berg
furniture designer one who creates furniture or designs for its manufacture 20 Q12328065 Anna-Lülja Praun
prefect French state's representative in a department or region 20 Q1285463 Anne-Marie Charvet
digital imaging technician works in collaboration with the cinematographer 20 Q1224742 Natalie Kalmus
annelidologist scientist who studies annelids 20 Q38687772 Elena K. Kupriyanova
pupil student of another person or of a school 19 Q48942 Margot Frank
customs officer profession 19 Q247797 Maria Höfl-Riesch
orator public speaker 19 Q12859263 Helen Keller
murderer criminal 19 Q931260 Grete Beier
planetary scientist 19 Q16742203 Susan Kieffer
soloist musician who emerges with their performance as an individual 19 Q1371914 Claire Pichet
communicator occupation 19 Q5780518 Anita Sarkeesian
neurosurgeon surgical discipline; profession 19 Q9385011 Galina Shatalova
Correspondence chessplayer Chessplayer by correspondence 19 Q30176225 Lora Yakovleva
Liedermacher singer-songwriter in German culture 19 Q956365 Annett Müller
general secretary leader or chief officer of an organisation 19 Q6501749 Bernadette Ségol
materials scientist person who studies materials 19 Q21329070 Dagmar Hülsenberg
dollmaker person who makes dolls 19 Q18617002 Nechama Szmuszkowicz
philatelist collector of postage stamps 19 Q1475726 Johanna Borchard
dialectologist person who practices dialectology 19 Q16880249 Maria Hornung
marketer profession 19 Q1900657 Sandra De Preter
television columnist 19 Q19607300 Adèle Van Reeth
salesperson occupation 19 Q685433 Norma Torres
phytopathologist 19 Q3746192 Pippa Greenwood
Nordic combined skier sportsperson taking part in Nordic combined competitions 19 Q13382605 Taylor Henrich
postdoctoral researcher person professionally conducting research after the completion of their doctoral studies 19 Q1125292 Charlotte E. Hartwright
military athlete military supported by their country for practicing their sport 18 Q2312865 Christina Schwanitz
anarcho-syndicalist occupation 18 Q24293741 María Silva Cruz
member of parliament representative of the voters to a parliament 18 Q486839 Hema Malini
acting impersonation of a fictional character 18 Q222749 Catherine Zeta-Jones
toxicologist scientist who deals with toxicology 18 Q4459623 Monika Schäfer-Korting
conspiracy theorist person promoting conspiracy theories 18 Q19831149 Oriana Fallaci
pornographic film director person who directs actors in a pornographic film 18 Q17456089 Tory Lane
choreography the art of arranging movements, such as in dance 18 Q180856 Alicia Alonso
hornist French horn player 18 Q19729565 Zora Slokar
concept artist person in charge with the visualisation of an idea or a concept 18 Q28107590 Mary Blair
financial analyst person who performs financial analysis 18 Q1416279 Asma al-Assad
lutenist musician who plays the lute 18 Q21166956 Francesca Caccini
drug trafficker unlicensed dealer in illegal drugs 18 Q10384029 Nancy Spungen
wood carver wood worker who carves 18 Q6138343 Cherie Currie
agricultural engineer 18 Q18926350 Florence Devouard
herbalist collecting plants with leaves, seeds, or flowers used for flavoring, food, medicine, or perfume. 18 Q3133901 Mor Sæther
advertising person person concerned with the creation of advertisments 18 Q10355417 Dorothy Arzner
sociolinguist expert on sociolinguistics 18 Q15976717 Snježana Kordić
healer person who heals living organisms (using healing practices aka alternative medicine) 18 Q2518689 Morrnah Simeona
creative director position often found within the graphic design, film, music, fashion, advertising, media or entertainment industries 18 Q667982 Andrea Rauschenbusch
pedagogy the study of education 18 Q7922 Maria Alexandrovna Ulyanova
firefighter rescuer trained to extinguish hazardous fires 18 Q107711 Emma Roca Rodríguez
theater director one who runs a theater 18 Q21201635 Antoinette Perry
landowner person that owns a significant piece of land 18 Q1549283 Ombline Desbassayns
paleobotanist person who practices paleobotany 18 Q30059961 Britta Lundblad
Certified Public Accountant title of qualified accountants in many countries 17 Q1056337 Toshiko Takeya
balloonist profession 17 Q728425 Wilhelmine Reichard
track and field coach 17 Q19827985 Nina Dumbadze
warrior person specializing in combat or warfare 17 Q1250916 Bracha Fuld
runner sportsperson who runs 17 Q14616728 Hassiba Boulmerka
modiste person who makes or sells women's clothing, especially dresses or hats 17 Q18199649 Keke Geladze
clerk white-collar worker who conducts general office tasks 17 Q738142 Terri Schiavo
dancing master occupation 17 Q2393361 Aurelia Dobre
gerontologist person practicing gerontology 17 Q20107384 Ana Aslan
functionary person with leadership position within an organization 17 Q1328323 Ann-Kathrin Linsenhoff
anesthesiologist physician specialised in anesthesiology 17 Q28837 Virginia Apgar
wet nurse woman who breast feeds and cares for another's child 17 Q472898 Geertje Dircx
flight instructor person who teaches others to operate aircraft 17 Q379318 Bonny Warner
clandestine agent 17 Q25893271 Roza Robota
Sammlungsdirektor 17 Q3029418 Anne Dufourmantelle
mosaicist artist who designs or builds mosaics 17 Q282718 Erentrud Trost
tax advisor financial expert specially trained in tax law 17 Q688576 Tomomi Inada
technical controller in figure skating competitions 17 Q56884274 Junko Hiramatsu
science journalist profession 17 Q17433421 Natalie Angier
combined track and field event athlete athlete taking part in combined track and field events 17 Q14605941 Alejandra García
Milking machine operator 17 Q4335218 Mariya Gromova
public speaker person with the profession of addressing groups of people 17 Q23303222 Emily Levine
project manager professional in the field of project management 17 Q816432 Anna Sommansson
data scientist person studying and working with data 17 Q29169143 Bronwyn Harch
upholstery work of providing furniture, especially seats, with padding, springs, webbing, and fabric or leather covers 17 Q1123578 Silvia Umpiérrez
topologist mathematician who studies topology 16 Q18663426 Caryn Navy
trobairitz Occitan female troubadours of the 12th and 13th centuries 16 Q1747339 Tibors de Sarenom
byzantinist person specialized in the study of history, culture and civilization of Byzantine empire 16 Q26132815 Helene Ahrweiler
prioress ecclesiastical title for a female monastic superior 16 Q24716852 Emilia Bicchieri
prophet person claiming to speak for divine beings 16 Q42857 Gabriele Wittek
radio journalist journalist working on radio 16 Q24702769 Jonna Tervomaa
ethologist person who practices ethology, the study of behavior 16 Q16831721 Jane Goodall
architectural photographer 16 Q3381574 Eva Besnyö
freelancer profession 16 Q215279 Susan Blackmore
yoga instructor occupation 16 Q2600526 Nirmala Srivastava
bank teller employee of a bank who deals directly with most customers 16 Q806805 Fathia Nkrumah
chief financial officer corporate title 16 Q623268 Safra Catz
assyriologist 16 Q19361459 Annette Zgoll
church musician profession 16 Q355493 Beate Leibe
ambassador diplomatic envoy 16 Q121998 April H. Foley
Director of Research at CNRS 16 Q3029430 Monique Sené
futsal player sportsperson who plays futsal 16 Q18515558 Hélène Sertznig
plantation owner owner and overseer of the operation of plantations 16 Q21550888 Charlotta Elisabeth van der Lith
maître de conférences academic rank in France 16 Q1914832 Béatrice Collignon
glaciologist scientist specializing in glaciology 16 Q15623737 Frédérique Rémy
life coach 16 Q26831130 Abimbola Alao
paralympic athlete disabled person competing in a sport 16 Q25439032 Anna Maria Toso
cross country runner someone participating in cross country running 16 Q26219487 Johanna Hallberg
diver person who performs underwater diving 16 Q1866686 Julia Viktorovna Petrik
vagrant person, often in poverty, who wanders from place to place without a home or regular employment or income. 16 Q416718 Margaret Muirhead
wife female spouse 16 Q188830 Helene Emilie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg
homeopath person who applies homeopathic therapies 15 Q12020057 Amy L. Lansky
intelligence officer person employed by an organization to collect, compile and/or analyze information 15 Q5121444 Gabriele Gast
type designer person who designs typefaces 15 Q354034 Gudrun Zapf-von Hesse
viol player person who plays the viola da gamba 15 Q19760296 Friederike Heumann
sports official official in a sports organization 15 Q15986539 Irena Szewińska
executive director chief executive officer (CEO) or managing director of an organization, company, or corporation 15 Q267936 Zoe Lofgren
telemarker sportsperson taking part in telemark skiing competitions 15 Q58851768 Zoë Taylor
environmental scientist 15 Q16529590 Donella Meadows
hero person who displays characteristics of heroism 15 Q162244 Luisa Cáceres de Arismendis
Near Eastern archaeologist 15 Q26424344 Machteld Mellink
worker person who works 15 Q327055 József Berta
oldest human 15 Q254917 Augusta Holtz
information scientist profession 15 Q1265807 Ingetraut Dahlberg
biotechnologist profession 15 Q864835 Anne Wojcicki
xylographer person who designs a wooden plate for printing 15 Q1437754 Tekla Nordström
character designer the one in charge with the style and personality of a character 15 Q1062952 Aki Shimizu
operetta singer 15 Q30157837 Anna Norrie
political journalist 15 Q15973695 Raphaëlle Bacqué
bartender person who serves usually alcoholic beverages behind the bar in a licensed establishment 15 Q808266 Sarah Ann Henley
computational biologist 15 Q15709480 Elaine Mardis
semiotician academic specializing in semiotics 15 Q16402907 Jeanne Martinet
nematologist scientist studying nematology 15 Q21491495 Qudsia Tahseen
navy officer officer of a navy 14 Q10669499 Grace Hopper
cryptographer specialist on techniques for secure communication in the presence of third parties 14 Q15442776 Shafrira Goldwasser
glider pilot 14 Q27732138 Anne Burns
housekeeper domestic worker responsible for running the household, in charge of housemaids 14 Q2596569 Helene Demuth
industrial engineer profession 14 Q2267418 Lillian Moller Gilbreth
deaconess female non-ordained member of ministry 14 Q2298145 Eva von Tiele-Winckler
yodeler singer that performs yodeling 14 Q21234378 Jewel
design creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system; process of creation; act of creativity and innovation 14 Q82604 Svitlana Loboda
paleoanthropologist 14 Q21272406 Mary Douglas Leakey
stockbroker professional who buys and sells shares and other securities for both retail and institutional clients 14 Q4182927 Barbara Boxer
land artist person who creates land art 14 Q33123562 Maya Lin
acrobat performer of acrobatics 14 Q11957145 Elvira Madigan
attorney at law professional title for lawyers in some jurisdictions 14 Q758225 Elizabeth Edwards
gastronomist 14 Q24203053 Camilla Plum
tribal chief leader of a tribal society or chiefdom 14 Q1259323 Anacaona
evangelist preacher of Christianity 14 Q11381450 Jessie Penn-Lewis
Lector academic degree 14 Q1553123 Maria Parr
ringette player 14 Q18920523 Julie Blanchette
graffiti artist artist who specializes in graffiti 14 Q15095148 Fafi
antiquarian seller profession 14 Q187865 Lotte Roth-Wölfle
trombonist musician who plays the trombone 14 Q544972 Gail Brand
Catholic priest main form of minister in the Catholic Church 14 Q250867 Monika Wyss
tibetologist 14 Q1864603 Katia Buffetrille
cantaor, cantaora flamenco singer (male, female) 14 Q51374880 Dolores Parrales Moreno
Heritage curator 14 Q2994440 Anne Pingeot
swimming coach trainer in the field of swimming 14 Q20730773 Suzanne Berlioux
ethnobotanist 14 Q32518759 Maria Fadiman
media personality person known to the public through their media appearances 14 Q1885941 Connie Hamzy
theatre designer designs the visual environment of the stage in a play or opera 14 Q26869657 Donyale Werle
Office lady 14 Q1359551 Masako Okawara
councillor representative of voters to a local government 14 Q708492 Rania Khan
cyclist person who rides a bike 14 Q2125610 Genevieve Ouellet
slovenist 14 Q60538989 Bożena Tokarz
Mãe-de-santo 14 Q10304522 Giselle Cossard
standard-bearer person who carries a flag, banner or standard in an official capacity 14 Q2486919 Lucinha Nobre
political philosopher 13 Q18930007 Simone de Beauvoir
video game designer person or company responsible for design of the content and rules of a video game 13 Q18882335 Roberta Williams
talk show host person who hosts a talk show 13 Q18668527 Ana Kasparian
kitesurfer practitioner of kitesurfing 13 Q17519504 Kristin Boese
language teacher 13 Q30002353 Alice Herz
music theorist person who studies music theory 13 Q16031530 Gertrud Grunow
ballet pedagogue 13 Q55092822 Agrippina Vaganova
manager supporting character in professional wrestling 13 Q721834 Vickie Guerrero
pirate person practicing piracy 13 Q10729326 Anne Bonny
cosmetologist 13 Q3058993 Elizabeth Arden
hermit person who lives in seclusion from society 13 Q189829 Saint Rosalia
ocean rower adventurer, who crosses oceans with a rowing boat 13 Q21081635 Maud Fontenoy
heilpraktiker naturopathic profession in Germany 13 Q351234 Hawayo Takata
manhwaga People who create manhwa (Korean comics) 13 Q3285854 Rhim Ju-yeon
paratrooper military parachutists functioning as part of an airborne force 13 Q749387 Haviva Reik
milliner person who makes women's accessories, especially hats and headgear 13 Q21550776 Rose Bertin
Hofmeister profession 13 Q609016 Evelyn Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire
postmaster head of a post office 13 Q1416611 Flora Thompson
bass-guitarist person who plays the bass guitar 13 Q20521670 Nadja Peulen
plastic surgeon 13 Q5770349 Nahid Toubia
music promoter individual or company that promotes live music events 13 Q18534068 Mae Boren Axton
tractorist operator of tractors and other motorized farm machinery, especially on collective farms 13 Q4461829 Pasha Angelina
rugby union coach 13 Q15041977 Anna Richards
game author author of games 13 Q1544133 Andrea Meyer
donor 13 Q43667189 Margareta Huitfeldt
Volksschullehrer 13 Q10497467 Alma Detthow
Copywriting act of writing copy (text) for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product, business, person, opinion or idea 13 Q624896 Lotta Lundgren
investor person who allocates capital with the expectation of a financial return 13 Q557880 Candace Nelson
effects animator job 13 Q28122965 Christine Blum
geochemist 12 Q16335312 Katsuko Saruhashi
prose form of language which applies ordinary grammatical structure and natural flow of speech 12 Q676 Grazia Deledda
roboticist a person who designs, builds, programs, and experiments with robots 12 Q7353430 Daniela L. Rus
stenographer occupation 12 Q18810149 Lina Medina
mimus 12 Q2178969 Theodora
soubrette entertainer 12 Q3964987 Michelle Hunziker
board member position in an organisation 12 Q2824523 Barbara Pierce Bush
fighter pilot military aviator trained to engage in air-to-air, and often air-to-ground, combat 12 Q618694 Lydia Litvyak
martyr person who suffers persecution and death for advocating, refusing to renounce, and/or refusing to advocate a belief or cause, usually a religious one 12 Q6498826 Juliana of Nicomedia
seismologist scientist who does research in seismology 12 Q12051314 Inge Lehmann
volunteer participant in voluntary work 12 Q24716636 Patty Murray
samurai military nobility of pre-industrial Japan 12 Q38142 Yodo-dono
medium mediate communication between spirits of the dead and other human beings 12 Q583271 Sylvia Browne
musical instrument maker manufacturer of musical instruments 12 Q1955150 Linda Manzer
speleologist person who specializes in speleology (caves) 12 Q16742175 Henriette d'Angeville
logician person specializing in formal logic 12 Q14565331 Christine Ladd-Franklin
game artist responsible for all of the artistic aspects of game development 12 Q3191582 Shinorii
limnologist limnology specialist 12 Q17269204 Ruth Patrick
local politician politician involved in local, as opposed to national, government 12 Q10547393 Antje Hochwind
archer person who uses a bow and arrow, a practitioner of archery 12 Q890527 Qin Liangyu
settler person who has migrated to an area and established permanent residence there 12 Q1818899 Caroline Ernst
africanist specialist in African studies 12 Q15936497 Maria Klingenheben-von Tiling
sommelier person with proficiency in wine tasting 12 Q191493 Thérèse Boer
volcanologist person who studies the formation of volcanoes 12 Q7940086 Katia Krafft
religious writer 12 Q24262594 Q2771536
neurobiologist 12 Q20739288 Catherine Vidal
antiquarian specialist or aficionado of antiquities or things of the past 12 Q5697103 Hilda Ellis Davidson
speaker presiding officer of a deliberative assembly, especially a legislative body 12 Q1758037 Pa Tepaeru Terito Ariki
heiress female beneficiary of an inheritance (in the context of the historical practices of the nobility) 12 Q21849766 Jane Stanhope, Countess of Harrington
breeder profession 12 Q1368409 Ida Kalinina
futurist scientists and social scientists 12 Q846430 Anne Lise Kjaer
ventriloquist performer of ventriloquism 12 Q15618890 Zillah Andrén
self-employed entrepreneur 12 Q10501288 Amalia Eriksson
textile historian person who studies the origin and development of textiles and textile-based materials over time 12 Q51095427 Anna Maja Nylén
ethicist moral principle analyst 12 Q5403434 Lisa Sowle Cahill
conchologist marine zoologist who studies mollusc shells 12 Q43095928 Maria Emma Gray
press agent 12 Q2358549 Susan Bloch
hydrologist earth scientist that studies water 12 Q3644587 Larysa Kozintseva
Wikipedian contributor to Wikipedia 12 Q23038345 Jami Mathewson
test pilot aviator who flies new and modified aircraft in specific maneuvers 11 Q730242 Hanna Reitsch
dog breeder occupation 11 Q13342461 Infanta Alicia
freedom fighter a person who takes part in a resistance movement against an oppressive political or social establishment 11 Q30242234 Lina Haag
Spanish Queen consort title of the wife of the King of Spain 11 Q6104617 Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg
multi-instrumentalist musician who plays two or more musical instruments with some degree of proficiency 11 Q1327329 Dolly Parton
mountain guide mountaineering expert who guides travellers or other mountaineers on their path 11 Q819677 Evelyne Binsack
communard member of the Paris Commune (1871) 11 Q1780490 Louise Michel
recorder player musician who plays the recorder 11 Q3074722 Michala Petri
polo player sportsperson that plays polo 11 Q13218361 Stefanie Powers
geodesist scientist or a technician who works in the field of geodesy 11 Q11699606 Inge Lehmann
muse person who inspires another person to creative achievement/work 11 Q1954172 Eva Gouel
Scandinavian studies scholar 11 Q26700841 Barbara Gentikow
hazzan Jewish cantor 11 Q1067977 Avitall Gerstetter
health economist profession 11 Q38383816 Christiane Woopen
pioneer soldier tasked with engineering and construction 11 Q13393921 Dominique Prieur
archaeobotanist 11 Q47482514 Udelgard Körber-Grohne
animation director in charge of all aspects of the animation process during production of an animated film or segment 11 Q779815 Ikuko Itoh
instrumentalist person who plays a musical instrument 11 Q1278335 Norda Mullen
gymnastics coach 11 Q42331265 Irina Viner
director of audiography profession 11 Q986888 Yūko Miyamura
dialogue writer screenwriter whose role is to write dialogs 11 Q3026032 Alexandra Deman
social entrepreneur 11 Q12336252 Jane Stanford
organizer person specializing in planning and execution of events 11 Q2029941 Krisztina Rády
armenologist 11 Q21280575 Viada Arutyunova-Fidanyan
palaeographer person who studies and writes about the palaeography 11 Q17132038 Q4181489
turkologist 11 Q16334453 Anna Dybo
tenured professor 11 Q43159417 Alicia Gaspar de Alba
alderman member of a municipal assembly or council 11 Q3364526 Arenda Troutman
rugby union match official 11 Q2859671 Clare Daniels
research formal work undertaken systematically to increase the stock of knowledge 11 Q42240 Tania Simoncelli
legislator member of a legislature 11 Q4175034 Gabriela Balicka-Iwanowska
myriapodologist scientist who studies myriapods 11 Q27924982 Ana Sofia Reboleira
sound operator profession 11 Q10341105 Q12174071
sex worker person who works in the sex industry 10 Q852857 Valerie Solanas
women letter writer 10 Q3589292 Simone de Beauvoir
software developer person concerned with facets of the software development process 10 Q183888 Sarah Allen
webmaster person responsible for maintaining one or many websites 10 Q41674 Danni Ashe
communication scholar 10 Q26759595 Eva Illouz
postgraduate business degree holder academic title 10 Q1227195 Marietta Slomka
copperplate engraver person who creates copper plates by engraving lines on them 10 Q13365770 Susanne Maria von Sandrart
quilt maker artisan who makes quilts 10 Q30341438 Radka Donnell
nightclub owner occupation 10 Q22810659 Eva Longoria
fitness professional a professional in the field of fitness and exercise, most often instruction, including aerobics and yoga instructors and authors of fitness instruction books or manuals 10 Q8563456 Anita Schätzle
dissident person who actively challenges an established doctrine, policy, or institution 10 Q181043 Suheir Atassi
opera director creative director in charge of staging an opera 10 Q28054786 Julie Taymor
amanuensis person employed to write or type what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another 10 Q499134 Christine de Pizane
cryptanalyst person who breaks codes 10 Q1647775 Agnes Meyer Driscoll
instructor person who teaches others 10 Q16358610 Patty Murray
club DJ 10 Q10816969 Miss Kittin
storyboard artist person who creates storyboards for advertising agencies and film productions 10 Q5762300 Brenda Chapman
torero bullfighter and the main performer in bullfighting 10 Q549322 Cristina Sánchez
financial adviser professional who renders financial services to clients 10 Q683476 Suze Orman
occupational therapist profession 10 Q631193 Anna Jean Ayres
video game producer person in charge of overseeing development of a video game 10 Q2702296 Kellee Santiago
forester person who practices forestry 10 Q3738699 Christiane Volger
madam female pimp, a women who procures prostitution 10 Q2011889 Cynthia Payne
political appointee occupational position in Germany 10 Q2101540 Maria Krautzberger
drag queen a person who dresses and acts with exaggerated femininity for performance purposes 10 Q337084 Rose Murphy
sound editor creative professional responsible for selecting and assembling sound recordings 10 Q3180462 Verna Fields
iconographer painter of icons 10 Q4199058 Béatrice Fontanel
dog trainer 10 Q1637531 Christine Charpentier
portraitist person who makes portraits 10 Q21178131 Euphémie Didiez
layout artist the one in charge with the picture's appearance (staging, background design, camera positions, lighting) in animation film production 10 Q28110454 Sylvia Roemer
cheesemaker 10 Q19945412 Galina Kamenskaya
miner person who works in mining 10 Q820037 Alyson Kennedy
metalsmith craftsman fashioning tools or works of art out of various metals 10 Q838566 Linda MacNeil
baker person who prepares and sells breads, rolls, biscuits or cookies, and/or crackers 10 Q160131 Margaret Braun
copywriter person who do copywriting 10 Q14466416 Phyllis Robinson
coleopterist person who is specialized in coleopterology 10 Q28815523 Ana Sofia Reboleira
obstetrician-gynecologist medical profession 10 Q21002422 Claude Maillard
vice-chancellor academic position 10 Q19542123 Mary Okwakol
Aufnahmeleiter 10 Q18535215 Barbara Feldmann
helminthologist scientist specialising in helminthology 10 Q27497422 Cassandra M. Monteiro
television editor person who works with the raw footage, selecting shots and combining them into sequences to create a finished television show 10 Q23016178 Kristina Boden
women in music 10 Q25095122 Maria Magdalena von Dobeneck-Feuerbach
dance dance as a performing art 9 Q11639 Jennette McCurdy
technologist professional at using technology 9 Q16026109 Juliana Rotich
law clerk person who provides assistance to a judge in researching issues before the court and in writing opinions 9 Q883231 Kelly Ayotte
volleyball coach 9 Q20730881 Natalia Málaga
horse breeder occupation of breeding horses 9 Q16000367 Infanta Alicia
telegraphist 9 Q2024200 Louisa Margaret Dunkley
biomedical engineer 9 Q19902880 Monique Frize
scuba diver person who dives using scuba equipment 9 Q17504942 Jessica Alba
registered nurse nurse who graduated from a nursing program and passed a national licensing exam 9 Q13608061 Ann Marie Buerkle
portrait photographer 9 Q2544530 Dora Kallmus
specialized educator 9 Q3580098 Anna Essinger
prisoner person who is deprived of liberty against their will 9 Q1862087 Agatha of Sicily
sniper highly trained marksman 9 Q201948 Lyudmila Pavlichenko
ghostwriter writer who writes speeches or texts in the name and commissioned by another person 9 Q623386 Colette
contemporary historian person who studies the latest era of history up to the present day; depending on the definition this era is starting from between 1914 and 1915 or from approximately 1945 9 Q2995513 Annette Becker
wrestler practioner of an activity referred to as 'wrestling', whether the martial art or the mock combat done for entertainment 9 Q27978698 Maria Menounos
aikidoka practicioner of aikido, a martial art 9 Q4696968 Pam Grier
social and health care assistant 9 Q11879988 Virginia Satir
investigative reporter person practicing investigative journalism 9 Q15931838 Amy Goodman
archaeologist of the Roman provinces 9 Q25915497 Éva Bónis
television critic 9 Q18810130 Gillian Flynn
film theorist 9 Q17391605 Germaine Dulac
political commentator occupation 9 Q18347241 Megyn Kelly
media proprietor profession 9 Q1420621 Caroline Rémy de Guebhard
surinamist 9 Q29948997 Cynthia McLeod
bureaucrat member of a bureaucracy 9 Q572700 Lois Capps
philanthropist Wikimedia disambiguation page 9 Q7182927 Han Hong
papyrologist 9 Q16267158 Andrea Jördens
innkeeper occupation 9 Q21500306 Margaret Clap
double agent profession 9 Q1058375 Katrina Leung
dental hygienist profession 9 Q1079856 Nicole Minetti
chansonnier type of poet songwriter, in France and Quebec, Canada 9 Q13391399 Anne-Marie Carrière
music publisher profession 9 Q222836 Barbara Scheuch-Vötterle
vice president officer in government or business 9 Q42178 Beatrice Allen
privateer private person or ship authorized by a government to attack foreign shipping 9 Q201559 Jeanne de Clisson
iparművész 9 Q29179832 Q903277
