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This is a list about Deans Grange Cemetery in Kill of the Grange, Republic of Ireland at 53°17'N, 6°10'W.

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?img label description occupation position held date of birth date of death place of birth place of death
Winifred Walton 1903-11-23 1983-02-24
Tomás Mac Domhnaill folk song collector 1885-12-23 1938-03-28 Bohola
Dermot Morgan Irish actor actor
film actor
television actor
1952-03-31 1998-02-28 Dublin London Borough of Hounslow
Donagh MacDonagh Irish writer and judge poet
poet lawyer
1912-11-22 1968-01-01 Dublin Dublin
Joseph McGrath Irish politician and businessman (1887-1966) politician
Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation
member of the 31st Parliament of the United Kingdom
Teachta Dála
1887 1966-03-01 Dublin Dublin
Frank O'Connor Irish writer (1903-1966) librarian
1903-09-17 1966-03-10 Cork Dublin
Louie Bennett Irish suffragist journalist
trade unionist
1870 1956 County Dublin Dublin
Joseph O'Sullivan IRA member (1897-1922) military personnel 1897-01-25 1922-08-10 London
Mona Baptiste Trinidadian actor and singer (1928-1993) actor
1928-06-21 1993-06-25 Trinidad Krefeld
Beaver Henry Blacker Anglo-Irish clergyman and author writer
Anglican priest
1821-05-31 1890-11-11 Dublin
Kathleen Clarke Irish politician (1878-1972) politician Teachta Dála
senator of Ireland
1878-04-11 1972-09-29 Limerick Liverpool
Ernest Walton Irish physicist and Nobel laureate (1903-1995) physicist
university teacher
Erasmus Smith's Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy 1903-10-06 1995-06-25 Abbeyside Belfast
Madeleine ffrench Mullen Irish medical officer and hospital administrator revolutionary 1880
Malta Dublin
Seosamh Laoide Irish language scholar and activist 1865-05-24 1939-09-21 Ranelagh
Noel Purcell Irish film, television actor (1900-1985) actor
film actor
television actor
1900-12-23 1985-03-03 Dublin Dublin
Yvonne Jammet French landscape painter and sculptor sculptor
landscape painter
1900-04-14 1967-08-30 2nd arrondissement of Paris Lowell
Sidney Czira Irish journalist and republican activist journalist
1889-08-03 1974-09-15 Rathmines Dublin
John Boyd Dunlop Scottish inventor inventor
1840-02-05 1921-10-23 Dreghorn Dublin
Seán Mac Mahon Irish nationalist and soldier (1893–1955) 1893-09-15 1955-03-26
Albert Edward Mettam Irish veterinarian and university principal and professor veterinarian 1867 1917-11-27
Frank Fahy Irish politician (1880-1953) politician
high school teacher
Ceann Comhairle
member of the 31st Parliament of the United Kingdom
Teachta Dála
1880-01-12 1953-07-12 County Galway Dublin
Milo O'Shea Irish American actor (1926-2013) actor
stage actor
film actor
television actor
1926-06-02 2013-04-02 Dublin Manhattan
Eamon Martin Irish Republican 1892 1971-05
Arthur Shields Irish actor actor
stage actor
1896-02-15 1970-04-27 Dublin
Portobello, Dublin
Santa Barbara
John Edward Healy Irish Journalist and Barrister newspaper editor
Barry Fitzgerald actor (1888-1961) stage actor
film actor
1888-03-10 1961-01-14 Dublin Dublin
John D. J. Moore United States Ambassador to Ireland, 1969–1975 businessperson 1910-11-10 1988-09-12 New York City New York City
Thomas Johnson English botanist (1863-1954) botanist 1863-02-27 1954-09-09 Barton-upon-Humber
Robert Lloyd Praeger Irish naturalist, writer, librarian, and archaeologist (1865-1953) biologist
1865-08-25 1953-05-05 Holywood Dublin
John A. Costello Irish politician (1891-1976) politician
Irish Minister for Health
Teachta Dála
Attorney General of Ireland
1891-06-20 1976-01-05 Dublin Dublin
Brinsley MacNamara Irish writer writer 1890-09-06 1963-02-04 Delvin Dublin
Seán Lemass Irish politician (1899-1971) politician Taoiseach
Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation
Minister for Supplies
Leader of Fianna Fáil
Minister for Justice
Teachta Dála
1899-07-15 1971-05-11 Ballybrack Phibsborough
Brian O'Nolan Irish writer (1911-1966) writer
1911-10-05 1966-04-01 Strabane Dublin
Agnes O'Farrelly Irish academic and activist for Irish language revival; Camogie executive academic
