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Ariosto, Orlando furioso, 1551
De re anatomica libri, 1572

Biblioteca europea di informazione e cultura has a partnership with Wikimedia and a Wikimedian in residence, Federico Leva in 2014-2015 and Marco Chemello since 2016. See the main project page w:it:Progetto:GLAM/BEIC. Say hello on the talk page if you're interested!

BEIC authors[edit]

BEIC authors are listed on Mix'n'match.


  • The subpage Authors currently has a list of existing Wikidata entries.
  • 450 entries were missing from Wikidata
  • Now CC-0, allows to start import.
  • In February 2015, Magnus Manske kindly imported names, dates and source for all of them.[1] We still have to import their field of work.
  • As of 2014-10-06, for the 940 manually matched entries, across all Wikimedia projects 29,451 articles exist, in 350 wikis, for an average of 84 and standard deviation of 131.
  • In 2016-05, we downloaded the mix-n-match CSV, queried the CERL thesaurus to augment it with CERL name variants and CERL ids (3128 IDs for 1032 BEIC ids made of name+dates or name), cleaned the CSV and added the IDs to the items with quick statements. The tool skips a statement when an identical one is already present in the item; we could also have marked the first search result as preferred ID, following the CERL search scoring, but that could interfere with existing statements.
  • In 2017-08, thanks to Magnus Manske, we updated and cleaned the CSV, leading to 4821 total entries. In 2017-09-01 there are 3204 matched entries (66%) (13% automatically matched entries were checked manually) and 1617 unmatched entries (33%).
  • In September 21 we started to update 3556 Wikidata entries about authors, now adding also reference URL (P854).  Doing…
  • In October 2017 we added 1145 new entries about authors from the BEIC catalogue.
    • We also added any matching DBI identifiers and CERL identifiers. From CERL we also derived any VIAF identifiers and alternate names. These will be revised in the next year as part of the normal work on authors in Wikipedia etc.
    • Alternate names were added as Latin aliases: this will help users in any language find the entities even if they don't know the most standard "First + second name" or "Name + appellative".
  • In January 2019 we are updating Wikidata entities related to BEIC autors with Mix'n'match and QuickStatements; we added also many musicians, artists and other people: 14607 entries total (63% matched as of 28 Jan 2019).
  • We are also planning to transfer during 2019 data about publishers and publishing houses from the BEIC catalogue. When we have all entities of authors and publishers on Wikidata, we will begin to work transferring data related to books and single editions.
  • BEIC digital catalogue (BeicDL) has not yet an ID for authors, due to software limitations. The team is working to migrate the whole catalogue to a new software. This is the reason why we are waiting to create a property for BEIC.


Panels of university experts are selecting the most important texts of the last 3 millennia for their own disciplines, then BEIC gets or produces high quality scans of those texts. The list contains names and basic information on their authors. Of course the library is still a work in progress, so not all disciplines are well represented yet; but what is already included seems certain to be of interest.

To be more precise, the aim is to reach some 10 thousands authors, of which 1000 for the "classics of culture" selective collection, including painters, sculptors etc. The classics are the most relevant of ancient, medieval and recent global history; while authors in other sections may be of lower, or local, importance. As of 2014 the work is about 10 % done, with about 150 classics and a thousand authors in total.

There are also some non-selective, exhaustive collections, such as the incunabola collection, which aren't necessarily indication of importance of the authors contained in them.