urologist physician who specializes in urology 9 Q17345122 Dora Brücke-Teleky
geopolitician 9 Q16947320 Doreen Massey
copy editor profession 9 Q356139 Ute Erb
preschool teacher profession 9 Q3080443 Anna Ozsváth
sport fisher participant in sport fishing 9 Q22695781 Denise Périgois
ufologist person who specializes in ufology 9 Q18921227 Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde
interior architect 9 Q3421804 Virginie Dedieu
communication adviser 9 Q2994373 Claude Chirac
clergyman 9 Q3315492 Ennigaldi
wine critic 9 Q2556193 Odette Kahn
president leader of a country or part of a country, usually in republics 9 Q30461 Annarita Buttafuoco
newspaper proprietor owner or publisher of a newpaper 9 Q24266767 Mary Ann Shadd
croquet player sportsperson playing croquet 9 Q24238692 Jeanne Filleaul-Brohy
museum professional 9 Q50355283 Q4177081
fisher someone who captures fish and other animals from a body of water, or gathers shellfish 9 Q331432 Ann Harvey
arts administrator administrator in the cultural field 9 Q26903663 Audrey McMahon
anti-nuclear activist 9 Q45725048 Carol Gilbert
factory inspector occupation 9 Q29167936 Frances May Don
retailer person who works in the retail industry 9 Q12049274 Q6578216
ring girl 9 Q922176 Rachelle Leah
funeral director professional involved in the business of funeral rites 9 Q316490 Rhine McLin
reciter profession 9 Q23037330 Q13054716
brewer maker of beer 9 Q836904 Regina Wauters
graf historical title of the German nobility 9 Q28989 Selma Coronini
mannequin doll or statue used to show clothing in a store 9 Q855680 Q28842790
saint one who has been recognized for having an exceptional degree of holiness, sanctity, and virtue 8 Q43115 Santa Maria Faustina Kostka Pinche Putita
propagandist 8 Q1685363 Magda Goebbels
emperor type of monarch 8 Q39018 Adelaide of Italy
silent film actor actor or actress who appears in silent films 8 Q26262117 Lotte Neumann
strongwoman 8 Q252628 Katie Sandwina
cancer researcher 8 Q30086937 Rina Zaizov Marx
aeronautical engineer profession 8 Q20972719 Elsie MacGill
hegumen profession 8 Q842781 Saint Walpurga
duke noble or royal title in some European countries and their colonies 8 Q166886 Ludmila of Bohemia
handball referee 8 Q1302317 Laila Schou Nilsen
occultist occupation; study of occult practices 8 Q12797895 Helena Blavatsky
governor governing official 8 Q132050 Marjorie Jackson-Nelson
drafter person who prepares technical drawings 8 Q683754 Toyen
priestess female priest 8 Q6116659 Addagoppe of Harran
concubine woman who lives with a man, but who is not a wife 8 Q2719946 Yang Guifei
etruscologist scientist in the field of etruscology 8 Q20743624 Larissa Bonfante
motocross rider participant in the sport of motocross 8 Q12327806 Amber Rae Giroux
archivist palaeographer degree granted by the Ecole Nationale des Chartes 8 Q2860577 Madeleine Barot
military nurse 8 Q3798487 Ellen Buckley
academic musician 8 Q19747285 Frøydis Ree Wekre
German Wine Queen 8 Q1204489 Annika Strebel
dubbing director person overseeing the dubbing of a film or series 8 Q1298794 Q904757
tapestry weaver artisan who makes tapestries 8 Q21820569 Maria Assumpció Raventós i Torras
research assistant person performing research, generally at a university, often not holding any higher academic degree 8 Q5405633 Rhoda Anna Maria Erdmann
thief person who has carries out a theft 8 Q3562775 Gizella Bodnár
lab technician profession 8 Q1483433 Elisabeth Voigt
conceptual artist artist involved with conceptual arts 8 Q21550489 Eugenia P. Butler
wheelchair basketball player 8 Q45322469 Jiske Griffioen
producer media and entertainment occupation 8 Q47541952 Heikedine Körting
intelligence analyst military occupation 8 Q56027752 Virginia Hall
cashier person who handles the exchanging of money for goods at a store 8 Q1735282 Yukari Kondō
fan person who is enthusiastically devoted to something or someone 8 Q193432 Bjo Trimble
curandero craft 8 Q547457 Enriqueta Martí
editorial cartoonist artist drawing editorial cartoons that contain political or social commentary 8 Q3024627 Daiffa
anthologist 8 Q16360440 Joëlle Wintrebert
comedy writer author specializing in humor 8 Q11914886 Iaia Fiastri
agrostologist 8 Q33112416 Mary Agnes Chase
speechwriter person who writes speeches that will be delivered by another person 8 Q175301 Dzhakhan Pollyeva
broadcaster organization responsible for production and transmission of radio and television programs 8 Q15265344 Agnes Gilmour Kent-Johnston
press secretary person who provides advice on how to deal with the news media 8 Q1388151 Boglár László
ceramic inorganic, nonmetallic solid prepared by the action of heat 8 Q45621 Gocken Jobs
promotional model model hired to drive consumer demand for a product, service, brand, or concept by directly interacting with potential consumers 8 Q1193763 Carol Merrill
leader someone with the authority to affect the conduct of others 8 Q1251441 Daisy Douglas Barr
Queen's Counsel jurist appointed by letters patent 8 Q1533366 Dorothy Bain
community organizer profession 8 Q28532974 Elizabeth Martínez
theorist person who develops theories in a field 8 Q18931911 Gloria Ladson-Billings
opinion journalist journalist who makes no claim of objectivity 8 Q47511151 Hamida Javanshir
former comfort women people who had been comfort women. 8 Q46069542 Kim Hak-sun
florist person preparing and selling flowers 8 Q16735601 Marianne Cargill Liebmann
social work academic discipline and profession 8 Q205398 Margaret Brennan
singing act of producing musical sounds with the voice 8 Q27939 Q6768483
emergency medical technician healthcare provider 8 Q1497094 Q7941184
bandurist musician who plays the bandura 8 Q4854747 Q12094205
pysankar ukrainian ethnic occupation, artists that produces pysanka 8 Q50333861 Q12099853
medic umbrella term for a person involved in medicine 8 Q3486937 Inga Kasyanenko
infectious disease physician physician specialised in infectiology 8 Q11494960 Zhanna Vozianova
oenologist oenology expert 8 Q17375135 Françoise Peschon
politics practice and theory of influencing other people, as in government 8 Q7163 Joaquina Dorado Pita
cancionista 8 Q24961653 Evita Lauri
sports scientist 8 Q19587958 Christine Heipertz-Hengst
biocurator scientist who curates, collects, annotates, and validates information that is disseminated by biological and model organism databases 8 Q4914736 Ilene Karsch-Mizrachi
venture capitalist professional who invests in start-up companies 7 Q16023665 Evelyn Berezin
fetish model 7 Q8193763 Norma Stitz
Freundschaftspionierleiter 7 Q1455884 Petra Pau
decorator 7 Q22811707 Gerdy Troost
intelligence agent employee of an intelligence service 7 Q392651 Christel Boom
technician professional in a field of technology 7 Q5352191 Ilse Aigner
analyst profession 7 Q485178 Gabrielle Giffords
beekeeper person who keeps honey bees 7 Q852389 Agnes Baden-Powell
Lady of the Bedchamber personal attendant on a British queen or princess 7 Q3216038 Barbara Palmer, 1st Duchess of Cleveland
fantasy author 7 Q5434338 Kate Thompson
presbyter profession 7 Q831474 Albia Dominica
grammarian person with an extensive knowledge of grammar 7 Q15991187 Agallis
silhouette artist artist who specializes in creating silhouettes, which are portraits or other shapes cut from paper and mounted on a contrasting background 7 Q40309200 Lotte Reiniger
video game writer creator of the plot of a video game 7 Q3476620 Rhianna Pratchett
garden designer profession of a person who designs gardens 7 Q15432439 Gertrude Jekyll
Justice in the Supreme Court of Norway member of the Norwegian Supreme Court 7 Q11976579 Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen
embryologist 7 Q16271428 Nicole Marthe Le Douarin
fundraiser occupation raising funds 7 Q13219244 Diane Black
administrative scrivener legal profession in Japan 7 Q869212 Mieko Yoshimura
chief operating officer corporate title 7 Q623279 Brenda C. Barnes
physical education teacher 7 Q2312637 Anne Trabant-Haarbach
Catechist profession 7 Q1735732 Carmen Hernández
director of studies title given to some teachers in some institutions 7 Q1291681 Christiane Klapisch-Zuber
dental assistant profession 7 Q489933 Kristi Myst
glass painter painter whose field of work is glass painting 7 Q21550646 Erentrud Trost
porcelain painter painter on ceramics 7 Q24056480 Else Möckel
land tenure legal regime 7 Q1483709 Eva Ekeblad
slam poet 7 Q2293636 Julia Engelmann
medical specialist doctor who have completed advanced education and clinical training in a specific area of medicine 7 Q3332438 Gerda Weyand
Khatun female given name 7 Q2272188 Oghul Qaimish
bhikkhu male Buddhist monk 7 Q854997 Visakha
castellologist person who studies castles 7 Q26224000 Anne-Marie Flambard Héricher
Professeur des universités – Praticien hospitalier French academic degree, professor 7 Q3406835 Agnès Buzyn
vicar type of priest 7 Q193364 Tove Fergo
draftsperson drafter of technical drawings of buildings 7 Q14623005 Louise Hervieu
feminism collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending gender equality, including equal rights for women and girls 7 Q7252 Stella Blandy
heraldist expert in the field of heraldry 7 Q516463 Yelena Kamentseva
script editor editor who manages production of scripts in television and film 7 Q261891 Raisa Frichinskaya
gymnastikdirektör 7 Q10511397 Greta Adrian
canon cleric; member of certain bodies subject to an ecclesiastical rule 7 Q1104153 Anna Germundsdotter
concert singer singer at classical concerts 7 Q1783698 Christina Enbom
independent politician individual not affiliated to any political party 7 Q327591 Diane Beall Templin
soil scientist earth scientist that studies soil 7 Q20888501 Elsa Beatrice Kidson
auctioneer person who runs a sale by auction 7 Q15991263 Helen Hall
petroleum geologist occupation in the field of petroleum geology 7 Q7178961 Isabel Bassett Wasson
collector of fairy tales 7 Q4421425 Laura Gonzenbach
insurance broker person or organization who acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of insurance policies 7 Q285759 Laurie Dann
nephrologist physician specialised in nephrology 7 Q20739489 Q6591521
stand-up comedy comedy style where the performer addresses the audience directly 7 Q145806 Nuli Omer
sports agent agent who procures and negotiates employment and endorsement contracts for an athlete 7 Q144662 Nuria Bermúdez
inker line artist in a traditional comic book or graphic novel 7 Q1153051 Rachel Dodson
senator member of a senate, usually the upper house of a legislature 7 Q15686806 Q9165686
Shamisen player 7 Q51844772 Sashino Kineya
glosador 7 Q23957323 Catalina Pocoví Mayol
Public servant as defined in a Norwegian context defined within a national Norwegian context, this type of official is employed by the state at a lower level of government 7 Q11993231 Astri Wessel
visual arts art forms that create works that are primarily visual in nature 7 Q36649 Wadad al aurfali
environmental engineer profession 7 Q21002290 Blanca Elena Jiménez Cisneros
chiropterologist scientist who studies bats 7 Q27830713 Chutamas Satasook
social educator 7 Q5819949 Anna Gabriel i Sabaté
astrobiologist person who is occupied in astrobiology 7 Q3061999 Nathalie A. Cabrol
story artist credit given to screenwriters / storyboard artists on animated films 7 Q20002503 Josie Trinidad
stationer seller of stationery, either retail or wholesale 7 Q24309558 Hannah White
air force officer 6 Q19934710 Catherine Coleman
female guards in Nazi concentration camps 6 Q2259802 Elisabeth Becker
public relations broad term for the management of public communication of organizations 6 Q133080 Maria Cantwell
congressional staff employees of the United States Congress or individual members of Congress 6 Q5160981 Susan Collins
Esperantologist 6 Q56810907 Anna Löwenstein
queen consort of France 6 Q34797717 Matilda of Frisia
general manager oversees a firm's day-to-day business operations 6 Q1210069 Minami Takahashi
electronic musician 6 Q5358395 Delia Derbyshire
mythographer writer on mythology 6 Q24387326 Edith Hamilton
translators and interpreters Umbrella term for translators and interpreters 6 Q1790480 Gabriele Zimmer
prison officer profession 6 Q311396 Maria Mandel
taxi driver occupation 6 Q2961580 Karen Duve
patent inventor person, or persons in United States patent law, who contribute to the claims of a patentable invention 6 Q715679 Mandy Haberman
scientific editor 6 Q3579163 Nadine Gordimer
sports educator 6 Q23017329 Elisabeth Eichholz
United States Naval Aviator 6 Q7890793 Susan Kilrain
builder profession 6 Q1340643 Sigrid Kressmann-Zschach
tutor instructor who gives private lessons 6 Q901222 Simone Signoret
seer psychic or visionary (person) 6 Q2191756 Gabriele Wittek
social critic critic focused on social issues 6 Q15978337 Jane Addams
political writer 6 Q15958642 Medea Benjamin
media artist artist who works with media 6 Q22343406 Caterina Davinio
shepherd person who tends, feeds, or guards flocks of sheep 6 Q81710 Maider Unda
elementary school teacher profession 6 Q27905784 Mary Stewart
hatter person engaged in hatmaking 6 Q1639239 Louise Rasmussen
paraglider pilot 6 Q26111624 Ewa Wiśnierska
dominatrix dominating woman, especially one who takes the sadistic role in sadomasochistic sexual activities. 6 Q540391 Catherine Robbe-Grillet
general director profession 6 Q1048210 Anne Sweeney
con artist individual who exploits characteristics of the human psyche such as dishonesty, honesty, vanity, etc. 6 Q14948222 Adele Spitzeder
chamberlain officer in charge of managing a household 6 Q264323 Marie de Valois
mesoamericanist 6 Q3333377 Linda Schele
carpenter person who performs carpentry 6 Q154549 Trina Gulliver
academic librarian librarian of an academic library 6 Q12008505 Miriam Lichtheim
paralegal paraprofessional who assists qualified lawyers in their legal work 6 Q620413 Rachael Bella
queen class of female monarch 6 Q16511993 Matasuntha
summer biathlete competitioner in Summer biathlon 6 Q22916339 Ana Kuzmanović
Θιασάρχης 6 Q56260987 Dora Stratou
lighthouse keeper Profession in the shipping industry 6 Q1766113 Grace Darling
bassoonist musician who plays the bassoon 6 Q12310971 Andrea Merenzon
royal mistress 6 Q1075186 Mary Robinson
socionom academic degree 6 Q913603 Inger Alfvén
architecture critic 6 Q17391654 Dominique Gauzin-Müller
director of church music 6 Q1294133 Anneliese Pflugbeil
soccer commentator profession 6 Q1366909 Annette Milena Fetscherin
graduate educationalist profession 6 Q1227193 Astrid Kaiser
rural municipality mayor head of an Estonian rural municipality 6 Q44815943 Annely Akkermann
color commentator sports commentator who assists the play-by-play announcer 6 Q3276037 Alexia Dechaume-Balleret
independent scholar scholar not associated with university 6 Q267640 Bertha Kipfmüller
chocolatier someone who makes confectionery from chocolate 6 Q305012 Christine Ferber
animal trainer profession 6 Q8011071 Claire Heliot
christian archaeologist 6 Q26261971 Jutta Dresken-Weiland
histologist pathologist with medical specialty histology 6 Q2552072 Dora Boerner-Patzelt
research associate 6 Q3151032 Rhoda Anna Maria Erdmann
secretary of state senior civil servant in the government of a state 6 Q736559 Dorothee Dzwonnek
photography art, science and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation 6 Q11633 Flor Garduño
Christian martyr 6 Q107013 Gabriela de Hinojosa
socialist 6 Q16003594 Ottilie Baader
watchmaker artisan who makes and repairs watches 6 Q157798 Gisela Wurm
goalball player person who plays goalball 6 Q55962467 Jen Armbruster
humanist occupation 6 Q28819457 Aleida Meijs
double-bassist musician who plays the double bass 6 Q2995983 Amy LaVere
korfball player 6 Q23754399 Sabrina Bijvank
anchorite hermit 6 Q1146843 Pega
Dutch language specialist 6 Q19513109 Marijke Harberts
ice cross downhill racer 6 Q18706712 Veronika Windisch
chaplain minister of a religious tradition who is attached to an institution 6 Q208762 Eugenia Smet
pilot in command crew position responsible for control of an aircraft and ultimately responsible for all operations of the aircraft 6 Q1146304 Beverly Burns
research director occupation 6 Q18121578 Anne Tursz
music editor sound editor in film or other multimedia productions 6 Q6941738 Evelyn Kennedy
iranologist person who studies Iranian cultures 6 Q16832248 Leili Anvar
bodyboarder sportsperson who practices bodyboarding 6 Q17362882 Roxane Bonet
cue sports player cue sport player 6 Q18544928 Yasmine d'Ouezzan
pteridologist botanist who studies ferns 6 Q16334509 Theodora Lisle Prankerd
treasurer person responsible for running the treasury of an organization 6 Q388338 Gertrud Adelborg
media historian humanist who is engaged in history of media 6 Q8175949 Ulla Carlsson
statutory auditor profession 6 Q1051798 Alida Schuyler
computational linguistics researcher 6 Q15976270 Margaret Masterman
gemologist person who studies natural and artificial gems and gemstones 6 Q16738642 Cally Oldershaw
farmer person who owns a farm or works on a farm taking care of the animals and products of the field 6 Q12323650 Caroline Rose Foster
clubwoman 6 Q33112378 Caroline Severance
vivandière female sutler 6 Q5747846 Candelaria Pérez
forensic scientist expert on forensic science 6 Q15941468 Colleen M. Fitzpatrick
principal chief executive and the chief academic officer of a university or college in certain parts of the Commonwealth 6 Q7245047 Eleanor Constance Lodge
private investigator person hired to undertake investigatory law services 6 Q1058617 Galen Kelly
scrivener profession where the duties center around reading and writing for others who can not 6 Q1318187 Beatriz Argimón
acupuncturist 6 Q23663603 Miriam Lee
proprietor one who owns something 6 Q16869121 Rose Knox
cosmologist astronomer who studies cosmology 6 Q2998308 Chung-Pei Ma
Japanese-style painter 6 Q16485594 Shōha Itō
art theorist profession that works in the field of art theory 6 Q17391638 Maria Anna Potocka
psycholinguist person specialized in psycholinguistics 6 Q7256360 Maria Jose Azurmendi
medical illustrator occupation 6 Q27048611 Margaret McLarty
film historian 6 Q20971250 Sylvie Lindeperg
health professional individual who systematically provides health care services 6 Q11974939 Ingunn Bergstad
cnidariologist zoologist specializing in Cnidaria 6 Q5137366 Lisa-ann Gershwin
motorcycle trials rider 6 Q24259627 Emma Bristow
professor 6 Q495871 Nagwa Gamal Mehrez
professor professor in the Flemish Community 6 Q27043448 Nagwa Gamal Mehrez
media consultant 6 Q6805589 Steph Ryan
student student on university or other higher education 6 Q12337557 Nikita Klæstrup
expert occupation 6 Q381160 Natalia Zvereva
tardigradologist scientist who studies tardigrades 6 Q27929486 Barbara Węglarska
figurspiller 6 Q50384128 Anne Stray
volunteering altruistic activity 6 Q188844 Else von Behring
professional athlete 6 Q27503001 Bertha Isaacs
billionaire person who has a net worth of at least one billion (1,000,000,000) units of a given currency 6 Q1062083 Chen Juntaijun
rowing umpire umpire in the sport of rowing 6 Q27532776 Karin Stephan
body painting 6 Q620505 Claudia Huwerhu
management coordinating the efforts of people 5 Q2920921 Sue Gardner
farmworker hired agricultural worker on a farm that works for the farmers 5 Q5060555 Therese Neumann
carom billiards player 5 Q26876987 Gülşen Degener
Diplom-Merchant 5 Q13405496 Elisabeth Gürtler
donor person who donates, usually money 5 Q1968442 Liz Mohn
Origami artist 5 Q56073161 Sadako Sasaki
business magnate entrepreneur who has achieved wealth and prominence from a particular industry (or industries) 5 Q911554 Helena Rubinstein
marquess hereditary rank in various European peerages 5 Q209726 Gabrielle d'Estrées
lead vocalist member of a band who sings the main solo vocal portions of a song 5 Q1045845 Laura Marano
outlaw person, that is declared as outside the protection of the law 5 Q254508 Belle Starr
voice acting act of doubling a character in an animated movie or to voice-over 5 Q22920017 Kath Soucie
commercial director 5 Q3029403 Melina Matsoukas
co-founder co-founder of an institution 5 Q45916492 Estée Lauder
labor historian 5 Q40468055 Joan Wallach Scott
musicology scientific discipline whose content is the practical and theoretical study of music 5 Q164204 Franghiz Ali-Zadeh
fortune teller profession 5 Q8011724 Catherine Deshayes
administrative assistant broad job category that designates an individual who provides various kinds of administrative support to people and groups in business enterprises 5 Q4683453 Rachael Bella
sporting director person directing a cycling team 5 Q838476 Malin Baryard-Johnsson
cantastoria type of performer 5 Q241501 Rosa Balistreri
superior general leader of a religious institute in the Roman Catholic Church 5 Q1337239 Soledad Torres Acosta
rebel member of a rebellion 5 Q1125062 Melchora Aquino
brigand person who lives in a gang and lives by pillage and robbery 5 Q20650523 Phoolan Devi
experimental musician person who plays experimental music 5 Q19588578 Bettina Koster
media critic critic of media in multiple formats 5 Q19251029 Anita Sarkeesian
sideshow performer performer 5 Q16009483 Ella Ewing
dance critic 5 Q19765978 Ann Barzel
Idist person speaking or using the Ido language 5 Q27496075 Valéria Dienes
Tonmeister professional in the music and recording industries 5 Q2442108 Barbara Flückiger
orthopedic surgeon 5 Q16030727 Birgit Weihrauch
fraudster person who commit fraud 5 Q41515083 Cassie Chadwick
cultural critic 5 Q20020377 Vivian Sobchack
sport historian humanist who is engaged in history of sport 5 Q17504998 Renate Franz
medical laboratory scientist healthcare professional 5 Q708800 Else Bindewald
building researcher 5 Q26233771 Ulrike Wulf-Rheidt
social pedagogue 5 Q21941967 Gabriele von Magnis
mechanic profession 5 Q327029 Eunice Macaulay
speed skier sportsperson taking part in speed skiing competitions 5 Q51208995 Seraina Murk
Gleichstellungsbeauftragte profession 5 Q1530343 Grete Schurz
federal judge 5 Q9298846 Marina Syrova
law librarian 5 Q2135485 Gabriele Beger
historian of Eastern Europe humanist who is engaged in history of Eastern Europe 5 Q17504989 Ingeborg Fleischhauer
quantum physicist 5 Q16745601 Nergis Mavalvala
railway worker occupation related to railroad networking 5 Q7063944 Aleksandra Yakovleva
grocer bulk seller of food 5 Q7892860 Q2206063
switchboard operator profession 5 Q1261521 Tanya Baramzina
washerwoman 5 Q16624872 Jeanne Rozerot
courier person delivering messages, packages, and mail 5 Q848466 Virginia Hill
president and chief executive officer position 5 Q428322 Anne-Marie Losique
optician maker of eye-glasses and contact lenses 5 Q1996635 Caroline Kovarski
débatteur de télévision 5 Q24960425 Belén Esteban Menéndez
taxidermist 5 Q2127484 Julie Charpentier
chartered accountant occupation 5 Q1108818 Laurence Tiennot-Herment
whistleblower person who tells the public or someone in authority about alleged dishonest or illegal activities 5 Q26102 Linda Tripp
group activist 5 Q21509814 Marthe Asselin-Vaillancourt
graphical artist 5 Q42298894 Nathalie Parain
osteopath 5 Q28526862 Viola Frymann
mongolist 5 Q19829967 Yelena Darevskaya
polar explorer explorer of arctic or antarctic regions 5 Q13382749 Nina Demme
Actress Wikimedia disambiguation page 5 Q15290732 Q4428284
probation officer supervises offenders released from incarceration 5 Q13968 Annie Elizabeth Gordon
rheumatologist 5 Q5997943 Barbara Ansell
curate person who is invested with the care or cure (cura) of souls of a parish 5 Q1753370 Caroline Baston
medical examiner person trained working with investigating deaths and injuries that occur under unusual or suspicious circumstances 5 Q17143199 Tammy Alexander
management consultant occupation 5 Q27827744 Clare O'Neil
NASCAR team owner 5 Q17614049 DeLana Harvick
Kaufmann 5 Q1737039 Diana Vincent
cowboy animal herder 5 Q178521 Connie Douglas Reeves
production assistant person responsible for various aspects of a film or TV production 5 Q2867219 Eileen Moran
paramedic healthcare professional who works in emergency medical situations 5 Q330204 Elizabeth Cadbury
chief technology officer executive-level position focusing on scientific and technological issues 5 Q5287861 Ellen Hancock
paleobiologist 5 Q16037036 Jean Milton Berdan
emeritus desgnation for a retired officeholder 5 Q211830 Judith Green
expert witness witness who is believed to have expertise and specialised knowledge in a particular subject beyond that of the average person 5 Q663272 Letitia Chambers
promoter individual or company that promotes live entertainment events 5 Q2378505 Lia Maivia
neurophysiologist someone working in or expert of neurophysiology 5 Q23719406 Margaret Kennard
plant hunter person who collects plants (or parts thereof) for scientific research 5 Q2083925 Mary Maytham Kidd
railroad engineer person who operates a train on a railroad or railway 5 Q2775569 Philippa Roles
prior ecclesiastical title for a monastic superior 5 Q830337 Saint Derchairthinn
hypnotherapist 5 Q16747019 Sheila Granger
disc golfer 5 Q29466935 Valarie Jenkins
anthropology science of humanity 5 Q23404 Elizabeth Cullen Dunn
keirin cyclist 5 Q11598573 Shin Miyake
tea master 5 Q16321429 Reiko Gotō
basketball official official who enforces the rules and maintains order in a basketball game 5 Q2182752 Harumi Ōyama
orthodontist person who works in orthodontics 5 Q3842067 Teruko Yamamoto
business graduate catch-all term (in Scandinavia) for people in business with some level of training in either accounting, marketing, management, economics or a combination of various business related studies 5 Q12344332 Q11987953
Geschäftsführer 5 Q11964531 Mariette Korsrud
arts journalist journalist specialized in arts 5 Q34037376 Siri M. Kvamme
broadcast journalist journalist working in a broadcast medium such as television or radio 5 Q24705156 Haru Mutasa
innovator 5 Q3492227 Marleen Stikker
powerlifting strength sport 5 Q213796 Ekaterina Ustjuzhaninova
petrologist person specializing in petrology 5 Q19356817 Eleanora Knopf
abstractionist artist in genre of abstraction 5 Q50791189 Ce Roser
azatamartik 5 Q27548835 Q16368797
atmospheric scientist 5 Q17276189 Jennifer Francis
first amanuensis academic position 5 Q11971378 Gro Nystuen
pioneer person who is among the first to enter a new area or field 5 Q937283 Émilie Fortin Tremblay
miniaturist artist who creates works in miniature, such as paintings, photographs, furniture, and other objects 5 Q47494964 Marie-Anne Waldstein
canoness nun 5 Q913870 Elizabeth More
