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Kākāpō Trevor feeding on a fruit of Solanum aviculare (Q1295038)
Bill booming of a kākāpō
Kākāpō population size

This WikiProject is concerned with curating information related to Strigops habroptilus (Q179959), a critically endangered species of parrot.



Historic distribution of kākāpō

So why does Socks (Q1371145) show up as instance of house cat (Q146), but we get an error when saying Sirocco is an instance of Strigops habroptilus?


  • How many kākāpō have Māori names? Plot when they were born on a timeline.
  • Generate a family tree for all living kākāpō
  • Create a timeline showing the appearance/birth and disappearance/death of all known kākāpō


  • Scholia topic profile (This seems to include only about half the kākāpō literature published since 2015)


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