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The riderinfobox function allows the display of information about a rider from data saved on Wikidata. The example of Lizzie Deignan (Q254811) is used in the following.

First information read is related to the name of the rider:

The function reads also information related to birth and death, if applicable, of the rider:

The nationality is read in country for sport (P1532) or country of citizenship (P27), present team in member of sports team (P54), the speciality in position played on team / speciality (P413), the height in height (P2048) and the weight in mass (P2067). It can be noticed that some wikipedia chose not to display the weight. Commons category is given in Commons category (P373).

The list of teams use member of sports team (P54).

All information from Wikidata can be overriden in Wikipedia. The list of main victories, managed team, awards and medals can be presently only be inserted in Wikipedia locally.

Label Elizabeth Deignan
date of birth (P569) 18 décembre 1988
place of birth (P19) Otley (Q658902)
official name (P1448) Elizabeth Armitstead (18 décembre 1988 - 16 septembre 2016), Elizabeth Deignan ( 17 septembre 2016-)
short name (P1813) Lizzie Armitstead (18 décembre 1988 - 16 septembre 2016), Lizzie Deignan ( 17 septembre 2016-)
member of sports team (P54) Team Halfords Bikehut (Q7691504) ...
height (P2048) 168 cm
Commons category (P373) Lizzie Deignan