vaudeville genre of variety entertainment in the United States and Canada from the early 1880s until the early 1930s 5 Q186286 Gladys Gale
director of communications 5 Q5280566 Dixie Marshall
badminton administrator profession 5 Q29817148 Dagmawit Girmay Berhane
mining engineer specialist in mining engineering 5 Q18524075 Georgette Methens-Renard
hydrobiologist 5 Q16003980 Ana Isabel Camacho
Doula in East Slavic 5 Q26700386 Andrea de Morales
reviewer job 5 Q10650082 Q42010397
ci lyric writer person who writes and publishes ci lyric 5 Q45353837 Li Qingzhao
caregiver person who helps another individual who is older or with an impairment with his or her activities of daily living 5 Q553079 Elaine Mason
Maschinenschreiber 5 Q51078069 Q51078482
witchcraft use of alleged supernatural, magical faculties 5 Q259745 Milka Moraa
Voluntary service 5 Q1454904 Mina Merz
improviser performer that works without a prepared script 4 Q3149505 Tina Fey
executioner person who carries out a death sentence 4 Q207651 Antonina Makarova
royal consort wife of a monarch 4 Q3273157 Dorothea of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg
dramaturgy art of dramatic composition 4 Q492537 Agatha Christie
monologist solo artist who recites or gives dramatic readings from a monologue, soliloquy, poetry, or work of literature, for the entertainment of an audience 4 Q6901699 Lotte Lenya
systems engineer profession 4 Q1572123 Kathryn P. Hire
viola d'amore player person who plays the viola d'amore 4 Q20083902 Alice Harnoncourt
university president chief executive officer of a university 4 Q4376769 Ulrike Beisiegel
hagiographer 4 Q17166634 Hrotsvitha
welder profession 4 Q836328 Judith Auer
bank robber person that robs a bank 4 Q20650518 Patty Hearst
guerrilla 4 Q59591222 Tamara Bunke
king class of male monarch 4 Q12097 Mary of Lorraine
freemason individual member 4 Q23305046 Louise Michel
faculty academic staff 4 Q5428874 Zoe Lofgren
prima ballerina assoluta title awarded to the most notable of female ballet dancers 4 Q621802 Alicia Alonso
artistic gymnastics sport 4 Q326827 Ágnes Keleti
epigrammatist 4 Q26237228 Anyte of Tegea
polyglot 4 Q323081 Kató Lomb
sitarist musician who play the sitar 4 Q51679083 Anoushka Shankar
ice skater one who skates on ice 4 Q9394993 Jeannette Altwegg
music pedagogy the study of the methods and principles of music instruction 4 Q1554167 Eliso Virsaladze
acting coach 4 Q28135085 Susan Anspach
Bundestrainer 4 Q913015 Tina Theune
patriarch 4 Q171692 Agafya Grushetskaya
rock musician musician playing rock music 4 Q29017403 Joanna Stingray
editorial columnist person writing the editorial in a publication 4 Q17342450 Sarah Josepha Hale
provost title in some Christian churches 4 Q756215 Maria Aurora von Königsmarck
opinion journalism journalism that makes no claim of objectivity 4 Q156035 Yelena Tregubova
Vestal Virgin occupation in Ancient Rome, Priestesses of goddess Vesta 4 Q188761 Claudia Quinta
organisasjonsarbeider 4 Q45188544 Rita Ottervik
illusionist artist who masters illusion (includes stage magician and painter) 4 Q1658894 Ursula Martinez
prostitution practice of engaging in sexual relations in exchange for payment 4 Q36633 Albertine Sarrazin
glass engraver craftsman who carves, engraves, or cuts designs into glass 4 Q18510097 Maria Tesselschade Visscher
fortepianist musician who plays the fortepiano 4 Q21088197 Huguette Dreyfus
shaman practitioner of shamanism 4 Q697405 Lozen
rhetorician teacher of rhetoric 4 Q361809 Frances Willard
health administrator administrator working in the health sector 4 Q26701778 Diane Watson
witness person who can attest to the reality of a fact 4 Q196939 Rita Atria
chancellor leader of a university or a college 4 Q61061 Roma Mitchell
chess composer 4 Q2627699 Edith Baird
professor of philosophy 4 Q26973007 Laura Bassi
phonetician individual working in or associated with the study of phonetics within the field of linguistics 4 Q47491160 Eli Fischer-Jørgensen
Valide Sultan "Queen Mother" in the Ottoman Empire 4 Q754089 Bezmiâlem
personal assistant profession 4 Q1096316 Kokkie Gilles
communist person who believes that communism can be accomplished 4 Q28528560 Pagu
office administrator office desk job 4 Q1021658 Bettina Stadlbauer
forensic pathologist person specialised in forensic pathology 4 Q16062414 Jan Garavaglia
satirist author of satirical texts 4 Q9334029 Eucheria
Kinesiotherapeut 4 Q23702859 Berta Bobath
official civil servant 4 Q382887 Olga Glatskikh
master of novices governor and trainer of the novitiate of a Roman Catholic religious institute 4 Q390479 Céline Martin
ring announcer 4 Q7334758 Lilian Garcia
animal protectionist someone active in animal protectionism 4 Q23672693 Christa Blanke
troubadour composer and performer of Old Occitan lyric poetry during the High Middle Ages 4 Q186370 Gormonda de Monpeslier
agrarian historian humanist who is engaged in history of agriculture 4 Q17486321 Daniela Münkel
rug maker person who weaves or manufactures rugs 4 Q56118087 Else Bechteler-Moses
hebraist someone who deals with Hebrew studies 4 Q4988856 Eva Bacharach
recluse person who lives in voluntary seclusion from the public and society 4 Q2303143 Guðrún Ósvífrsdóttir
artivist 4 Q19890761 Anomie Belle
cantor chief singer, and usually instructor, employed at a church, a cathedral or monastery 4 Q330679 Pia Praetorius
contortionist 4 Q19828939 Natalia Vasyliuk
backing vocalist singer who provides vocal harmony with the lead vocalist or other backing vocalists 4 Q798487 Gail Ann Dorsey
developmental biologist 4 Q15839135 Lucy Shapiro
wakeboarder someone practicing wakeboarding 4 Q23308797 Denise de Haan
demimonde 4 Q933495 Méry Laurent
security guard person employed to protect property or people 4 Q856887 Erika Bergmann
sea captain commander of a ship or other sea-going vessel 4 Q849424 Anna Shchetinina
showrunner person who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of a television show 4 Q1440873 Elizabeth Meriwether
marketing activities to gain and keep customers, providing value to them through offerings and communication about offerings 4 Q39809 Tricia Stumpf
skald profession 4 Q947305 Auðr the Deep-Minded
molecular geneticist 4 Q15839158 Leena Peltonen-Palotie
hunter person who hunts 4 Q1714828 Wanny Woldstad
belly dancer artistic occupation 4 Q47105711 Armen Ohanian
ondist 4 Q20198734 Jeanne Loriod
garden architect 4 Q47083093 Catharina Polak Daniels
Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner Person who performs brazilian jiu-jitsu 4 Q20751891 Kyra Gracie
director general title given the highest executive officer in some organisations 4 Q1501800 Ann Mundy
neuropsychiatrist 4 Q19826744 Anne Van Hout
encyclopedist writer or compiler of encyclopedias 4 Q16314501 Bracha Peli
goguettier goguette singer 4 Q27514986 Antoinette Quarré
epistemologist person with an extensive knowledge of epistemology 4 Q15632482 Catherine Larrère
line producer person who has the primary responsibility for the logistics of a film or TV production 4 Q1826375 Danièle Gégauff
philosopher of science 4 Q16389557 Hélène Védrine
esotericist 4 Q16004492 Jeanne Guesné
sect leader leader of a religious cult 4 Q20956402 Lise Bourbeau
interior architecture 4 Q1329946 Madeleine Castaing
collaborateur parlementaire en France 4 Q53639550 Marie-Christine Arnautu
anarcha-feminist 4 Q47511341 L. Susan Brown
book collector person who collects books 4 Q28776412 Anne Gøye
narrator profession involving describing the events of a documentary or magazine film 4 Q22343421 Simone Hérault
tennis umpire person who acts as referee at tennis 4 Q3502546 Sandra de Jenken
performance art artistic performance presented to an audience 4 Q213156 Vanecha Roudbaraki
floriculturist 4 Q19757114 Mary Somerset, Duchess of Beaufort
fine-art photography photography genre, created in accordance with the vision of the artist as photographer and with subjective intent 4 Q1066582 Lieselotte Plangger-Popp
sociology scientific study of human society and its origins, development, organizations, and institutions 4 Q21201 Alena Arshinova
Feldsher 4 Q689909 Q4102118
Instabloger blogger working on Instagram blog 4 Q45217546 Marina Alieva
combat medic military personnel who have been trained to at least an EMT-Basic level 4 Q1201260 Kseniya Konstantinova
reindeer herder 4 Q2640734 Elsa Laula Renberg
arm wrestler 4 Q56677347 Victoria Gabagkova
factory worker profession for a line or otherwise semi-repetitive assembly worker for commercial output 4 Q11010088 Domitila Chúngara
World traveler 4 Q1937330 Q4338996
translation communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text 4 Q7553 Q4373132
voice coach person who provides coaching or training to others regarding their voice 4 Q20971450 Kate Firth
political theorist 4 Q15994177 Aletta Norval
union organizer specific type of trade union member (often elected) or an appointed union official 4 Q7886765 Anna Burke
mentalist practitioner of mentalism 4 Q19805041 Angela Funovits
sheriff government official 4 Q578478 Anne K. Strasdauskas
Friedenspolitiker 4 Q28721657 Ann-Margret Holmgren
Latin Americanist 4 Q16334430 Ann Farnsworth-Alvear
letterer member of a team of comic book creators responsible for drawing the comic book's text 4 Q658404 Annie Parkhouse
park ranger profession 4 Q1479935 Betty Reid-Soskin
plus-size model 4 Q3286049 Ashley Graham
chief of police title given to an appointed official or an elected one in the chain of command of a police department 4 Q2855502 Cathy L. Lanier
athletic director administrator of college or high school sports program 4 Q4813766 Christine Grant
civil libertarian 4 Q47492833 Charlotte Wilson
geriatrician medical specialist in the care of the elderly 4 Q2580327 Christine K. Cassel
crossword compiler occupation 4 Q28865155 Deb Amlen
family therapist 4 Q16626706 Dossie Easton
lexicologist 4 Q16314361 Rajna Dragićević
trainer 4 Q3077353 Anneli Ranta
academic administration branch of university or college employees responsible for the maintenance and supervision of the institution 4 Q4671162 Elizabeth Coleman
shield-maiden woman who had chosen to fight as a warrior in Scandinavian folklore and mythology 4 Q1473687 Rusla
fashion illustrator person who creates drawings or paintings of fashionable clothing and accessories for advertising or editorial use 4 Q27943388 Helen Dryden
interviewer one who conducts an interview or interrogation 4 Q46034607 Helen Szuty
puzzle designer 4 Q12957007 Helene Hovanec
public prosecutor general 4 Q3368517 Lavly Perling
body double profession 4 Q704948 María Morena
theatre entrepreneur 4 Q17994313 Manuela Carmona
member of a legislative assembly representative of voters to a regional legislature 4 Q5230427 Janet Robertson
detective investigator, either a member of a police agency or a private person 4 Q842782 Kate Warne
cricket umpire person who has the authority to make judgements on the cricket field 4 Q2143894 Kathy Cross
embroiderer professional doing embroidery 4 Q1509440 Lissy Funk
police commissioner 4 Q2101758 Marguerite P. Justice
shop assistant occupation 4 Q5803091 Mary Quirk
semiologist 4 Q21694753 Ros Coward
inspector person who performs inspections 4 Q27214348 Joana Barceló Martí
fashion blogger 4 Q28008159 Honorata Skarbek
cantante de tonada 4 Q38367671 La Busdonga
War crime victims 4 Q46076028 Chi Chunhong
Diễn viên điện ảnh 4 Q25418220 Q10772234
action film film genre 4 Q188473 Q10796715
professional baseball player 4 Q11336312 Hitomi Tsubouchi
military commander person commanding a military force 4 Q11545923 Myorin
academician Full Member of an art, literary, or scientific academy 4 Q414528 Junko Yamamoto
harmonicist person who plays a harmonica 4 Q20850090 Q11533200
University of Helsinki university in Helsinki, Finland 4 Q28695 Anu Wartiovaara
Academy of Finland govermental funding body for scientific research in Finland 4 Q414422 Anu Wartiovaara
restaurant owner profession 4 Q43563252 Q11973000
research professor 4 Q27177003 Sirpa Jalkanen
culturologist 4 Q30067601 Tamara Hundorova
ukrainianist 4 Q50359779 Giovanna Brogi Bercoff
brand ambassador 4 Q4956562 Maya Diab
fashion tailor profession of tailoring, which deals with the design and manufacture of garments 4 Q113109 Angela Arregi
art therapist 4 Q29632060 Q12357111
theater collaborative form of performing and fine art 4 Q11635 Mall Hellam
akyn improvising poets and singers 4 Q1370540 Q12527140
volleyball ballgame and team sport in which two teams compete to ground the ball on their opponents' side of the net 4 Q1734 Lydia Koniordou
zooarchaeologist 4 Q25931036 Vera Shchahlova
jazz violinist person who plays the jazz violin 4 Q2391699 Florence Fourcade
otolaryngologist physician specialized in otorhinolaryngology 4 Q18891002 Berit Schneider-Stickler
rhythmic gymnastics gymnastics accompanied by music 4 Q61465 Kseniya Moustafaeva
counter-revolutionary someone who opposes a revolution 4 Q28361801 Geneviève de Brunelle
machinist profession 4 Q196721 Minna Dölz
influencer influential person who uses his/her strong presence and activity in social media and networks to influence particular audiences in their buying decisions (influencer marketing) 4 Q2906862 Nikki Finke
geobiologist scientist who studies interactions between the physical Earth and the biosphere 4 Q23823874 Hope Jahren
zootechnician worker in zootechnics or animal husbandry 4 Q220364 Q16435719
Costume coordinator 4 Q10548383 Barbara Öberg Sjögren
mediator profession 4 Q4859473 Li Gui-min
investigator person who acquires information through inquiries 4 Q30093123 Clare de Graffenried
medical administrator occupation 4 Q26832546 Brenda Wilson
actuary business professional who deals with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty 4 Q179985 Dorothy Spiers
prison visitor person who visits prisoners 4 Q7245795 Lydia Irving
carver artists who carves sculptures from wood, ivory etc. 4 Q1840507 Marija Pavlič
radiographer specialist in the imaging of human anatomy for diagnosis and treatment of pathology 4 Q2294052 Katherine Chapman
printseller Retailer of prints, engravings, maps etc. 4 Q24205162 Hannah Humphrey
tightrope walker person who walks on a tightrope, normally a provider of entertainment 4 Q3090865 Pauline Violante
serigrapher artist who practices serigraphy 4 Q21925567 Julia Wauters
debattør 4 Q12307965 Nauja Lynge
handicraft work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools 4 Q877729 Alida Rudjord
Rabbinic literature scholar scholar especialised in Rabbinic literature 4 Q47532307 Dalia Marx
furniture maker human occupation 4 Q19382184 Gisela Agneheim
myrmecologist scientist who studies ants 4 Q20650437 Jeanette Wheeler
agricultural scientist scientist specializing in agricultural science 4 Q28054752 Betty Allan
Miss Cote d'Ivoire 4 Q3316403 Betty Kouadio
nursing activity within the health care sector 4 Q121176 Ludmiła Marcinowicz
medical physicist professional who applies the principles and methods of physics in medicine 4 Q3746141 Hadiyah-Nicole Green
cycling riding a bicycle 4 Q53121 Barbora Průdková
Ministerialbeamter 4 Q1937003 Erika Huxhold
Twitch streamer 4 Q50279140 Karina the Streamer
policy advisor 4 Q16185210 Skye Kakoschke-Moore
professor emeritus retired university professor who maintains links with their former institution 4 Q1240569 Kari Hag
neonatologist person who studies or applies neonatology 4 Q28569455 Q28569295
legal counsel Job title for persons providing legal advice 4 Q2135469 Carolina Santos
neuropsychologist 4 Q6041302 Marie-Jose Van Tol
cardiac surgeon physician specialised in cardiac surgery 4 Q19842026 Claudia Schmidtke
syndicalist person who promotes syndicalism, an economic system 4 Q48705382 Myriam Delmée
cultural anthropologist 4 Q30131998 Rosemary Joy Hendry
Колгоспник 4 Q25444095 Mariya Chyzhevska
Portal:Women Wikimedia portal 4 Q15656558 Marietta Schröder
oral historian profession 4 Q56885785 Mary Ellen Glass
costume maker professional who constructs costumes, sometimes based on designs by others or historical models 4 Q59341113 Armelle Lucas
organic chemist chemist specialized in organic chemistry 3 Q34463094 Jeehiun Lee
sex shop owner 3 Q47483341 Beate Uhse-Rotermund
rikishi professional sumo wrestler 3 Q2727289 Sandra Köppen
market researcher profession 3 Q19768301 Herta Herzog
hospital director 3 Q3029404 Anna of Stolberg-Wernigerode
Margrave originally the medieval title for the military commander of the border provinces of the Holy Roman Empire or of a kingdom 3 Q157802 Catherine of Austria
script doctor screenwriter hired to rewrite an existing script 3 Q839935 Carrie Fisher
Formula One driver Racecar driver competing in Formula One 3 Q10841764 Maria Teresa de Filippis
frontiersman person who lives on the frontier 3 Q18289562 Martha Bullock
Cultural Institutions Studies 3 Q997515 Celia von Bismarck
Exhibition shooting sport 3 Q5420236 Annie Oakley
pamphleteer someone who creates or distributes pamphlets 3 Q16254673 Elizabeth Barrett Browning
army scout soldier performing reconnaissance and other support duties 3 Q2314719 Calamity Jane
cross-country skiing coach 3 Q59602173 Justyna Kowalczyk
himalayiste 3 Q20683322 Wanda Rutkiewicz
winemaker person engaged in winemaking 3 Q21771805 Savanna Samson
model agent person who represents a fashion model, works in a modeling agency 3 Q28949589 Wilhelmina Cooper
shipbuilder person who builds ships 3 Q2106711 Mary Lacy
crown prince heir to the throne 3 Q207293 Catherine de Bourbon
dialect coach 3 Q5270498 Leigh-Allyn Baker
prime minister most senior minister of cabinet in the executive branch of government in a parliamentary system 3 Q14212 Michèle Pierre-Louis
pretender someone who claims a relation to a throne 3 Q845929 Anne of Austria, Landgravine of Thuringia
Great Royal Wife 3 Q1073256 Tuya
platform diver 3 Q16004432 Guo Jingjing
Fylkesmann 3 Q4748888 Elisabeth Aspaker
condottiero mercenary soldier leader in Italy XIV-XVI 3 Q273108 Kahina
impostor person who pretends to be somebody else 3 Q1413522 Anna Anderson
helper person who helps 3 Q23835475 Olga Humo
inline skater 3 Q50259293 Fabiola da Silva
canon ecclesiastical rank 3 Q1237385 Agnes von Arnsberg
interpretation facilitating of oral or sign-language communication between users of different languages 3 Q210439 Akiko Kamei
session musician profession; musician hired to perform in recording sessions or live performances 3 Q16154896 Carol Kaye
athletic trainer health care professional 3 Q755620 Ariko Iso
herder person who tends, feeds, or guards herds of various domestic animals in places where these animals wander pasture lands 3 Q12059906 Regina
campaign manager 3 Q5027838 Rosa DeLauro
deejay reggae or dancehall musician who sings and "toasts" to an instrumental riddim rhythm 3 Q1369991 Sister Nancy
architecture both the process and product of planning, designing and construction 3 Q12271 Betrest
office manager profession 3 Q26821391 Barbara Cubin
rejoneador 3 Q2376278 Conchita Cintrón
school counselor 3 Q2250054 Shelley Moore Capito
lady's maid female personal attendant who waits on the lady of the house 3 Q1627992 Vibeke Kruse
drug lord person who controls a sizable network of persons involved in the illegal drug trade 3 Q2543769 Griselda Blanco
peace researcher 3 Q16266505 Riane Eisler
springboard diver sportsperson taking part in springboard diving competitions 3 Q16014296 Megan Neyer
driver profession, operator of motorized ground vehicles 3 Q352388 Alice Huyler Ramsey
anime director person who directs anime 3 Q11284414 Naoko Yamada
marksman person who is skilled in precision shooting 3 Q3529376 Marie Ljalková
swordsman profession 3 Q1519593 Yuenü
naturopathic practitioner 3 Q42673468 Rachelle Viinberg
caterer food professional who provides catering 3 Q28869945 Catherine Namugala
property master theatrical technician 3 Q1430377 Carolyn Scott
Oberkirchenrat a senior church council member in German-speaking protestant churches 3 Q1436011 Christa Lewek
joiner type of carpenter who makes structures inside buildings 3 Q326358 Claudia Knape
special education teacher 3 Q1030095 Elisabet Anrep-Nordin
Horseman Who works with horses (professional?) 3 Q16684351 Béatrice Reinach
chiropractor 3 Q2963953 Ruth B. Drown
buyer person acquiring the benefit in exchange for money 3 Q1308239 Edith Thompson
kabuki actor 3 Q48146261 Izumo no Okuni
oud player 3 Q47456580 Kamilya Jubran
Expeditor Profession 3 Q4414015 Ina Bleiweiß
call girl sex worker 3 Q814356 Ashley Alexandra Dupré
Chemielaborant 3 Q2667866 Helga Rosenbaum
diseuse female entertainer who performs monologues 3 Q1228634 Marietta Monaco
duathlon athletic event 3 Q429006 Ingvild Engesland
archbishop bishop of higher rank in many Christian denominations 3 Q49476 Q1652705
Artist 3 Q713200 Natalia Vasyliuk
forensic psychiatrist 3 Q22298829 Nahlah Saimeh
tankman member of the crew of the tank 3 Q4451210 Mariya Oktyabrskaya
domestic worker cook food-prepating domestic worker 3 Q2276446 Hélène Jégado
rebbetzin wife of a rabbi 3 Q3421679 Chaya Mushka Schneerson
pharmacist 3 Q1627196 Renate Müssner
voice-over 3 Q1146822 Marjon Keller
clergy leaders within certain religions 3 Q177826 Edith fan Tamworth
Orthopädagoge 3 Q23718886 Joan Ferrier
principal dancer 3 Q1929552 Asa Lanova
Scrabble player 3 Q20708269 Agnès Lempereur
pseudoscientist a person who advocates pseudoscience 3 Q22082749 Antonia Tejera Reyes
qadi judge ruling in accordance with Islamic religious law 3 Q217029 Subh
masseur person occupied in massaging other people 3 Q6005272 Eugenia Davitashvili
Shirabyōshi 3 Q958693 Shizuka Gozen
doctoral advisor Person who supervises the doctoral research of a graduate student 3 Q363802 Frédérique Rémy
lama title for a teacher of the Dharma in Tibetan Buddhism 3 Q191421 Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo
corsetmaker profession 3 Q1433105 Herminie Cadolle
headmaster in France 3 Q3029407 Marie-Élisabeth Lacalle
авиатрисса 3 Q4055820 Lydia Zvereva
slaveholder person who owns slaves 3 Q20956728 Ombline Desbassayns
highwayman mounted robber who steals from travellers, an archaic term 3 Q11242506 Marion du Faouët
ice hockey coach person responsible for directing an ice hockey team 3 Q5137576 Mira Kuisma
nurse 3 Q3879926 Lanike
model maker professional craftsperson who creates a three-dimensional representation of a design or concept 3 Q11344371 Raf
koreanologist 3 Q19829994 Martina Deuchler
family counselor 3 Q50389403 Leonor Oyarzún
sporting director an executive management position in a body concerned with sport 3 Q1130252 Ann Urquhart
boules player 3 Q33135515 Elisa Luccarini
gangster criminal who is a member of a gang 3 Q46961 Rosetta Cutolo
music therapist 3 Q10334002 Alisa Apreleva
parodist person who acts out parodies 3 Q12331010 Elena Vorobey
etymologist person who practices etymology 3 Q16312408 Véra Kotcherguiná
art history the academic study of objects of art in their historical development 3 Q50637 Marina Loshak
collecting purposefully gathering items 3 Q208165 Marina Loshak
enlisted military personnel 3 Q4319062 Charlotte Winters
skolföreståndare 3 Q50940853 Emmy Rappe
phenomenologist 3 Q28045801 Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
draper cloth merchant 3 Q593362 Agnes Addison
spinner profession that involves spinning fibres 3 Q19968805 Aileen Mary Stace
knitter occupation 3 Q58321742 Alice Starmore
accounting measurement, processing and communication of financial information about economic entities 3 Q4116214 Anne Fortin
maid of honour junior attendants of a queen in royal households, junior to the lady-in-waiting 3 Q6735310 Mary Fitton
Unlicensed assistive personnel paraprofessionals who assist with bedside care under the supervision of a registered nurse 3 Q1078096 Q4990762
car designer profession 3 Q11295636 Helene Rother
filmkonsulent 3 Q10495188 Gila Bergqvist
Wikipedian in Residence occupation relative to Wikimedia projects; either voluntary or paid 3 Q3809586 Sarah Stierch
Public administration scholar 3 Q11626095 Camilla Stivers
optometrist primary care healthcare professional dealing in visual health 3 Q9052719 Celia Sánchez-Ramos
bodyguard type of security operative or government agent who protects a person or persons 3 Q851436 Danielle Curzon
game show host host of a television or radio game show 3 Q22662561 Dorothea Coelho
lifeguard profession 3 Q259327 Amy Lynn Bradley
geomorphologist geologist who studies the form and evolution of landscapes 3 Q38053159 Eman Ghoneim
general officer military rank 3 Q83460 Gwen Bingham
sideline reporter professional journalist who assists a sports broadcasting crew with sideline coverage of the playing field or court 3 Q7508381 Heidi Androl
aphorist writer of aphorisms 3 Q3606216 Erika Martínez
psychopedagogue 3 Q29392795 Assumpció Laïlla i Jou
trapeze artist circus performer, usually acrobat and aerialist, who creates a show by using an aerial trapeze. 3 Q3997657 Pinito del Oro
victim person who suffers as a result of a crime 3 Q1851760 Elvira Guillén
lacemaker person who makes lace 3 Q5832280 Isabella Parasole
paleoclimatologist 3 Q56682806 Jane Francis
hatmaking manufacture and design of hats and headwear 3 Q663375 Jayne Hepsibah
rodeo rider profession 3 Q21517059 Jan Youren
combat sports matchmaker 3 Q52008307 Kaitlin Young
American Sociological Association Distinguished Scholarly Book Award 3 Q18351723 Kathryn Edin
jinete 3 Q1365155 Karen O'Connor
chief information officer 3 Q2589465 Karen S. Evans
legislative assistant profession 3 Q1450482 Q6615365
youth worker person who works in community support for young people 3 Q1416754 Susanne Stumpenhusen
comptroller financial occupation 3 Q673633 Lizzie Crozier French
phytogeographer 3 Q47825396 Margaret Levyns
fabulist writer of fables 3 Q3064032 Mary Caponegro
human computer occupation 3 Q11202952 Mary Edwards
enameler 3 Q21148249 Phoebe Anna Traquair
gastroenterologist physician, specialised for gastroenterology 3 Q19280221 Parveen Kumar
Erfahrungsexperte 3 Q4494684 Patricia Deegan
celebrity chef someone well known in the culinary industry 3 Q3310583 Prue Leith
pollster professional whose primary job is conducting polls 3 Q16919156 Sara Taylor
drag king female performance artists who dress and behave in masculine way for performance 3 Q1254525 Stormé DeLarverie
patent attorney advises and represents clients in the field of intellectual property and patent law 3 Q1144892 Teresa Stanek Rea
faqih expert in Islamic jurisprudence 3 Q1999841 Umm Waraqa
operetta opera genre 3 Q170384 Wiktoria Kawecka
consul diplomatic rank 3 Q207978 Q9155949
entertainer occupation 3 Q1899943 Joanne Lien
boccia player paralympic sporter 3 Q23719050 Yolanda Martin Franco