1874-06-24 1951-11-05 Virginia, County Cavan Dublin
Andrew Reed Inspector-General of the Royal Irish Constabulary police officer
1837 1914
Elizabeth Mary Troy obstetrician and Ireland's first female medical consultant (1914-2011) gynaecologist 1914-09-14 2011-02-16 Ranelagh
Delia Murphy Irish singer singer 1902-02-16 1971-02-11
Ed Brookes Irish footballer (1881-1958) association football player 1881-08-14 1958 Dublin
Edward Dorins IRA Volunteer plumber 1898 1921-05-25
Ethel Moorhead British suffragette and painter (1869-1955) painter
1869-08-28 1955-03-04 Maidstone Blackrock
Francis Browning Irish rugby union player (1868-1916) cricketer
rugby union player
1868-06-23 1916-04-26
William Conway (Irish Republican Army) one of three Irish Republicans convicted of murder for events of the 1920 Bloody Sunday 1902 1979
Margaret Dockrell Irish suffragist, philanthropist, and councillor suffragist
city council
1849-03-18 1926-06-29 Dublin Dublin
Lily O'Brennan republican, writer and playwright. writer 1878-08-20 1948-05-31 Dublin
Kathleen Behan Irish republican and folk singer (1889-1984) singer
political activist
trade unionist
1889-09-18 1984-04-26 Dublin Raheny
Lucy Franks president of the Irish Countrywomen's Association and advocate for Irish cottage industries (1878-1964) 1878-02-27 1964-07-12 County Laois
Sheila Murphy Irish diplomat (1898-1983) diplomat 1898-12-28 1983-01-15 Dublin Dublin
Mary Ann Hutton Irish language scholar and writer writer
1862 1953-08-29 Manchester Dublin
Helen Chenevix Irish suffragist and trade unionist trade unionist
1886-11-13 1963-03-04 Blackrock Dublin
Jasper Brett Irish rugby union player rugby union player 1895-08-08 1917-02-04 Dalkey
John Conroy Irish trade unionist trade unionist 1904-04-17 1969-02-13 Wicklow Adelaide Hospital
John Howard Parnell British politician politician member of the 26th Parliament of the United Kingdom 1843 1923-05-03
Joseph Brennan Irish politician (1889-1968) politician Teachta Dála 1889-09-10 1968-05-04 Fitchburg Dublin
Joseph Edward Woodall Recipient of the Victoria Cross (1896-1962) military personnel 1896-06-01 1962-01-02 Salford Dún Laoghaire
Kathleen Lynn Irish politician, activist and medical doctor politician
Teachta Dála 1874-01-28 1955-09-14 Killala
Laurence Ambrose Waldron Irish MP and Privy Councillor (1858-1923) politician
Member of the Privy Council of Ireland
member of the 28th Parliament of the United Kingdom
member of the 27th Parliament of the United Kingdom
1858-11-14 1923-12-27
Tom Casement (died 1939) 1863 1939-03-06
Maxwell Henry Close Irish geologist geologist 1822 1903-09-12 Dublin Dublin
Máire Ní Chinnéide Gaelic games administrator (1879-1967) writer 1879-01-17 1967-05-25 Rathmines Dublin
Oliver Byrne Irish footballer (1944-2007) association football player 1944-07-26 2007-08-26
Patrick O'Dowd Irish politician politician Teachta Dála 1892-03 1968-06-19
Pádraig Ó Siochfhradha Irish writer politician senator of Ireland 1883-03-10 1964-11-19 Burnham East
Reginald Dunne IRA member military personnel 1922-08-10
Richard Hayes Irish politician politician
member of the 31st Parliament of the United Kingdom
Teachta Dála
1878 1958
Rickard Deasy British politician politician Member of the Privy Council of Ireland
member of the 18th Parliament of the United Kingdom
member of the 17th Parliament of the United Kingdom
member of the 16th Parliament of the United Kingdom
1812-12-23 1883-05-06
John McCormack Irish tenor opera singer
1884-06-14 1945-09-16 Athlone Dublin
Samuel Myerscough British musician organist 1854 1932
Seán Clancy Irish Army officer 1901-07-07 2006-09-18
Sir Thomas Drew Irish architect architect 1838-09-18 1910-03-13 Belfast Dublin
Thomas Myles Surgeon, sportsman and gunrunner (1857-1937) surgeon 1857-04-20 1937-07-14 Limerick
Thomas St George McCarthy Irish rugby union player and GAA founder member rugby union player 1862 1943
Todd Andrews Irish political activist/public servant politician 1901-10-06 1985-10-11 Northside Dublin
William Quirke Irish politician politician
senator of Ireland 1896 1955-03-05
Deans Grange Cemetery cemetery in County Dublin, Ireland
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