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ℹ️ About[edit]

Quality inspection of an article with WikiLetters

WikiLetters (WL) is a dynamic-database highlighting and integrating what seems to genuinely support science (directly/indirectly). WikiLetters also supports the advancement of the following services for #BuildingBetterScience:


A database providing Letters of caveats about papers.


A database providing peer-reviewed Comments about papers.


A database displaying articles that cited retractions.


A database displaying articles retracted from the scientific system.


A database displaying minor corrections about papers in the level of Erratum / Corrigendum / Improper-Citation.


A database to support Living Reviews based upon a Wiki-ecosystem.

WL-Systematic Review SR[edit]

A dynamic-method for Systematic Reviews.

Wikijournal of Science[edit]

A scientific journal free and transparent in all levels.


A system connecting information and data to humans and machines under the wiki-ecosystem.


A bridge between Wikidata and Science.


A system processing citations to strengthen Wikipedia articles.


A bridge between Universities and the Wiki-ecosystem.

🙌 Additional relevant databases[edit]

💗 Why it matters[edit]

WL provides a free integration of databases displaying information that support answers to questions concerning quality aspect of scientific publications.

⚙️ How it works[edit]

To use WL, a user only needs to submit the title of a scientific publication to be inspected. As a result, WL provides results from a number of databases under the same umbrella.

💡 The Concept explained[edit]

Wikiletters Systematic Review
Wikiletters Systematic Review

📺 Presentations about WL[edit]