supercentenarian someone who has lived to or passed his/her 110th birthday 3 Q1200828 Josefa Salas Mateo
desembargador Portuguese title given to some appellate judges in Brazil, Portugal and other countries influenced by the Portuguese legal tradition 3 Q3624437 Lúcia Valle Figueiredo
lyric singing 3 Q2956237 Zola Amaro
operator profession that involves the operation of specific equipment or service 3 Q1970438 Mia Love
wheelchair racer athlete who takes part in wheelchair races 3 Q51536424 Naoko Hisaki
baseball manager someone who manages a baseball team 3 Q1186921 Shino Kokubo
Junior idol 3 Q2071045 Ayano Kawamura
police constituted body of persons empowered by the state to enforce the law 3 Q35535 Elisabeth Wahlin
bellfounder profession 3 Q474306 Q12035478
harri-jasotzailea basque stone lifter 3 Q27062349 Idoia Etxeberria
Volksschullehrer 3 Q12311797 Pia Allerslev
municipal executive member of the city executive board 3 Q4657217 Stina Willumsen
parish priest in Church of Denmark or Church of Norway 3 Q4994741 Anne Vig Skoven
music form of art using sound 3 Q638 Mall Hellam
alpine skiing skiing variation 3 Q186222 Mall Hellam
sopranist man who sings in soprano register without falsetto 3 Q1999862 Pija Brodnik
geobotanist 3 Q19961388 Elzada Clover
skolgrundare 3 Q42903750 Karin Åhlin
коми гижысь 3 Q25680882 Q14920295
law enforcement officer public-sector employee whose duties primarily involve the enforcement of laws 3 Q6503343 Jean Frances Howard
bioengineer occupation 3 Q26848923 Viola Vogel
commissioner title given to a member of a commission or to an individual who has been given a commission 3 Q524778 Paramita Satpathy
Finno-Ugrist 3 Q13636225 Sirkka-Liisa Hahmo
chauffeur profession 3 Q216541 Lillian Cox
sedimentologist person specializing in sedimentology 3 Q23778646 Gail Ashley
cleaner person who cleans 3 Q1760141 Anna Rocas Abrich
PR-manager 3 Q49176591 Çiler İlhan
chief human resources officer 3 Q10624502 Bénédicte Tilloy
textilforskare 3 Q51099445 Gertrud Grenander Nyberg
dairy farmer farmer specialising in the production of milk 3 Q23666894 Hanna Nikalayeva
announcer broadcasting occupation 3 Q28834672 Hedda Kise
Schlager genre of popular music 3 Q959583 Biggi Bardot
aerialist 3 Q4688043 Maud Wagner
Canadian football player player of Canadian football 3 Q19841381 Sully Glasser
figure of scandal person who is the subject of a scandal 3 Q27431227 Dorothea Maunsell
publisher company that prints and distributes pressed goods or electronic media 3 Q2085381 Sarah Goddard
experimental physicist 3 Q29909337 Tara Shears
defendant accused person 3 Q159394 Catherine Mellish
Labadists 3 Q1616216 Anna van Aerssen van Sommelsdijk
förskolepionjär 3 Q50811084 Ellen Moberg
real estate entrepreneur a person who invests in real estate 3 Q7301138 Christina El Moussa
duchess noble title 3 Q4593319 Countess Louise Sophie of Danneskiold-Samsøe
gestor 3 Q5673576 Alba Vergés i Bosch
combatant person who takes a direct part in the hostilities of an armed conflict 3 Q1414937 Doris West
conservation care of tangible cultural heritage 3 Q217102 Ketevan Magalashvili
portrait painter painter whose field of work is portrait painting 3 Q2180411 Ketevan Magalashvili
diplomatics 3 Q378426 Vanessa Rubio Márquez
biochemistry study of chemical processes in living organisms 3 Q7094 Andrea Gamarnik
social media marketing use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service 3 Q267114 Melonie Dodaro
highway engineer engineer specialising in design, construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, and tunnels 3 Q29973037 Marina Bravo Sobrino
beauty contest competition of beautiful people 3 Q2658935 Q21508377
biomedical engineering application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes 3 Q327092 Lidia Ghibaudo
agency agreement person or agency that can act for another person 3 Q705908 Hortense de Méreüil
video journalist journalist combining the functions of a reporter and cameraman 3 Q619514 Mária Takács
stratigrapher geologist who specializes in stratigraphy 3 Q53751363 Ethel Skeat
structural engineer 3 Q1779650 Carlotta de Bevilacqua
Prorector member of the management body of a university 3 Q2113250 Susana Zapke
sound design art and practice of creating sound tracks 3 Q1937950 Nancy Brandt
Protestant missionary 3 Q20746152 Margot Alt
nuclear medicine physician 3 Q2079079 Delphine Bastié
linguistics study of human language 3 Q8162 Lucile Bordes
strategist person with responsibility for the formulation and implementation of a strategy 3 Q7621877 A. Breeze Harper
mother female parent 3 Q7560 Maria Stappaert
Valencian pilota player Valencian pilota sports player 3 Q23067916 Anna Puertes
museology study of museums 3 Q460162 Q26996381
econometrician 3 Q16773661 Mirjam van Praag
echinodermologist person who studies echinoderms 3 Q24040377 Charlène Guillaumot
rector ecclesiastical profession 3 Q6415017 Bertha Garnæs
medical student 3 Q21263917 Maria Ladenburger
education learning in which knowledge and skills is transferred through teaching 3 Q8434 Pauliina Mäkelä
communication act of conveying intended meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs and rules 3 Q11024 Carina Geber-Teir
Ukiyo-e artist Person who drew Ukiyo-e 3 Q33082999 Hishikawa San
biogeochemist 3 Q18176481 Beth Orcutt
Soubrette soprano voice type 3 Q836983 Emilie Culp
Japanese announcer 3 Q11505600 Yuki Uozumi
fashion design art of the application of design and aesthetics to clothing and accessories 3 Q29583 Mimi Plange
neuroendocrinologist scientist who study the hormonal secretions of the nervous system 3 Q28870501 Pierrette Gaudreau
location manager person responsible for locations where a movie is shot 3 Q1093536 Lillian Sarafinchan
weaving technology for the production of textiles 3 Q192296 Tsaghkanoush Galemteryan
printer-bookseller 3 Q40881196 Vve Girouard
structural engineer person who analyzes, designs, plans, and researches structural components and structural systems 3 Q2305987 Roma Agrawal
diamond cutter profession 3 Q1208613 Betje de Beer-Lazarus
Proviseur position 3 Q3376065 Myriam Honnorat
psychology study of mental functions and behaviours 3 Q9418 Katrin Jalakas
reading cognitive process 3 Q199657 Aino Arro
bokförläggare 3 Q50804938 Greta Helms
Ph.D. candidate person doing research in order to obtain a Ph.D. (doctoral) degree 3 Q12764792 Q51434317
maritime pilot mariner who manoeuvres ships through dangerous or congested waters 3 Q475604 Helena Dunlap
pornographic film film genre; films that depict sexual fantasies and seek to create in the viewer sexual arousal and erotic satisfaction 3 Q185529 Ginger Devil
climate activist person who is intensively and perceptibly committed to the climate 3 Q61048378 Anuna De Wever
technology evangelist a person who builds a critical mass of support for a given technology, 2 Q139648 Fee Plumley
secular activist 2 Q60456278 Margherita Hack
aquanaut underwater diver who remains at depth for longer than 24 hours 2 Q2859165 Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper
Prosecutor 2 Q21095943 Kelly Ayotte
Dichter 2 Q1293108 Dorothee Sölle
unofficial collaborator occupation 2 Q460797 Christa Wolf
projectionist person who operates a movie projector 2 Q1415369 Anne V. Coates
sex therapist 2 Q16614000 Ruth Westheimer
goodwill ambassador 2 Q5583669 Waris Dirie
parapsychologist 2 Q3363630 Nina Kulagina
racial theorist 2 Q16755977 Agnes Bluhm
Internet activist 2 Q19890746 Ory Okolloh
child and adolescent psychotherapist psychotherapist who has specialized training in working with children and adolescents 2 Q1741727 Kathrin Schmidt
head of state official who holds the highest ranked position in a sovereign state 2 Q48352 Lady Jane Grey
president of a non-profit organisation 2 Q23670153 Csilla von Boeselager
Prince of Viana 2 Q643888 Mercedes, Princess of Asturias
Krankenpfleger 2 Q19288251 Maggie Mae
flying ace distinction given to fighter pilots 2 Q222982 Lydia Litvyak
French moralist Il faisait ça parce qu’il était contre le roi le roi très mécontent essayé plusieurs fois deux te tuer 2 Q1297719 Madeleine de Scudéry
submariner 2 Q3492027 Laurel Clark
cartography study of making maps 2 Q42515 Millvina Dean
United Nations official 2 Q40421764 Bibiana Aído
murder accomplice crime 2 Q53953009 Karla Homolka
seafarer explorer, sailor or trader cruising the seas and oceans 2 Q12038843 Jessica Watson
Variety Idol 2 Q11328042 Sarina Suzuki
Altamerikanistik 2 Q434198 Laurette Séjourné
bounty hunter person who catches fugitives for a monetary reward 2 Q621613 Domino Harvey
sex columnist 2 Q7458488 Margaret Sanger
godparent person who sponsors a child's baptism 2 Q223973 Agafya Grushetskaya
prima donna leading female singer in an opera company 2 Q693249 Marika Németh
system administrator person who maintains and operates a computer system and/or network 2 Q327353 Dru Lavigne
mayanist specialist in the Mayan language or culture 2 Q2109655 Linda Schele
conseiller principal d'éducation 2 Q2994380 Nicole Kiil-Nielsen
pornographic film producer person who supervises the overall process, creative and financial, of making pornographic films 2 Q17456111 Helen Duval
matador name of the bullfighters or bull-lancers that kill bulls 2 Q2412523 Cristina Sánchez
literary criticism study, evaluation, and interpretation of literature 2 Q58854 Constance Lloyd
museum education 2 Q1753045 Angelika Dünhaupt
diocesan bishop bishop in pastoral charge of a diocese, as opposed to a titular bishop 2 Q1144278 Joanna Southcott
poisoner person who administers poisons 2 Q42763889 Catherine Deshayes
Frontschwester 2 Q19373138 Hanna Kvanmo
hypnotist A practitioner of Hypnosis 2 Q16746942 Bridey Murphy
physician assistant profession 2 Q718927 Karen Bass
army surgeon profession 2 Q10855616 Anita Velastegui
friar member of a mendicant religious order in Catholic Christianity 2 Q548320 Catherine of Racconigi
beatboxer 2 Q59958430 Rachelle Ferrell
Geschichtenautor 2 Q26203955 Alisa Ganieva
foreign currency trader 2 Q50673671 Alison Streeter
health administration field relating to leadership, management, and administration of hospitals, hospital networks, health care systems, and public health systems 2 Q1137608 Margaret Hamburg
Industrial Management Assistant 2 Q1662050 Monika Merl
gem engraver occupation engaging in creating cameos and intaglio carvings on the surface of gems 2 Q19346405 Angelica Facius
theosophist 2 Q47004387 Francesca Arundale
historian of cartography humanist who is engaged in history of cartography 2 Q17488392 Eva Germaine Rimington Taylor
showman people who run amusement and side show equipment at regional shows, state capital shows, events and festivals 2 Q355242 Anna Schmidt
chief mate profession 2 Q1436517 Antje Herbst
field of work particular area of activity in industry and science 2 Q627436 Frances Payne Bingham Bolton
political science social science concerned with the study of politics and political systems 2 Q36442 Dóra Dúró
historian of the Holocaust 2 Q42330144 Barbara Distel
prince impérial 2 Q28495701 Aiko, Princess Toshi
IT project manager manager of an information technology project 2 Q33060693 Lieve Maes
court reporter profession 2 Q5178440 Anna Dostoyevskaya
state's attorney lawyer representing the interests of the state in a legal proceeding, typically as a prosecutor 2 Q15987267 Brigitte Bierlein
circus director one who runs a circus 2 Q21061372 Christel Sembach-Krone
sports manager person managing sports 2 Q49094407 Jackie Kallen
Archaeologist of the Middle Ages 2 Q52231239 Claudia Theune
alternative therapist person practicing alternative medicine 2 Q29881694 Claudia von Werlhof
travel guide profession in the tourist industry 2 Q2073907 Caren Miosga
royalty family and relative members of the king or queen 2 Q11573099 Queen Komal of Nepal
typography art and the craft of printing and the arranging of layouts 2 Q159964 Erzsébet Kner
book historian 2 Q37311684 Erzsébet Muckenhaupt
applied arts branch in the production of consumer goods 2 Q207241 Julianna Kovács
go-go dancing 2 Q862488 Ksenija Pajčin
fellow member of a group of learned people who work together as peers in the pursuit of mutual knowledge or practice 2 Q1404101 Rhoda Anna Maria Erdmann
művésztanár 2 Q44177151 Q1220819
Anwalt German term for contractual or legal representatives (use Q40348 for lawyer or attorney) 2 Q613087 Helen Black
German resistance to Nazism opposition by individuals and groups in Germany to Adolf Hitler or the National Socialist regime between 1933 and 1945 2 Q327401 Elisabeth Pungs
administrator intercalaris profession 2 Q352507 Helga Streffing
recruiter profession 2 Q2072298 Henriette Heber
management engineer profession 2 Q20158113 Michaela Maurer
list of Asturian consorts Wikimedia list article 2 Q6562510 Jimena of Pamplona
pediatric surgeon 2 Q19842050 Nahid Toubia
bailiff manager, overseer or custodian 2 Q10970991 Sibylla of Armenia
automobile salesperson person who sells new and/or used cars 2 Q787836 Panagiota Petridou
primator highest-ranking officer in the municipal government of a town or a large urban city in Czechia and Slovakia 2 Q147733 Ida Hinz
Lay leader 2 Q6505421 Mary Lee Fitzhugh Custis
Lehrbeauftragter (Germany) German academic title; associate lecturer (Lehrbeauftragter) 2 Q16538479 Kathrin Lange
Programmsekretär 2 Q11996316 Turi Widerøe
Roller Skater roller coaster 2 Q7361042 Jennifer Alexa Caicedo Mejía
Kōdanshi performer of Kōdan 2 Q20895235 Yōko Asagami
landlord owner of a house, apartment, condominium, land or real estate 2 Q618532 Jacoba Johanna van Schoonheim
Beamter Wikimedia disambiguation page 2 Q812958 Maria Hosp
top official person who has a leading position within an organization and is at its hierarchical top 2 Q3130384 Annemiek Fentener van Vlissingen
computer security consultant profession 2 Q28344495 Melissa Hathaway
contemporary witness for law, use eyewitness 2 Q187157 Nili Goren
biathlon coach coach for the sport biathlon 2 Q19960661 Mihaela Purdea
education minister minister in charge of education matters 2 Q4018482 Jetsun Pema
Final editor 2 Q18059311 Janine Abbring
king of Rome the chief magistrate of the ancient Roman Kingdom (for the medieval German title, use Q782985) 2 Q55375123 Ocrísia
castellan governor or captain of a castle 2 Q1505781 Agnes Katharina van Limburg Stirum
organ builder profession that designs, builds, and maintains pipe organs 2 Q1937431 Regina Stegemann
dean cleric holding certain positions of authority within a religious hierarchy 2 Q4958876 Mary of Nassau-Weilburg
riding coach 2 Q42362934 Sally Swift
road bicycle racing bicycle racing sport 2 Q3609 Stephanie McKnight
begum female royal and aristocratic title indicative of a "higher official" 2 Q814407 Sikandar Begum
medieval archaeology archaeological sub-discipline 2 Q1671076 Tessa Wheeler
robber criminal 2 Q10659189 Bonnie Parker
unit production manager responsible for the administration of a feature film or television production 2 Q7247822 Rachael MacFarlane
sultan noble title with several historical meanings 2 Q43292 Sultan Shah Jahan
wood anatomist profession 2 Q60620926 Alberta M. W. Mennega
motorcyclist person who drives a motorbike 2 Q45787133 Almeda Rive
spree killer killings at two or more locations with almost no time break between murders 2 Q1154323 Caril Ann Fugate
centenarian person who lives to or beyond the age of 100 years 2 Q2944360 Adrienne Ledent
reality television genre of television programming that documents unscripted situations and actual occurrences 2 Q182415 Nina García
certified first responder profession 2 Q1362384 Hélène De Beir
magic entertainment constructed around tricks and illusions 2 Q148442 Alexandra Duvivier
recteur d'académie 2 Q3422561 Alice Saunier-Seité
teller customer-service clerk in a financial services company 2 Q27103694 Adèle Lecoq
clinician 2 Q5133860 Attie Duval
foreign correspondent 2 Q18190897 Karen Maron
Image consulting 2 Q25047713 Marianela Lacayo
leader of organisation 2 Q25713832 Anaïs Allard-Rousseau
zitherist person who plays the zither 2 Q55977806 Basia Bulat
paratriathlon 2 Q3363711 Sarah Reinertsen
Land Registrar 2 Q30571034 Beatriz Corredor
coptologist 2 Q15974789 Hilde Zaloscer
examining magistrate judge who carries out pre-trial investigations into allegations of crime 2 Q568997 Dominique de Talancé
it girl term for a beautiful, stylish young woman who possesses sex appeal without flaunting her sexuality 2 Q1674997 Tara Palmer-Tomkinson
polygraph author who writes in a variety of fields 2 Q2330979 Fortunée Briquet
landscape painter subclass of a painter 2 Q21600439 Euphémie Didiez
enslaved person person in a state of slavery (used for people with P3716) 2 Q12773225 Marie-Joseph Angélique
manadier holder of a 'manade' 2 Q56702402 Fanfonne Guillierme
school teacher (France) position held in French education system 2 Q3406834 Françoise Laborde
bard professional poet in medieval Gaelic and British culture 2 Q215144 Fanta Damba
Geschlechterhistoriker 2 Q45176174 Françoise Thébaud
sovietologist 2 Q47796473 Françoise Thom
philanthropy effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations 2 Q185733 Elán
fishmonger profession 2 Q550594 Dolly Pentreath
travel guide writer 2 Q23055218 Nancy Dupree
civil service branch of governmental service or employees of a government agency 2 Q11771944 Helen Gandy
comics colorist responsible for adding color to comics 2 Q59587410 Laurence Croix
mail carrier employee of the post office or postal service, who delivers mail to residences and businesses 2 Q2180295 Itxaro Borda
deported French resistance 2 Q18399390 Laure Gatet
Actriz 2017 Argentinian film 2 Q43325393 Andrea Legarreta
Vice-rector 2 Q3556894 Micheline Louis-Courvoisier
drawing visual artwork in two-dimensional medium 2 Q93184 Philomène Belliveau
dubbing post-production process used in filmmaking and video production 2 Q187657 Odile Cohen
cabinetmaker woodworking craft (often in ebony) 2 Q559597 Rose Adler
auditor person who conducts an audit 2 Q10949665 Cardiss Collins
Tenja critic of haiku poetry 2 Q11567170 Sonome
accompanist musician who plays an accompaniment part 2 Q29448653 Sarah Murcia
Enseignant au Collégial 2 Q3054730 Yvette Francoli
development professional one who enables the goals of a client 2 Q2238884 Valérie Orsoni
director of publication 2 Q3029421 Annarita Buttafuoco
Roman consul political office in ancient Rome 2 Q40779 Antonia
special effects artist film professional who designs or produces special effects 2 Q21560152 Christiane Cegavske
mercenary soldier who fights for hire 2 Q178197 Bona Lombarda
Lady-in-waiting of the Imperial Court of Russia 2 Q3012651 Anna Gavrilovna Golovkina
agitador 2 Q47227062 Kata Dalström
Principality of Salerno 2 Q1065299 Q3757382
apprentice 2 Q253567 Marie Ciocca
gold prospector 2 Q19691902 Kate Carmack
fraud intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual 2 Q28813 Sonya Golden Hand
history of art history of human creation of works for aesthetic, communicative, or expressive purposes 2 Q50641 Paola Volkova
inbetweener occupation 2 Q3153626 Irina Borisova
astronautical engineer occupation 2 Q17394262 Q4279322
chess coach profession 2 Q15916730 Józsa Lángos
airman member of the air component of an armed service 2 Q408832 Antonina Lebedeva
intern occupation 2 Q4439148 Chandra Levy
estrada genre of music formerly popular in the Soviet Union and other Eastern European countries 2 Q2472420 Tatiana Ovsiyenko
comics critic 2 Q21207686 Ana Merino
radio communications medium 2 Q273623 Q4291788
ombudsman government service charged with investigating complaints of maladministration or violation of rights 2 Q169180 Sayyora Rashidova
anti-fascism opposition to fascist ideologies, groups and individuals 2 Q210189 Q4428931
phonologist person that specialises in phonology 2 Q46163584 Q4482369
fashion entrepreneur 2 Q5436768 Evelina Khromchenko
construction worker tradesman, labourer, or professional employed in the physical construction of the built environment 2 Q811122 Lyudmila Yanukovych
dendrologist 2 Q42296463 Alice Lounsberry
stunt double 2 Q7628798 Alice Van-Springsteen
scout professional employed by a sports team to analyze the performance of athletes outside the team 2 Q1339677 Irene Diamond
Gaelic football player 2 Q17351861 Angela Walsh
defectologist 2 Q28790199 Angela Vode
news director 2 Q7019498 Audhild Gregoriusdotter Rotevatn
Senior Counsel senior lawyer in Hong Kong 2 Q15078639 Belinda Ang
chairman of the executive board person in charge of an organization or business 2 Q2534525 Kirstine Frederiksen
commercial lawyer specialist in business law 2 Q1286374 Petina Gappah
artist-in-residence artist who works at a specific venue or place for a period of time. 2 Q713223 Martha Edelheit
Funktionär einer Organisation 2 Q47072980 Anna Johansson-Visborg
folkskolelärarinna 2 Q50825084 Malin Holmström-Ingers
sångpedagog 2 Q47262408 Zannah Hultén
cynologist 2 Q18511915 Ingrid Lingmark
språkforskare 2 Q30102337 Valfrid Palmgren
rösträttskvinna 2 Q51167455 Gerda Planting-Gyllenbåga
Causeur 2 Q47491632 Klara Johanson
ironmaster manager/owner of a forge or blast furnace 2 Q3303297 Anna Kristina Mackeij
calypsonian singer of calypso 2 Q5024685 Calypso Mama
almoner chaplain in charge of assisting the poor 2 Q1657500 Catherine Talbot
magician's assistant performer in a magic act who is not billed as the magician 2 Q6731035 Debbie McGee
special agent title for a detective or investigator for a state, county, municipal, federal or tribal government 2 Q2655853 Coleen Rowley
groupie 2 Q1145660 Connie Hamzy
coroner government official who confirms and certifies the death of an individual 2 Q1134614 Dora Kent
production coordinator coordinates the various groups and personnel in a filmmaking or video production 2 Q1415225 Diane Gutterud
estate agent 2 Q16148831 Disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh
aide-de-camp personal assistant or secretary to a person of high rank 2 Q369894 Edwina Rogers
Scout leader trained adult leader of a Scout unit 2 Q2540793 Elisa Colberg
blacksmith person who creates wrought iron or steel products by forging, hammering, bending, and cutting 2 Q1639825 Elizabeth Brim
political staffer person who supports a political candidate or an elected official 2 Q56027890 Elizabeth Cheney
aristocracy form of government in which power is in the hands of a small, privileged, ruling class 2 Q123432 Laudomia de' Medici
boxing judge 2 Q4951972 Eva Shain
visiting professor 2 Q94084 Erdenechimeg Luvsannorov
proofreader job 2 Q27859441 Gerda Gattel
advertising form of communication for marketing, typically paid for 2 Q37038 Gabriella Ambrosio
bookmaker organization or person that takes bets on sporting events 2 Q664702 Helen Vernet
architectural theoretician 2 Q17391659 Hilde Heynen
microbiology study of microscopic organisms 2 Q7193 Ester Simonetti
dentistry branch of medicine 2 Q12128 Martha Montaner
film or television director 2 Q6102247 Maruja Callaved
program director profession 2 Q635067 Elisenda Roca
Lonko tribal chief of the Mapuche people 2 Q4568866 Janequeo
video art type of art 2 Q682010 Graciela Taquini
lady term for a woman 2 Q1378024 María de Meneses
yogi practitioner of Yoga 2 Q2901587 Mariel Mendizábal
dactylographe 2 Q17319653 Patria Mirabal
profesor ayudante doctor 2 Q6087445 Sofía Nieto
aromatherapist a person practicing aromatherapy 2 Q27862253 Judika Illes
digital librarian someone who professionally creates, maintains, develops digital libraries, or provides access to information held in digital libraries 2 Q50572247 Jessamyn West
city manager official appointed as the administrative manager of a city, in a council-manager form of city government 2 Q696776 Judy Rogers
bank officer bank employee with legal authority 2 Q4856216 Julia Irwin
general counsel chief lawyer of a legal department 2 Q564612 Katherine Clark
gambler profession 2 Q24114117 Kitty Leroy
neuropathologist 2 Q15839237 Laura Manuelidis
stunt coordinator arranges the casting and performance of stunts for a film, TV, or stage production 2 Q2833480 Leslie Hoffman
peddler travelling vendor of goods 2 Q638172 Linda Gilbert
communications adviser 2 Q2557481 Q6615365
space scientist scientist who studies space 2 Q15143181 Maggie Aderin-Pocock
story editor 2 Q7620399 Lynn Marie Latham
string musician player of a string musical instrument 2 Q13138067 Martina Rosenberger
trader person who buys and sells financial instruments 2 Q1424605 Mari Kooi
hawker vendor of merchandise that can be easily transported 2 Q8067100 Martha Tabram
broadcasting executive profession within the broadcast industry 2 Q28050438 Monica Sims
artist types of artists, in Japanese/Korean (?) 2 Q847689 Olga Volchkova
cardinal senior ecclesiastical official in the Catholic Church 2 Q45722 Olimpia Giustiniani
Secret Service agent agent working for Secret Service 2 Q28809103 Rebecca L. Ediger
chief justice presiding member of a supreme court 2 Q3188089 Rebecca White Berch
video game developer group or corporation that develops a video game 2 Q210167 Rieko Kodama
sharecropper occupation 2 Q23045969 Recy Taylor
transcriber one who contributes to a resource by changing it from one system of notation to another 2 Q54855620 Yukie Chiri
textbook writer 2 Q55312002 Richmal Mangnall
matchmaker person who engages in matchmaking, sometimes as a profession 2 Q15980704 Samantha Daniels
jihadist 2 Q21512362 Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi
environmentalism broad philosophy, ideology and social movement 2 Q2855609 Sharon Matola
music supervisor person who combines music and visual media 2 Q17156829 Shauna Garr
food scientist profession 2 Q26726323 Susan Lynn Hefle
sports analyst 2 Q7579803 Susan Wynne
electronics engineer profession 2 Q21002277 Trish White
board of directors body overseeing an organization 2 Q188628 Vinita Bali
laborer job performing manual labor 2 Q19862215 Veronica Foster
Kisaeng enslaved women who worked to entertain others, such as yangbans and kings, during the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties 2 Q696948 Yi Maechang
mental health nurse nurse who specialises in the care of patients with mental health issues 2 Q18707261 Una White
judicial scrivener former English name of Solicitor in Japan and South Korea 2 Q4390235 Yumiko Himei
Ālim class of Muslim legal scholars 2 Q189459 Zaynab bint ʿUmar b. al-Kindī
labour law specialist 2 Q9019735 Carmen de Rivera i Pla
manga gensakusha story writer for manga 2 Q948692 Saki Ōta
wushu A type of Chinese martial arts 2 Q3479346 Geng Xiaoling
ski jumping coach 2 Q23765993 Blair Tomten
food technologist 2 Q45891525 Eugenia Sobkowska
