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This is a list about Goldenbridge Cemetery in Dublin, Republic of Ireland at 53°19'54"N, 6°19'7"W.

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?img label description occupation position held date of birth date of death place of birth place of death
Vera Cosgrave Irish public figure (1926–2016) 1926-03-11 2016-09-15 Naas Tallaght Hospital
Coo Clinch rugby union player rugby union player 1867-11-28
1937-02-01 Dublin Dublin
Liam Cosgrave Irish politician (1920-2017) politician
civil servant
Leader of the Opposition
Leader of Fine Gael
Minister for Foreign Affairs (Ireland)
Minister of State at the Department of the Taoiseach
Minister for Defence
Teachta Dála
Representative of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
1920-04-13 2017-10-04 Castleknock Dublin
W. T. Cosgrave Irish politician (1880-1965) politician Leader of Fine Gael
Minister for Defence
Irish Minister for Finance
member of the 31st Parliament of the United Kingdom
Minister for Foreign Affairs (Ireland)
Minister for Justice
member of the 30th Parliament of the United Kingdom
Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government
Teachta Dála
President of Dáil Éireann
1880-06-06 1965-11-16 Dublin Dublin
Mortuary Chapel chapel at Goldenbridge Cemetery, Dublin, Ireland
Goldenbridge Cemetery cemetery in Inchicore, Dublin, Ireland
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