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This is a work in progress and not ready for RFC

Speedy deletion requests may be made where the page or item should be deleted immediately without any discussion. Ordinary pages may be marked for deletion with {{Delete}} for administrator attention.


This applies to every type of page, other than pages containing a valid sitelink.

G1. Test page, accidental creation, or page containing nonsense or no valid content
Page contains redundant content that was previously used for testing, was accidentally created, or contains content that is gibberish or of nothing meaningful. This may also include text placed in talk pages (which has no further history) that doesn't help or refer to the related page.
G2. Unused and implausible, or broken redirect
Page is an unused and implausible redirect, or a redirect that is dependent on deleted or non-existent content. Unused talkpage redirects created as a result of a page move and cross-namespace redirects may also be deleted under this criterion.
G3. Content intended as vandalism, threat, or attack
Content that is posted with the intention of causing damage, or with the intention of threatening, harassing, or attacking another person or user. Users that commit such acts are subjected to their accounts being blocked. Content posted with the intention of creating/spreading hoaxes may also be deleted under this criterion.
G4. Recreation of content previously deleted per community consensus
Page or file matches content that was previously deleted per explicit community consensus, with at least one support vote other than proposer.
G5. Temporary deletion for history cleaning or revision suppression
Content temporarily deleted to remove specific revisions containing vandalism, threats/attacks, or personal information.
G6. Uncontroversial maintenance
Content temporarily deleted to make way for a page move, or other uncontroversial maintenance tasks that require temporary or permanent deletion.
G7. Author requests deletion
If requested in good faith and provided that the only substantial content of the page was added by its author, or if the sole author blanks a page other than a userspace page, a category page, any type of talk page, or any type of entity page. This does not apply to any entities that is linked from other entities by users other than the creator.
G8. Page dependent on deleted or non-existent content
The page or file depends on content that was deleted or no longer existing, such as orphaned talkpages without useful content, subpages without parent page.


This apply to every type of page, other than those in main, Property, Lexeme, and EntitySchema namespace

N1. Pages created as advertisements or promotion
Note this criteria does not apply to items.
N2. Blatant copyright violation
Page contains copyrighted text from webpages or documents without permission.
N3. Purely textual material
Any kinds of textual material that is not closely related to Wikidata's goals, such as encyclopedia articles.


I1. No context
Items lacking sufficient statement to identify the subject of the article.
I2. Excluded sitelink
Items containing only sitelinks explicitly disallowed in WD:N, or Wikidata:Notability/Exclusion criteria.
I3. Empty non-article item
Items previously containing only sitelinks to non-article pages, or disambiguation pages, or lists, which are deleted or redirected.
I4. Clearly not notable biographical entry
Items that meet all of these three requirements:
  1. Having zero sitelinks and backlinks.
  2. Having no external identifier or statement with references, other than those created or published by the subject of the item.
  3. Having no credible claim of significance or importance even if the claim is not supported by a reliable source. If the claim's credibility is unclear, regular deletion process should be used.


P1. Wrong datatype
Properties that is created with the wrong datatype.
P2. Deprecated property
Properties that was deprecated by consensus in WD:PFD, and is no longer used in any entities.


L1. Non-lexicographical material
Lexemes containing material not intended for lexemes.
L2. Invention or protologism
Lexemes which contain a protologism or creative invention, a recently created term without any widespread acknowledgment for its use.



O1. User requested deletion in own user space
User requested deletion of their own user page or user-subpage.
O2. User page of a non-existent user
User space of non-existent user. Redirects may be created (and protected) for those user names of which the account was renamed.
O3. Inappropriate use of user space
Examples of inappropriate use of user space are using Wikidata as a social networking site or web hosting service and consists of writings unrelated to Wikidata's goals. Wikidata user pages of users who have not substantially contributed here may also be deleted.
O4. Empty category
Any category that is empty, other than those marked with {{Administrative category}} and category redirects.