worship pastor 2 Q17040649 Mariana Valadão
Brazilian state deputy member of a Brazilian federal state Legislative Assembly 2 Q10265290 Janete de Sá
apostle follower of Jesus Christ tasked with the spreading of the holy gospel 2 Q43412 Valnice Milhomens
roller hockey sport, roller hockey, quad 2 Q1748406 Daniela Barbosa
interpreter officer 2 Q496969 Marie Krarup
First Lady of Afghanistan Ceremonial position for the spouse of the Afghan head of state 2 Q21070416 Zamina Begum
goalkeeper sports position played in defense of one's own goal 2 Q172964 Yuka Yoshikawa
bushi type of a Japanese warrior 2 Q1975935 Kira Sadatsune
絵本作家 2 Q11606860 Haruno Matsumoto
boxing trainer person training a boxer 2 Q22122536 Miho Mori
anarcho-syndicalism branch of anarchism 2 Q188993 Émilienne Morin
child model underage photo- and fashion-models 2 Q3286047 Nishimura Rika
bioethicist profession 2 Q47455777 Miyako Takagi
Scholar of Japanese literature 2 Q11508193 Takako Aoki
Americanist 2 Q16308157 Maria Frankowska
in-home tutor educator at home 2 Q656823 Lina Bögli
kinetic artist artist who practices kinetic art 2 Q21000481 Annikki Luukela
University of Tampere former university in the city of Tampere, Finland 2 Q1544881 Leila Haaparanta
kantele player musician who plays the kantele 2 Q57242717 Ulla Katajavuori
amateur actor (theater) theater extra 2 Q1800680 Jana Verweyen
Venerable title used in the Catholic church 2 Q51619 Margalida Amengual i Campaner
corporate lawyer 2 Q5172469 Jiřina Rippelová
barista person, usually a coffeehouse employee, who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks 2 Q178816 Petra Veselá
chief communications officer head of communications in an organization 2 Q3659898 Trine Lie Larsen
Helsefagarbeider 2 Q11974934 Veronica Roso
interior design art and science of enhancing the interiors, sometimes including the exterior, of a space or building, to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the end user 2 Q179232 Diana Phipps
broker person who arranges transactions between a buyer and a seller, and gets a commission when the deal is executed 2 Q160117 Markéta Šichtařová
graphics visual presentation on some surface 2 Q1027879 Q12085773
Qāriʾ person who recites the Qur'an with the proper rules of recitation 2 Q3595924 Hasnaa Kholali
rhapsode historical profession 2 Q936371 Analupe Fernandez
thracologist scientist, who explores Thrace 2 Q47482463 Zlatozara Gocheva
land owner lord of a manor 2 Q28920864 Christina Catharina De la Gardie
Osmanist 2 Q47523651 Tsvetana Georgieva
agriculturist profession concerned with studying and publicising agricultural methods 2 Q24058676 Triinu Peters
scholar medieval student or cleric 2 Q2248623 Elisabeth Santi Lomaca
opera composer 2 Q21680731 Q12845639
health visitor 2 Q5691184 Rachel McMillan
high priest supreme priest in several ancient religions 2 Q3114821 Olivia Robertson
Justiciar the monarch's chief minister in Medieval England and Scotland 2 Q1714329 Renata Al-Ghoul
historian of technology humanist who is engaged in history of technology 2 Q17486338 Uta Lindgren
Darsteller 2 Q15804622 Jinjin Harder
venereologist physician with medical specialty venereology 2 Q13167731 Alma Sundquist
Master of corporate communication 2 Q6785274 Ludovine de La Rochère
glassmaker profession 2 Q12184432 Gertrud Wiedra
rural gentry 2 Q1423622 Luise Eichendorff
Self-Defense Official 2 Q11613014 Yukari Miyake
metaphysician 2 Q16743941 Jessica Wilson
guard security profession 2 Q680928 Gertrud Heise
appraiser person who sets a value upon a property 2 Q10855106 Helaine Fendelman
bank manager manager of a financial institution 2 Q32947888 Karin Sham Poo
hydraulic engineer profession which engineers water resources 2 Q1651055 Antonina Dvoryanets
planetary geologist scientist who studies the geology of planets 2 Q53753884 Emily Lakdawalla
weightlifting individual sport 2 Q83462 Loida Zabala Ollero
engineering technologist profession 2 Q688603 Margarita Volkova
Beguines and Beghards religious order 2 Q147618 Marcella Pattyn
swimming self propulsion of a person through water or other liquid 2 Q6388 Ülle Madise
ice skating winter activity on ice 2 Q779272 Ülle Madise
хлопковод 2 Q56651102 Tarlan Musayeva
Nahakunstnik 2 Q16402902 Pille Kivihall
archaeology the study of the past through material culture 2 Q23498 Ólafía Einarsdóttir
Haushaltspädagoge 2 Q43669325 Ingeborg Schager
theatre pedagogy discipline combining both theatre and pedagogy 2 Q910179 Nóra Benkő
Heilssoldat 2 Q10499604 Elisabet Liljegren
radio operator person who is responsible for the operations of a radio system. The profession of radio operator has become largely obsolete with the automation of radio-based tasks in recent decades 2 Q1318390 Mariam Basina
amateur radio operator 2 Q1939892 Mariam Basina
Артист album 2 Q28665764 Q16694961
community organizing process where people who live in proximity to each other come together into an organization that acts in their shared self-interest 2 Q25866 Kathleen Desautels
Building superintendent manager, maintenance or repair person, custodian or janitor 2 Q1090219 Rachel Cliff
Entertainer Wikipedia disambiguation page 2 Q1344724 KeyLiza
administrator Wikimedia disambiguation page 2 Q358827 Marie-Pierre de Surville
scribe person who writes books or documents by hand as a profession 2 Q916292 Margareta Karthäuserin
pacifism opposition to war and violence 2 Q58848 Ruth Buendía Mestoquiari
University of Turku university in Turku, Finland 2 Q501841 Riitta Lahesmaa
heresy belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs or customs 2 Q160598 Maximilla
county court bailiff officer of the court who is employed to execute writs and processes and make arrests 2 Q2005653 Joëlle Bergeron
Kinderfürsorgepädagoge 2 Q11960278 May Britt Lagesen
competitive eating 2 Q1576973 Azuki Moeno
demography science that deals with populations and their structures statistically and theoretically with the development 2 Q37732 Julie Backer
freestyle wrestling style of amateur wrestling 2 Q327223 Erica Wiebe
library curator 2 Q2994439 Joëlle Magnin-Gonze
crane driver occupation 2 Q2561741 Q18044738
product manager profession involving investigating and driving the development of products 2 Q2552738 Lydia Pintscher
domestic worker 2 Q2313151 Neeltje Lokerse
magnate noble family 2 Q903810 Matilda de Percy
redaktionssekretær 2 Q12333050 Anna Grue
topographer profession 2 Q2443377 Q18043909
skinner person who skins animals such as cattle, sheep, and pigs 2 Q7535502 Alice Shevyngton
natural horsemanship collective term for a variety of horse training techniques 2 Q19868368 Julie Goodnight
type founder manufacturer of metal type for printing 2 Q21334713 Elizabeth Caslon
hygienist 2 Q651566 Ethel Osborne
spiritualist practitioner of spiritualism 2 Q23024064 Margaret Mansfield
Konservator 2 Q12794002 Alenka Kolšek
magistrate legal office held by lay people in England and Wales 2 Q6731168 Teresa Rothschild
literary translator 2 Q9363889 Margaret Davis
répétiteur 2 Q1784753 Q18545059
moneylender person or group who offers loans, often at high rates of interest 2 Q2893189 Joyce Jefferies
motorist 2 Q33112393 Louise Bazalgette
sport forms of competitive activity, usually physical 2 Q349 Q18634295
traditional medicine medicine based on traditional beliefs 2 Q771035 Anne Griffith
state senator member of a Senate of a U.S. state 2 Q7603534 Pramila Jayapal
sports physician 2 Q2577681 Eva Carneiro
llullist scholar of llullism 2 Q23957324 Agnès de Pacs i de Quint
trader person who trades in commodities or financial goods 2 Q3704253 Rosemarie Schwarzwälder
neuroembryologist occupation 2 Q27897407 Geraldine Pittman Woods
pilgrim person who undertakes a religious journey 2 Q542704 Gabrielle Bremont
scout member of scout movement 2 Q18121791 Sara Vásquez Arce
comparative literature academic discipline comparing literature across cultures 2 Q834903 Monika Schmitz-Emans
animalier person who creates artworks featuring animals 2 Q5116158 Q19918106
urban designer 2 Q2673402 Aglaée Degros
senior management team of individuals at the highest level of organizational management who have the day-to-day responsibilities of managing a company or corporation 2 Q2563977 Elena Viktorovna Burmistrova
sociotherapy 2 Q364110 Marijke Vonk
Jules Verne specialist 2 Q3555971 Simone Vierne
municipal clerk political office of a municipal government 2 Q883211 Kim Davis
chief physician 2 Q1068947 Margareta Andersson
biotechnology use of living systems and organisms to develop or make useful products 2 Q7108 Christine Mannhalter
Prädikant 2 Q3408848 Elsbeth Gruteke
cirripedologist scientist who studies barnacles 2 Q27645484 Diana S. Jones
visual effects supervisor responsible for achieving the creative aims of the director and/or producers through the use of visual effects 2 Q8311 Nancy Bernstein
endowed professor 2 Q875424 Ellen Backus
analytic philosopher 2 Q18930418 Delia Graff Fara
bus driver profession 2 Q829020 Sylvia Jessie Catherine Birdseye
Doctor of Science honorific title for a holder of a doctoral degree 2 Q4618975 Yvonne Désirant
scouting world-wide movement for the education of youth, founded by Robert Baden-Powell in 1907 2 Q872181 Vlasta Koseová
history of feminism chronological narrative of the movements and ideologies aimed at equal rights for women 2 Q2297554 Yella Hertzka
ichthyology branch of zoology devoted to the study of fish 2 Q60242 Tatiane Casagrande Mariguela
historian of chemistry 2 Q53554997 Eva Armstrong
Sambo martial art sports 2 Q106500 Céline Condé
Women's Royal Naval Service The women's branch of the British Royal Navy 2 Q475996 Elizabeth Hoyer-Millar
protozoologist zoologist who studies protozoology 2 Q38691646 Anna Dekker
Steuerfeder 2 Q475059 Luciana Vaccaro
Marxist historian 2 Q3296111 Hildegard Neumann
segalari 2 Q27062494 Alaitz Imaz
inspecteur général de l'Éducation nationale 2 Q18186340 Francine Best
plasterer profession 2 Q15284879 Q24009984
high school student 2 Q16517586 Amina Ali
teaching activity of imparting knowledge and skills 2 Q352842 María José Toro Nozal
plant geneticist scientist who studies the genome of plants 2 Q7201517 Bonnie Bartel
Vlogger 2011 film 2 Q7939082 Baty Alquawen
travel agent profession in tourism business 2 Q5659840 Wanda Corazon Teo
indigenist 2 Q10301984 Kanahus Manuel
children's literature stories, books, and poems that are enjoyed by and targeted primarily towards children 2 Q131539 Sam J. Angus
siviløkonom Professional title used by business graduates in Norway 2 Q16254337 Anne Nafstad Lyftingsmo
Олоҥхоһут 2 Q25642236 Q25641337
művelődésszervező 2 Q54438446 Q25460401
art education 2 Q1757598 Maria Laukka
Animator kultury 2 Q9154782 Weronika Czyżewska-Waglowska
primary producer organism in an ecosystem that produces biomass from inorganic compounds 2 Q1758713 Pantea Lachin
auxiliar de enfermería 2 Q21086673 Paula Quinteiro
First Ladies and Gentlemen of Ecuador 2 Q384769 Lucila Santos Trujillo
member of the Argentine Chamber of Senators political position in Argentina 2 Q18711738 María de los Ángeles Sacnún
Chanteuse 2 Q1062433 Margrit Straßburger
telecommunications engineer 2 Q12246069 Alhambra Nievas
fund manager 2 Q10930405 Gina Miller
apothecary historical name for a medical professional now called a pharmacist 2 Q1131236 Susan Reeve Lyon
ethnomusicology study of music emphasizing cultural, social, material, cognitive, biological, and other dimensions 2 Q208365 Chalena Vásquez
Kumari manifestations of the divine female energy or devi in Hindu religious traditions 2 Q1064555 Chanira Bajracharya
air traffic controller specialist responsible for the safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of air traffic 2 Q862632 Mary Chance VanScyoc
newsagent shop or person selling newspapers and magazines 2 Q1528905 Miss M. Taylor
brigadier general senior rank in the armed forces 2 Q152956 Khatool Mohammadzai
freemasonry group of fraternal organizations; originates from 14th-c. stonemason fraternities; members are initiated into 3 levels (Apprentice, Journeyman, Master Mason); organized into lodges, supervised by a Grand Lodge, but with no worldwide governing body 2 Q41726 Marie Béquet de Vienne
real estate developer occupation 2 Q17487600 Rita Jhawar
Konditor 2 Q6105867 Beatriz Chomnalez
phthisiology care, treatment, and study of tuberculosis of the lung 2 Q2624918 Lena Stamboltsyan
Padel Picha 2 Q1582389 Majo Sánchez Alayeto
currier person who dresses and colors tanned leather 2 Q1326835 Mary Davies
civil engineering engineering discipline that deals with construction 2 Q77590 Carmen de Andrés Conde
popular science interpretation of science intended for a general audience 2 Q995600 Erika Franziska Werneck
Pictor constellation in the southern celestial hemisphere 2 Q10486 Anne-Renée Strésor
party secretary 2 Q836971 Riikka Pirkkalainen
goalkeeper position in floorball 2 Q11880349 Monika Schmid
Maggid 2 Q1884050 Ronit Barash
Doctor of Philosophy postgraduate academic degree awarded by universities in many countries 2 Q752297 Robyn Tamblyn
chief science officer 2 Q6827278 Robyn Tamblyn
major military rank 2 Q983927 Nancy Tousley
Nobile Italian title of nobility 2 Q3877594 Bice Melzi d'Eril
race engineer 2 Q2144081 Ruth Buscombe
corrector person or object that practices correction 2 Q539371 Christiane Tricoit
opera manager 2 Q3029406 Laura Berman
miniature painter 2 Q28947943 Hélène Charlotte Juliette Bourge
allergist physician specially trained to manage and treat allergies 2 Q2837942 Gail G. Shapiro
key costumer 2 Q29474051 Amy Dodson
criminal defense lawyer lawyer specializing in the defense of individuals and companies charged with criminal conduct 2 Q512345 Mia Yamamoto
filmskaper 2 Q17770969 Cecilie Owren
midwifery health science and profession that deals with pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period (including care of the newborn) 2 Q20862341 Juana Miranda
smuggler illegal occupation 2 Q17176618 Neeltje Koek
Flinstones Adventure (1998-2004) 2 Q131212 Emeline S. Burlingame
Public Health Nursing 2 Q7257749 Elizabeth Warham Forster
public administration public leadership of public affairs directly responsible for executive action 2 Q31728 Helen Peterson
viticulture science, production and study of grapes 2 Q253140 Q37953664
audiologist profession concerning audiology 2 Q1644347 Bolajoko O. Olusanya
serologist medical specialization 2 Q23770547 Eleanor Williams
local politics political activity at the lowest level of a State 2 Q1780384 Anette Röttger
medicine field of study for diagnosing, treating and preventing disease 2 Q11190 Anna Bown
business organization involved in commercial, industrial, or professional activity 2 Q4830453 Luna Shamsuddoha
Aesthete 2 Q4688578 Q38884232
meteorology interdisciplinary scientific study of the atmosphere 2 Q25261 Mònica Usart i Rodríguez
registrar person who implements policies and procedures related to the care of collections of cultural institutions 2 Q3931989 Inez Mabel Crawford
vascular surgeon physician specialised in vascular surgery 2 Q30115343 Averil Mansfield
liturgist 2 Q10567966 Q42218665
mentor more experienced person in a mentoring relationship 2 Q16515647 Rosa Allegue
slöjdlärare 2 Q53614577 Vera Schütz
boxing combat sport 2 Q32112 Rohova Kateryna
preceptor 2 Q499143 Ella H. Brockway Avann
Special Rapporteur UNO Official 2 Q21083707 Catalina Devandas Aguilar
senior counsel senior lawyer in some Commonwealth countries 2 Q7450670 Helen Wilson
Pythia priestess of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi 2 Q220344 Q42880008
predikant 2 Q7239684 Wil Wiardi Beckman
slave trader merchant specialized in the slave trade 2 Q17769800 Rosetta Smith
brodör 2 Q10435966 Eva Sofia Stenbock
Consecrated virgin 2 Q1520404 Mariantonia Samà
شاعرہ 2 Q6767714 Q47187624
trendsetter person who creates or expands a fashion trend by adopting a product or style 2 Q51647820 Poppy Baring
vikář 2 Q59459506 Miluše Nováková
spiritual direction 2 Q45684 Irena Škeříková
Landsarkivar 2 Q28759134 Grethe Ilsøe
Information Commissioner of Canada 2 Q6030692 Inger Hansen
museography museum methods of classification and display 2 Q1054701 Mariel Jean-Brunhes Delamarre
angel investor an affluent individual who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity 2 Q778274 Leena Niemistö
concertiste 2 Q18819347 Hélène Elka Lola Schlepianoff
equestrianism horse riding 2 Q179226 Reet Hääl
Footballer painting by Sidney Nolan 2 Q5466448 Anjali Waiba
Pétanque player 2 Q23452173 Angélique Colombet
hiking walking as a hobby, sport, or leisure activity 2 Q12014035 Aino Arro
script coordinator 2 Q7439219 Karen Nielsen
fashion popular style or practice in clothing, personal adornment, or decorative arts 2 Q12684 Daisy Järva
traditional healer 2 Q3536384 Val Bryant
Kanzlist 2 Q51073387 Q51078833
long-distance running athletic event 2 Q917206 Meseret Belete
library science field that applies the practices, perspectives, and tools of management, information technology, education, and other areas to libraries 2 Q199655 Q51667753
Amtsarzt physician and civil servant in governmental health administration 2 Q480298 Rita Smrčka
contributor those who work with others on a collective work or project 2 Q20204892 Johanna Snellen
special adviser 2 Q19389862 Ukinebo Dare
Juris Doctor The Juris Doctor degree (J.D. or JD), also known as the Doctor of Jurisprudence degree (J.D., JD, D.Jur. or DJur), is a graduate-entry professional degree in law and one of several Doctor of Law degree 2 Q1540185 Nóra Özer
compiler one who brings together dispersed materials 2 Q29514511 Elizabeth Waterhouse
religious studies multi-disciplinary academic field devoted to research into religious beliefs, behaviors, and institutions 2 Q34187 Iryna Viktorivna Bohachevska
textile conservator conservator-restorer charged with the care, treatment, research, and preservation of textiles 2 Q23924332 Karen Finch
forensic anthropologist 2 Q46792915 Marin Pilloud
journalism investigation and reporting of events, issues and trends to a broad audience 2 Q11030 Munni Saha
technical director occupation 2 Q2399424 Q57541107
amateur photographer 2 Q21694268 Brunhilde Schaefer
sports nutritionist 2 Q58239055 Michelle Ingels
Female Dancer painting by anonymous painter 2 Q58024553 Jéssica Ferreira
agricultural economist 2 Q26252897 Q60053747
campagneleider 2 Q50810920 Q60024010
Monarch of Aragon head of the royal house of Aragon. head of state of Aragon 1 Q58631963 Violant of Hungary
flight engineer crew position responsible for operating engines and other systems onboard an aircraft 1 Q432425 Sunita Williams
jester historical entertainer 1 Q215548 Helena Antonia
Red Army Faction militant group in West-Germany 1 Q102734 Ulrike Meinhof
concentration camp guard someone guarding a concentration camp 1 Q28789517 Emma Zimmer
animator entertainer for children/adults 1 Q547762 Ilka Bessin
wholesale merchant a wholesale merchant, esp. one arranging large international deals 1 Q29051324 Khadijah bint Khuwaylid
user interface designer person working in the field of user interface design 1 Q29381289 Susan Kare
court Jew Jewish banker who handled the finances of, or lent money to, European royalty and nobility 1 Q730551 Karoline Kaulla
Empress Consort of Japan wife of the reigning emperor of Japan 1 Q595038 Michiko
libertine person who rejects common moral or sexual restraints which they see as unnecessary or undesirable 1 Q744443 Eva von Buttlar
pin-up girl 1 Q151092 Lena Horne
photo lab technician profession 1 Q1439653 Eva Braun
imam Islamic leadership position 1 Q125482 Seyran Ateş
interlinguist 1 Q15976715 Sabine Fiedler
piano maker profession 1 Q885122 Nannette Streicher
Knesset member member of Israeli parliament 1 Q4047513 Miri Regev
terrorism use of violence as a form of political, economic and religious coercion 1 Q7283 Fanny Kaplan
information quality term to describe the quality of the content of information systems 1 Q3412851 Élisabeth Thible
notary public civil position that certifies documents and administers oral oaths and affirmations 1 Q15479268 Viola Amherd
expert pharmacist specialized pharmacy occupation in Russia 1 Q4379628 Valentina Matviyenko
organ expert expert about musical organs 1 Q1495811 Elke Voelker
survivor 1 Q6136036 Margaret Brown
clinical nurse specialist advanced practice nurse 1 Q924581 Irena Sendler
giudice Historical Sardinian sovereign 1 Q3769128 Eleanor of Arborea
dignitary 1 Q16887133 Margaret of Austria, Duchess of Savoy
child singer 1 Q15966504 Connie Talbot
thaumaturge occupation of a miracle worker or saint 1 Q1349880 Saint Barbara
jury judges of a competition 1 Q2223114 Hadise
piercing artist individual who applies body or facial piercing 1 Q16159168 Elayne Angel
inmate person who is housed in a detention center 1 Q19283707 Mary Bell
Day labor 1 Q897359 Keke Geladze
student leader 1 Q17083482 Camila Vallejo
Ударница 1 Q4469314 Lights
clinical biologist 1 Q2904166 Myrtelle Canavan
gymnastics teacher 1 Q60583668 Mary Stewart
flower seller 1 Q5462245 Annie Chapman
crocheter occupation 1 Q23375738 Annie Chapman
Police Chief Master head of investigations in the German police 1 Q2101738 Kristina Vogel
personal care assistant person who provides help with daily living activities in the home 1 Q21672927 Pia Kjærsgaard
television telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images 1 Q289 Jana Ina
dithyrambic poet proponent of a type ancient Greek hymn 1 Q23117687 Praxilla
youth sports minister 1 Q23778897 Evgenia Radanova
Femme du monde 1 Q19170877 Consuelo Vanderbilt
palliative care specialist Physician with specialty palliative care 1 Q24017952 Ilora Finlay, Baroness Finlay of Llandaff
piano musical instrument 1 Q5994 Franghiz Ali-Zadeh
executor profession 1 Q654437 Hannah Callowhill Penn
police officer 1 Q3349703 Malalai Kakar
Biblical archaeologist 1 Q54985870 Trude Dothan
zookeeper person who manages zoo animals 1 Q322898 Alexandra Popp
child prodigy person who, at an early age, develops one or more skills at a level far beyond the norm for their age 1 Q205178 Hildegart Rodríguez Carballeira
politijurist 1 Q11995952 Birthe Rønn Hornbech
antiimperialist person espousing anti-imperialism 1 Q24698392 Sylvia Pankhurst
chief marketing officer highest ranking executive-level position focusing on marketing 1 Q1072339 Evelin Ilves
dragoon mounted infantry soldiers 1 Q194199 Aal de Dragonder
guitar maker profession 1 Q450202 Linda Manzer
city council legislative body that governs a city, municipality or local government area 1 Q3154693 Betty Sutton
dame person granted a damehood honour 1 Q22003416 Aemilia Scaura
inspecteur d'académie - inspecteur pédagogique régional 1 Q3151611 Élisabeth Morin
medal engraver 1 Q42296496 Lea Ahlborn
conquistador soldiers, explorers, and adventurers at the service of the Spanish Empire and Portuguese Empire 1 Q126236 María Estrada
film company owner 1 Q47588836 Maude Adams
lighting technology engineer 1 Q47589150 Maude Adams
melomaniac person with an abnormal fondness of music 1 Q21625815 Pannonica de Koenigswarter
bomber military aircraft for attack of ground targets with bombs or other heavy ordnance 1 Q170877 Florence Bascom
magician someone who uses or practices magic that derives from supernatural or occult sources 1 Q2488257 Catherine Deshayes
Community manager 1 Q5154983 Cecilia Gessa
nurse educator nurse who teaches nursing 1 Q7070203 Lois Capps
Taoist priest priest in Taoism 1 Q1165430 Sun Bu'er
brewmaster brewer responsible for the production of beer at a brewery 1 Q764811 Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
ordinary an officer of a church or civic authority who by reason of office has ordinary power to execute laws 1 Q1638918 Beatrice of Silva
head agent police functionary 1 Q13728006 Suzanne de Goede
guru teacher from the Hindu tradition 1 Q484260 Mata Amritanandamayi
tango dancer 1 Q60327691 Nicole Nau
physics study of matter and its motion, along with related concepts such as energy and force 1 Q413 Michal Lipson
griot storyteller of oral tradition in West Africa 1 Q511054 Kandia Kouyaté
extra actor with a very minor part, typically non-speaking and in the background 1 Q658371 Leah Baird
ambulance driver 1 Q3247461 Queen Anne of Romania
retail clerk 1 Q7316604 Queen Anne of Romania
convict person found guilty of a crime and sentenced by a court 1 Q13219330 Roxana Baldetti
queen mother 1 Q12069034 Queen Insu
aviation clerk specific occupation in Germany 1 Q1875888 Anna Brunotte
Empress dowager royal title 1 Q7409248 Shen Miaorong
respiratory therapist health profession 1 Q754438 Babette Michel
artillerist person who operates artillery 1 Q4070283 Agustina de Aragón
bladesmith person who uses an anvil and forge to make various types of blades 1 Q885444 Asya Yeutykh
pietist 1 Q52008294 Beate Sturm
lordship of Segorbe head of the manor of Segorbe 1 Q31153275 Constanza Pérez de Aragón
Cacique tribal leader 1 Q599898 Gaitana
chess official 1 Q15916915 Bertl von Massow
patient person who takes a medical treatment or is subject of a case study 1 Q181600 Anna O.
Miss Europe 2016 1 Q25091596 Diana Starkova
electrician tradesperson specializing in electrical wiring of buildings, stationary machines and related equipment 1 Q165029 Tanja Kreil
Queen consort of Castile title of the consort of the King of Castile 1 Q58806364 Joan of Portugal
alewife woman who brewed ale 1 Q16002450 Kubaba
chief judge highest-ranking judge of a court 1 Q13554447 Brigitte Bierlein
oriental archaeology archaeology of Asia and Northern Africa 1 Q23011509 Brigitte Borell
representative Wikipedia disambiguation page 1 Q3427349 Catherine Nettleton
Gesellschafter type of shareholder in Germany; natural persons or legal entities under private or public law, who is involved in a corporation or in a Mitunternehmerschaft with a capital contribution 1 Q17123348 Brigitte Mohn
advisory group panel to oversee government affairs 1 Q23722468 Cecil M. Harden
építészmérnök 1 Q31090213 Q1006727
sutler civilian merchant who sells provisions to an army in the field or in camp 1 Q2566474 Christian Davies
faculty division within a university 1 Q180958 Chase G. Woodhouse
mesemondó 1 Q56397668 Klára Győri
nubiology archaeological science 1 Q421539 Claudia Näser
Wundarzt surgeon; a term used from the Middle Ages to the 2nd half of the 19th century 1 Q1360697 Rebecca de Guarna
facilitator helps a group understand common objectives & reach them 1 Q1150166 Maritza Rodríguez
掌侍 1 Q11498168 Koshikibu no Naishi
Sadhu religious ascetic or holy person in Hinduism 1 Q654776 Karni Mata
Televisión Mexiquense 1 Q3077424 Marimar.
