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2016 Tour Down Under Cycling (road) pictogram.svg
Course 18e Tour Down Under
Compétition 2016 UCI World Tour 2.UWT
Étapes 6
Dates 19 – 24 January 2016
Distance 781.3 km
Pays AUS Australia
Lieu de départ Prospect
Lieu d'arrivée Adelaide
Équipes 20
Partants 140
Arrivants 134
Vitesse moyenne 40.709 km/h
Vainqueur AUS Simon Gerrans (Orica-GreenEDGE)
Deuxième AUS Richie Porte (BMC Racing)
Troisième COL Sergio Henao (Sky)
Classement par points AUS Simon Gerrans (Orica-GreenEDGE)
Meilleur grimpeur COL Sergio Henao (Sky)
Meilleur jeune AUS Jay McCarthy (Tinkoff)
Meilleure équipe USA Cannondale
2015 2017
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The documentation for this function will be a mix between 2016 Tour Down Under (Q21093836) and 2015 Grand Prix de Fourmies (Q20872499). After the development of the functions listofstages and listofwinners, it was important to develop a function infobox that would, like others, potentially benefit all language versions of Wikipedia. This function does not give extra work, on the french Wikipedia, infoboxes are already completely filled with data as we enter on Wikidata. The idea is to permit to benefit the other language versions, hoping that other contributors do the same. Expected time gains should ideally be allocated to bring more writings in articles and to treat all cycling races of the UCI. To enable contributors to work in several languages, the name of the function must never be translated. The infobox is always called by {{Cycling race/infobox|Q21093836}}.

First, check if the item exists, if it is not the case, create it. We must be careful enough because it is not uncommon for cycling races have different names according to the language. The ideal is to go in the cycling competition element verify if has part (P527) includes a value for the 2016 edition of the race. Once on the item of the edition of the cycling race, it must be given a label and description. A written label in different main languages ​​minimizes the risk of duplicates are created. You must then fill the infobox by giving values ​​to the properties :

2015 Grand Prix de Fourmies Cycling (road) pictogram.svg
Fourmies - Grand Prix de Fourmies, 6 septembre 2015 (E19).JPG
Course 83e Grand Prix de Fourmies
Compétitions 2015 UCI Europe Tour 1.HC
2015 French Road Cycling Cup
Date 6 September 2015
Distance 205 km
Pays FRA France
Lieu de départ Fourmies
Lieu d'arrivée Fourmies
Équipes 22
Partants 173
Arrivants 162
Vitesse moyenne 43.312 km/h
Coût 330,000 €
Vainqueur ITA Fabio Felline (Trek Factory Racing)
Deuxième BEL Tom Boonen (Etixx-Quick Step)
Troisième FRA Nacer Bouhanni (Cofidis)
Grand Prix de Fourmies 2015 (A).jpg
2014 2016
Documentation Wikidata-logo S.svg
instance of (P31) Tour Down Under (Q756827)
edition number (P393) 18
official name (P1448) ...
sport (P641) road bicycle racing (Q3609)
part of (P361) 2016 UCI World Tour (Q20970765)
point in time (P585) 6 septembre 2015
start time (P580) 19 january 2016
end time (P582) 24 january 2016
event distance (P3157) length (P2043) 781,3 km
country (P17) Australia (Q408)
follows (P155) 2015 Tour Down Under (Q18600560)
followed by (P156) 2017 Tour Down Under (Q22338002)
start point (P1427) Prospect (Q3924087)
destination point (P1444) Adelaide (Q5112)
number of participants (P1132) 140
location (P276) : beginning (Q529711)
location (P276) : end (Q12769393)
speed (P2052) 40,709 km/h
image (P18) Fourmies - Grand Prix de Fourmies, 6 septembre 2015 (E19).JPG
media legend (P2096) : ...
locator map image (P242) Grand Prix de Fourmies 2015 (A).jpg Arrow facing right - Red.svg Openstreetmap logo.svg
has part (P527) 2016 Tour Down Under, Stage 1 (Q21934629)
2016 Tour Down Under, Stage 2 (Q21934630)
2016 Tour Down Under, Stage 3 (Q21934631)
2016 Tour Down Under, Stage 4 (Q21934632)
2016 Tour Down Under, Stage 5 (Q21934633)
2016 Tour Down Under, Stage 6 (Q21934634)
cost (P2130) 330000 €
participating teams (P1923) AG2R La Mondiale 2016 (Q21528775)
Astana 2016 (Q21769847)
BMC Racing 2016 (Q21769863)
Cannondale-Drapac 2016 (Q21769874)
winner (P1346) Simon Gerrans (Q255439)
of (P642) : overall winner general classification (Q20882667)
Richie Porte (Q518222)
of (P642) : second overall (Q20882668)
Sergio Henao (Q713320)
of (P642) : third overall (Q20882669)
Simon Gerrans (Q255439)
of (P642) : winner of the points classification (Q20883007)
Sergio Henao (Q713320)
of (P642) : winner of the mountain classification (Q20883212)
Jay McCarthy (Q547194)
of (P642) : winner of the young rider classification (Q20883139)
Cannondale-Drapac 2016 (Q21769874)
of (P642) : winner of the teams classification by time (Q20882921)
ProCyclingStats race ID (P2327) 163240
Cycling Archives race ID (P2330) 267832

The High-contrast-help-browser.svg placed at the bottom right of the infobox is a tool showing the properties that were not indicated and should be.