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WikiProject Pokémon

Welcome to the WikiProject Pokémon on Wikidata, the WikiProject dedicated to the world of Pokémon!.


The goals of this WikiProject is to work and improve all items about Pokémon, adding the necessary missing information (e.g. labels, descriptions, statements), as well as other necessary tasks.


Useful properties[edit]

List of Pokémon species[edit]

By game[edit]

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Handheld main series[edit]

A handheld series about capturing, training and confronting Pokémon.

Pokémon Ranger series[edit]

A handheld series about cooperating with wild Pokémon.

Mystery Dungeon series[edit]

A (mainly) handheld series about Pokémon themed Mystery Dungeon games. Also about wild Pokémon which, somehow, create an humanish civilization.

Stadium series[edit]

A console series (mainly) about Pokémon battling in stadiums.

Other spin-offs[edit]

TCG series[edit]

A handheld series about Pokémon themed trading cards games.

Pokémon Pinball series[edit]

A handheld series about Pokémon themed pinballs.

Pokémon Rumble series[edit]

A series about fighting Pokémon toys.

Puzzle League series[edit]

A series about Pokémon themed Puzzle League games.

PokéPark series[edit]

A series about a Pikachu who save the day… in a park.

Pokémon Trozei series[edit]

A series about battling Pokémon… using puzzles.

Super Smash Bros.[edit]




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