Président de l'Académie des sciences 1 Q23034946 Suzanne Cory
optical engineer 1 Q17305523 Susanne Schäfer
quizzer someone who is a contestant in quizzes more than incidentally 1 Q41593843 Dorjana Širola
detective novel literary genre 1 Q20664817 Rodica Ojog-Brașoveanu
Lebensberatung 1 Q20183822 Dorothee Döring
unfree labour work people are employed in against their will 1 Q705818 Dorothee Fliess
folksinger person engaged in singing folk songs, traditional songs 1 Q60733054 Marianna Majorosi
Präses 1 Q41785259 Elke König
Nursing Management journal 1 Q7070250 Edwina Chamier
church-painter artist who paints pictures for church interiors 1 Q1743189 Elke Zauner
criminologist 1 Q1726903 Eglė Bilevičiūtė
unit still photographer person who takes photographs to document activity on a film set 1 Q20743434 Lenke Szilágyi
animal welfare the well-being of (non-human) animals 1 Q459426 Edith Klinger
Bürstenbinder Beruf 1 Q16270914 Elfriede Suppe
Ordensoberer profession 1 Q1411233 Elisabeth Schirle
career soldier person with a longer career in the military, as apart from conscripted soldiers 1 Q829064 Erika Franke
Loyalism 1 Q2555173 Molly Brant
government scholar position awarded by the Parliament of Norway 1 Q4588801 Sidsel Mørck
bank robbery crime of stealing from a bank using violence 1 Q806824 Gisela Werler
honorary professor academic title 1 Q338337 Friederike Seyfried
remedial teacher 1 Q2662220 Niamh Bhreathnach
Verwaltungsfachangestellter 1 Q15852749 Gabriele Brakebusch
Neulehrer "new instructors" in occupied Germany after World War II who passed a background check to ensure de-Nazification 1 Q1980841 Liselot Huchthausen
supervisor manager in a business or event 1 Q1240788 Georgia Lee Lusk
State Superintendent of Public Instruction Wikipedia disambiguation page 1 Q7603561 Georgia Lee Lusk
superintendent education officer 1 Q7643464 Georgia Lee Lusk
Diplom-Handelslehrer 1 Q1227188 Gertrud Rückert
speditionskauffrau 1 Q1520146 Ingrid Schmitz
kinesiology 1 Q657632 Clarisa Huber
indie pop genre of alternative pop music 1 Q842324 Lorena Herrera
border guard government service concerned with security of national borders 1 Q138775 Irene Cadurisch
legal secretary 1 Q15403960 Ida May Fuller
Expressionist dance 1 Q778382 Hilde Holger
algorithm artist digital artist who uses algorithms in his/her work 1 Q21764863 Vera Molnár
Stenotypist 1 Q2342923 Ilse Thiele
instrument maker profession 1 Q2341443 Sibylle Severus
academic discipline academic field of study or profession 1 Q11862829 Ishizaka Teruko
Landesvorstand 1 Q1802737 Katharina Fegebank
archaeological monument keeper 1 Q54862887 Jale İnan
human trafficking trade of humans for the purpose of forced labor, sexual slavery, or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or others 1 Q181784 Johanna Wolf
Norwegian resistance movement 1 Q2419495 Tikken Manus
intelligence assessment evaluation of sensitive state, military, commercial, or scientific information 1 Q4488757 Q1703423
Entwicklungshelfer 1 Q1345663 Lotti Latrous
architectural colorist professional who applies color in architecture 1 Q29167172 Lou Scheper-Berkenkamp
senatore a vita member of the Italian Senate appointed by the President of Italy 1 Q826589 Liliana Segre
language teaching transfer of knowledge about a language 1 Q2313213 Lindiwe Mabuza
Kirchenrat 1 Q1743221 Lini Sutter-Ambühl
human geography study of cultures, communities and activities of peoples of the world 1 Q12831143 Marcella Schmidt di Friedberg
Engelandvaarder left the Low Countries in World War II for England to fight the Germans 1 Q1880441 Rudy Albert Blatt
religion pedagogy paedagogy of religion; reflection about how to teach religion 1 Q1383285 Margarete Niggemeyer
caddy person who carries a player's bag and clubs 1 Q1064569 Fanny Sunesson
Cresta Run sports venue and a type of sport near Skeleton named after the venue 1 Q647714 Michaela Pitsch
copyist person who makes copies, especially of musical manuscripts 1 Q3997704 Nina M. Davies
deputy Minister title borne by politicians or government officials in certain countries 1 Q15735113 Sofia Panina
boxing referee 1 Q2859667 Gwen Farrell
intermediary 1 Q1666223 Catalina
Directrice Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q16033672 Jetsun Pema
backgammon player someone who play backgammon 1 Q23929009 Katie Scalamandre
President of Venezuela head of state and head of government of Venezuela 1 Q11942698 Diosa Canales
Kamassian language language 1 Q35991 Klavdiya Plotnikova
methodoloog 1 Q2381107 Catrien Bijleveld
Udarnik 1 Q2628832 Pasha Angelina
radio broadcasting distribution of audio content to a dispersed audience via any audio mass communications medium 1 Q872 Ayco Duyster
Nonne river in Germany 1 Q1996255 Euphrasia Eluvathingal
lord Appellation for a person or deity who has authority, control, or power over others acting like a master, a chief, or a ruler. The title can also denote those who hold a title of the peerage in the United Kingdom. 1 Q332209 Cecile Isabelle Gonzaga
infante of Spain some children (whether young or adult) of Spanish monarchs 1 Q11317651 Maria del Pilar
hacker computing term with a variety of meanings 1 Q1487 Kristina Svechinskaya
Revuestar someone playing in revues 1 Q26209195 Aase Rasmussen
manipulatrice en radiologie 1 Q19758485 Perrine Lebuhanic
Elektromonteur profession 1 Q1327003 Reinhilde Schildhauer-Gaffrey
engraved gem researcher 1 Q22917056 Simone Michel
Procureur de la République position 1 Q16009380 Geneviève de Fontenay
canon law jurist Jurist or lawyer specialised in church law and guidelines 1 Q21402640 Novella d'Andrea
performance poetry poetry composed for live performance 1 Q7168247 Édith Azam
jujutsuka sportsperson taking part in jujutsu competitions 1 Q28164897 Séverine Nébié
computational archaeologist scientist in the fields of archaeology and computer science 1 Q51034797 Silvia Polla
archaeology of the Roman provinces archaeological sub-discipline 1 Q1254302 Tessa Wheeler
gardien de la paix 1 Q3095455 Sophie Dodemont
نواب بیگم بھوپال 1 Q31313619 Sultan Shah Jahan
Untersekretär des griechischen Regierungsministeriums undersecretary to a ministry of the Greek government 1 Q21486119 Milena Apostolaki
priesthood group of people engaged in the study of natural phenomena and worship in archaic civilizations 1 Q1560314 Peggy Nadramia
narrator character or non-personal voice that tells the story to the audience 1 Q58363586 Mami Koyama
Hittitologist person who specialises in the study of the Ancient Hittites 1 Q4529715 Susanne Heinhold-Krahmer
cover artist an artist who designs and creates cover artwork for books, albums, etc 1 Q27472738 Anna Sipkema
Sega performer 1 Q20767127 Benoîte Boulard
trap device to remotely catch an animal 1 Q34168 Wanny Woldstad
driving operation of a vehicle 1 Q999646 Wanny Woldstad
Third order 1 Q1259252 Josefa Naval Girbés
runemaster specialist in making runestones 1 Q1749303 Gunnborga
Tulku honorary title 1 Q651267 Q2654181
influencer marketing 1 Q6030243 Vanessa Gonçalves
Maternity care 1 Q119740 Suze Boschma-Berkhout
babysitting temporary childcare provider 1 Q797990 Gertrude Baniszewski
goatherd person who tends, feeds, or guards flocks of goats 1 Q5575361 Aimée Millot
trouveresse 1 Q16681315 Alais
broadcast programming director 1 Q52085732 Kathrin Zechner
Staatsschreiber 1 Q2325255 Anja Wyden Guelpa
seculary canon 1 Q2378979 Jeanne Baptista Josefina van Nassau-Siegen
colonial administrator person who participates in administrating a colony 1 Q17765219 Anne Joseph Hippolyte de Maurès, Comte de Malartic
comtesse consort 1 Q27703203 Agnès II, Countess of Nevers
list of Jordanian consorts Wikimedia list article 1 Q4921867 Dina bint 'Abdu'l-Hamid
évangéliste 1 Q28659570 Annie Royle Taylor
child and adolescent psychiatry branch of psychiatry 1 Q1741745 Catherine Barthélémy
natural horsemanship 1 Q1318449 Andrea Fappani
carnettiste 1 Q2939780 Antonia Neyrins
video editor person who edits video or film during postproduction 1 Q7927905 Daphni Leef
Baron de Faucigny 1 Q43627338 Beatrice of Faucigny
Comparatiste 1 Q2990367 Catherine Coquio
leitender Beamter am Cour des Comptes 1 Q21500772 Bernadette Malgorn
Écrivains de langue française, par ordre alphabétique Wikimedia list article 1 Q3972537 Cécile Roumiguière
radio director 1 Q47001710 Dominique Paoli
sculpture three-dimensional work of art 1 Q860861 Daniela Longo
Literary Criticism academic event sanctioned by the University Interscholastic League 1 Q6647591 Déborah Heissler
Chief Executive business magazine published by Chief Executive Group 1 Q5096731 Pauline Green
legal advocate in France profession 1 Q791243 France Moulin
appropriation technique in art 1 Q123305 Elaine Sturtevant
genre painter painter who specializes in painting scenes of daily life of common people, such as market scenes and domestic settings 1 Q59939051 Euphémie Didiez
private soldier of the lowest military rank 1 Q158668 Deborah Sampson
Gastronomieautor 1 Q2872380 Françoise Bernard
bishop senior priest in the Church of Latter Day Saints 1 Q4917468 Eliza Roxcy Snow
constitutional bishop 1 Q1782975 Clotilde-Suzanne Courcelles de Labrousse
Montonera 1 Q47525582 Nilda Celia Garré
film preservation historic preservation of motion pictures 1 Q1415247 Gabrielle Claes
squire historical profession 1 Q579516 Gianbatista Pignatelli
Taschenspieler 19th century German street magician 1 Q19804855 Julie Courtois
middle management employee with significant employer powers 1 Q999897 Misako Uno
clockmaker artisan who makes and repairs clocks 1 Q2700922 Kathleen H. Pritchard
histoire des sciences 1 Q3137572 Ilana Löwy
auxiliaire de puériculture 1 Q2873187 Kalthoum Sarrai
mental calculator 1 Q372646 Shakuntala Devi
flight nurse 1 Q2996493 Jacqueline Domergue
mule person who smuggles contraband across a border for a smuggling organization 1 Q890103 Schapelle Corby
vegetable grower 1 Q19914236 Marie Annaert
céroplasticien 1 Q38743359 Marie Marguerite Bihéron
real tennis player player of real tennis 1 Q26233091 Margot la Hennuyère
spearfisher 1 Q22704540 Matea Arai
beggar a person who begs on the street usually for food or money 1 Q273283 Marguerite Philippe
nuncio papal ambassador 1 Q157037 Marguerite Rutan
movie theater operator person who works in a movie theater 1 Q1742253 Marie de Kerstrat
Coco-girl 1 Q2981311 Marine
bare-knuckle boxer 1 Q57997669 Bec Rawlings
Galanteriewaren 1 Q1491689 Marion du Faouët
lecturer junior or assistant curate serving in a parish 1 Q25210979 Lucia Navarro
Trotzkist 1 Q47487441 Mary Low
chant rhythmic speaking or singing of words or sounds 1 Q1553339 Nara Noïan
Djane river in Equatorial Guinea 1 Q24881670 Jimena Araya
Inspection générale des finances 1 Q3151643 Nathalie Delapalme
jurisprudence theoretical study of law, by philosophers and social scientists 1 Q4932206 Kirsti Strøm Bull
coupletist 1 Q5178032 Nellie Casman
linguistic rights activist person who, individually or with others, acts to promote or protect some variation of linguistic rights 1 Q58428578 Eileen Beasley
opinólogo 1 Q6051619 Patricia Maldonado
dispatcher profession 1 Q570755 Norma Torres
canoe polo player 1 Q47004511 Mélanie Konig
women's heptathlon 1 Q3730761 Rachel Christie
coach artistique 1 Q2981027 Raphaëlle Ricci
public speaking coach Public speaking coaches provide, often private, instruction to clients in theory and techniques on how to improve their public speaking skills. They identify each client's strengths and weaknesses and tailor their instruction to their speci 1 Q53474179 Raphaëlle Ricci
Ethnologue database of world's languages published on web and in print 1 Q14790 Odette Teissier du Cros
Oceanonauta 1 Q11795614 Serena M. Auñón-Chancellor
French resistance set of French people organised to fight against the Nazis, inside and ouside of France 1 Q3457812 Rose Warfman
Jōruri 1 Q1361891 Tomimoto Toyohina
geomatics engineering 1 Q1986550 Toussaint Lézat
Psychagoge 1 Q48822857 Sylviane Giampino
dansmästare 1 Q50403089 Sophie Daguin
lieutenant junior commissioned officer in many nations' armed forces 1 Q186024 Sanité Bélair
Town doctor 1 Q2327935 Sara Elisabeth Moræa
nurse anesthetist profession 1 Q354153 Yolande Mukagasana
Viva La Bam television series 1 Q846222 April Margera
concepteur 1 Q2991649 Évelyne Sullerot
literary executor person with decision-making power in respect of a literary estate 1 Q2426712 Anne-Marie Meyer
registrar official within an academic institution 1 Q7309424 Anne-Marie Meyer
Ancient Roman priest 1 Q3409374 Coelia Concordia
White House Deputy Chief of Staff 1 Q7994871 Alyssa Mastromonaco
Christian mystic person who experiences ecstasy or an altered state of consciousness which is given a Christian religious or spiritual meaning 1 Q43682214 Columba of Rieti
ice hockey team sport played on ice using sticks and skates 1 Q41466 Anna De la Forest
Paedagogus 1 Q7124054 Guglielmina Ronconi
Duché d'Asti 1 Q384237 Q3796587
trouvère 1 Q1996467 Dame Maroie
spiritism 1 Q15241213 Eva Carrière
Feudatario 1 Q3744303 Jacovella da Celano
bitch profane word for female dog 1 Q878767 Natalie Vértiz
El Azúcar human settlement in Mexico 1 Q20224652 Remedios Cervantes Montoya
следователь 1 Q1971388 Lyubov Zakharchenko
Collaborator 1 Q1108841 Sameera Moussa
Cultural attaché 1 Q1390369 Anka Grupińska
theft act of taking another's property without permission or consent 1 Q2727213 Sonya Golden Hand
culturology branch of social sciences concerned with the scientific understanding, description, analysis, and prediction of cultures as a whole 1 Q1418771 Paola Volkova
speculation engaging in risky financial transactions 1 Q107885 Berta Borodkina
Учёный секретарь 1 Q56314703 Q4239768
amateur astronomer occupation 1 Q15020911 Emanuela Galliani
Sténodactylographie 1 Q3501489 Raymonde Dien
historical linguistics study of language change over time 1 Q190375 Galina Yershova
Goritsky Monastery Orthodox monastery in Vologda Oblast, Russia 1 Q1987878 Evfrosinia Staritskaia
pharmacology study of the interactions that occur between a living organism and chemicals that affect normal or abnormal biochemical function 1 Q128406 Q4219249
Sanitäter 1 Q16856551 Matrena Necheporchukova
California State University, Chico university in California, United States 1 Q1026912 Janja Lalich
broadcast journalism field of news and journals which are broadcast 1 Q2081584 Yulia Lytvynenko
Khananda 1 Q2493398 Q4292213
Pushkin studies 1 Q4384741 Q4412939
film editing activity 1 Q237893 Q4415881
arrangement musical composition in altered form 1 Q379755 Q4418566
physics of plasma 1 Q5615097 Ksenia Razumova
venture business 1 Q4107285 Viktoriya Tigipko
Educational Psychologist Academic journal 1 Q15749568 Sara Netanyahu
Fedayeen 1 Q989678 Sose Mayrig
favourite intimate companion of a ruler or other important person 1 Q1996375 Varvara Turkestanova
Doktor Nauk in Political Science "Doctor of Sciences in Political Science" - higher doctoral degree in the Soviet Union and post-Soviet states 1 Q12101787 Q4441865
shogi chess variant native to Japan 1 Q131375 Karolina Styczynska
Professional mourning 1 Q1246370 Irina Fedosova
music criticism 1 Q11748889 Dzhemma Firsova
animation process of creating animated films and series 1 Q11425 Tala Madani
script supervisor filmmaking occupation 1 Q20825761 Raisa Frichinskaya
pointage pointage 1 Q327321 Q4529235
health minister minister in charge of health matters 1 Q3273722 Adenike Grange
tzadik a righteous Jew in Hasidism 1 Q1432036 Maiden of Ludmir
Außenpolitiker 1 Q47956684 Esther Brimmer
cyberneticist 1 Q5197818 Allenna Leonard
golf course designer 1 Q1536379 Alice Dye
general contractor profession 1 Q289612 Amy Matthews
strength athlete 1 Q7623231 Anna Cervantes
soloist dancer in a ballet company (above the corps de ballet but below principal dancer); dancers at this level perform the majority of the solo and minor rôles in a ballet 1 Q7558519 Anna Lærkesen
social philosopher 1 Q18543182 Anne Manne
Rösträttspolitiker 1 Q28948007 Ann-Margret Holmgren
options broker specialist conducting options trading, research, education and other tools for individual investors 1 Q7099031 Annette Herfkens
Moll family name 1 Q1943547 Antara Biswas
baron title of nobility in Europe 1 Q165503 Baroness Sigrid von Laffert
Gursikh 1 Q5620294 Bebe Nanaki
Men's Rights Movement Social movement concerned with discrimination against men. 1 Q1292853 Bettina Arndt
environmental protection practice of protecting the natural environment 1 Q832237 Blythe Loutit
judicial commissioner person appointed on a non-permanent basis to a judicial office 1 Q6302859 Belinda Ang
elevator operator person specifically employed to operate an elevator 1 Q195651 Betty Lou Oliver
extreme sports athlete 1 Q1385518 Betty Lowman Carey
licensed practical nurse 1 Q11848548 Benita Ha
mönsterriterska 1 Q51190474 Maria Adelborg
Broadway theatre principal theater district of New York City, New York, USA 1 Q235065 Ashley Tuttle
Gebärdensprachlehrer 1 Q28923879 Johanna Berglind
konstvetare 1 Q47518874 Margareta Cramér
managing editor 1 Q1068933 Erika Bjerström
memoir editor 1 Q28922814 Lotten Dahlgren
mönsterritare 1 Q51953422 Sofia Gisberg
reader a person who can read aloud the bible during catholic liturgy 1 Q1433533 Marguerite de Gourbillon
Zen master 1 Q1998748 Bon Yeon
sinecure office that requires or involves little or no responsibility, labour, or active service 1 Q923724 Maria Kristina Kiellström
sexualupplysare 1 Q61124189 Elin Cederblom
anabaptist adherent to the type of radical Christianity known as Anabaptism 1 Q38703537 Aleijd Leystingh
Jugendklubinhaber 1 Q47517033 Cecilia Milow
law theorist 1 Q29038436 Elsa Eschelsson
curling team sport 1 Q136851 Katarina Hultling
näringsfysiolog 1 Q56787564 Ninni Kronberg
Familienberater 1 Q46686875 Birgitta Linnér
assessor judge's or magistrate's assistant 1 Q335757 Cecilia Nordenfelt
typographe 1 Q49127097 Olivia Nordgren
lur wind instrument 1 Q778999 Prillar-Guri
poststationsföreståndare 1 Q52084254 Fanny Janse
personhistoriker 1 Q47508980 Sigrid Leijonhufvud
Handelsmann 1 Q10517083 Handelsman Johanna
Theaterpädagoge 1 Q38475674 Elsa Olenius
reformpedagog 1 Q51038259 Eva Rodhe
Minister for the Environment Swedish cabinet minister 1 Q10686216 Karolina Skog
Jugendarbeiter 1 Q10709550 Anna Roos
barnavårdsinspektör 1 Q51447487 Göta Rosén
cooper maker of staved vessels such as barrels 1 Q38883 Bridget Cleary
perukmakare 1 Q10624795 Gunborg Runsten
väveriidkare 1 Q51030077 Ulla Stenberg
radio announcer 1 Q30075600 Caroline Hutchinson
property designer person who designs props for use in theatre, film, television, etc. 1 Q15811035 Cathy Cooper
JAMA peer-reviewed medical journal 1 Q1470970 Courtney C. Radsch
game show contestant person, who is known as winner of a game show 1 Q47454185 Daphne Fowler
horror host type of television presenter 1 Q5905231 Crematia Mortem
Managing director Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q11248633 Jeanie Buss
Architect Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q634995 Dorothea Holt Redmond
Rutgers University multi-campus American public research university in New Jersey, United States 1 Q499451 Deepa Kumar
Middle Eastern studies academic discipline 1 Q12211529 Deepa Kumar
co-producer producing member 1 Q27057352 Denise Okuda
narratologist 1 Q28008203 Dorrit Cohn
actor-manager leading actor who sets up their own permanent theatrical company and manages the company's business 1 Q4677709 Effie Bancroft
portfolio manager 1 Q7231725 Eileen Rominger
pickpocket thief who engages in pickpocketing 1 Q16240266 Moll King
editor Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q294083 E. Ruth Anderson
United States Ambassador to Bulgaria 1 Q7889270 Eugenie Anderson
United States Ambassador to Denmark 1 Q7889288 Eugenie Anderson
plant ecologist scientist specializing in the ecology of plants 1 Q37987929 Emma Lucy Braun
exercise physiologist 1 Q21000386 Felicia Stoler
flamenko-dantzari 1 Q56055053 Eva Yerbabuena
colonel military rank 1 Q104680 Florence A. Blanchfield
Mitólogo 1 Q19459834 Jules Cashford
scree collection of broken rock fragments at the base of crags, mountain cliffs etc, that has accumulated through periodic rockfall 1 Q1133195 Gina Kim
DJ song by David Bowie 1 Q5205243 Alessandra Denegri
pentito 1 Q2032656 Giusy Vitale
Layperson religious term 1 Q10317028 Antonia Ulloa Martínez
ecofeminist 1 Q47847585 Alicia Puleo
University College London public research university in London, United Kingdom 1 Q193196 Gloria Laycock
panegyrist 1 Q6059640 Q5688213
normal school educational institution to train teachers 1 Q627006 Adela and Celsa Speratti
Companion medical occupation 1 Q5155473 Herodias Gardiner
printmaking process through which an artistic print is created 1 Q271588 Carmen Arozena
First Lady of Chile unofficial title for the wife of the President of Chile 1 Q5453148 Delfina De la Cruz Zañartu
business engineering academic discipline 1 Q623100 Jacqueline Weinstein
dragon boat racer 1 Q56827013 Mina Alizadeh
systems analyst IT professional who specializes in analyzing, designing and implementing information systems 1 Q942569 Gemma Pasqual i Escrivà
camp follower civilian who follows an army 1 Q369456 María Remedios del Valle
Dama de la Reina 1 Q5797729 María del Carmen Azlor de Aragón e Idiáquez
spouse partner in a marriage, civil union, domestic partnership or common-law marriage 1 Q1196129 Isabella Macdonald
kumu hula hula teacher 1 Q28960839 Iolani Luahine
Ashik 1 Q7097633 Q6063923
receptionist 1 Q1722406 Jackie Watkins
buccaneer In the seventeenth century, sailors lived on the hunt for wild beef and pork, smoked meat and sold skins. 1 Q850220 Jacquotte Delahaye
environmental consultant 1 Q45916489 Jaime Nack
meditation practice where an individual focuses their mind on a particular object, thought or activity to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state 1 Q108458 Sylvia Eugenia Ruiz
performing arts art forms in which artists use their body or voice to convey artistic expression 1 Q184485 Sylvia Eugenia Ruiz
Sofer profession 1 Q508743 Jen Taylor Friedman
teacher-librarian 1 Q7691196 Joanne Duncan
Fox News Fox's television news channel 1 Q186068 Janice Dean
book artist artist who specializes in bookworks, which are art works that exploit the book form or alter its physical structure as part of the content of the work 1 Q56884373 Johanna Drucker
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom head of Her Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom 1 Q14211 Judge McGruder
Hauspersonal 1 Q464705 Julia Bracken Wendt
sports team owner occupation 1 Q26837361 Sonia Scurfield
member individual or organization with membership in a group; constitutive components of a corporate body 1 Q9200127 Katherine Clark
conscientious objector individual who refuses to perform military service on the grounds of freedom of thought, conscience, and/or religion 1 Q2930613 Katherine Jashinski
president of the Senate presiding member (speaker) of a Senate 1 Q2269913 Kerryann Ifill
paleobotany branch of botany 1 Q192694 Marjorie Elizabeth Jane Chandler
Permanent Representative to the United Nations head of a diplomatic mission to the United Nations 1 Q7888495 Laura Dupuy Lasserre
pharmacy technician profession 1 Q543219 Kim Reynolds
Dancer 1991 Indian Bollywood film 1 Q5215390 Kimberley Crossman
mythologist 1 Q16724455 Layne Redmond
stomatologist physician with medical specialty stomatology 1 Q16061291 Q6508757
entertainment lawyer profession; type of lawyer specialized in entertainment law 1 Q58530040 Lana Cantrell
Computerspiele-Journalist 1 Q48375857 Lisa Foiles
talmudist scholar of the Talmud 1 Q21584816 Q6631107
scientific photographer photographer specializing in scientific imagery 1 Q21550957 Lorraine Wreford
Information officer 1 Q55614457 Lisbet Rugtvedt
law system of rules and guidelines, generally backed by governmental authority 1 Q7748 Q6702735
strategic manager 1 Q38357345 Q6578216
violin making and maintenance 1 Q2975883 Q6692448
Creative consultant 1 Q5183567 Lynn Marie Latham
ascetic person who does asceticism 1 Q779458 Euphrosyne of Alexandria
neutron moderator medium that reduces the speed of fast neutrons, turning them into thermal neutrons that can sustain nuclear chain reactions; e.g. water, graphite, heavy water, beryllium 1 Q466714 Lucy Kennedy
precentor person who helps facilitate worship 1 Q1031332 Lucy Winkett
clairvoyant someone who is or claims to be clairvoyant 1 Q30060441 Margaret Lumley Brown
scholar 1 Q12003277 Mary Acworth Orr Evershed
United States federal judge position in the USA 1 Q1006696 Mary M. Schroeder
music publisher company that licenses compositions, collects royalties and distributes them to the composers 1 Q1917775 María Elena Holly
president of Colombia Head of state of the Republic of Colombia 1 Q853475 Marta Lucía Ramírez
خلاباز 1 Q25597557 Namira Salim
departmental secretary senior public servant of a Commonwealth or state government department 1 Q5260571 Michele Bruniges
chancellor position 1 Q373085 Nancy L. Zimpher
Pooter 1 Q3648548 Hedwig Grossman Lehmann
keynote speaker person who delivers a talk on the main theme of an event 1 Q42297530 Penny Mallory
First Lady of Albania ceremonial position afforded to the spouse of the Albanian head of state 1 Q33104840 Odeta Nishani
religion founder 1 Q2142783 Pauline Hancock
social entrepreneurship attempt to draw upon business techniques to find solutions to social problems 1 Q817245 Pamela Hartigan
Museum docent 1 Q14912868 Peggy O'Brien
arboriculture all measures on tree and tree environment to avoid undesirable developments and to maintain the vitality of a tree 1 Q127213 Olive Fitzhardinge
Weroance 1 Q7983559 Queen Ann
art thief 1 Q16741013 Rose Dugdale
evangelism spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the purpose of conversion or a rapprochement with Christianity 1 Q373069 Ruth Carter Stapleton
