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This is a list about Donnybrook Cemetery in Donnybrook, Republic of Ireland at 53°19'16.56"N, 6°14'8.57"W.

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?img label description occupation position held date of birth date of death place of birth place of death ?plot family name
Richard Robert Madden Irish doctor, writer, abolitionist and historian physician
1798-08-22 1886-02-05 Dublin Dublin Madden
William Ashford British artist (1746-1824) painter 1746 1824-04-17 Birmingham Dublin Ashford
William King Anglican divine in the Church of Ireland (1650-1729) priest Member of the Privy Council of Ireland
1650-05 1729-05 County Antrim Dublin King
Bartholomew Mosse Irish doctor impresario 1712 1759-02-16 Port Laoise Mosse
Edward Lovett Pearce Irish architect (1699-1733) architect
Member of Parliament in the Parliament of Ireland 1699 1733-12-07 Meath Dublin Pearce
Richard FitzWilliam, 6th Viscount FitzWilliam Irish peer (1711-1776) politician Member of the Privy Council of Ireland 1711-07-24 1776-05-25 FitzWilliam
Richard Graves Irish Protestant theological scholar theologian Regius Professor of Divinity 1763 1829 Kilmallock Graves
Donnybrook Cemetery cemetery in Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland

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