transgender state of one's gender identity or expression not matching one's assigned sex 1 Q189125 Rebecca Allison
chief commercial officer executive-level position whose occupant is responsible for the commercial strategy and development of an organization 1 Q4885522 Ruth Roche
official game administrator in American football 1 Q716711 Sarah Thomas
Miss Nepal 1 Q12938564 Ruby Rana
Scholars of Piyyut 1 Q16999353 Shulamit Elizur
film accompanist performer of silent film score 1 Q47700828 Nina Agadzhanova-Shutko
wingsuit flying variant of skydiving activity involving a specially designed suit which offers control surfaces 1 Q592031 Steph Davis
BASE jumping activity where participants jump from fixed objects and use a parachute to break their fall 1 Q809831 Steph Davis
rock climbing sport in which participants climb up, down or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls 1 Q1154336 Steph Davis
railway photographer 1 Q11649678 Shirley Burman
pharmaconomist 1 Q2529846 Susanne Engstrøm
Ժողովրդական երգիչ 1 Q21697431 Valya Samvelyan
executive officer first officer 1 Q1383594 Vanda Vitali
comtesse consort d'Ampurias 1 Q27703148 Victoria Eugenia Fernández de Córdoba, 18th Duchess of Medinaceli
paralympic athletics paralympic sport 1 Q1757181 Yuki Katō
ayatollah high-ranking title given to Usuli Twelver Shī‘ah clerics 1 Q184402 Zohreh Sefati
photographie 1 Q3498649 Zofia Nasierowska
epileptologist physician specializing in epileptology 1 Q3432666 Charlotte Dravet
pseudo-model 1 Q7254445 Evelyn Choi
competitive player player of a competitive sport or game 1 Q18536342 Tang Dan
baseball umpire person charged with officiating a baseball game 1 Q1856798 Amanda Clement
science journalism journalism genre 1 Q1505283 Magdalena Ruiz de Elvira Zubizarreta
Empresaria Group 1 Q5374446 Martha Isabel Bolaños
Soloist Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q3964343 Q9370823
Procurador da República 1 Q60056736 Ela Wiecko
sertanista 1 Q10370560 Garcia Rodrigues Pais
quilombola a resident of a quilombo in Brazil 1 Q16204670 Aqualtune
Escrava poem written by Florbela Espanca 1 Q19537850 Aqualtune
Princesa human settlement in Brazil 1 Q22063819 Aqualtune
First Ladies of Espírito Santo Wikimedia category 1 Q32406458 Rita Camata
Christian music music with Christian theme 1 Q6452410 Jamily
Fakir 1 Q491656 Suzy King
multimedia content that uses a combination of different content forms 1 Q131765 Denise Milan
サンビスタ (ブラジル) 1 Q11305911 Dona Zica
netcoördinator 1 Q2316059 Chantal Pattyn
real property subset of land that has been legally defined and the improvements to it made by human efforts 1 Q684740 Châu Thị Thu Nga
political prisoner someone imprisoned because they have opposed or criticized the government responsible for their imprisonment 1 Q217105 Božena Kuklová-Jíšová
Habitat for Humanity largest non-profit homebuilder in the world 1 Q1192147 Q10786171
aerobics form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines 1 Q215641 Denisa Barešová
Ho Chi Minh City city of Vietnam 1 Q1854 Q10787817
feng shui geomancer profession 1 Q13553792 Mak Ling Ling
hair and make up artist 1 Q11336353 Kikko
shamanism 1 Q42042 Q11345595
ninja type of covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan 1 Q9402 Q10898239
visiting scholar 1 Q19324694 Hiroko Reijō
Kannushi The person responsible for the maintenance of a Shinto shrine (神社 jinja) as well as for leading worship of a given kami 1 Q60523 Kikoeokimi
miko a priestess in the Shinto religion 1 Q1047139 Mami Kanō
oiran high-ranking courtesan in Japan, whose occupation arose in the Edo period and was largely replaced by geisha by the late 19th century 1 Q570749 Yūgiri Tayū
wedding planner profession 1 Q1515551 Q11516686
enka singer 1 Q11565465 Junko Yanagisawa
storico delle idee 1 Q11491523 Kiyoko Takeda
action film actor 1 Q10901338 Q11550053
cross country running sport in which competitors race by running a long-distance course on natural terrain 1 Q500050 Yūri Suzuki
Buyō 1 Q1303389 Sumi Hanayagi
day trader trader who adheres to a trading style called day trading 1 Q856244 Fumie Wakabayashi
radiotelegraphist 1 Q17320259 Hilda Dresen
manicurist 1 Q3778909 Eriko Kurosaki
dance historian 1 Q56598083 Božena Brodská
special needs assistant 1 Q20918760 Annette Tuominen
permanent secretary type of civil service position 1 Q645687 Eli Telhaug
ekspedisjonssjef 1 Q11966955 Eli Telhaug
Avdelingsdirektør 1 Q25434898 Eli Telhaug
Mujeres Libres anarchist women's organization in Spain 1 Q1472936 Suceso Portales
Audiopedagog 1 Q11959592 Atla Lund
agrotekniker 1 Q56405911 Ragnhild Aashaug
weather reporter 1 Q12010265 Desta Marie Beeder
councillor Norwegian municipal administrator 1 Q56299314 Marit Langfeldt Ege
nemocniční kaplan 1 Q16335867 Simona Tesařová
prison chaplain 1 Q30531186 Simona Tesařová
dollmaking craft of making dolls 1 Q18617006 Q12073824
phthisiatrist physician who specialized in Phthisiology 1 Q50377602 Q12100769
library scientist 1 Q55389138 Laryssa Kruschelnyzka
English West Germanic language originating in England with linguistic roots in French, German and Vulgar Latin 1 Q1860 Fadila Saâdane
parapsychology study of paranormal and psychic phenomena 1 Q179098 Maritxu Güller
Флорист (дизайнер) 1 Q4491179 Q12132293
Master of Science master's degree awarded for post-graduate study in the sciences, or occasionally social sciences 1 Q950900 Christina Schnohr
art forger 1 Q18511668 Elena Ivannikova
physical chemistry study of macroscopic, atomic, subatomic, and particulate phenomena in chemical systems in terms of laws and concepts of physics 1 Q11372 Dochi Ekserova
adventure exciting or unusual experience 1 Q1436734 Nina Rasmussen
visesanger 1 Q12344026 Inger-Lise Gaarde
Snake charming profession 1 Q1430627 Anniqa
kommunalbestyrelsesmedlem 1 Q12322518 Birthe Christiansen
civiløkonom professional title used by business graduates in Denmark 1 Q17027380 Lene Andersen
furrier person who makes or sells clothing and other articles from fur and animal skins 1 Q2295938 Liselott Blixt
saddler profession 1 Q1760988 Q12368726
brüoloog 1 Q16402872 Q12369654
wholesale sale of goods or merchandise to retailers 1 Q220695 Marie Kofoed
part-time lecturer person who teaches part-time at a university but is not eligible for tenure and has no research obligations 1 Q36144963 Merethe Stagetorn
Paartherapeut 1 Q17165667 Mette Dencker
Museum Management and Curatorship 1 Q58686647 Galia Bar Or
Republikanist 1 Q48210938 Mercedes Núñez Targa
oncology branch of medicine 1 Q162555 Tamar Peretz
petroleum engineer profession 1 Q21002343 Q12561569
lace maker person who make lace 1 Q3023339 Elena Holéczyová
Bühnenautor 1 Q1020593 Q12734878
stone carver artisan 1 Q17305500 Yilpi Adamson
Δάσκαλος υποκριτικής 1 Q59107712 Mirka Papakonstantinou
glover Occupation, maker of gloves 1 Q24073542 Ivanka Jamnik
геолаг-разведчык 1 Q40756453 Halina Zinavenka
timpanist 1 Q3528729 Bonnie Lynn Adelson
print journalist 1 Q55979438 Diane Anderson-Minshall
circus commonly a travelling company of performers 1 Q47928 Jean Furella Carroll
mass media media technologies that are intended to reach a large audience by mass communication 1 Q11033 Q13014032
bench press exercise of the upper body 1 Q14093 Marion Hammang
bibliophile person who collects or has a great love of books 1 Q18120029 Elisabeth Sophie Marie
Practitioner–scholar model 1 Q7237373 Nilofar Sakhi
analytical chemist 1 Q60595481 Georgina Roberts
Williams-Sonoma American kitchenware and home furnishings retailer 1 Q2581220 Laura J. Alber
tuba player person who plays tuba 1 Q19937311 Barbara Dreiwitz
player person who plays a game 1 Q4197743 Rabeya Khatun Talukder
lieutenant colonel rank of commissioned officer in the armies and most marine forces and some air forces of the world 1 Q493898 Joni Ernst
Officer of the French Navy 1 Q3349700 Anne Cullerre
traditional song song with anonymous or unknown writer without authorized original version 1 Q943929 Q13185692
comendador charge that had the mission of providing military security to the serfs entrusted to him 1 Q8348400 Beatriz de la Cueva y Benavides
ordination religious process by which individuals are consecrated as clergy 1 Q7519600 Elizabeth A. Eaton
Singer unincorporated community in Beauregard Parish, Louisiana 1 Q6129293 Beatriz Shantal
nursing informatician type of nurse working in technology research and practice 1 Q44948993 Harriet Werley
De Pryck 1 Q57421221 Laure De Pryck
Penthouse Pet Wikimedia list article 1 Q2719030 Valentina Nappi
performance performing arts event, single representation of a performing arts production 1 Q35140 Melanie Manchot
Human Rights Commissioner New Zealand's Human Rights Commissioner 1 Q15275006 Robyn Hunt
State Trooper television series 1 Q3968476 Jean Frances Howard
biophysics study of biological systems using methods from the physical sciences 1 Q7100 Manju Bansal
mayor of Viloví de Oñar political position in Spain 1 Q26690987 Olga Guillem Pujol
Chief Court Mistress 1 Q26857871 Fanny Løvenskiold
national librarian 1 Q56308007 Vigdis Moe Skarstein
United States Attorney chief prosecutor representing the United States federal government 1 Q2094335 Mary Grace Quackenbos
developmental psychology scientific study of changes that occur in human beings over the course of their lives 1 Q175002 Louise Bates Ames
court interpreter 1 Q1513559 Margareta Kępińska Jakobsen
historian of student humanist who is engaged in history of student 1 Q17505002 Michaela Neubert
prelate high-ranking member of the clergy 1 Q725440 Dagmar Zobel
psychologischer Psychotherapeut profession 1 Q1589559 Lydia Benecke
Hostess Wikipedia disambiguation page 1 Q5909381 Frances Bunsen
gatekeeper person who controls access to something 1 Q5527068 Minnie Evans
Professeur Certifié 1 Q11590798 Ludovine de La Rochère
Kampfrichter 1 Q1723340 Natalia Artsybacheva
school institution designed to teach students under the direction of teachers 1 Q3914 Aisha Lemu
disciple student following a master 1 Q385586 Gail Tredwell
occupational medicine medical specialty 1 Q628764 Denise Caro
pharmacy facility where medicines are sold 1 Q13107184 Mildred Rebstock
experimental artist 1 Q15977906 Coleen Fitzgibbon
agrégation d'histoire 1 Q2827277 Isabelle Davion
Motstandsfolk 1 Q11990126 Frieda Dalen
lapidary gemstone cutter 1 Q17319698 Sibyl Dunlop
Archaeomalacologist 1 Q37343611 Yvette Taborin
fantasy genre of literature, film, television and other artforms 1 Q132311 Claudia Lössl
Phytotom 1 Q47829960 Elisabeth Gantt
habitual offender person convicted of a new crime who was previously convicted of a crime(s) 1 Q2384039 Melissa Ann Friedrich
televangelist 1 Q30107072 Jan Crouch
Lensmann historically holder of a royal fief and now rural police chief 1 Q1686380 Ragnelde Abelseth
movie star celebrity who is famous for starring in motion pictures 1 Q1337738 Q16181909
seigneur title of nobility 1 Q2366336 Constança d'Alagón i Romeu
chantre ecclesiastical title 1 Q48889904 Gisela of Kerzenbroeck
groundskeeper occupation of maintaining a green space 1 Q18340125 Heather Nabozny
crémier 1 Q19346963 Renée Richard
Tehnikateadlane 1 Q12376667 Q16403074
IT security expert 1 Q34966237 Solange Ghernaouti
pasha the title of the highest civil and military officials in the Ottoman Empire 1 Q184951 Q16358416
gardening practice of growing and cultivating plants 1 Q124946 Ülle Madise
cotton growing 1 Q12080077 Q16378039
massage mechanical manipulation of skin, connective tissue and muscles through stretching, train and pressure stimulus 1 Q179415 Mark Edward Louis Weston
stringer 1 Q1771040 Aude Walker
mechanician engineer or scientist working in the field of mechanics 1 Q6804564 Q16436106
Doctor of Sciences in Medicine "Doctor of Sciences in Medicine" - higher doctoral degree in the Soviet Union and post-Soviet states 1 Q17281165 Maria Omarova
Curler Wikipedia disambiguation page 1 Q5194817 Carla Zandegiacomo
teddy bear creator 1 Q46123106 Renée Hutmacher
folk singer 1 Q2532239 Elena Roizen
prehistory span of time before recorded history 1 Q11756 Matilde Múzquiz Pérez-Seoane
fashion blog blog on fashion 1 Q2906864 Lola Ferri
Pianist Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q399364 Magdalena Lisak
Reformpädagoge 1 Q49708132 Aurore Storckenfeldt
Stadtratsdirektor 1 Q10438272 Margareta Vestin
pädagogischer Assistent 1 Q23784297 Døgg Nónsgjógv
Moja hill in Kenya 1 Q27194183 Francisca Ametzua
Ausbildender 1 Q777942 Iratxe Esnaola Arribillaga
radiosportsperson 1 Q56164819 Mariam Basina
Maestro di sci 1 Q16574916 Valentina Greggio
translation for legal equivalence production of translations that are acceptable by a legal jurisdiction 1 Q571458 Puerto Barruetabeña Díez
Master Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q226669 Q16698713
Aconitum genus of plants 1 Q155904 Anette Busch
bet365 company 1 Q557620 Denise Coates
glamour photography genre of photography, subjects are portrayed in erotic poses ranging from fully clothed to nude; the term may be used as an euphemism for erotic photography 1 Q1010947 Sarah Joelle Jahnel
commercial 1 Q2986261 Laurence Klein
Public Protector South African executive office that protects the Constitution by investigating public complaints against the government 1 Q3043123 Thuli Madonsela
Carnegie Mellon University private research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States 1 Q190080 Barbara Johnstone
Цивилист 1 Q13174349 Q16721370
scholar of the bible as literature scholar who researches the literary aspects of the bible 1 Q47489253 Adele Berlin
ministre des Affaires européennes 1 Q29963186 Nathalie Loiseau
Kabaddi contact sport originated in Indian subcontinent 1 Q148636 Sunil Dabas
Kabaddi Coach One who directs and strategizes the behavior of a kabaddi team or player 1 Q51126824 Sunil Dabas
Sanskrit scholar 1 Q15991192 Ved Kumari Ghai
Official receiver 1 Q3285472 Anne Bert
arms trafficker illegal occupation 1 Q20706626 Verna Erikson
Spouse of the Prime Minister of India 1 Q3529232 Jashodaben Narendrabhai Modi
Mughal emperor 1 Q15390704 Mah Chuchak Begum
Dowager 1 Q2633173 Idia
field hockey umpire person with the authority to make decisions on a hockey pitch in accordance with the laws of the game 1 Q3621342 Vera Burt
Confederación de Asociaciones Empresariales de Baleares 1 Q5782794 Carmen Planas Palou
canoeing and kayaking type of sport 1 Q213934 Natalya Mineyeva
ethics branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct 1 Q9465 Charis Thompson
social science academic discipline concerned with society and the relationships 1 Q34749 Charis Thompson
gender studies 1 Q1662673 Charis Thompson
Innovator Wikipedia disambiguation page 1 Q1664197 Beatie Wolfe
game programmer software engineer, programmer, or computer scientist who primarily develops codebase for video games 1 Q863368 Zoë Quinn
гісторык моды 1 Q41796828 Aksana Vasilyeva
bicycle touring Holidays with bicycles 1 Q564606 Tarja Owens
舞踏家 dancers of some kind 1 Q11613658 Q17172288
Auctioneer 1 Q2986283 Joëlle Bergeron
Video game director Wikipedia disambiguation page 1 Q7927913 Aya Kyogoku
lender of last resort lender (provider of liquidity), that supplies liquidity to a financial institution or to the financial market in general when it is lacking 1 Q1817463 Isabel de Saavedra
oldest french human Wikimedia list article 1 Q3038357 Marie Mornet Robin
mixed martial arts referee 1 Q52008305 Kim Winslow
Avvocata Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q3631267 Salwa Bughaighis
유녀 1 Q12609698 Q17211466
Cistercians Catholic religious order 1 Q166861 Adelheid Brömse
Landesbischof 1 Q1802145 Birgit Klostermeier
English Studies English Studies 1 Q27968 Larissa Alekseeva
psychomotricien 1 Q3410113 Giselle Soubiran
United States Ambassador to Austria 1 Q1837673 Alexa L. Wesner
Versifier Wikipedia disambiguation page 1 Q7922679 Anne Dick
polymath person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas 1 Q270141 Mary Anne Burges
local history local area's history 1 Q1160621 Q17426700
engraving process practice of incising a design on to a hard, usually flat surface, by cutting grooves into it 1 Q139106 Johanna Dorothea Sysang
music hall impresario who negotiates contracts of a music-hall artist 1 Q19986191 Georgette Audiffred
prospector person engaged in small-scall exploration for minerals 1 Q42625830 Kate Rice
planktologist 1 Q20738534 Leanne Armand
hepatologist 1 Q30112358 Elizabeth Powell
movie theater venue, usually a building, for viewing films 1 Q41253 Perihan Tedü
Pharmaberater 1 Q12325324 Helle Løvgreen Mølvig
Архитектуроведение 1 Q4070901 Q17617350
mushroom hunting activity for gathering mushrooms in the wild 1 Q2391676 Elaine Bullard
glass art large works of art which are substantially or wholly made of glass 1 Q5567091 Veronika Czapáry
Theaterproduzent 1 Q10691685 Rogéria Gomes
Surgical nursing 1 Q1391446 Rose Schwarz
Miss Ecuador beauty contest 1 Q629309 Virginia Limongi
canniste sportsperson taking part in canne da combat competitions 1 Q30175498 Nicole Chane Foc
Hula Dancer 1 Q16845410 Aloha Dalire
construction process that consists of the building or assembling of a building or infrastructure 1 Q385378 Anna Kuznetsova
futsal coach 1 Q50654094 Andrea Cristoforetti
vocational education 1 Q6869278 Agnes Tickhill
executive branch part of government that has sole authority and responsibility for the daily administration of the state 1 Q35798 Kerry Schott
Evangelist (Japanese) Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q18233911 Henrietta Soltau
Fantastikwissenschaftler 1 Q47542857 Q18243681
personal injury lawyer lawyer with a special focus 1 Q6585303 Rhoda Walsh
secretary position within an organisation or club 1 Q319544 Lily Loat
hydrogeologist earth scientist that studies ground water 1 Q35380338 Mary P. Anderson
seminarielärare 1 Q51228702 Hedwig Sidner
redaktris 1 Q51683553 Elisabeth Thorman
inebriate person who drinks alcohol to excess 1 Q27431229 Jane Cakebread
forgery of documents process of creating documents, with the intent to deceive 1 Q693988 Joan Coggenhoe
Conservationist Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q5163002 Wilhelmine Harrod
Ministry Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q395372 Anita Fuentes
Evangelist Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q445162 Anita Fuentes
cloth merchant one who sells cloth 1 Q5135542 Alice Folston
rope dancer person who dances on rope 1 Q27156775 Signora Violante
Selbstpublikation 1 Q16856823 Poppy J. Anderson
écrivain prolifique 1 Q20850587 Poppy J. Anderson
marketing executive 1 Q46475908 Tina Smith
World War II 1939–1945 global war between the Allied and Axis powers 1 Q362 Q18555792
Investigación social 1 Q5919605 Mayo Fuster Morell
metal worker 1 Q15980591 De Courcy Lewthwaite Dewar
political sociology branch of sociology 1 Q745692 Julie Pagis
sociology of the family childhood sociology in the family 1 Q2290557 Julie Pagis
social anthropology branch of anthropology 1 Q29051 Signe Howell
Exhibitor The manager or owner of a cinema 1 Q27057003 Elsie Cohen
cobbler person who makes or repairs shoes 1 Q152355 Natal Kolarič
forestry engineer 1 Q16021386 Katarina Čufar
surgical technologist profession 1 Q448553 Britt Linn
extrasensory perception 1 Q790024 Phan Thi Bich Hang
exhibit an object displayed to demonstrate a concept or show an example, e.g. in a museum 1 Q11985689 Amelia Lewsham
bankruptcy legal status of a person or other entity that cannot repay the debts it owes to creditors 1 Q152074 Jane Hoare
washroom attendant someone who tends to a public toilet, usually for a small fee 1 Q3012683 Victoria Hughes
Zhivotnovod human settlement in Russia 1 Q4179929 Q18697784
Vertrauenslehrer 1 Q1672411 Lori Nelson Spielman
synod curator 1 Q12057973 Q18746147
fado music genre 1 Q185676 Fernanda Maria
fitting model model used by a fashion designer to check the fit and look of clothing 1 Q5370520 Danielle Luquet de Saint Germain
prison reform attempts to improve penal systems, or implement alternatives to incarceration 1 Q7245788 Agnes Forster
ghost soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear to the living (for ghosts from a work of fiction see Q30061299) 1 Q45529 Elizabeth Parsons
Universitair docent specific university teacher function in The Netherlands 1 Q2362022 Rose Sidgwick
Typist Wikipedia disambiguation page 1 Q7861391 Louise Cook
Kunstmanagement 1 Q1559689 Elke Koska
connoisseur subject-matter expert 1 Q1126160 Daphne Foskett
Geheimrat officials at the courts of the Holy Roman Empire 1 Q11165895 Anne Herwarth
hydrogeology branch of science that studies distribution and movement of groundwater 1 Q179509 Tamra Reynolds
dissenter one who disagrees in matters of opinion, belief, etc. 1 Q1229301 Mercy Doddridge
master craftsman occupational rank 1 Q1284709 Julieta Marín Torres
parliamentary counsel lawyers who prepare legislation that it is proposed to pass into law 1 Q7138981 Betty Johnston
budoka practitioner of Japanese martial arts 1 Q1552832 Q18966198
tamer person, usually working for a circus, who tames wild animals like lions or tigers 1 Q18340078 Ellen Blight
paraveterinary worker profession 1 Q61341 Jennifer Howard
wrangler someone employed to handle animals professionally, especially horses 1 Q8037570 S Bannister
Journalist 1979 Croatian film directed by Fadil Hadžić 1 Q6296254 Åsk Wäppling
Public works 1 Q627364 Isabel Ruiz i Margalef
specialpedagog 1 Q10674561 Alice Bonthron
Médiateur Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q298600 Elishewa Patterson
Hilfsarbeitskraft 1 Q1538749 Stefanie Engler
medical illustration 1 Q6806548 May Lesser Hyman
attending physician attending physician 1 Q460628 Jana Midelfart Hoff
Chief Constable police officer rank in the United Kingdom 1 Q3242291 Kirsten Lindeberg
impersonator person who imitates or copies the behaviour or actions of another 1 Q17379560 Tracey Bell
plant nursery facility where plants are propagated and grown to usable size 1 Q155511 Rae Selling Berry
soprano lirico-leggero voice type 1 Q3964990 Leigh-Anne Pinnock
Gymnast Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q19922938 Lloimincia Hall
Dezernent 1 Q1207353 Linda Reisch
Naturalista Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q21067056 Mary Harriet Bate
folk hero 1 Q148057 Q19771343
opvoeder 1 Q2141193 Cécile Harnie
Verwaltungsfachwirt 1 Q2519310 Angelika Glöckner
Diversity British street dance troupe 1 Q906549 Hannah Valantine
remedial teacher 1 Q16062258 Barbara Klimmek
Postulant 1 Q1114478 Émilie Dionne
reader academic rank in the United Kingdom and some universities in the Commonwealth of Nations above senior lecturer 1 Q3445082 Ailsa A. Welch
landscape design art tradition, practised by landscape designers, combining nature and culture 1 Q8071177 Gabriella Pape
censorship practice of suppressing speech or other public communication 1 Q543 Enriqueta O'Neill de Lamo
typesetter person composing text for printing with a press 1 Q4108101 Carmela Jeria Gómez
accompaniment musical parts which provide the rhythmic and/or harmonic support for the melody or main themes of a song or instrumental piece 1 Q504514 Wanda Klimowicz
St. Louis city and port in the U.S. state of Missouri 1 Q38022 Dorothy Killam
Projektierung 1 Q1462272 Q19909637
carabinier light cavalry or gendarme armed with a carbine 1 Q13386767 Eleonora Platania
фрезеровщик 1 Q4492590 Q19916005
municipal or urban engineering 1 Q1380395 Q19916210
objects conservator professional that specializes in the conservation of three-dimensional works 1 Q18355878 Ada Hayden
podiatrist medical professional devoted to the medical treatment of disorders of the foot 1 Q3393065 Suzanne M. Levine
biological illustrator 1 Q27068070 Elsie Wilkins Sexton
Danseur Étoile Paris Opera Ballet soloist 1 Q18160103 Laura Hecquet
HIV/AIDS activism social movement advocating for a societal response to HIV/AIDS 1 Q53140604 Kenita Placide
engineering technician specialist who is trained in the skills and techniques related to a specific branch of engineering 1 Q2918463 Alba Vergés i Bosch
Methodist 1 Q48915284 Anna Opacka
algebraic geometry branch of mathematics 1 Q180969 Alicia Dickenstein
café owner 1 Q23924991 Elisabeth Maria van Beeren
sacristan officer charged with care of the sacristy, the church, and their contents 1 Q1365552 Swene ter Poorten
employer person or company that employs workers 1 Q3053337 Yoko Hirano
Assistente de palco 1 Q9633356 Juliana Oliveira
military police police organization part of the military of a state 1 Q210815 Maria Limanskaya
Doctor Wikipedia disambiguation page 1 Q1233862 Q20021664
clairvoyance ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through extrasensory perception 1 Q2975244 Marijke Vonk
cetologist 1 Q15450044 Denise L. Herzing
Baumschuler 1 Q811620 Rebecca Merritt Smith Leonard Austin
bibliography academic study of books as physical, cultural objects 1 Q134995 Claudia Balaban
борец 1 Q19014139 Elvira Mursalova
Bâtonnier spokesperson of the lawyers 1 Q1018894 Lu Chan Khuong
Sonderkommando work units of German Nazi death camp prisoners forced to dispose of corpses 1 Q311773 Dow Paisikovic
narcologist physician who specializes in narcology (addiction medicine) 1 Q50332601 Venera Boyakhchyan
Hero of Artsakh honorable title 1 Q4137455 Q20510354
government veterinarian profession, veterinarian employed in public service 1 Q481375 Karin Thissen
tankönyvfordító 1 Q52011409 Q20480956
executive president president who exercises active executive power in an organization 1 Q5419944 Q20409141
Gymnasiallehrer teaching post 1 Q5758653 Salomé Álvarez Blanco
dyer occupation 1 Q6147194 Toshiko Taira
butcher person who may slaughter animals, dress their flesh, sell their meat 1 Q329737 Marguerite Dupraz
crofter tenant of a small landholding, esp. in Scotland 1 Q1140764 Anna Arnott
zootechnics art of managing domestic or captive animals 1 Q600846 Q20617744
Internacionalista Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q9008988 Vanessa Rubio Márquez
Yukon territory of Canada 1 Q2009 Somalatha Subasinghe
站長 Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q13565470 Q20687901
Member of Parliament voters' representative in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom 1 Q16707842 Christina Rees
Kinodramaturg 1 Q47517854 Mariya Khmelik
Hungarologe 1 Q49197733 Dana Gálová
political pundit 1 Q11499163 Tomi Lahren
health care Prevention of disease and promotion of wellbeing 1 Q31207 Q20742431
lieutenant colonel U.S. military officer rank just above the rank of major and just below the rank of colonel 1 Q6544459 Susan Pangelinan
Railways Sports Promotion Board 1 Q7284329 Sunita Lakra
FC Barcelona association football club in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain 1 Q7156 Yulimar Rojas
Doctor of Medicine postgraduate medical degree 1 Q913404 Carla García
artista fallero 1 Q27929189 Marina Puche Faubel
Staatsrechtslehrer 1 Q2325224 Anna Gabriel i Sabaté
Bo Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q887314 Aneta Rygielska
scholar Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q6001134 María Guillermina Valdes Villalva
Friseur und Perückenmacher 1 Q19971208 Marianne Hackl
борьба с преступностью 1 Q4094960 Elena Panfilova
Production manager theatre 1 Q17092930 Iya Labunka
Missionary 2013 film by Anthony DiBlasi 1 Q16253276 Mary Myfanwy Wood
advocacy political process by an individual or group which aims to influence public-policy and resource allocation decisions 1 Q2509280 Allie Hixson
literacy ability to read for knowledge, write coherently, and think critically about the written word; ability to read, write, and use arithmetic 1 Q8236 Cora Wilson Stewart
University of Waterloo public research university in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 1 Q1049470 Kathryn E. Hare
Rochambelle 1 Q3437485 Rosette Peschaud
general manager of a cycling team person who manage a cycling team 1 Q23935770 Krista Rumbena
geomorphology the scientific study of landforms and the processes that shape them 1 Q52109 María Pilar Fumanal García
sprinting running over a short distance in a limited period of time 1 Q624482 Celiangeli Morales
clogmaker craft 1 Q1540158 Marie-Josèphe Bertrand
earth sciences fields of science dealing with planet Earth 1 Q8008 Maria Cristina Facchini
environmental science the interdisciplinary field that studies human interaction with the environment 1 Q188847 Maria Cristina Facchini
puppetry form of theatre or performance that involves the manipulation of puppets 1 Q588750 Birgit Hochmuth
Dance education 1 Q5215234 Judit Szamosi
sardine cannery worker 1 Q57540237 Joséphine Pencalet
Rat des Kreises 1 Q1449850 Renate Hochmuth
cigarrera 1 Q5769226 Asunción Lledó Alarcón
physiognomist person who practices physiognomy 1 Q21125295 Edwige Belmore
vocal pedagogy 1 Q1516257 Filippa Gojo
astrophotographer photographer who captures images of astronomical objects and large areas of the night sky 1 Q21403281 Mary Anna Draper
surgery medical specialty 1 Q40821 Q21104368
psychosociology 1 Q3410140 Perla Serfaty
Catholic propagandist 1 Q59071295 María de Echarri
theoretical biologist 1 Q16270720 Uta Eser
медиаменеджер 1 Q56425414 Q21142532
Nauczycielka 1 Q19151033 Teresa Klimek
Grundskollärare 1 Q10509151 Anne-Marie Körling
Indo-Europeanist 1 Q16267985 Rosemarie Lühr
food chemist profession 1 Q1810977 Andrea Büttner
micropalaeontologist occupation 1 Q25123845 Dina Dmitrievna Shilova
paleoentomologist 1 Q27645949 Sonja Wedmann
juggling circus skill 1 Q194326 Jenny Jaeger
veterinary medicine deals with the diseases of animals, animal welfare, etc. 1 Q170201 Ana Meikle Solari
Cacique corregimiento in Panama 1 Q21065739 Silvia Carrera
agricultural biologist 1 Q56677038 Ilse Kranner
security hacker computer security term; someone who hacks computer systems 1 Q2798820 Q21508377
behavioural biology subdiscipline of biology 1 Q3450906 Elisabeth Oberzaucher
onderwijsbestuurder 1 Q61049320 Margo Andriessen
rhapsody musical form 1 Q464769 Marta Giné
Miss Canada beauty contest 1 Q1183702 Dominique Dufour
sidekick subordinate but significant character in a fictional work 1 Q281525 Nicky Verhage
Secretary-General of a Dutch Ministry highest official of a Dutch ministry 1 Q2003810 Helen de Maat-Koolen
middle school student 1 Q16003532 Gloria Burda
Andragogy 1 Q465899 Eva Kramerová
sauvetage de juifs pendant la Shoah 1 Q20950187 Janke Cornelia Kolff-Huidekoper
scientific model scientific representation aiming to understand, define, quantify, visualize, or simulate the world 1 Q193946 Dua Lipa
ticket controller craft 1 Q389565 Elli Smula
food stylist 1 Q47537202 Adrienn Gombosi
computer science study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation 1 Q21198 Hamideh Afsarmanesh
public debate 1 Q14850922 Q21816976
winter triathlon sport variant of triathlon 1 Q381621 Borghild Løvset
enduro rider participant in the sport of enduro 1 Q55986349 Jess Gardiner
separatism advocacy of a state of cultural, ethnic, tribal, religious, racial, governmental or gender separation from the larger group 1 Q194236 Hannah Kudjoe
translation researcher scientist working in translation studies 1 Q49199851 Ivana Čeňková
Member of Congress person who has been appointed or elected to a congress 1 Q14761450 Tatsu Tanaka
roentgenology 1 Q15904122 Q21704473
Foreign Service Officer member of United States Foreign service 1 Q5468328 Gwendolyn Wilson Fowler
behaviour therapist profession 1 Q16746890 Andrea Kuszewski
cultural anthropology branch of anthropology focused on the study of cultural variation among humans 1 Q28598 Sonia Alconini
Business Operations Manager 1 Q58180581 Anjali Pichai
office management 1 Q1966741 Irma Khetsuriani
wheelchair fencing 1 Q2440459 Irma Khetsuriani
Atmospheric physics 1 Q5334416 Ellie Highwood
O C 1 Q186277 Isabelle du Saint-Esprit
bit part role in which there is direct interaction with the principal actors and no more than five lines of dialogue 1 Q14786283 Johanna Penski
legal administrator person appointed by a court to handle some business 1 Q4683600 Althea Efunshile
dialect literature 1 Q1208422 Lis Böhle
Chief Technology Officer of the Department of Health and Human Services 1 Q29097536 Susannah Fox
biståndsarbetare 1 Q51120656 Dagny Arbman
Permanent Representative of the Philippines to the United Nations 1 Q7169249 Erlinda Fadera-Basilio
hospital clown performer trained as a comic figure in a hospital setting to relieve anxiety among patients and their families 1 Q12317278 Tereza Vilišová
dental technician member of the dental team 1 Q144075 Virpi Horttana
Banker mine in Western Australia 1 Q21958560 Olufunke Iyabo Osibodu
Ziselieren 1 Q206039 Märta af Ekenstam
Carmelite Sisters of Charity 1 Q3977174 Ramona Castany Anglada
odalisque female slave or concubine in an Ottoman seraglio 1 Q622630 Q22931321
survivant de camp de concentration nazi 1 Q20896033 Edith Baneth
Archer given name 1 Q16274918 Laure De Matos
Permanent Secretary Danish civil service post 1 Q10469228 Folayegbe Akintunde-Ighodalo
Historical Dictionary of Switzerland encyclopedia on the history of Switzerland 1 Q642074 Q22813844
Woodturning 1 Q278156 Michelle Holzapfel
foreign minister cabinet minister in charge of a nation's foreign affairs 1 Q7330070 Mireya Agüero
Hausarztzentrierte Versorgung 1 Q1590992 Jennifer Childs-Roshak
medical sciences 1 Q11790210 Ludmiła Marcinowicz
The Bread Seller Woman 1965 film 1 Q12809351 Olajumoke Orisaguna
Superintendent head of an administrative division of a Protestant church 1 Q2296367 Aquilina Howell
tax inspector profession 1 Q24041571 Evelyn Wever-Croes
Buchhersteller 1 Q5398785 Aino Takala
charwoman 1 Q5086996 Fanny Eaton
philosophy professor 1 Q48930480 Cecilia Salazar
study of history methodically secured exploration of past human actions based on critical-tested tradition under a specific question 1 Q1066186 Barbara Glück
geophysics physical processes and phenomena occurring in the earth and in its vicinity 1 Q46255 Yelena Lyubimova
catedrático de bachillerato 1 Q6407545 Carola Reig y Salvá
hematology study of blood, the blood-forming organs, and blood diseases 1 Q103824 Dolores Caballero Barrigón
Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation 1 Q1128050 Dolores Caballero Barrigón
Ekonomist Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q16775439 Magda Šalamon
book design styling, formatting and designing the layout of a book's contents 1 Q686831 Phemia Molkenboer
Master of Psychology 1 Q18356947 Roohi Bano
kapellmeister person in charge of music-making, word originally used in the context of chapels 1 Q215793 Pernille Bévort
retoucher occupation 1 Q33383789 Becci Manson
memoir type of autobiographical or biographical writing 1 Q112983 Q23655124
photograph image created by light falling on a light-sensitive surface 1 Q125191 Jill Posener
discussion moderator person whose role is to mediate and administer a debate or discussion 1 Q16961937 Irina Rossius
suicidologist 1 Q54824003 Annette Beautrais
adjudicator someone who presides, judges and arbitrates during a formal dispute 1 Q2234405 Louise Otis
bicycle motocross cycle sport 1 Q215184 Mathilde Doudoux
Estudiante 1 Q19442878 Stephanie Del Valle
art process of creating things of extrinsic value through emotional or aesthetic appeal 1 Q735 Randi Kristin Strand
social worker 1 Q16325237 Janet Yee
installation art art genre of (often large-scale) three-dimensional artworks in an interior space (use with P136). For the artwork see installation (use Q20437094 with P31) 1 Q212431 Monika Grzymala
tap dance tap dance 1 Q244475 Sarah Reich
cell biology scientific discipline that studies cells 1 Q7141 Tracy L. Johnson
theatre practitioner someone who both creates theatrical performances and who produces a theoretical discourse that informs his or her practical work 1 Q7777541 Angelique Rockas
aircraft mechanic profession 1 Q1430683 Patricia Mawuli Nyekodzi
Australian rules football umpire 1 Q7881754 Eleni Glouftsis
Creativo 1 Q5790680 Laura Pacheco
Solicitor General legal position in common law countries 1 Q7557772 Carolyn Shapiro
VFX producer film-related occupation 1 Q1364080 Susan Pickett
kayak type of boat 1 Q179246 Klára Paďourová
bouldering form of rock climbing 1 Q852989 Silvie Rajfová
climbing wall 1 Q1427951 Silvie Rajfová
Hermosillo city in Mexico, Sonora state capital 1 Q189138 Milagros González
geology scientific discipline 1 Q1069 Q24010073
judo modern martial art, combat and Olympic sport 1 Q11420 Aaliyah Bikkuzhina
social engagement individual's participation in a community or society 1 Q1283504 Else von Behring
Radiologický asistent 1 Q12048588 Markéta Hanáková
urban geography subdiscipline of geography concentrating on urban areas 1 Q690068 Q24018215
societetsreporter 1 Q51158355 Ebba De la Gardie
mejerska 1 Q50928599 Anna Gustavsson
social communication 1 Q6701907 Valeria Piazza
collector of folk music 1 Q25162544 Q24229279
יזמות בנייה 1 Q6919444 Q24038304
medicinal chemistry scientific branch of pharmaceutical chemistry 1 Q243455 Maria Iskra
clinical pathology field of biology that has practical applications in medicine, health care and laboratory diagnostics 1 Q3499804 Maria Iskra
Benediktinerinnen 1 Q1411705 Gertrudis Nin Barbany
photographic assistant 1 Q7187777 Jessie Mann
neuropsychology study of the brain related to specific psychological processes and behaviors 1 Q3872 Anna Basso
hôte d'accueil 1 Q24255599 Betty Aquilina
animateur sportif 1 Q24255611 Betty Aquilina
light novel writer 1 Q11236655 Kana Akatsuki
Hip hop model model in hip hop music videos and performances 1 Q5768025 Ms Damn
regulatory agency government commission 1 Q1639780 Truze Lodder
anatomical pathology medical specialty 1 Q683455 Q24534376
charity voluntary giving help to those who need it 1 Q1077064 Olga Borisovna Stolypina
Actrices 2007 film by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi 1 Q344537 Q24351091
house painter tradesman responsible for the painting and decorating of buildings 1 Q288728 Q24352652
head of mission top diplomatic representative to another place 1 Q1251687 Birgitt Ory
planetary geology geology of astronomical objects apparently in orbit around one or more stellar objects within a few light years 1 Q751439 Amy Barr
plant physiology subdiscipline of botany 1 Q185973 Dorothy Day
LGBT social movements social movements that advocate for the equalized acceptance of LGBT people in society 1 Q4612907 Maki Muraki
才人 1 Q6796093 Q24832747
film criticism analysis and evaluation of films 1 Q4482 Park Nam-ok
träsnidare 1 Q47005195 Lotten Eklund
старший преподаватель 1 Q4440868 Patricia E. G. Bestelmeyer
defensive wall fortification used to protect an area from potential aggressors 1 Q57346 Jacobine Rye
Secretary of State of Florida 1 Q7444366 Dorothy Glisson
teaching assistant 1 Q2070313 Susan Lamb
Tourière 1 Q25378394 Anne Biget
Judge family name 1 Q6302457 Roxana Cannon Arsht
Religioso Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q3932371 Hermana Flor
Krastyo Sarafov National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts 1 Q4707807 Irina Konstantinova
fieldworker person who collects data in the field 1 Q37941017 Lisa Storey
Бригадир Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q4096426 Raisa Tomilova
counsel legal profession in english-speaking countries 1 Q17131110 Maya Wiley
dubbing dramaturge profession 1 Q1298786 Dobos Éva
holder of a chair in a university 1 Q4182948 Tatyana Gudyreva
water burial 1 Q11130536 Q25686860
cardiology branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the heart as well as parts of the circulatory system 1 Q10379 Radka Doynova
food blogger 1 Q25936100 Chiara Maci
Indigenous rights 1 Q920486 Marie C. Cox
Marisqueo 1 Q9029216 Alicia Rodríguez Pérez
television program picture and sound segment of content intended for broadcast on television 1 Q15416 Marnie Simpson
Yoruba culture 1 Q3509418 Marta Moreno Vega
plant pathology scientific study of plant diseases 1 Q188956 Estelle Louise Jensen
Holocaust victim individual who died because of the Holocaust 1 Q5883980 Paulette Angel Rosenberg
sales act of selling a product or service in return for money or other compensation 1 Q194189 Agnes Edwards (craftworker)
manuscript document written by hand 1 Q87167 Liisa Rimpiläinen
Поэтесса short story by Vlas Doroshevich 1 Q19210903 Q26259916
Actor Singer Giver 1 Q15928033 Erika Fong
fashion designer Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q11092266 Wafa Cdhir
newspaper scheduled publication containing news of events, articles, features, editorials, and advertising 1 Q11032 Sophie Lutz
artist blacksmith 1 Q1792618 Q26147221
Pilates physical fitness system 1 Q272460 Adrienne Horváth
confectioner profession making candy, sweets and sugar-based food products 1 Q2992505 Danielle Noce
Landscape contracting 1 Q1275172 Beate Cyron
operational measurement and control engineering specialist specialist for operational measurement and control engineering 1 Q1280946 Beate Cyron
orchestrator profession; person involved with composing or arranging music for an orchestra 1 Q3355249 Barbara Damashek
acrobatic gymnastics 1 Q1049443 Heidi Beer
regional writer writer whose work is focused on the details of a particular geographic region or local culture 1 Q21140478 Flora Berger
street musician 1 Q14948018 Alice Phoebe Lou
cattleman person who works specifically with cattle 1 Q5179781 Sue Anschutz-Rodgers
architectural engineer 1 Q3151019 Q26919051
haiku very short form of Japanese poetry 1 Q37707 Q26919970
conductor object or material which permits the flow of any form of energy 1 Q26717101 Joanna Vega-Biestro
Delegado Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q10264828 Rebeca Luque Feregrino
medical sociologist 1 Q6806604 Gifty Eugenia Kusi
nurse practitioner profession 1 Q595071 Sue Denison
Content Manager 1 Q3688827 Natalia Muñoz Fernández
culture mediation 1 Q1791880 Sabine Schneider
Jewish papercut Jewish paper cutting 1 Q6190092 Yehudit Shadur
literary science scientific study of the literature 1 Q208217 Q27043372
carillonneur musician playing the carillon 1 Q18749693 Q27062809
charity administrator occupation 1 Q26804623 Zoë Barbara Fairfield
deportation expulsion of people from a place or country 1 Q379693 Jeanne Guyot
physical geographer 1 Q2560911 Jacoba Hol
cyberfeminist 1 Q47518464 Nathalie Magnan
Religious Society of Friends family of religious movements 1 Q170208 Margaret Thorp
cult leader 1 Q43373553 Choi Sun-sil
war criminal somebody who committed acts that constitute a serious violation of the laws of war 1 Q15966439 Betje Wery
lusitanist scholar specializing in Portuguese studies 1 Q27317265 Ana Mafalda Leite
petrographer person specializing in petrography, a branch of petrology 1 Q18342390 Laura Hezner
cultural studies academic field of critical theory and literary criticism 1 Q1143546 Aleksandra Janus
sports director individual at a television or radio station who is in charge of the sports department 1 Q7579842 Madelen Urieta
company secretary person responsible for the efficient administration of a company 1 Q5155576 Q27731517
all-news radio radio format devoted entirely to the discussion and broadcast of news 1 Q3416935 Cristina García López
doge chief of state in a number of Italian republics 1 Q202691 Cecilia Contarini
thermal bath swimming pool with thermal water 1 Q1004887 Q27861773
sign language interpreter 1 Q10691728 Amber Galloway Gallego
director of redaction 1 Q3029423 June Fernández
mastering engineer type of audio engineer 1 Q6785368 Heba Kadry
education activist Activism related to Education field 1 Q47799218 Sharda Mehta
WRAF 1 Q7954855 Anne Stephens
gymnastics sport 1 Q43450 Ana Maria Bican
veteran person who served in a country's armed forces, especially those persons who served in a country's armed forces during a period of war 1 Q193891 Saraswathi Rajamani
military intelligence gathering and assessment of strategic, tactical, and policy information 1 Q4168000 Saraswathi Rajamani
Heimatkunst literary movement 1 Q1595590 Irma von Drygalski
Prime Minister of Belize public post 1 Q862638 Sylvia Flores
guide person who escorts travelers or tourists through unknown or unfamiliar locations 1 Q14290559 Megan Hine
Regie 1 Q2137554 Lena Leonhardt
weapon systems officer flight crew of combat aircraft tasked with operating weapons and other systems 1 Q1191843 Tamar Ariel
characterization representation of persons (or other beings or creatures) in narrative and dramatic works of art 1 Q2667413 Antoñita viuda de Ruiz
Business Woman 1 Q12723076 Joanna Truffaut
Link Trainer 1 Q1781644 Patricia W. Malone
tea dealer profession 1 Q28008528 Mary Askey
medical secretary 1 Q12325328 Connie Mark
proteomics study of proteins 1 Q471857 Laurence Florens
metteur en scène 1 Q17000175 Manuela Morgaine
fashion show producer 1 Q28949575 Mildred Albert
Chief of the Oakland Police Department 1 Q16957503 Anne Kirkpatrick
accident investigator 1 Q47902039 Beverley Drake
Maquis 1 Q701165 Regina Arrieta
interaction design specialization of design focused on the experience users have of a product or service. 1 Q1061656 Heather Martin
naturiste 1 Q24007807 Christiane Lecocq
person of short stature person of unusually short stature 1 Q2419953 Magdalena Ruiz
mine owner 1 Q26805550 Ellen Morewood
maltster maker of malt, an intermediate in the brewing of beer 1 Q28091587 Barbara Ford
Подполье 1 Q14946469 Q28357148
Nachdichtung Free rendering of a lyrical text 1 Q17776219 Ilse Tschörtner
phytotherapy use of plant-based materials and extracts as medicine 1 Q1650562 Q28309823
gossip columnist someone who writes a gossip column in a newspaper or magazine 1 Q10986570 Joyce Haber
бригадир 1 Q47460295 Mariya Yeryomenko
rapping spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics 1 Q6010 Cupcakke
sales engineer profession 1 Q1383502 Lucía Sosa
airline executive manager for an airline 1 Q28053377 Tracy Medve
special education educating students with special needs in a way that addresses their individual differences and needs 1 Q212105 Katalin Weith
Sivilarkitekt 1 Q12000685 Anne Grete Hestnes
Coach Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q404866 Irene Becker
marine engineer occupation 1 Q18844279 Pilar Tejo Mora-Granados
couple set of two people linked in a physical and emotional community 1 Q219160 Kharla Chávez
neurogeneticist 1 Q15830874 Rosa Rademakers
afrofeminist 1 Q28681143 Amandine Gay
quality assurance way of preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers; (ISO 9000) part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled 1 Q836575 Siska Driegen
mufassir author of tafsir (explanations or interpretations of religious texts, usually the Qur'an) 1 Q12912932 Yasmina of Siravand
Henri Blanvalet Swiss writer and poet 1 Q28026955 Essy Zié Ebony
Union representative 1 Q1518641 Mayant Faty
neurophysiology branch of physiology and neuroscience 1 Q660910 Q28654175
ämneslärare 1 Q10725813 Ebba Ramén
lecturer person teaching in a university without being a permanent faculty member 1 Q16034400 Madeleine Péloquin
toy maker person who makes toys 1 Q2310380 Miss D. B. Watkins
investigative journalism form of journalism in which reporters deeply investigate a single topic 1 Q1127717 Q28843774
gastronomy segment of the hospitality industry, which is concerned with the preparation of meals and the serving of paying guests in restaurants 1 Q171141 Annette Abstoss
auxiliary of justice French occupation 1 Q2873185 Julie Graziani
Women rabbis Overview Article of the Wikipedia 1 Q3068266 Ronit Barash
executive vice president 1 Q26986313 Michele Anthony
quilting process of sewing layers of fabric together to make a padded material 1 Q1920065 Patricia Howard
Children's book illustration 1 Q21156438 Carole Byard
financial planner profession 1 Q1089801 Cassie Rowe
court clerk profession 1 Q641208 Q29018052
Gestalt therapy form of psychotherapy 1 Q828879 Ibalhu Rodriguez
CG Artist artist using computer graphics to create images 1 Q28834867 Erica Cassetti
graphology 1 Q185133 María Ángeles Álvarez González
enterprise resource planning refers to the corporate task of optimizing the existing resources in a company 1 Q131508 Siri Labala
surface science study of physical and chemical phenomena that occur at the interface of two phases,including solid–liquid interfaces,solid–gas interfaces, solid–vacuum interfaces, liquid–gas interfaces.It includes the fields of surface chemistry, surface physics 1 Q373184 Nuria Espallargas
write several Unix commands 1 Q709113 Thordis Elva
Konrektor 1 Q1760301 Elisabeth van de Kamer
ergonomist someone working in or expert in ergonomy 1 Q11697052 Karen Messing
writing representation of language in a textual medium; tool developed by human society 1 Q37260 Nancy Tousley
Poetica album by IiO 1 Q7207468 Andrea Cote Botero
этналінгвіст 1 Q51199077 Q29032641
handelsidkerska 1 Q51170483 Mathilda Strömberg Hamilton
hedge fund manager 1 Q43423468 Nancy Zimmerman
Social Service Bhutanese football club 1 Q16850378 Sruti Mohapatra
Ancient History aspect of history and classics 1 Q435608 Susana Reboreda
Wohlfahrtspflege 1 Q1560620 Sofie Marie Gräfin Adelmann
refugee type of displaced person 1 Q131572 Nour
maître de chai 1 Q37995350 Pierrette Trichet
bookkeeping recording of financial transactions 1 Q3707847 Clara Jobs
gerontology study of the social, psychological and biological aspects of aging 1 Q10387 Kathrin Weiher
local government lowest tier of administration within a given state 1 Q6501447 Kathrin Weiher
Diplomatiker 1 Q47520669 Ofelia Machado Bonet
pubblicista journalist Italian classification of journalist 1 Q3765897 Fiamma Vigo
plasma plasma object 1 Q10251 Ellen Gould Zweibel
atomic physics field of physics 1 Q26383 Ellen Gould Zweibel
イギリス文学者 1 Q11286391 Yoshiko Takakuwa
production sound mixer member of a film crew or television crew responsible for recording all sound recording on set during the filmmaking or television production 1 Q2961972 Mary Jo Devenney
rose breeder person who is specialized in breeding roses 1 Q2167302 Q29053695
Profesor Contratado Doctor 1 Q11135374 Silvia Carrascal Domínguez
account executive 1 Q4672747 Eva Levy
Muhaqqaq Arabic calligraphic script 1 Q1271335 Q29512391
hymnology the scholarly study of religious song, or the hymn 1 Q1640693 Ada Kadelbach
cultural policy area of public policy-making 1 Q1711347 Ada Kadelbach
bibliology study of books or of writings 1 Q2901245 Nina Averina
agriculture cultivation of life forms for food, fiber, biofuel and other products used to sustain life 1 Q11451 Q29169739
classical music broad tradition of Western art music 1 Q9730 Alaka Das
Cantao genus of insects 1 Q5033550 Aurora Vargas
pig farming raising and breeding of domestic pigs 1 Q478672 Q29359455
Operations Directorate branch in the General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces 1 Q3958740 María Garaña
computer engineering discipline integrating computer science and electrical engineering to develop computer hardware and software 1 Q428691 Ying Zou
Salaryman 1 Q580241 Yumi Morozumi
Buchdrucker 1 Q20204503 Anna Meder
biogeography study of the distribution of species and ecosystems in geographic space and through geological time 1 Q52106 Friederike Meyer-Wolfarth (
Машинист 1 Q48961201 Q29864937
Chaban village in Ovruch Raion, Zhytomyr Oblast, Ukraine 1 Q4506560 Q29947422
museiman 1 Q47090899 Ingeborg Kastman
computer science expert profession 1 Q1391300 Regina Klimmek
General partner 1 Q5532381 Kirsten Green
Radiowiec Wikimedia disambiguation page 1 Q9302415 Katarzyna Michalak
Pressezeichner 1 Q1726887 Q30136433
climbing specialist